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Animal Rescue League of NH

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We adopted Delta in August of 2018 after losing our Pug Chance in April of that year, (our home was too lonely). She has been a great dog and has adapted to Apartment living. Every Child in the complex knows her by name and she loves to be petted. She is a cuddle bug and demands that after she is finished with a toy that it goes onto her toy bed. We could be happier and she is our Fur-ever baby. I think she recognizes your location as she sits up every time we drive by.

From shelter to helper

I adopted my Andy (who we re-named to Leeroy) back in October 2020. I’d been looking for a dog for months before but I couldn’t seem to find one. I fell in love with I fell in love with ‘Andy’ the first time I saw him on the website, so we went the next day and got him. He used to be a shy timid little boy, but now he’s extremely outgoing and lovable. He is a few weeks away from graduating Autism service dog school, he’s so smart, and he’s helped me so much. He’s extremely trainable and loves learning new ways to help me find my way through the world. I’m so grateful.

Oh Molly

What can I say Britt and I rescued Molly 2 years and 3 months ago. She Woz a street dog and never had a home since the day we brought her home she has never slept on the floor she has slept in my bed or on the couch and we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world she's a little sassy but we love her and we are grateful for you guys every day...

Kobe turned Blaze

We love our pup! We adopted him Feb 2020 when he was just 10 weeks, and his name was Kobe. We are a firefighter family and renamed him Blaze! He is a big boy now. He loves his tiny human who just turned 3!

My best friend forever!

I adopted "Sugar Bear" (now JACK) four years ago. He has been the best little cat ever. He is so sweet, has never shown anything but love, and although I was told he would take months to adapt to me, he was sleeping at my feet within six weeks, and continues to do so. His favorite place is his three level cat tree (Jack-a-tree) where he can watch critters and tons of birds. I want to thank the workers at the Rescue. They knew my being retired, disabled and mostly at home was the perfect place for me.

Leo the Lovebug

We adopted Leo last July. We can not remember our lives before we brought him home. Leo is the sweetest and most loving little pup! He has brought so much joy into our lives. Leo enjoys having blueberry facials and spa treatments. He is so attached to our daughter and the two are inseparable. Leo is an amazing dog who has brought love and light into our lives. Thank you Animal Rescue League of NH!


We adopted Penny as a puppy almost 3 years ago now. She's great and my kids lover her!

Indie-Best Boy Ever

It’s been a little over a year now since we adopted Pedey (Now, Indie!:)) We love our boy so much and he has grown to love our family of my wife, myself, and our two rescued cats as well. He is all about the outdoors! Adopted pets take a lot of love and support, but I’m so happy we brought this guy to his furever home!

Love my Lucy girl

I love my Lucy girl. When she was at the shelter she was really only going to the bathroom on pads but now she is fully trained outside. She is such a sweet girl and one the best dogs I have ever had. Thank you Animal Rescue League for giving me the greatest gift ever!

We Love Tuukka!!!

We got Tuukka from the shelter when he was 7 weeks old. He was a handful as all puppies are but he turned into the greatest dog ever. He will be 7 in January 2020 and as healthy as can be. Where ever we go as a family he has to be with us because he has a bit of separation anxiety! :) A loyal running buddy, an 90lb lap dog, and the most loving dog in the world! We love you Tuukka!

Our Super Nova!

Tomorrow marks our one year with Ms. Nova! Y'all probably remember her as Arya She truly has stolen our hearts and we couldn't be more blessed to have her as part of the family! Back in February we took a risk to have surgery done to her leg, which would lower her risk of amputation down the road. Well we are TRILLED to say it was successful and our baby girl will be able to live her best!! She's still a nut case, but we love every ounce of it! Nova has also become a MAJOR daddy's girl, and don't let my fiance fool you, he loves every second of it! I wanted to take a minute to thank the Animal Rescue League for being nothing but kind to us the night we adopted Nova, you helped us assure she was the dog for our family. All the staff there provided us with so much advice and warm wishes! It was because you all believed in us that Nova has a family to believe in her! Thank you!

Oscar is a total sweetheart!!

We brought Oscar home and he instantly fit in with our family, He plays very well with our other 2 dogs and loves attention. He has a new bed but prefers to sleep on ours. Well behaved, potty trained & full of love. The staff at the ARL was very helpful and we appreciate everything they have done to help bring Oscar home to us.

