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Amanda Wick Bodywork

1417 NW 54th Ave #245
Seattle Wa , 98107
united states


My body is much more fluid since having a series of eleven two-hour treatments from Amanda Wick, a Soma Neuromuscular Integration Therapist. This comes a month, maybe longer after Amanda’s therapy work.  I am much stronger than I was before Amanda’s series of eleven treatments.  At 82 years of age, I am out gardening, bending over, able to pick up heavier items, climbing stairs and feeling confident once again in taking a two-hour drive alone where I do property management work in Bellingham.  Soma aligned my body giving me back the balance I had before accidents and injuries limited my range of motion.   I am especially grateful to be able to turn my head both ways, with ease, making me a safer driver.Since experiencing Amanda’s Soma [treatments], I am more flexible in my overall bodily movements.  It is easier to get in and out of the car.  When driving, I have more mobility in my neck making backing up when driving much easier.  Amanda’s body work freed up a right shoulder that was injured in an auto accident many years ago. I can now raise both arms over my head, something I never thought I would ever be able to do again.  Thank you, Amanda.    Mary Derrick, LMP, RArtist, Numerologist, Handwriting Consultant,Property Manager


Amanda does a wonderful job of listening, addressing my needs, and providing take-aways to continue learning how to support my body. I've taken her series with great results: I feel more connected in my whole body, aware of my core and related areas that hold tension, where the imbalances are and new ways to release tension. I teach yoga. The Soma Structural Integration sessions have provided more insights into my personal yoga practice and teaching also. Amanda offers just the right amount of pressure without causing tension and hurting. I appreciate her compassion and kindness. She's always on time for our appointments. She comes to my home, which I really appreciate. The results are amazing and I am glad I invested the time and commitment to the whole series with Amanda! I continue to enjoy once a month sessions for general maintenance. I love the work Amanda does and highly recommend her services to anyone that would like longer term benefits. Thank you, Amanda!