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Absolutely love the Grand Luxe!!! Best sleep I have ever gotten

This mattress is worth every dollar and then some. My husband and I love the two sides and have found the "one" we'll be sleeping on for a while. The quality is there! I am so pleased with my purchase and you will be too.

Alaskan King Luxe Mattress

Extremely happy and satisfied with our luxe mattress purchase. We were looking to invest into a good night sleep on a bigger than king size mattress. We thought we'd have to go custom but then found the Alaskan king size. Our shoulders, backs, and kids thank you.

Great customer service! Not sure about the mattress, yet.

My mattress arrived damaged :( but their customer service team is amazing! After I explained that I disposed of my old mattress thinking I'd be sleeping on my new 108" x 108" mattress and now I'd be sleeping on the floor until the replacement arrived, they offered to pay for an air mattress for us to sleep on while the replacement is being sent out. That's service you don't expect from a company, especially an online company. I'll admit I'm upset the mattress arrived damaged but they have made me feel a lot better. Once the replacement mattress arrives I'll review it.

American made luxury

I feel great about buying a huge mattress that's perfect for my body, good for the environment, and made in the USA. I didn't experience any off-gassing when I unpacked the mattress and it was very easy to unbox.

The Luxe mattress

This purchase is the most satisfying purchase of my life. Let's talk about comfort, space, and great service.

1. The comfort is outrageous. Easily the best mattress I've slept on in my life.

2. It's HUGE! Yet the dogs still seem to nestle up alongside me. No complaints here.

3. Everyone is so nice when you call in and helpful.

Should you buy one? If you have the room, YES!

My one month journey

The first few nights on our Alaskan king original mattress weren't as good as I had hoped they would be. I was tossing and turning through the night and my body felt tight. Now that it has been almost a month, I am more than satisfied and sleeping better than I had initially hoped for. Now that my body is acclimated to the mattress I am sleeping through the night like a baby. I am more than satisfied.

5 star

Great customer service. I’m very happy with my purchase. It took a little long to receive, but to be expected since it is top notch quality. This 9x9ft mattress is perfect for me, my boyfriend, and our 2 big dogs. Again, 5-star customer service and they helped me through any problems or questions I had.

Very nice

Our couple of friends recommended the Alaskan King Bed Company, so we went for it. Well, we owe our friends a huge thank you. Our luxe mattress is the most comfortable either of us has slept on. It doesn't have that "sinking in" feeling that Tempurpedic has and we're happy about that. It's easy to move around comfortably. Happy we took the chance. 

Happy we went for it.

We had been researching Alaskan size mattresses for awhile. We are mature folks, my wife is thin and I am on the heavier side. The Luxe mattress worked for both our hip and shoulder problems. The support is excellent, not too hard or soft. We love the feel of the mattress. We both would recommend Alaskan King Bed Company if you're in the market for this large size mattress.

Love the bed

We love the bed...just what we were looking for.

Had to buy a second one :(

This is not our first mattress from this company. We ordered an Alaskan King mattress earlier in 2020 but our dog destroyed it. :(

I guess we loved it because we just ordered another one. Hopefully it arrives a little quicker than the first one.

The Luxe

Fast shipping, good service, and a comfortable mattress. No complaints.

The Right Choice

It's only been about a week since we've been sleeping on our new Alaskan king mattress, but so far we love it! It's very supportive and feels like being hugged by a cloud. It's soft, but firm. Hard to explain but it feels amazing!


My husband surprised me with the luxe mattress for my birthday. I never knew such a HUGE bed existed! It is so freakin comfortable, and HUGE! I absolutely love it!! 

Supersized super comfy!

Never thought I'd want my day to end just so I could get into bed. It's so soft and cozy yet firm and supportive. It's like being on vacation and never wanting it to end. 

Best Decision I Ever Made

Custom Mattress Factory is simply and by far the BEST place in America to get superb quality, design and service! From my first call to Vincent through the final delivery of the most unbelievable super large 9 foot X 9 foot bed with custom sheets is absolutely the BEST decision I've ever made. Sleeping like a baby again and feeling great about custom Mattress Factory! Bob G. Phoenix AZ

Best Sleep

I could toss and turn for days and never roll off this mattress. I have never had better sleep! Every morning I'm well rested and ready to take on the day. And it only takes five complete rolls to get to the edge of the bed. Absolutely perfect!