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Anael Yvonne

500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco CA , 94158
United States

Releasing the old stuck personality

I'm currently working on building a business and was brainstorming about content ideas that resonated with who I am and what I stood for. Through a few weeks of researching, I started to become confused and demotivated because the content and ideas that came up didn't resonate with me. It was superficial and saturated in a sense didn't feel like the idea was originally coming from me. I started to feel so disconnected, unaligned, and the pressure on my shoulders were quite heavy. During one of my sessions with Anael, she literally helped me stand in my power and we worked on shedding the old personality and replacing it with a new one that resonated with who I a soul. We ended up talking through the situation and realized how much our light and soul is affected by shadow in this physical dimension. I couldn't even explain how amazing, relief, and empowered I felt after the session. It was like 10 thousand pounds of weight got lifted off my shoulders and I was brought back to my soul. I can't explain the feeling, but all I can say is, I feel completely re-energized, new, and awakened to my purpose again. Thank you so much, Anael. Much love to you. If you are looking to get out of a rut, I highly recommend booking a session with Anael. Truly, she is a beautiful soul and healer

I can't believe how my life has changed!

I’m in a 6 month mentoring program with Anael and seriously one of the best.. if not THE BEST, investment I made for myself. She has helped me in tons of ways including the releasing of subliminal programs that were holding me back from realizing my dreams, helped me to become more conscious of my thoughts, actions, and emotions, showed me the process of manifesting my physical reality (super super important), helped me to level up and upgrade spiritually, even I’m aware of the changes that has happened within the last 4 months! I’m continuing to live in my power and have more clarity on my purpose and life. She’s always a text away and always there when I need her for any advice and even when I have something exciting to tell her. Anael is SO SUPPORTIVE AND ENCOURAGING in every situation that has came up. I love Anael and her work. I’m super grateful to have her as a mentor and friend. If anyone is looking for guidance in life, book an appointment with Anael

You are a blessing!

First off I’d just like to say I’m SO honored and blessed to have Anael guiding me. About 3.5 months ago I found Anael through a mentor and decided to book a session with her... she was amazing and my intuition told me to ask her to be my mentor. Without thinking twice I contacted her and bought her 6 month mentorship to get a professional healing certificate so I can work with animals as I am getting certified to be an Animal Communicator. Not only has she taught me about healing, but I’ve learned about the universe, manifestation, reprogramming my subconscious mind, and so much more. I’m half way through the program and wish it won’t ever stop. Anybody who wants to change their life and get clear about their purpose and be guided, I totally recommend Anael to be your mentor or at least book a session with her because you WILL see a difference! Thank you for everything Anael you’ve helped me to be more alive and brave. I will continue to grow with you and do the work of light workers

Her Spiritual Healing & Mentoring has helped me so much!

Initially, I had came for a healing session with Anael. After the healing session, I had an urge and desire to learn and grow more in a way that was unexplainable. But I knew my intuition was saying that I came to Anael not only for a healing session, but to be mentored for I knew I had a greater purpose. The funny thing was I needed the funds to work with her and I didn't know where to get it. But she gave me an outline of a manifestation process to go through and I did. 2 weeks later, I manifested the perfect amount at the perfect time to start the program with her. It was destined that we had this encounter and partnership. I feel completely aligned working with Anael. Not only does she mentor me in the spiritual aspects, but she's also teaching me how to show up in my physical being. I've been able to stand in my power, heal myself, and become a conscious creator. Much love and thanks to Anael. I love you

From a Reiki Practioner

I am a 57 year old woman who was struggling in my life with situational depression and having a very difficult time.  I wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t shut my ‘monkey mind’ down and so I would turn to wine, nightly and quite a bit, to numb down and not feel the pain. I had no appetite nor any energy and I could feel my health deteriorating. I knew I needed help – and fast – especially with the holidays and SADD just around the bend. I went into therapy for the first time with a local counselor to deal with my emotional pain.

