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Knoxville Tennessee , 37919
United States

Testimonial #11

I have used Alco Pro for over 10 years. Their customer service is excellent and their courses are thorough but easy to follow and learn.

Looking out for the little guy!

We are a small non-profit and have been extremely pleased with the service, products, and pricing that AlcoPro offers us!  Orders are processed and delivered timely at a very affordable price.  We value our relationship with this company.  

Excellent Sales and Service

I can't say enough for the excellent sales and service that AlcoPro has provided me and the company I work for which is the County of San Luis Obispo Drug and Alcohol Svs. for the past 7 years! Keep up the good work and continue to provide exceptional services and making your clients happy! Wishing everyone at AlcoPro a Merry Christmas!

Great Product

I am the Security Manager for one of the biggest Homeless Shelters in the United States. Part of my teams task is to make sure that our clients have a safe space to put the pieces of their lives back together. Every client that comes through our doors is breathalyzed as a safety precaution. We have been using the Alco-Sensor units for a number of years and this product has deffininately stood the test of time. The durability and accuracy has assured that we will never use another product besides this one again.

Quality People who put customers first!

Staff is always friendly and helpful, orders go out on time!


Alcopro is easy to contact and quick turnaround time for repairs. Our Department has kept using the same devices from Alcopro going on 15 years now. Thanks

On the spot success

I could not be happier with with our Alco-Sensor IV at work.  I work in an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center where we are now able to not get UA's but breathalize first thing in the morning.  This has given us the ability to hold our patients accountable and give them the help they need.  Calibrating the machine is easy and we get 40 - 50 patients done in the morning within 20 minutes.  I love the product and couldn't be happier!

Excellent Customer Service and Price

We had to order some Nicotene swab tests, and this company was the only one that allowed us to purchase the tests individually. They really understand that small companies cannot afford to invest in large packages, especially when the items have an expiration date. The customer service was fantastic and very knowledgable. 

Fastest Ordering

Best customer service ever!  Able to place my order in a matter of minutes and be on my way.