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Angie McCready Dog Rescue


Our family adopted Tammy from Angie in March 2020 and she’s a complete joy. Angie has such an affinity with the dogs; I don’t think they could be in better hands between rescuing and rehoming. I thought adopting from Spain could be difficult but we really were guided through the process.
We will always be grateful to Angie x


I adopted Willow from Angie and she’s exactly how Angie and Clare described - such a beautiful soul! I hear nothing but good things about Angie when Willow and I are out for our walk. She has an incredible reputation and deservedly so. Getting Willow over during a pandemic and post Brexit was not easy, but Clare wouldn’t give up until we found a way. I love seeing how many of Angie’s rescues make their way to Jersey and hope it continues. Now my only struggle is not adopting more!

Happy Hounds

I have 3 dogs from Angie. Cal and Roo brothers who Angie hand reared after they were found at around 10 days old.They have been with me since December 2014. I have visited Casa McCready several times and seen first hand the time and dedication given to all the dogs in Angies care.
On one visit my daughter fell in love with a pup so we added Honey to our family in May 2018.
They are all beautiful hounds cheeky and sometimes loud but such good company. Highly recommend adopting from Angie and Clare.💕🐾💕


When you’re thinking “will I won’t I “ and puppies appear wanting loving homes 🥰 well then, it’s a no brainer 👍

And for Beryl and her siblings to be given the wonderful start Angie and Clare gave them , priceless!!!

And I count my blessings every time Beryl comes to me for a cuddle 🙏😘🙏😘

A true angel for dogs .

I am so proud to have one of Angies rescues! My gorgeous ( but incredibly naughty ) girl was so lucky to be rescued with her 5 babies from the streets .
The whole rehoming process was carried out professionally snd with great care ensuring the dogs wellbeing at all times .

Thank you

Angie and Claire have been absolutely amazing from the start of the process. We were given regular updates on the puppies and they went over and beyond to ensure any lockdowns or other obstacles would not stop us from getting our puppy on time. We are so thankful to have Artemis in our lives thanks to the 2 of them xxx

Friendship and trust

I have had the pleasure of meeting Angie & Phil a few times. Their total dedication to the dogs they rescue is 2nd to none. We were lucky enough to also adopt a mummy dog from Angie over 4 years ago. This lady is the most incredible person I have ever met. My admiration for her is absolute. She works tirelessly for dogs & puppies & wears her heart on her sleeve at all times.

Thanks to Angie

If it wasn’t for the amazing work that Angie has done for rescue pups and dogs over the years, many, many would not be alive today. Thanks to her our gorgeous boy Midge was saved from a kill station and we adopted him at 16 weeks old.

I have had the pleasure of volunteering with Angie and helping her in the summer of 2019 with 17 puppies that she had rescued and was caring for, plus other older dogs too. She is a kind, caring and genuinely lovely person.


We were recommended by a friend to contact Angie as we wanted to adopt a recue dog. We chose Mia and fell in love. We had updates, photos and videos from Angie and Clare, we could see how loved they were. When she arrived it was the most amazing, emotional experience. Mia is well socialised, friendly and lovable (but a bit cheeky)???? It took a matter of days to toilet train her ???????? she is now part of our family. We can't thank Angie, Clare, Eddie and all those involved enough for our beautiful Mia. Xx


We are so so greatful to Angie, if it wasn't for her and the fantastic work she does, we wouldn't have our precious Lily. She's truly completed our family and Angie supported us the whole way, even after we had Lily for a year, Angie was still their offering help and support. Thank you so much. Here's our beautiful girl, now 2 years on, all grown up ❤️


Initially I was surprised at the admin associated with adopting a rescue puppy but soon came to realise that Angie is an absolute professional and there is no way she would let one of these beautiful animals that she has rescued and cherished go to a home that hasn’t first been thoroughly vetted. From the very beginning we could see little Albert was well cared for and had updates as he grew with videos of him socializing with other dogs that had been rescued. The whole process was very professionally managed and Angie’s love and care for these animals clearly continues after the dogs have left her care and she’s always keen to receive updates.

Little Mr Levi

Amazing job, I admit I was sceptical At first as never adopted a dog abroad before but OMG Angie is amazing. We started looking at Levi when he was first found in the woods with his mum In Spain, we had a home check, arranged by Angie (we are in the Uk by the way), we were successful and to this day (received little Mr Levi 8 Dec 2020) I have never regretted it. Angie sent regular updates, like u would do with your own pup, organised transport from Spain to Uk which was difficult given France changed the rules re dogs coming across. Angie is amazing and will move mountains for her dogs no matter the cost. One amazing lady/team xx

Toby Fernell ...

Toby came to live with us 2 years ago. From seeing him on Angie's site and falling for him, to holding him when he arrived here, Angie kept me informed and updated. We had a home check, she asked lots of questions and ensured we were right for Toby. He is such a wonderful boy, healthy, friendly, sometimes naughty and full of life. We are so grateful to Angie and the work that she does. Thankyou.


Angie's rescue and her helpers are just fantastic.. nothing is too much trouble for them and most importantly they care so much for the dogs and do everything in their power to make sure they are safe and healthy and happy.

Genuine animal lover

Met Angie about 3 years ago here in Jersey. Very genuine and honest animal rescuer. Transparent when asking for support and has saved 100’s of dogs lives during the short time I have known her. We need more Angie’s in this world ❤️

Amazing work!

We have had our dog Tom now for 5years! The process from angie was easy & efficient, she kept regular updates of what he was up to & once he was leaving her to start his journey with us! When tom arrived, he was happy, clean and cheeky!! A good sign that he was well looked after during his time with angie!.. a few years ago, angie fee a little holiday to jersey to meet all her adopted pups that she rescued and sent here! I felt so lucky to meet her in person, shes a truly inspirational women thats dedicates all her time to her dogs!

Saxon and Max

Saxon and Max were my babies from Angie. Rescued by her in dreadful conditions and nursed back to health. She is so commited and emotionally conected to her rescues. Thankyou Angie

Lovely genuine rescue

We got Florence from Angie in February 2017 . It was lovely to see all of the dogs in Angies care so happy and well cared for . Flo has been a joy to have . She was a handful to start off with but now is the most loving placid dog . Thank you Angie ????????

Angie McCready

I am President of B.A. R. C. A fellow dog rescue association in Alicante .Spain
During the time I have known Angie, I have been amazed at the huge amount of commitment, she gives to the animals in her care. She doesn't ask for help, unless the situation is dire. Her track record of rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing is astounding. Best wishes the Angie and your small team of helpers.


Fantastic! From start to finish, Claire and Angie guided us through the whole process and were simply fantastic.
They gave us great advice, not only on the adoption process but also the daily routine on the two dogs we were adopting.