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Alchemy Healing Arts Center, LLC

107 Ridgely Ave. Suite 13A
Annapolis MD , 21401

Super Satisfied!

Not only is Trésa  kind and calming but she was super gentle the entire time. Her kind spirit made these very easy. I am satisfied with my visit and I will definitely be going back! Thank you Tresa!

An amazing experience

I came in for my first ever massage last week with Tresa. She put me completly at ease and explained what I should expect. The environment was cozy and warm. I felt relaxed throughout. I look forward to coming back. Thank you for making it such a relaxing experience for me!

What a relaxing experience

My massage with Trésa was just what I needed. She took a thorough history and I had a full body massage with intuitive focus on some really difficult areas. I can not recommend her enough. A very homey comfortable office, not sterile at all. All around perfect gift to myself. I will be back!

Results like no other!

Amelia is an amazing lymphatic drainage expert. I have Lymphedema from below my neck due to complications from surgery and I have had the best success with her treatments. This beats out my pump and compression garments. I am grateful to have found her!

Lymphatic Drainage

Amelia is an expert in Lymphatic work. I found the session soothing and very effective... it works!

A wonderful experience

I really enjoyed my first massage with Tresa. She took the time to understand my underlying health and stress issues and we worked together on the areas she would focus on. I then had a glorious massage with excellent attention to my various areas that needed extra work. Tresa is a talented and natural therapist who works hard to giver her clients an excellent, relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Relaxing Soothing and Enjoyable

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Tresa Ballard. It was my first massage. She was careful about any tender or problematic areas. The entire experience was relaxing, soothing and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to have her work on my “old” body.

Nothing Short of Amazing

When Amy Kinder recommended that I schedule an appointment at Alchemy, I must admit that I was a little skeptical. I have been a patient with Amy for almost 20 years, and I trust her completely. Therefore, I followed her suggestion, and I scheduled an appointment and Catherine is my therapist...I couldn't be any happier!! She is nothing short of amazing, and when the session is over, I am so relaxed that I can hardly get off of the table. I could stay there for hours and hours. She is truly an asset to Alchemy, and her hands are like magic.

A Great Year with Elizabeth

I have been fortunate to have Elizabeth Sanders as my Alchemy therapist for the past year. I started out with therapeutic massage and added caraniosacral therapy about six months ago. My initial issues included muscle spasms and back pain, which quickly improved under Elizabeth's care. I now get one 90 minute therapeutic massage per month to keep various aches and pains in check. While I moved to Arlington, VA 4 months ago and have used other craniosacral therapists here, I drive back to Annapolis once or twice per month to continue working with Elizabeth. Elizabeth made some cranial adjustments yesterday that dramatically improved some dizziness issues that have bothered me for decades. I worked on the same issue with 3 very experienced craniosacral therapists in Arlington and Elizabeth figured out how to successfully address it. Elizabeth is very bright, skilled and personable. She also knows how to talk and provide bodywork therapies at the same time, which I appreciate. I strongly recommend both Elizabeth and Alchemy.

Relaxation with Erin

I have been a client of Erin’s for about 8 years. She is so knowledgeable and knows exactly what my body needs. She has helped me through so many surgeries over the years. I highly recommend her!

Awesome Visit

Had fantastic and thoroughly relaxing massage with Tresa.

Session with Catherine

This was my first time at Alchemy Healing Arts Center. Catherine was able to help me like I had not expected. Catherine has an advanced understanding of the therapy that she administers. I’m very grateful to have found someone with her knowledge, and will return.

Post Surgical Lymph Drainage

Amelia was nothing short of GREAT. My first session of lymphatic drainage was amazingly soothing, but more important, I saw immediate results with my swelling shortly after returning home. Amelia really took some time to talk to me about my procedure and the benefits of the massage. She also took time to explain what she was doing during the therapy session, and I was immediately placed at ease. She has a BEAUTIFUL spirit and I am blessed to have come across her on-line.

Hit the spot

What a coincidence! (No, there are no coincidences!)
Erin just took a class that addressed my need today, exactly. I told her my problem and she just hit the spot to relieve my discomfort.

Loved my session with Erin

I was so sorry to lose Lorin. However, Erin did her homework and read all Lorin’s notes. She knew all my concerns and needs. We started out like we had known each other forever. I loved my session with her and look forward to our next.

