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Thomas Andrew Art

4242 Chickamauga Rd.
Mountain Brook Alabama , 35213

A beautiful blessing in dark times.

Tom, My name is Suzanne. I went to my mailbox this morning and found this beautiful blessing. My daughter was murdered on October 13th. I am struggling daily. I am to be married on Saturday I have been struggling with the decision to go forward with it in the wake of the loss of my daughter. I don’t want to celebrate when her murderer is free however the delivery of this beautiful gift felt like a sign from her saying mom I am so happy for you and will be with you! Please know the difference you make in a person’s life is unmeasurable. Thank you for sharing the gift God gave you. You are a reminder that people are good. Your art has truly helped me.

Christmas Angel

Our 16 year old daughter passed away in September 2007 from cancer. We received an Angel from Tom at Christmas time the same year. It reminds me of our daughter and I have it placed so I see it daily. Seeing this Angel brings some peace to the sadness I continue to feel. Nominate someone for a Christmas Angel today! You will be glad you did.

Mom's Angel

My Mom found her middle son deceased on February 12, 2019. He was 62, sudden death..she still has this beautiful print you sent her when she lost her daughter, her youngest, and it has provided her with much comfort...

Be the Angel

Love mine! I am a noninated recipient of an original angel painting, Tom Findlay is a Blessing to the brokenhearted, an amazing kind man, and a incredibly talented artist. ????

Angel of Praise

I have a friend with children with health issues. She is a wonderful woman, full of life, and loves the Lord, but she has nightmares every night. She had someone in her home who said they saw an angel in her bedroom who was so tall, the angel had to stoop down to see below the ceiling. I gave her one of Tom's angels as a gift. The picture was of a tall, thin angel. My friend immediately exclaimed this was the angel in her bedroom! She hung the picture right where the person saw the angel stooping. The best part is the title of the picture is Angel of Praise. I chose this particular angel because of the title and her look, and I told my friend this angel would be praising God while she sleeps!

Angel for Laura

When my daughter, Laura, received an Angel of Hope & Love it truly meant the world to her. She was going through a very hard time battling Lyme disease and the Angel painting came at the right time. We placed this in her bedroom so it would be visible to her on the worst of days It gave her a sense of Hope. Thank you so much Tom for thinking of my previous Laura.


I nominated my sister in law whom is battling cancer. She received her angel painting this week and was just overwhelmed with how beautiful it was! So I want to thank you so very much Tom from the bottom of my heart for doing this! You lifted her spirits so much and it put much joy in my heart knowing how much it meant to her receiving this! Thank you, Thank you many times over!! Have a very Blessed Merry Christmas ???????? God Bless Your An Angel!

Grieving through Love

My earthly angel nominated me and I received a beautiful, peaceful, angel painting from Thomas Andrew in the mail. What a surprise and blessing it was with his kind words of encouragement. My earthly angel knew the difficulty year that I had been through, knew about my broken heart, knew the suffering of my husband due to his cancer dianogis and very recent death and knew I would be alone this year for Christmas after 42 years of marriage. This angel is such a blessing to me. She lifts my spirits and reminds me that I am not alone in my grieving, nor am I alone this Christmas. Thank you Thomas Andrew, your are truly a Blesding to us all.

Spirits lifted

My daughter had entered me in a angel drawing give away unbeknownst to me she's away at school and working full time . We have always been close she's my reason for living . Well she hasn't been able to come down because she lives in Birmingham al area I live on the ms gulf coast well a few days ago I get a package knowing I didn't order anything and didn't recognize the sender I opened it up a beautiful angel picture was in it I called my daughter she said she did it so I would always have a angel looking over me .my spirits lifted . Thomas Andrew thank you for a wonderful contest and such a beautiful peice of art God bless you

Mom’s angel

We received an angel painting and a letter with kind words and encouragement today! Mom cried because she was so touched! Thank you so much!

Angels Among Us

I was so excited to receive the angel print that I had ordered for a friend in the mail yesterday. I was more excited when I saw the 2nd angel that Tom included! It meant so much to me and made my heart happy! There really are angels among us and Tom is one of them! Thank you for sharing your talent that God has given you with the rest of the world. God Bless you and have a wonderful Christmas!

Angel of Hope & Love

What an awesome surprise waiting for me when I returned home from yoga last night. Thank you so much for the beautiful painting. It made my heart happy.
Love and Light and Merry Christmas


Thomas Andrew Art "Angels" are truly God's gift to him and to us all. Angels around us always, guiding and protecting us. Thank you for reminding us our Beautiful Angels are always with us. ????????Mine has helped me through my life. ????????????

Spreading light and joy

I am overwhelmed with emotion after receiving the angel and note from Thomas Andrew Art in the mail. God knew exactly what I needed. Thank you for this wonderful act of kindness. Merry Christmas Tom.