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AMOS Software

Pilchowicka 25-12
Warszawa , 02-175

Mr. Lionet, I was watching a video by Dan Wood where he was interviewing you regarding STOS/AMOS, and you mentioned that you had been contacted by people who stated that your software helped give them the grounding they needed for a life in software development. I wish to join the list of people thanking you for your fantastic contribution to my childhood and career. I first got AMOS 1.3, and instantly fell in love, and convinced my parents to buy the compiler, 3D, Pro and the Pro compiler. I had mainly worked on a text adventure game development engine which of course never saw anything outside of my bedroom, but I would spend countless hours writing procedures, printing source code to look over, count the hours in school until I could go home and write more code... I lived and breathed for programming in your wonderful language. I studied computer science at university, and since then have worked in software development and travelled the world with it, ending with where I work today, at Adobe. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for helping to ensure the curious child with wild ideas could create his visions. Thank you for providing a language where I could learn more about the way computers work without being bogged down by low level mechanics. Thank you for helping to instill a passion for programming that lives on to this day.

I couldn't believe it when AMOS first came out for the Amiga. I rushed out and bought all versions of AMOS, including the compiler. I remember waiting for the release of Amos Professional. I had pre-ordered it and took a day off work when I knew it would arrive. This was back in 1992 as you of course know. I still have that original copy that I waited anxiously for. It is still glorious in it's original box with all the disks and manuals. AMOS was for me, the language that got me hooked completely and I do believe that I learned most of whatever programming skill I have from using AMOS. I was a typical night owl using it, I just couldn't stop using AMOS back then. At that time I was about 34 years old. I did a lot of programming with AMOS, but not a lot to show for it other than what AMOS taught me, that I retain in my head, along with happy memories of Amiga and AMOS. To get a job in IT I had to re-educate myself so went back to college. I did the usual COBOL, Pascal, C and C++. I found these relatively easy to learn as my foundation in programming was secured using AMOS. I feel because of AMOS I finished college after 4 years with all Distinctions. Worked as IT Technician at a college before getting a programming job in 1998. This was just using a 4GL type language and sql, writing the company in house software. I have been there 20 years now and have reverted to just IT Technician 5 years ago. Truth is, I got fed up of boring database software and report writing so I'm happier going around helping people. I just program occasionally at home as a hobby now. This could increase of course with AMOS 2 - WOW again.