Anael gave me a 30 minute free consultation and since I felt very comfortable with her we decided to start right away.  The session was one of the most beautiful experiences I have EVER had in my life.  EVER.  She takes you on a beautiful and relaxing journey. I never went ‘under’ and I felt so very peaceful and safe during the session.  When I left, I felt as if I was walking on air with a sense of happiness, renewed purpose and a passion for being healthy.  I stopped off at Walgreens on my way home and normally I would buy a couple of bottles of wine.  I had absolutely NO desire to do so.  Before the session I asked that I be okay to drink socially and stop after three drinks over the period of the evening.  I have since been in four social situations – again, no desire to have alcohol.  The BIG test was having sushi with a friend. I literally have never had sushi without having sake because I LOVE hot sake.  No desire at all.  I just had tea and was content.

This immediate change blew me away.  My relationship with alcohol is no longer a destructive one, sapping my energy, my ambition, my creativity, my life, my LIGHT. Please do yourself a favor and book a session, you will emerge a new person. My friends say that I look amazing, my eyes are clear and my skin is glowing again.  It wasn’t just the alcohol, but the intense sadness that I was feeling and all of that is gone.  I was given tools to keep it all at bay and if I start to think of something in the past that hurt me (and it rarely happens now) I use those tools and *POOF* the thought is gone. I feel better than I have in a VERY long time and I owe it all to the work of Anael. She truly IS a Healer. 

I could feel the pain leaving!

I could feel the pain in my back just leaving as if it were draining into the earth.  I have not experienced this type of relief even with the medication I had been taking!

I was doubtful...

I was doubtful about this whole thing, but something has definitely changed with me

Since taking this course.  I feel better about myself and am speaking up about things I should have set straight a long time ago with some family members.  Thank you!

Thank you!

“Thank you so much Anael!  I feel so much better”

30 Years of Therapists

I’ve been going to therapists for 30 years and none have come close to anything like this!  I’m so glad I found you!  Thanks so much for this course Anael!

Wonderful Session!

Wonderful session. Totally loved it. Feel fabulous. Just wanted to let you know.

I love ️ this class.

Thank you ,


I manifested last week 2 things.  To pay off my $3450 yearly slip rent before March - I've paid $2000 so far (and it's the middle of January!).  The other - let's just say I got a date for an event I'm going to.  He followed me into another event I went to and practically invited himself as my date


“I’m really grateful to you and your team. I’m feeling better. The sessions are amazing!”

She has changed my life!

I have seen Anael four times now.  She has changed my life!  After each session I feel more powerful within myself.  I have already signed up for more sessions after these end.  The healing and self love and respect I have gained for myself is reason enough to keep coming back. My family even notices it the changes!  Thank you for all you are doing for me


Awesome! It was great! Thank you so much Anael!  I love it!!!  You're the best and know exactly what to say! 

Emotional Healing and Weight Loss

I have been through a great deal of sorrow and emotional trauma in my life. I searched for counselors for 7 years to try and get the emotional help that I needed to move forward in my life. I just could not find anyone that I clicked with to help me. 


I originally saw Anael for weight loss issues. Not long into our conversation did she realize that the weight that I had gained was a result of the abuse that I had suffered as a child and then later on in my life. Each time I visit with Anael I feel like layers of sadness and agony are being shed.  I am learning that my weight is so much more than just added calories. I am down 10 pounds and counting!


Meeting Anael has changed my life. My friends and my husband have noticed a difference.  Emotional healing is so important and I just had no idea how broken I was. Anael has helped piece me back together. It is one of the best decisions I have made.

Feeling great!

"I am feeling great since my session.  Much more positive and energetic.  I have been doing the visualization process nightly.  I feel like the New Mary already!"

In awe,,,

Greetings you!  a brief update..I am in awe at how well this is working.  Really!, I walked in ready for this be another unsuccessful step that I would sabotage, but amazingly this is great.


“Goodness Anael, thank you sooooo very much. I'm acknowledging your dedication and your work on my behalf. I'm sitting here in appreciation that I'm so lucky to have contacted you and received from you. Thank You Anael and bless your generosity.  What I noticed today is that I got up and did my 2 x 9 mins exercise circuits, then I went to the woods and ran for 20 mins. I do this 3 times a week. I wouldn't do the exercise without taking my two puffs of inhaler. Previously when I've gone to the woods to run and have forgotten to take the inhaler, I've had to stop unable to carry on. AND I have not taken an inhaler today at all. (This is 10 hours later than usual).” Many, many thanks and bless you Anael.