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This Book Was Amazing!

I love this book, and the book series. I just love the writing style, and the characters! I think it is so much fun to read! Can't wait for the next book! :)

Great Story

This book is excellent. Great story told well. I can't wait for the sequel! I'm only sorry that I read it so quickly.

Best Book I Have Read This Year

Easily my favorite book in a long time. I could see this becoming a movie. Riveting story filled with twists and turns that will keep you reading. I read this book in almost one sitting, and it's not short. I had to be pulled away from it to go out to dinner. Just had to see what happened next!

Its got the classic Joseph Campbell feel of good versus evil with heroes and villains. Characters are well written and interesting. Plot is compelling and keeps you glued to the pages. It's written from three perspectives. A group of teenagers, a mysterious hybrid race of people led by their Elders and a dark shadowy organization.

This book is an excellent read for both young adults and adults alike. Well written and the scenes are beautiful . Pulls you into the moment. Add this author to your watch list. Looking forward to more from this author.

Truly a Classic in the Making!

Truly a classic in the making!

As a fantasy fiction writer I have to admit that I am a harsher critic when it comes to novels / books in this genre. Books in this genre have a way to sweep you away into a world that is far distant from our own. In many ways books in this class I feel should be able captivate the imagination and place you in a different realm that is far (very far) from the problems and stress of everyday life. If a book in the genre is able to do that i.e. “Game of Thrones,” “The Hobbit,” “Narnia,” etc. then it has succeeded in a way that will not only stand the test of time, but will also leave a mark on your own life. They will be told time and time again to love ones and the people that interact daily in our lives.

With that said, “AEGIS RISING” accomplishes that and a whole lot more. From start to finish you will be swept into the world of author S.S. Segran. Each of the characters is gifted with their own unique personalities that are developed to perfection. Some are likable, some will leave you thinking, a few will make you grin, while other will have you smiling and rooting for them till the very end. The writing style is also extremely descriptive. This descriptiveness paints a vivid picture that is filled with lavish sceneries that place you in the center of all the action. When reading this book, I felt as if I was walking alongside the dynamic 5 casts of characters as they each find ways to make their mark on the world that is on the brink of disaster. This is one that I can certainly picture on the big screen and perhaps will one day.

Truly the work of a master storyteller I am amazed that author S.S. Segran is only a teenager. If this is the quality of writing now, I cannot imagine how it will develop and be in a few years. Simply Brilliant!

5 Stars well deserved stars and wish there were more stars to pass out.

Great for Book Clubs!

Our student Book Club just finished reading "Aegis Rising" and loved it!. Great action and adventure story of good vs. evil. Thank you for writing a book that is appropriate for YA readers. We can't wait to read book 2.

A Great Adventure Story

Aegis Rising is an incredible story of five teens thrown into a mysterious world after the plane they were on gets struck by lightning from a freak storm and crashes into uncharted Canadian territory. Finding themselves alone and far from civilization, these five are `adopted' by a secretive people who live in a hidden valley. The Elders of this village realize that these five `outsiders' bring with them the characteristics described in an ancient prophecy that promises new hope in the wake of a malevolent threat that could lead to the death and destruction of not only the village and its people but the entire world.

When introduced to the tribal story, the five teens are reluctant to accept themselves as the ones to fulfill that prophecy. Yet in time, having experienced bizarre events, they eventually accept their destiny and train with the Elders to develop their latent powers to become a powerful team that can fight a malevolent shadow that is preparing to unleash its destruction on the planet.

In Aegis Rising, S.S. Segran is able to capture the detail and essence that brings the reader right into the story. The descriptive explanation of the setting and rich development of the characters makes it easy to get lost in the story. It's almost as though you are able to "see" what is taking place with the graphic depictions of the characters, the setting, and the situation.

This is an exceptional book that will easily fall within the same realm as other mega successful stories of teenage adventure. Would not be surprised to see this adapted into a blockbuster movie.

Truly excellent!

Breath of Fresh Air

I first really got into fantasy fiction in March 2008 with, surprise, Harry Potter. And while that remains my favorite, I've been intrigued by other series within the genre. But the description of this book alone had me equally as giddy as I've been about a fantasy book in these last few years...and from reading the prologue on, I wasn't disappointed.

I could easily see something like this being turned into a movie someday. It starts off with a bang, as we see a natural disaster unfolding that displaces an advanced society, and I found myself not wanting to close the book. I zipped through this thing in a few hours!

Since I'm into using the power of your thoughts and mind, that particular aspect among the hybrid tribe really caught my eye and was among my favorite things about the story. And the action and intrigue is well-paced throughout and the character interactions are engaging, so I wasn't skipping whole pages like I do sometimes when there's a lull.

Aegis Rising really feels like a unique offering to the fantasy genre, so I'd recommend it to every fantasy buff, especially if you're jaded about the genre and think too many stories within it seem like the same old thing. Gems like this one will surprise and please you!

This would make a great movie

Aegis Rising is so strong in character, description, and action that it is enticing to teen and adult readers. My nephew read the prologue and is anxious to get his turn, and in the meantime he told his brother and sister who also want a go at it. Teens who say there is nothing good to read will connect with this book and its intricate story.

No Just for Young Adults

While the main characters in Aegis Rising are 5 teenagers—this series is sure to be appreciated by readers of all ages who enjoy adventure-filled sci-fi and fantasy novels. That this is the debut by Segran (and that she is so young) speaks volumes. She writes with the maturity of a professional—and with the limitless imagination of youth. The characters and plot are well developed—and the suspense and creativity keep you guessing in a good way. Highly recommended!

