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Works perfectly.

Reasonable price, and worked exactly as expected. I selected expedited shipping, and it shipped fast. Buying something from a small merchant can be scary, but this was exactly as expected. Recommended.

Awesome coins

Awesome coins and easy to use. Was looking for wolf link Amiibo and it was too expensive so I found this web site and seen the coins and they were a whole lot cheaper. Will continue to use this store for future purchases

Awesome service

I ordered the full Zelda amiibo set; there were delays due to outside factors, but I just received the set this afternoon - I am so, so stoked. They feel solid in hand, they're big enough to not be lost super easily, and best of all they work REALLY WELL.
Thank you so much, AmiibroNFC!

My Wolf Companion!

Worth the price! the Wolf Link Amiibo is combersome and getting it to have a full 20 hearts is a chore since you need to use a Wii-U. Now i have a wolf Companion to help me hunt the evils of Hyrule!

Good service!

Very kind through communication mishap. I appreciate it!

Excellent and Reliable

I stumbled across this shop while looking for an alternative to the traditional amiibo figures. The shop had everything I was looking for and didn’t delay in processing my order. The service and interaction alone made me confident I would get a good product or prompt service if experiencing an issue. For that reason I made another order before the first arrived. I’m happy to say both orders have arrived and all tokens worked perfectly. I’ve already made another order to complete our current set. The product is great and the shop is responsive and courteous.

I love my wolf link

I love my wolf link, it really did come with 20 hearts. It's totally worth buying from this store. Been playing botw now with wolf link installed and omg it's so much fun. Seller is very nice too along with responding to emails. The shipping took a little while but none the less it came pretty fast :) I plan on buying more from the store :D

Monster Hunter Stories

This is a great seller I would buy from them again. The amiibo worked great.

Absolutely amazing service!

I made the mistake of buying the wolf link amiibo,without actually having the means to level him up. I found amiibro, and was amazed! Super cheap, crazy fast delivery, and very responsive! They replied within minutes on their Facebook page!

I got my token, and Im in love! I just keep it nearby, and summon my 20 hearts wolf link, no problem

Perfect communication and items as described

Thank you for making these great products! Works exactly as described. As a parent myself these are a god-send. Looking forward to my next purchase :-)

They work great!

I ordered the complete set of FE Amiibos and they all work great! Now I have some extra music to listen to in Three Houses. My only issue is that the case they came in reeks of smoke. Other than that, perfect and exactly what I was looking for.


Amiibo NFC chips worked perfectly


Great product. Great packaging. And it even arrived early :)

Excellent service and happy with my purchase

Ordered several Zelda BOTW Amiibo's several weeks ago. Unfortunately one Amiibo didn't work and I wrote an email about it. A quick reply came back from Amiibro to refund or dispatch a new Amiibro without further costs. I chose the last option and everything is complete now. I'm very happy with the coins I purchased and they're easy to bring along. Amiibro was very helpfull and offered immediate alternatives to fix the broken coin. Easy to purchase and great service, thumbs up and thanks Amiibro!

Function worth the value - 20 heart Wolf Link

Works exactly as advertised and is a nice cheaper alternative to trying to find a decently priced amiibo figure itself.
I actually didn't buy the 20 heart Wolf Link for myself, I got it for my younger sister who enjoys playing BotW but has a lot of trouble with combat which I've previously helped her with when I can. But with this token she can summon in Wolf Link help her take on some monsters and take an edge off the stress combat would cause.
Shipped and arrived quickly.
Would purchase from AmiiBro again!

Great product

With the amiibo figures being hard to find I went this option and they work great. Easy to use and good to carry on the go. Highly recommend to anyone who has amiibos already and if you don't have any at all.

Work Awesome


- 20 Heart Wolf Link

- 5pc Zelda BotW Set

- 4pc Zelda Champions


I was a skeptic about how these would work. Not any more. I love how these work. I wish we had these and not the actual amiibos. I will be buying from you again soon. Thanks again.

Worry not!!!


- 20 Heart Wolf Link

As a first-time purchaser I was worried that this could possibly be a scam, but I decided what the hell and I purchased the 20 heart wolf link for five bucks, I figured if it doesn't work I'm only out 5 bucks, and I'm glad to report that it works perfectly. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

Won These on Facebook!


- 4pc BotW Champion Set

I used my chips as soon as I got them and they worked perfectly! Awesome design and high quality. Super happy with the Breath of the Wild Champion set. Thanks guys!

Anytime Again!


- 3pc Splatoon 2 Set

- 3pc June Release Set

- Indiviudal 20 Heart Wolf Link

Yeah, I like the tags a lot, they're super handy and they work perfectly. The shipping was fast from the US to central Europe. Thanks to the very nice owner of this shop!

5 Stars


- 3pc June Release Set

So I ordered the 3-Piece LoZ Anniversary set to use with Breath of the Wild, and at first I was super skeptical because they were super cheap compared to buying the actual models themselves. But I figured for $12 what could go wrong, and thankfully I was not disappointed. The coins work as they should, which was extremely convenient for me. I highly recommend these coins for anyone who wants all the features without the unnecessary need to fork over a fortune for figures and/or don't have the room for them.