Cayla & Cali Forever

I adopted Cali, my playful, loving coonhound 2.5 months ago. Ever since, we have been inseparable. She loves very long walks, running free (inside fenced in areas), snuggling on the couch, licking my face, and basking in the sun at the beach. I couldn't imagine a better canine companion. Thank you, Animal Rescue League of NH!

My life with Stacy

Stacy is an amazing cat! She’s fun and sleeps with my Mimi at night. She loves to play and is adorable. We love her!


We have had Buster for over a year now, and he is one spoiled boy! He sleeps in bed with us, and gets lots of play time. He loves wearing sweaters to keep him warm and hes definitely gotten to a healthy weight. He loves staring out our apartment window, and always wants to know whats going on and follows us everywhere. He's made lots of other puppy friends, and human friends too. When I had my surgery, he was by my side the whole month it took for me to recover. He's helped us so much, and we are so blessed to have him. Thank you for giving us the best gift in our lives!

Luna Wrightsbunny

Bringing home this sweet little bun is among the best decisions we've ever made. We are new to bunny parenting, but we did a lot of research before deciding to rescue this sassy little thing. Her attitude, independence, and intelligence continues to surprise us every day. She is so beautiful and so funny and she has added such much wonder and joy to our lives! The Animal Rescue League of NH was so helpful and supportive and patient when we were bonding with her. There is a lot of bad information out there about how to care for bunnies and between what we have learned in online bunny communities and what we saw for ourselves at the ARL, we are so happy to be providing Luna with a safe and healthy place to call home. When we were getting ready to bring Luna home with us, we copied her housing set up at the ARL and it was/is perfect. Thank you for helping us add this fluffy hopper to our family and for taking such good care of all the buns at ARLNH!


We adopted Floyd 5 years ago. He was a very timid, 14 year old orange and white cat. We brought him home and it took him 2 months to get comfortable. When we got our puppy is when Floyd really came out of his shell. He loved the puppy. He always wanted to be around him. As the puppy grew up, Floyd was attached to him at the hip. They were always laying together. Wherever my dog went, Floyd went. Fast forward 4 years from when we adopted him, he's 18. This past March, the day after St. Patrick's day, I woke up and Floyd didn't look right. I took him to the emergency vet and they told us his kidneys were failing. Adam and I made the hard decision to end Floyd's suffering. We held him the whole time and he purred until his last breath. I know this story has a sad ending, but we gave a senior cat good 4 years of love and companionship. After Floyd past, Adam made a contribution to the Rescue League in Floyd's name. Senior animals need love just like young ones. Don't over look an animal because of its age. Until his last day, Floyd was full of personality and was always looking for snuggles. We will never forget Floyd. I have his ashes and paw print sitting on my mantle in my living room right next to his picture. I'm crying as I'm typing this. We love you, Floyd.

Happiness Is Having Happy Animals

We now have 3 animals who we've adopted from the Animal Rescue League of NH: Nora, Pete, and now we welcome Koda to our bubbling household! She is a beautiful Siberian Husky who is all puppy at heart. We are actively working on training and she seems to be a very good listener or already knows her name and adjusting to our routines. She LOVES running (and thankfully my wife does too). We couldn't be happier with the folks at Animal Rescue League as they are always the best to work with, hands down. Thanks All!

Mack and Whitney

My dad asked me to write this testimonial almost 7 years ago now, so I suppose this is better late than never.

In October 2011, my family of 4 became a family of 6 when we adopted Mack and Whitney. My dad had seen them on WMUR’s Pet Spotlight and snuck off to visit them, then he took my mom and I to visit them, and from the moment we saw them we knew they were coming home with us. We had always been a cocker spaniel family, so now we were going to be a blind cocker spaniel family. We adopted them the next day and the rest was history. A week later my sister came home for a visit from college and her joke of “did you get a puppy?” finally came true two-fold.

Every year on the anniversary of the day we brought them home, I would rewatch the Pet Spotlight video that brought them into our lives and wonder how anyone could have seen them and not loved them instantly. How had we gotten so lucky that 2 months had gone by and no one wanted these wonderful dogs? I used to think it was because they’d been marketed as “less adoptable pets”, but really I think it’s because we needed them as much as they needed us. We had just lost a dog to advanced stage stomach cancer almost 2 months to the day and it was the longest my parents had been dog-less in 25 years and it was the longest my sister and I had ever been without a dog. I used to tease my dad for adopting the “who rescued who” mantra, but it really was true - those dogs gave my grieving family two bright spots of hope.

