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Amplified Health & Beauty

405-49119 RR 73
Drayton Valley AB , T7A 0B9

The way Jackelyn sees health as your whole being is encouraging and validating. She really hears your health concerns without judgement and has many realistic tips to help improve your health and wellness. Plus her lashes are the bomb.

As I age, I have found the changes to my health difficult to navigate. Jackelyn has been an absolute life saver. My health consultation with her was not only informative, it was transformational. In 1 short hour, she had taken the information I entered in the questionnaire and translated into a health program that was easy to follow and gave me a clear path to understanding the supplements she suggested. Her energy and time are well worth the money I spent, and I am forever grateful to have her on my health team. Thank you Jackelyn.

I came to gather some information about ways to eat that might help deal with my autoimmune disorder as well as manage my PCOS. She definitely knows her stuff. The program and options she set up different ways to deal with my autoimmune helped me to take control in easy steps. Definitely recommend.

I’m not even sure where to start, I asked Jackelyn for some help managing stress, mental health and sleep. The time and effort she put in made me realize she truly cares for everyone. She outlined many options and ideas to help, and made me see how all three are connected in a way. It was incredible learning there is a solution, and that she would be there to help anytime I needed. I am feeling much better, even after talking to her in the consultation I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel extremely lucky to have people like Jackelyn in my corner.

Amazing lashes, very personable, takes pride in her work and passion . I highly recommend Jackelyn for any service. You won’t regret it:)