Massage + Reflexology = Bliss

After a 90 minute massage with reflexology by Erin, my squawky shoulder and ankle and points inbetween are so much better.


Catherine put it most beautifully when she said "You're history is not uncomplicated", which is a delightful understatement. Being oldish, I've had a lot of time to warp my musculoskeletal system, and other systems. Add fearless and reckless to that and you get quite a few wicked bicycle crashes, s few car accidents, several falls down stairs, and so on, and those are just the physical traumas. Jackie was recommended by my new physician, and with the few sessions with Jackie and one with Catherine, They have helped me more in a couple months than my doctors have I a couple years.

Car Accident Healing

Sabrina has fantastic technique. She is phenomenal at reading the body and adjusting as needed. I have personally gone from migraines and chronic pain all the time to experiencing migraines on occassion and significant decrease in chronic pain level.

Amazing place!!

I cannot say enough good things about Catherine. She is a pleasure to work with and has treated my son for several craniosacral sessions for anxiety. It has helped tremendously!!!

Healing Central

At Alchemy you will find peace and healing, understanding and empathetic therapists, and an opportunity to learn and grow.

Multiple Therapist Sessions

The excellent CranioSacral Therapy I’ve had with Catherine has been extremely helpful in alleviating pain in a several old injuries and new issues. At Catherine’s suggestion, I decided to try a multiple therapist session to complete the healing of a stubborn decades old shoulder injury. Jackie joined the session and with Catherine‘s expert direction, I found that having two therapists increases the level, speed and amount of healing that can occur. They were able to address the initial injury plus subtle collateral damage in the body from the injury. The result is that the healing addresses more areas of the body and at a deeper level. My entire body feels and moves feels better. I did a number of sessions with Catherine and Jackie and more recently, Elizabeth joined the team. The effect is truly exponential. For example, Catherine and Jackie were able to connect the injured right shoulder and the left hip among other areas to heal collateral damage from the injury. In the first session with three therapists, I could feel the healing effect in the entire torso in many directions. In the most recent session with all three therapists, they were able to promote healing from my head to my toes and even corrected an minor issue I hadn’t even mentioned. Pretty amazing. My shoulder feels strong and back in its normal position. I’m able to move the shoulder in normal ways without causing pain. Needless to say, I would highly recommend multiple therapist CranioSacral Therapy/Massage/Visceral Combo sessions especially for severe injuries, stubborn injuries or chronic conditions.


Excellent. Will return.

This Process

My whole body feels safe and secure, and I know that my body will heal.

Well Being

I feel the staff here have my best interest in mind and take care of my well being

Erin is the Bomb

Erin is the bomb. You don't need to tell her a thing -- she knows where to go and she has made my back feel so so much better! She is the best.

Wonderful Therapists

I had Craniosacral work with Catherine Whelan, and it was one of the best therapy session I have had, and she is a wonderful therapist. I would highly recommend her!


Jackie was AMAZING! I havent had a massage in a long time & found her pressure & Knowlege of how the body works to be very comforting

In Support of You

Alchemy is calming, quiet, peaceful....The space is beautiful with lots of windows, kind and loving sayings on the walls, and fresh flowers every time I have been there. Amelia is very talented and passionate in her work and her business. I have found her Lymph Node Drainage sessions to be very helpful. I experience both a calming effect and an energizing effect with her work. Her mannerisms are soothing and comforting. I always enjoy my sessions with her. Erin is amazing with body work. Her 90 minute restorative session is amazing and I always find relief in my problem areas-shoulder and lower back. She is fun and also calming and soothing. My body has improved under her hand. I always look forward to my sessions with her. I have also worked with Elizabeth, who did a really wonderful job on a very painful kink in my back. She was able to work it such that I could walk out better than I walked in. Each therapist takes time before the treatment to understand where you are today, what has worked, what hasn’t, and to discuss the treatments or what would be more helpful. All in the practice are very comfortable with clients moving from one therapist to another in support of you having the best experience your body needs. Highly recommend!

Talented People Who Care About You as an Individual

Alchemy is my go to place for healing. I have had some challenging health conditions that resulted in a lot of pain. Both Amelia and Catherine have helped me tremendously in managing the pain and even making the pain completely go away where I no longer need painkillers. Alchemy is truly a wonderful place with talented people who care about you as an individual. It is a great place for healing.