Mack left us in June 28th, 2017 after 4 months of battling an illness he couldn’t quite shake. Whitney left us July 8th, 2018 after a rapid decline in health. We are still reeling from the loss, but only because we are now missing two cocker spaniel shaped holes in our lives and in our hearts.

Would I do it again? 100% every single time I would choose those lovable knuckleheads over any other dog. I would relive everytime I got kicked out of a chair by a sleeping dog or two. What I wouldn’t give for one of those goofs to get under foot and trip me one more time. Who would have thought the Thanksgiving that Whitney threw up on Mack would wind up in the “fond memories” column (though really there’s something hilarious about sitting in a bathtub in bright red swim trunks with two dogs who are wondering what they’ve done to deserve such a terrible punishment). Eventually there’s a last time for everything and I wish I had known it was happening while it was. Even as we were bringing them home that day back in October, I knew adopting 6 year old dogs would mean experiencing heartache just a little bit sooner. We wouldn’t have the 14 years we had with my first dog or the 11 years we had with my second. I knew going in that I would be grateful for 5 good years. Instead we got almost 6 and almost 7 - and while I am heartbroken, it’s only because unfortunately an entire lifetime wouldn’t have been enough time to love either of them.

Take the risk, roll the dice, because you never know how much your life is going to change until it has to change again without them.


It's been almost 3 weeks since we adopted Toby. He spent his first 36 hours under the slipcover of the chair in my office and was very shy and skittish. With patience and love he has made great progress and his favorite place to hang out is our 3 season porch where he can sleep on the chairs and watch the birds and squirrels. Every day we make a little more progress. Thank you for all that you do to provide loving homes to all the fur babies. We are truly grateful that our family is complete now with Toby.

California the Calico

5 years ago we adopted an almost 5 year old calico cat named California and is is honestly the light of our life. When we got her she was fearful of men, children and other animals. Now years later she loves her two legged siblings more then anything and even that nutcase of a puppy we’ve added to the family. We can not thank you guys enough for letting us be her family!

Suzie and Perla

Suzie and Perla joined our family a few months back. While it took some time for them to adjust to us, they are now the best kitties one could ask for. We popped into ARLNH just to visit and we fell in love with these two sisters. We could tell they were a bit shy, but once we picked up the toys to play with them they came jumping down from their little kitty rafters. They love to play and love to snuggle up close with us. Thank you Animal Rescue League of NH!

Anna - An Update

Anna came to us last year. She was not the cat we set out to adopt, but we were so lucky that she caught our eye. Anna is the cat we really needed in our lives. She was scared, hated the car ride home, and was afraid to explore every corner of her new home. Now, the whole house is hers, and she graciously lets us share it with her. In turn, we keep her happy with warm blankets, her favorite treats, and a human to amuse her all day long. To us, she is a wonderful companion who trills at us and shakes her tail excitedly when she sees us. We couldn't ask for a better friend. Thank you, ARL, for taking such good care of our girl until we could come and get her from you.


Hi this is Rye. I wanted to let you know that I am a happy couch potato bunny. My people and I love to watch tv together and I like helping with homework! I am settling in nicely and am learning that I do not need to thump at my people! They bought me new toys and I enjoy eating Cobb salad twice a day (that's lettuce and apple). My people have also found out that I am an English Spot! But I am also 100% love bunn.

Maple (Diem)

I adopted Maple in late January. I actually went to look at another cat I saw online Maple and I bonded right away. She is so friendly and loving and we are the perfect match! The process was very simple and easy. When I brought her home, she hid under my bed but came out within an hour and immediately jumped on my lap. She's made herself at home ever since and now runs my house! I couldn't be happier and am very happy that I was able to rescues this sweet girl.


Macaroon recently joined our family and we are truly lucky to have her. She has quickly become a member of the family. She loves to cuddle and play fetch. And we love to spoil her!

Paxton Lee (Hickory) & Aspen

We adopted Paxton Lee (hickory) and Aspen in 2017. They had come from South Carolina and we were told they were siblings so my brother and I decided we could not separate them. They are truly the greatest additions to our family . They do love separately but get together very often and let me tell you there’s no stopping them. I would adopt another dog from the Animal Rescue League any day. Thank you again for helping me find the missing piece I was looking for.

