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Angel, The Bellydancing Medium

Angel was spot on and made my life feel so much less heavy. Thank you for your presence.  You really need to take time to work with Angel!

“Angel truly is an Intuitive Angel.  She was able to see situations in my life over the phone and radio from across the country.  She saw that I tend to reach for relationships from people that aren’t available and become angry that they aren’t.  I had clearing and past life sessions with her to release the issues and blocks that kept me from finding the right person.  Now I am more open and have manifesting a fabulous relationship.  I have NEVER been is such a wonderful relationship. 

Thank you Angel!"

"Angel is right on target.  Gave me the focus and saw the job opportunities coming to me.  And pointed me to the right one. Amazing!"

"My children had grown and left and I was alone, feeling like I would never find someone to be with for the rest of my life.  I wasn’t happy in my job and felt lonely.  When I connected with Angel she gave me hope and cleared my head and focus.  She also told me that I’d meet my soul mate who would wisk me off like knight in shining armor.  I didn’t believe any of it at first.  I did the exercises she gave me and became happier in my life.  A few months late I met my husband... and he came to me like a knight in shining armor.  I’m so happy.  Thank you Angel!"

"I have had many one on one sessions with Angel.  From the first time I sat with her she seemed to see right through me!  Her matter of fact messages got me past what was blocking me and helped me work through a hard work situation.  I was so distracted and depressed until she told what to focus on and now I understand so much more about how to work through my life’s situations and feel more confident and less stressed in my work space. And I am moving forward and up in my profession, finally!  I highly recommend Angel!"