BEST Massage Therapist I've Ever Had

Erin Kennedy is the BEST massage therapist I have ever had. She has this uncanny ability to feel areas that need attention and she works with that muscle in a very therapeutic way. The office is very nice and relaxing too. I like booking my appointment online as it shows the slots available and other options. Parking is nearby too. 5 star all around. I will be back.

Treatment Evolves Effectively

Relaxing environment and Jackie is a terrific therapist. She takes her time to work with you and her treatment evolves effectively upon each regular visit.

Empowered Mentally and Physically

I cannot express how much Catherine and Jackie have improved my health and well-being! I have been a client of Jackie’s for a year receiving myofascial release and yin yoga massages. I am an advid runner and when I met Jackie, I was seriously injured. Through Jackie’s knowledge and skill, I was able to recover and am able to run again since I am more flexible, less prone to injury, and feel an overall improvement in my health. Her Yin yoga has empowered my mental state, channeling my inner spirit to focus on me and my ability to succeed. I have had four sessions of cranialsacral therapy with Catherine and the results are tremendous. I have suffered with vertigo for 30 years and she immediately resolved my symptoms after the first session. The sessions have also significantly improved my lower back pain. Both Catherine and Jackie are wonderful at their crafts and I look forward to my sessions; I always feel better. I highly recommend both and Alchemy Healing Arts Center!!


Relaxing and Healing

If you are looking for a relaxing and healing experience, Alchemy provides it!

Top Shelf

My massage with Elizabeth was top shelf.. My reception was extremely friendly. The atmosphere was welcoming and relaxing and Elizabeth had the perfect touch.

Alchemy is Magical

Alchemy Healing Arts Center is magical, indeed. I know how essential good bodywork is to health and well being, thanks to the skilled practioners at Alchemy.

Always Positive

I've always had a positive experience here. The therapists are professional, well trained and thorough!

Acutely Aware of the Importance of Body Acceptance

I have never felt more comfortable receiving massage and other services than at Alchemy Healing Arts Center. Amelia, Erin, Lynn, Jackie, and Arabelle are all wonderful. I refer Alchemy to friends and family routinely. I am comforted in knowing that this is a group of people who are interested in the science behind the services they perform and are acutely aware of the importance of body acceptance for every sized body.

Restore Your Soul

I am so thankful I found Alchemy. Actually my daughter found it and used it for prenatal massage. I have had Elizabeth for Massages and she is wonderful. She knows just the right pressure to apply. I recently discovered Arabelle for facials. I have never indulged in facials before (I am 72) but since I have been coming to Arabelle, my face is amazing. I am not sure I look any younger, but my skin looks and feels healthier than ever before. It is my special treat to myself. I strongly recommend Alchemy to help you restore your soul as well as your body.

Amazing Place

This is an amazing place. The atmosphere and energy are so soothing and everyone exceeded my expectations in kindness and competency.

True Healer

I cannot say enough good things about Jackie Melsopp and her myofascial work on my body. She is a true healer and we are so lucky to have her in our community. She makes connections and alleviates suffering in a way no one else does. Thank you so much for your compassion and intelligence.

How Was Your Couple's Massage?

“It was fantastic! Thanks!”

Great Relief From Back and Sciatic Pain

I refer friends and family to Alchemy, especially Jackie, constantly. She is a valued member of those I consider in my health/wellness team, and has contributed positively in my physical and mental health. She has also provided great recommendations in other services (i.e acupuncture) that has also provided me great relief from lower back and sciatic pain.

Oasis of Peace

In the midst of breast cancer treatment, Alchemy was an oasis of peace, calm and healing. They lymphatic drainage technique that Amelia provided was so helpful in my recovery. During a very vulnerable time, I felt heard, cared for and pampered in the most professional, kind manner. I am forever grateful.

Thanks Jackie!

I've been feeling so stuck these past few months dealing with my sciatica pain and my regressions, your treatment on my psoas has helped me immensely, I'm feeling so much more optimistic, and looking forward to working with you again.

