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Alessandra Sorace Productions, LLC

PO Box 257
Elk WA , 99009
United States

u.s army ( ret )

thank you i fell in love with youre minn here on earth i was wacthing hope channel when you sing the plasms it gave me courage to go on and fight the good fight of faith and not give up you have the voice of heaven .

What a blessing!

We recently hosted a sacred concert by Alessandra at our church in Spokane and it proved to be well worth it. She has a tremendous gift from God and we were all very blessed by her singing. I would definitely consider having her come at least once a year.

Realmente me impacto su humildad, su carisma, su amor a Dios, su talento...

Era el año 2015 de la Conferencia General en San Antonio Texas cuando yo y mi hermana caminábamos en el convention center y allí estaba la estación de una cantante que llamo la atención de mi hermana y mia. Decidimos parar y escuchar su música por medio de unos audífonos que tenían en su estación. Yo miraba a todos lados para ver donde estaba la cantante y decir que canta muy bonito, pero con la mentalidad de ver a una típica hermana adulta y para mi SORPRESA era una Jovencita un poco menor que mi edad. Realmente me impacto su HUMILDAD, su CARISMA, su AMOR a DIOS, su TALENTO, y sus Ganas de servir a Dios. Yo me puse muy contento de ver como hay Jovencitas que realmente se entregan a Dios. En ese momento comenzó una platica con su mamá y da la casualidad que nosotros viajamos de San Diego CA a Texas para la Conferencia mientras Alessandra y su familia viajaron de Loma Linda CA. Los lugares solo quedan aproximadamente a 1:45 minutos de lejos. Mi hermana pido su información de Alessandra para que pudiera dar un concierto en español en San Diego California en el futuro. Los meses pasaron y Alessandra llego a dar su concierto a nuestra iglesia. Cuando Alessandra llego la gente que la escucho cantar quedaron impactados de su talento y desarrollo en la música y su ministerio. Alessandra canto en la mañana de Sábado solo uno o dos cantos pero en la tarde del sábado fue su concierto. después del servicio en la mañana ella nos acompaño a  nuestro humilde hogar a comer y platicamos. Su familia es gente muy preparada profesionalmente y educada, pero ellos comieron lo único que nosotros teníamos porque no estábamos preparados con platillos Veganos. Pero su Humilda y su Amor de la familia realmente reflejan que Aman a Dios y que reflejan el carácter de Dios por su entrega y su compresión. Su música de Alessandra Sorace es muy bonita y poderosa con sus Mensajes. Yo siempre escucho sus CDS porque tiene himnos muy inspiradores. Su voz le da eso único a su música y su humildad a pesar de que Alessandra Sorace sea joven con Clase y estilo y hermosa y educada tiene mucha humildad y no discrimina sino que muestra su sincero cariño con la hermanda. Querida Alessandra Sorace Dios te BENDIGA y te guarde donde quiera que vallas y que el Señor te aumente to lo que tu pidas y donde quiera que vallas seas una bendición para todos porque tu le das la GLORIA a DIOS y siempre agrandas a Dios en todo. :) :) SINCERAMENTE un Amigo de San Diego CA

Keep up your great outreach for the Lord

I sang in our town choir for 10 years a long time ago, and listening to your clarity and full and clear pronunciation of the words brings back many memories where we were taught to do the same. It is this which makes listening to your songs so much lovelier.

Keep up your great outreach for the Lord.  God Bless You.

Our hearts were lifted by your performance

What a DELIGHTFUL ministry you have! We were truly blessed, and our hearts were lifted by your performance and your beautiful script, too! Thank you so very much!

I just have to say I was pleasantly surprised to find that your live performance (as with most artists) was even more uplifting than I expected…and I was expecting a LOT, because I have your CD. You are a precious young woman of God, and I’ll keep you in my prayers. I know the Lord has many wonderful things in store for you.

With love and blessings,

I found your singing ``genuine`` and very effective

"I found your singing "genuine" and very effective.  Had you attempted to sound like someone 10 years older, the effect of the genuine  would have been quite lost.  I did indeed enjoy the orchestration of That Glorioius Day Is Coming...

I'll be anxious to hear you 10-20 years from now.  May the Lord bless you!"

How thankful I am that we have your CDs available!

"You have been gifted in a most delightful way - straight from heaven above.  I enjoy your choices of songs, the quality you have perfected that makes every word understandable, and the positive way you present each wonderful song.  How thankful I am that we have your CDs available!"

Her voice is exceptional!

"What a wonderful gift she has!  Her voice is exceptional!  I really enjoyed listening to those hymns.  Her full sweet voice really allows the Spirit to testify of the truths she sings about."

A healer of souls...

“A healer of souls , is exactly what your beautiful angelic voice will inspire for those listening .  God has given you a gift for singing , what a great way to witness for Him. Lord bless you young lady.”

Your work has been done with intention and excellence

"It is very obvious that your work has been done with intention and excellence, to be poured out upon a world in great need of hope and a Savior. Your music is absolutely beautiful, encouraging and filled with words that have eternal value! And praise be to God for giving you that special talent to bring glory to His name!"

It truly is healing and comforting for the sould

"Alessandra`s beautiful voice brings to life the words of every song in this amazing collection of hymns. It truly is healing and comforting for the soul!"

Your music has been key to reminding us of His love


Our family has been going through its greatest crisis in 45 years.  The past 10 months of trial and waiting have brought us closer to the Lord, and your music has been key to reminding us of His love and grace and drawing us close to God. 

Thank you!  We hope you have another album coming out soon!!!

 God bless you!!

I hear deep wisdom and passion that is rarely found in youth

I’m pretty blown away, Daniel. 1st of all your daughter is blessed beyond words. She has a special gift like I’ve never seen at her age.  I hear deep wisdom and passion that is rarely found in youth.

2nd I’m a production guy and appreciate a well mastered album. Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go is a fabulous production.

Please thank Alessandra for me. This gift touched my family’s heart - such a treat.  I grew up with track 10, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Your interpretation is powerful yet warm.  I truly loved it. The entire album is beautiful. Thank you for blessing me (it came a needed time).

Upcoming Inspirational vocalist

Alessandra is a professional upcoming inspirational vocalist and recording artist that is fluent in English and Spanish. She has a great command of her beautiful voice, and is known to " Sing like an Angel".

Her success in singing the National Anthem at major events and the great success of her first Album and her Patriotic Songs singles showcases her talent and her promising future as a World Music Artist.