A Thrilling Action-Adventure Sci-Fi

A group of five teenage friends are tossed into a lost civilization when the plane they are traveling in is struck by lightning and crashes. The book is filled with many influences from Lost to Percy Jackson to the survivalist action of the Hunger games, yet manages to stand on its own as a daring and original work that should appeal to the targeted young adult demographic and beyond to older readers. I had a lot of fun reading this book and eagerly look forward to the next book in the series.

Beautifully Written Work

This story is very engaging. The writing is beautifully presented to the reader with amazing clarity and detail. Each sentence builds upon the last painting a picture for the mind that makes the imagination come to life like few books really can. It is a wonderfully told story that pulls you in from the very first paragraphs and takes you on a thrilling ride through to the end. The book is not just for young adults but for older fans of sci-fi and fantasy as well. Any age group can find an appreciation for the brilliant writing presented by this book. I'm very happy to have found it.

Prepare to be swept away

I loved this book! The author, S.S. Segran, has created an action-packed story filled with some original and textured characters I enjoyed getting to know. Creative and delightful to the core, this first book in the Aegis League series is reminiscent of a combination of The Game of Thrones and City of Bones for young adults with its cast of teenagers surmounting incredible obstacles in a richly woven plot.

My favorite aspect of this book is the author's exquisite descriptions of the landscapes of the story. The ability to craft descriptive, but not boring, prose is a gift that is on display in this book and is the mark of a true storyteller. I was able to vividly conjure up images of the characters and setting in a way that added to the intrigue and engagement I felt while reading. S.S. Segran also did a fine job of developing the characters such that I felt I knew each of the five protagonists very well.

For the fast-paced, engaging plot and the cross-genre appeal (action, adventure, fantasy) for both young and older adults, I give this refreshingly unique book a much-deserved 5 stars.

Great Debut Novel

Aegis Rising creates a great premise, one that is unique, refreshing and captivating. It is a great read, the writing is very descriptive and draws you in.
There are parts of the book however that seem to drag on, especially in the second act (after the teens arrive at Dema-ki) where the story appears to stall, searching for that spark to move it forward. It picks up pace when the teens plot an escape and from that point on it gets better and better till it hits a mind-blowing twin climactic ending.
A rewrite for the period of lull in the village to improve the pace will reduce the possibility of a reader giving up on the book one-third of the way in. That would be a shame because what happens in the book right after that lull in unlike anything out there in the YA scene. There is a great potential in Aegis Rising and I will not be surprised to see book two build on the proven skills that this author displays on her first attempt. I for one, will certainly be following this series.

Captures the Mind

A thrilling book, captured my interest right from the start. Kept me wanting to know what was next. Author S.S. Segran has amazing details enraptured into each character, so much so that I could see it like a movie in my mind as I read. Cannot wait for it to be made into a movie. Bring on book 2!


When I purchased this book for my Kindle I originally got it for my daughter. As I was scanning it to make sure there was no unsuitable content I found myself irresistibly drawn in to the story and found that I couldn't put the book down. I read the entire story from beginning to end in one sitting (a rather long one!). I have not been this intrigued and excited over a book in quite some time!

The story flows effortlessly and the setting and characters draw you in. I found myself invested in the main characters and constantly looking out for them. Throughout the read it felt like I was right there with them. S.S.Segran has created an amazing world in Aegis Rising, one that the reader does not wish to leave when the book come to an end. And the good news is we don’t have to wait for long. I learnt from the author’s website that Book Two is to be published in November/December! I will certainly be looking out for it. This is one of the most memorable books I have read. Some of my favorite authors could not have accomplished what this young lady has. I would recommend this book to anyone young and old alike that wish to escape reality for a while and enter into a world of mystery, adventure, sci-fi with tons of action yet with a wonderful underlying, refreshing message for youths and the young at heart!

Excellent Story

Five survivors of a plane crash are rescued and trained to fulfil an ancient prophecy. As the five learn new skills that will help them face their future as protectors of the the light in an up coming conflict.Excellent characters are all drawn as distinctly different and very real ,looking forward to the next book.

The Younglings Rule!

This book held my interest throughout. The writer is quite adept at creating interesting characters and action sequences. Although this is a teen genre it kept this Elder quite rapt. Can't wait for the next instalment. Keep up the good work.


I first saw the writer, Shirin Segran, in a TV interview, and was impressed by her well thought-out answers to the interviewer. Intrigued, I bought her first book, "Aegis Rising", straight away.

I know this science fiction book is targeted at the "Young Adult" category, and I'm probably 5 years too old to fit into this group, but even I liked the book immensely. Shirin is a very talented writer, constructs her novel meticulously and beautifully. She has a complete mastery over the English language and this is reflected in the lovingly crafted sentences.

The story is quite fascinating, developed through 3 parallel threads, that are independent of each other, and yet closely interrelated. I loved the character development of the 5 teenage kids, accidentally put into a situation beyond their control and imagination. Their characters are developed very naturally, talking and behaving just as normal real life teenagers.

Complimenting the kids are the mysterious Elders from another world and from another age. Evil is represented in form of a powerful mafia like corporation and its enigmatic leader, determined to change the world forever.

As with all great novels, the theme is "good" versus "evil", and there are no guarantees about the triumph of the good, making this an absolutely riveting, nail-biting, fight to the finish. 5 stars from me and I look forward to more books from this talented writer. And just as another reviewer here has demanded, I hope a sequel is on the way!