Oakley's gotcha day anniversary

Oakley's gotcha day anniversary was yesterday. We rescued him as a 9 week old puppy back in February 2017. He was the missing piece we never knew we had. He is the biggest cuddle bug, bed hog and toy destroyer. He is spoiled beyond words and we love him so much. Thank you, Animal Rescue League, for being there to give us our forever friend.

Pluto, Three Years Later

Three years ago, we adopted Pluto from the ARL. When we got her, she was super skittish and wouldn't eat around us. It took months for her tail to wag. Since then, she has made so much progress and we could not be happier with her! She is the kindest, sweetest dog anybody could ever ask for. She is simply the best dog ever. We are so grateful to be her forever home and we hope for many more years with our love. We can not thank the staff at the ARL for saving her enough!

Hazel & Emmeline (aka Lolly & Brin)

Wonderful experience adopting these two lovely girls - it was clear that the staff cared for them and were rooting for them 110%. They're settling in to their new fur-ever home well and are enjoying exploring together, relaxing, playing with their toys and snacking on a new found favorite herb (basil). Thank you so much ARLNH for loving them and giving them the chance the deserve. We will be donating regularly to help toward the care of the other rabbits staying with you

Nikolai Romanov III, Tsar of the Russian Blues

As you can see, Nikolai (aka Currier) rules his kingdom and our hearts! Many thanks from the Crisologo’s

Old dog / MAMA

I think she is loving her new retirement home
Didn't cost a thing to adopt so we will be in soooon for a visit to donate and say a quick hi
The Duchesne's


Best dog ever! We adopted him in February as an eight-week-old puppy and love him. He doesn't chase my chickens, guards the yard against predators, if friendly to everyone and absolutely loves children. My husband has Type I diabetes, and Todd will alert me if his sugar is low. Todd is only seven and a half months old!

Rusty and Porter

My family adopted Rusty and Porter back in April. These two brothers were so cute we couldn't separate them. My mom and dad took Porter home with them and my sister took Rusty with her. They love having their puppy play dates but they are just as happy being away from each other. Dad and Porter are best buds. Potter's tail does this windmill thing when he gets excited. Rusty is a little jumpy but has certainly mellowed out since being with my sister. They walk on their double leash very well. These 4 yo boys have made our lives better and I hope they feel the same about us. But if Porter shoving his bum in your face for scratches when he woudn't even let us touch him before, I think he likes us.

New Lucky

My other buddy passed away at 14+ years old Nov 2, 2016. His original name was Lucky, before we renamed him as Buddy when he was 12 weeks old in Dec 2002. My new buddy was adopted at 12 weeks old and like the old buddy his original name was Lucky. We are going to stay with Lucky this time around. The resemblance between the two is amazing and he is such a lovable dog. Lucky is growing like a weed at 6 months. He's the biggest lap dog that I know, at 40+ lbs, stills wants to sit up on my lap and be held and petted while sitting on my lap constantly! Rescue dogs are the best! I encourage all to adopt these loving dogs.

2 years with James Dean!

When I lost my cat (and best friend) of 11 years to cancer, I knew right away I had to adopt a kitten to bring new life to my home. When I first saw James (then Mike), I knew he was the one for me. Now 2 years later, he is over 15 pounds, has SO much long fur, and is the most energetic cat I've ever met! He happily bounds around all day and is the best cuddle buddy! He can be pretty mischievous at times, but is such a handsome cat and definitely lives up to his name! Thank you so much for bringing us together and giving me the best friend I could ask for! I couldn't imagine my life without him!

Testimonial #58

While this isn't actually a testimonial, I would just like to mention something about one of your "adoptable resident's" sibling... our Emma is Logan's sister.  She also is "big" everything but the most important thing about her is that she is amazing!  She LOVES swimming (not the ocean but a pond or lake), loves "cuddling" (doesn't realize she weighs a lot more then she did...probably 60 lbs right now.  Can't really think of a bad habit she has except maybe the digging.. she loves to dig holes then lay in them!  She also liked to "pick" flowers out of my gardens--spraying the area with lemon juice took care of this habit though.  She's fine with our two cats (former rescues from you!) and Brady actually snarls at our 15 & 18lb "furpups" when she thinks they're beating up on Emma!  So for anyone wondering if these pups came from a "good line" I'd say yes... if we didn't have so many pets and such a small house Logan and Emma would be back together!  