- 3pc June Release Set

I have ordered a set of the amiibos and have not had any issues. They work for me.

3pc June Release


- 3pc June Release Set

I ordered via emailing when my order cancellation came through (from Etsy). Though I'd much rather have the real Amiibo, they're very hard to come by for a reasonable price, AmiiBro chips work well, and are great for travel. I might just need a whole set, soon. ☺️

Thanks so much!


- 19pc Zelda SetAwesome looking and works great.


Purchased:- 19pc Zelda SetThese all work great, as described, and the carrying case/tune is an excellent bonus! Now I don't have to keep disrupting the Amiibos I do have on display  to use them.

Works Great!

Purchased:- 3pc June Release SetMy husband is very happy with them.

Worked Seamlessly

Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf Link- Individual SSB LinkI got the Link Smash Bros and Wolf Link tokens to use in Breath of the Wild, because the actual amiibos are outrageously expensive. These are a perfect substitute and worked like a charm in the game. The tokens are well put together and feel sturdy. Would buy from this seller again in a heartbeat!


Purchased:- 19pc Zelda SetShipped quickly and arrived in tremendous quality! Works exactly like the figurines if not better, and are much more convenient for storing/taking on the go. If there is a game that has something limited to only amiibo, but you don't have the money/space for all the actual figurines, this item is for YOU!


Purchased:- Individual SSB Kirby- Individual SSB Meta Knight- Indiviudal SSB Dr. Mario- Indv. 30th Anniv. MM LinkAs soon as my Marie & Callie token arrived, I knew that I wanted to place another order. The tokens work perfectly, are easy to use, easy to store, and stand up well to use by my six year old son. All of the tokens have vivd graphics that make them easily and immediately identifiable. Customer service with seller A++ also!


Purchased: - 18pc Zelda Set- Custom OrderLes jetons fonctionnent tous très bien, les délais annoncés sont respectés, le vendeur est très sympathique. Si vous êtes en France, n'hésitez pas à commander, ça vaut le coup. Je recommande chaudement ce vendeur!

Thank You!

Purchased:- 18pc Zelda SetOrdered on a Friday, arrived 10am on a Monday. Solid, heavy, high-quality, feels just plain awesome in your hands, and best of all they work flawlessly!!

Great Product!

Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf Link- Indv. 30th Anniv. OOT LinkAs somebody who wants to have the capabilities of an amiibo but doesn't want to spend $30+ for an overpriced toy, these are perfect! The Wolf Link amiibo really gives him 20 hearts in BotW. I couldn't be more satisfied! Truly a great product and a great find.

10/10 Recommended!

Purchased:- 3pc June Release SetI couldn't be more happy with these. Works as well as a figurine amiibo without having to pay the ridiculous amount Nintendo charges for them. These are perfect and easy to take on the go, if you're going to a friend's house or on a road trip. As soon as my first two arrived, I immediately purchased 3 additional ones.


Purchased:- 18pc Zelda SetQuick delivery and works perfect!!

Aesthetically Pleasing!

Purchased:- Individual SSB Zelda- Individual SSB SheikI was skeptical at first, but I got Sheik's mask first try when using the Sheik coin on BotW! I also got the Zelda coin, but that item is more rare, but have faith you were not duped. I am surprised they don't sell the 18 pack with a keyring deal going on.

Easy to Use

Purchased:Splatoon Ink Sisters SetThe small plastic cases resemble tokens and are more than durable enough for smaller hands. Also, the size makes for easy storage! I tucked the tokens into an Apple earbuds box, which could probably fit 8-10 just tossed in, and possibly 5-7 more if stacked on their sides. They are easily identifiable by the character photos, and the colors are vibrant. There are printer lines in the black areas, but they are not that noticeable, and are eclipsed by the colorful design and ease of use.


Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf Link- Individual BotW Archer Link- Individual SSB ZeldaThese tokens work so seamlessly, immediately responding to the NFC readers in the Switch and are really well made!!! I had awesome customer support with AmiiBro and I WILL DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN!!! They also came in the mail really quick!

Everything works great!

Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf Link- Individual BotW GuardianEverything came as advertised, very satisfied!

I love it!

Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf LinkIt's way more convenient than buying a WiiU, game, and amiibo. I use it for BotW and Animal Crossing. And it also shipped super fast too. I ordered it and the other day it was in my mail. Definitely gunna order another later.


Purchased: - 18pc Zelda SetItem shipped quickly and arrived today! Exceptional quality and worked perfectly, will definitely come back to AmiiBro if I'm in need of any more coins!

5 Stars

Purchased:- 20pc Mario Kart 8 Set

Works Great!

Purchased:- Individual 20 Heart Wolf Link


Purchased: - Individual 20 Heart Wolf LinkGreat item and fast shipping too. Easy transaction and great customer service!!! Thank you, really happy!! =)

Surpassed my Expectations!

Purchased:- 18pc Zelda SetDid a lot of research on trying to find the best picture quality/durability and AmiiBro did not disappoint. I am looking forward to buying additional items from AmiiBro in the near future.