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Anael Yvonne

500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco CA , 94158
United States


“Goodness Anael, thank you sooooo very much. I'm acknowledging your dedication and your work on my behalf. I'm sitting here in appreciation that I'm so lucky to have contacted you and received from you. Thank You Anael and bless your generosity.  What I noticed today is that I got up and did my 2 x 9 mins exercise circuits, then I went to the woods and ran for 20 mins. I do this 3 times a week. I wouldn't do the exercise without taking my two puffs of inhaler. Previously when I've gone to the woods to run and have forgotten to take the inhaler, I've had to stop unable to carry on. AND I have not taken an inhaler today at all. (This is 10 hours later than usual).” Many, many thanks and bless you Anael.

In awe,,,

Greetings you!  a brief update..I am in awe at how well this is working.  Really!, I walked in ready for this be another unsuccessful step that I would sabotage, but amazingly this is great.