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Siblings will Iove this book

What a great story about supporting siblings. This story helps readers understand the bonds siblings hold and how important it is to support each other to accomplish dreams. It’s cute how the big sis imagines all these wonderful things for her little sister.

Great for the topic of a kids future dreams

Great for teachers to use when talking about what they want to be when they grow up.

An Adorable Book

I’m giving this book 5 stars because it hits the mark. It is engaging, fun and inspiring. I especially loved the line “our melanin is magic”. The comprehension questions at the end of the book were also a good touch.

A good big sister

I really enjoyed reading about all the careers that she could take and set an example to her little sibling. That is what being a big sister is all about.

Melanin sisterhood, Boss Lady Vibes!

Loved it!! I absolutely loved this book. I’m a little sister and I have a big sister rooting for me. Despite, the baby’s skin or fear, her big sister will always have her back. I love the sisterhood and positive self fulfilling prophesy in this books. Speak life in others and they will prosper!


I absolutely love the book and highly encourage parents to purchase the book for their daughters. Trust me you would not regret it.


I thought this was such a cute story. I loved how the older sister spoke positivity into her little sisters life and offered to help her. This is a great story to read to siblings. The big sister encourages her little sister to teach for the stars and go after her dreams. Love the message!

Great Children's Book

I bought this book for my two younger cousins. I gave it to them today and the oldest one read it to her little sister. They liked it and said they will read it every night. The presentation was beautifully designed and wrapped. I will definitely be purchasing any additional books that are released.


Sisterly Love 💗 The illustrations are beautiful. The author has done a great job writing a book not only on sisterly love but on children thinking about their future and who they want to be when they grow up. You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. This book can give other children ideas about their future. It also gives children different career options and what they can do. Throughout this story, I enjoy how Autumn supports her sister Ari. Not only we see sister love but we also can see sister support. I love it! I also enjoy the comprehension questions and the mini trivia at the end. This helps readers reflect on what they read and learned.


Planting the seeds for Big Achievement Meet Ari and Autumn. You will want to remember their names. This is because there a quiz at the end. Don’t worry you won’t be graded. This wonderfully illustrated storybook is designed not only to entertain, but also educate. It’s an aspirational and stereotype breaking presentation that many older children may have with their younger siblings. You will enjoy the bright positive future shared by a Big sister with her Little sister’s future.


Tabbatha I found this book was well written. You have written a book which will inspire young children to dream big and to know that family is important. Love the printable.😁😁😁😁😁


I read this book to my daughter! She loved the books interactive questions and stickers in the back! She said “she enjoyed the book” She likes the relationship between the sisters in the book! It encourages my daughter to be the best big sister she can be! Great job Tabbatha!


I love the living relationship between the two sisters and how Autumn is the perfect role model and loving big sister. She lets her sister know that they can do and accomplish anything in life because they are special and their “melanin is magic.” I also love the comprehension questions in the back of the book in order to help develop good readers. What a loving book that is great for siblings to read together. I definitely recommend for readers K-2.


I loved the interactive section of the book!


The book is amazing. It’s extremely important that our African American princess are kept aware and informed of their ability to accomplish everything their hearts desire. Proud of the author and all her accomplishments 😊