Listened to My Concerns

“I very much enjoyed my visit with you on Wednesday. I found Alchemy Healing Arts Center, to be very inviting, clean, and extremely soothing. I immediately felt as if I was sitting on the beach enjoying the sounds of the surf. I appreciate the time you took to listen to my concerns, and to educate me on CranioSacral Therapy. After our session, I felt so relaxed. The next day I did feel some intense pain in my jaw, but I am thinking that is to be expected. Overall, It was a very pleasant experience, and I am very much looking forward to my next visit.“

Genuinely Care

Alchemy is truly a healing space. I feel myself relax the moment I step in the door. All of the therapists are highly skilled, but more importantly, they genuinely care about their mission of helping people find wholeness. The staff are also wonderfully supportive and flexible. After my last massage, I wanted to take some time to savor the feeling of relaxation and warmth, so I made myself cup of tea and sat in the comfy lounge area coloring for half an hour. No one batted an eyelash.


Alex has helped me get rid of headaches I have had for over 20 years. I have been seeing her for just over a year and every month the headaches would get better. I am off my Imitrex, thanks to her! Amelia has such a wonderful energy and seems to embody peace and love. Wonderful place, wonderful therapists!

Trust the Practitioners

Walk into a calming and cheerful environment. Trust the practitioners to listen closely while they tend to your concerns.


Listened to How ALL of Me Was Feeling

I was the beneficiary of a gifted day at Alchemy Healing Arts Center and it was possibly the best gift I've ever received. My experience was more than the usual 'spa day', it was a day where my treatment professionals listened to how ALL of me was feeling and they worked hard to attend to my needs. Yes, my body was ready for a massage and reflexology, however, that specific period in time was overwhelmingly sad and stress filled, yet through conversation in advance of my treatments, I felt confident that my sessions would focus on my emotional and spiritual healing as well. I left feeling well, in mind, body and spirit. I can't recommend this group of people or this environment enough.


A great massage! Laura listens to you and adjusts her treatment accordingly. I recommend this center!

Relax the Mind and Body

Great place to relax the mind and body. The massage services are pretty good too! Would recommend to anyone.

Professionals Blend Kindness and Welcoming Attitudes

Alchemy Healing Arts is a truly wonderful place. All of the therapists are consummate professionals, blending kindness and welcoming attitudes in their practice. Their intentional care has helped me and my family to better health. I couldn't recommend them more highly!

Caring Touch

I had the pleasure of having a series of lovely treatments at Alchemy. Their service is wonderful. I would recommend them to anyone who wants a caring touch and lasting benefits.


Laura/Alex truly has gifted hands. I have been coming to Alchemy for more than 2 years and feel better than I have in many years. She is always attuned to what is bothering me today.


Shelby is magic.....the BEST massage I've ever had. My mind and muscles were so relaxed and soothed, and that accumulation of water in the tissues was released. I'm so looking forward to booking an appointment again with Shelby. An amazing healing experience.

So Much Better

A visit to Alchemy was just what my body needed, and my doctor conveniently ordered it! I look forward to continued sessions to keep working out my knee challenges.

My PT is Impressed

“I wanted to let you know that when I went to my PT appt on Monday morning, she could tell a big difference in my soft tissue. She kept telling me that the massage therapist (Lynne Brummitt) was doing a great job. She was really impressed with the progress that she made in all different areas. I have felt that way, but it was nice to have it confirmed by another practitioner. I look forward to continued healing with the massages.”


I had my first appointment with Laura yesterday for Cranial Sacral Therapy. She was very professional, responsive and listened VERY well. Compared to therapists I've had in the past, she is very experienced and knows her techniques well. I enjoyed the time I spent with her and am looking forward to future sessions.

Alchemy Healing Arts has a very peaceful and comforting environment. I felt welcomed right away and knew I would be well taken care of while there. This is the place to go!

Heaven on Earth

Shelby is the absolute BEST! Alchemy Healing Arts Center is heaven on earth.

Very Little Pain

“I have been feeling good! I have lots of energy plus there was very little pain Wednesday. The session on Tuesday had a very good effect on my body.”

First Massage

“I have never had a message before. Shelby very nice, explained everything before and after the session. I was ready for a nap when I left (which is great). I never got that nap. I was called into work. I can’t wait until January for my next appointment!"

Excellent Massage, CranioSacral, and Customer Service!

I can't say enough about Alchemy Healing Arts Center...they truly care and listen to their clients. Excellent massage, craniosacral, and customer service!



Five Stars