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Aelius LED

902-B Newgate Ave
Sudbury Ontario , P3A 5J6


Amazing lights, awesome customer service and always willing to answer any questions. A+++ In my books.


Purchased 12 Aelius reds
Successful veg
Switching to flower
Couldn’t be happier


I purchased the MATRX630 and just installed it a few days ago. I got 4 plants in autopots growing under it. It’s very bright and my plants seems to love it. The purchase and shipping went well. Good service and good quality ( well built ). Thank you Aelius LED !


My vegg room has never been happier ???? Love my Aelius LED


Je vien juste d'acheter 2x 300Gh pour ma 4x8 et les umol son encore mieu que se qu'ils disent j'adore ???? Très léger et très propres ! Le dimmer pour changer l'intensité de la lumière fonctionne super bien ! Pour l'instant je donne 5 étoile.. Reste juste à voir les résultat ;)

Ps: Service à la clientèle très gentils et professionnels livraison en 3 jours ! Merci Aelius


If i could give 10 stars i would, the results speak for themselves...., customer service is the best ive seen in the industry, Landon and the Team we're a great help with my space and setting up future projects, best in the bizzz ????????

I've used LED lights before, but absolutely nothing compares

I've used LED lights before, but absolutely nothing compares to my new Aelius 420.
My vegg room has never been happier.


I am so glad to have met you all.

I am so glad to have met you all. What we've accomplished in under 2 years is truly amazing! I cannot wait to see what transpires in the years to come. Happy Growing everyone!

Shaved Two Weeks Off My Grow Time

Since switching to Aelius LED lights we were able to shave 2 weeks off our flowering time. The increase in bud size and quality is insane.

Completely Changed My Grow..

Aelius Lights Have Completely Changed My Grow. My plants are growing 3x as fast, and the bud sites won't stop stacking. I highly recommend Aelius to any grower.

Truly illuminates your plants genetic potential...

"I've had the opportunity to test every one of the Aelius models over the past 14 months and the common theme behind all of their lights is the unique spectrum. I've never seen anything like it. The Aelius spectrum truly illuminates your plants genetic potential."


great yield fast grow fat short plants controllable cooler easy to control humidity all that in ur grow area

I can't recommend these enough..

After switching over to Aelius LED lights I've seen my crops grow 15% bigger in a shorter period of time. I can’t recommend these enough for anyone wanting to get professional results!


Their amazing light true full spectrum