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Alter Health

2551 Dolores Way
Carbondale CO , 81623
United States

Life-changing consultation!

"My consultations with Dr. Benjamin can only be described as life-changing. Our visit was filled with compassion as I felt held and heard sharing the truth of just how unwell I felt. Within 2 weeks my migraines were completely gone and my body pain was markedly improved. After 6 weeks, my periods were so much better. Now, 3 months later, I cannot believe how my health has improved! Everything is so much better and my excess weight is slowly but surely being released. I cannot recommend Dr. Benjamin highly enough.”

Helped my sons heal EBV

“I have been bringing my two sons to see Dr. Benjamin for support in healing severe chronic fatigue syndrome due to epstein barr virus. Dr. Benjamin did a fantastic job of getting to the root of the infection with natural therapies. What’s more is Dr. Benjamin’s kindness and compassion in supporting my two boys through their emotional healing. Integrating the natural therapies with mind-body medicine is a real gift that has been profoundly effective in supporting my boys back to their healthy selves."