Fantastic experience

We adopted clementine (FKA Shadie) two weeks ago. It has turned out to be the best decision we have made in a while. We were thoroughly impressed with the Animal Rescue League and how they care for their animals. Clementine had a complication when she was spayed and looking over her paperwork, I couldn't believe the detail and attention that was paid to her. Everything was documented; times taken outside, behavior, medication administration, everything. It made taking her to her new vet a breeze. With Clem, it was love at first sight. She is the sweetest and best dog we could ask for. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on her back getting belly rubs while watching tv. Thank you for a great experience and even better addition to our family!

Julius (formerly Kitty Kitty) has found his forever home

We adopted Julius in June of 2016.  He walked into our lives any made himself right at home.  He is the sweetest boy.  We believe that we are his 3rd home and I honestly have no idea how anyone gave him up before but I'm so glad they did because he is a perfect fit in our family!  For the first time ever, we have a cat who loves me better than they love my husband, so I might be a little biased.  He is nearly always by my side. Thank you for my buddy!


I adopted Carson back in mid-September of this past year when he was just five months. He just had his first birthday April 1st, and I couldn't be more overjoyed to have him here. Carson is loving life in the wilds of Francestown. Running and jumping through the woods, long walks, and oh so many smells! And when it's time to relax, we share the couch and he'll sleep in bed tucked right up beside me. He has been a blessing these past months and I look forward to many years to come. So grateful to have found him and have him in my life. He's yet to meet anyone he hasn't charmed instantly. I've never been more happy to have had an animal pee on me than when Carson did during our first meeting at the shelter. Lol I look forward to many years of warmth and companionship.


We adopted Victoria on Christmas Eve. She was one of the last cats in the shelter and was so skittish that she was living in an office out back. For months, she lived mostly under a bed, and was very shy and nervous, but now she is a happy cat roaming the house, following me around, meowing sweetly, and loving all the attention she gets in her new home.  At first, we thought our home might not be right for her since she took so long to get comfortable, but our patience paid off with a great pet.

Older dogs

Meet Moxie now Roxie.  8 yrs old who lived outside her whole life giving birth to puppies.  You may ask why a senior as you won't have for very?  Older dogs are so wise, they are appreciative and grateful because they have known life without security, and they let you know that they are well aware of the kindness you have bestowed upon them.  Even though you won't have them as long as a younger dog all we have is today.  Today we will snuggle and she will feel safe and loved.  And if tomorrow Roxie leaves,  we will know that in her golden years she no longer had to feel lonely, hungry or frightened, but will know the love of her very own family.  Thank you Animal Rescue League for all you do.

Best Animals Ever!

We have adopted two animals now, both from the Animal Rescue League in Bedford, NH. Each experience has been great! The staff is extremely helpful, knowledgable, and friendly. We now have a 5 year old male Tuxedo Cat, Pete (formerly named Chevy) And last weekend we fulfilled our American dream by completing our family with a 1.5 year old Golden Retriever, Nora (formerly Bouncy). Both animals get along great with each other and provide happiness activities for myself and family. We really enjoy having both our animals and couldnt ask for a better local shelter! 

It was Good Karma to Adopt a Belle

My husband and I adopted Karma (formerly known as Belle) May of 2016. She traveled a long way from the South to come into our lives! Karma's had a bit of a learning curve since we started from ground zero in training, and she's been doing great. She loves playing and her spot on the couch!


We adopted Blackie close to 2 years ago. She was rescued from a hoarding situation in Vermont & was very underweight when we got her. She had been at the shelter for 1 month with no iterest from anyone. After all, she was 8-10 years old & 99% black. These dogs just don't get the attention they deserve! Needless to say, she's not underweight any longer! LOL  She is the SWEETEST dog! You'd never know the neglect she endured from her loving kisses, snuggles & tail wags she gives you every day & every night. She knows that she has a warm, loving home & shows us every day how grateful she is. She is a kind, sweet soul & we are so blessed to have chosen her! I wish I could take every senior dog home with me!!!

Our little kitten Seamus, formerly Mance

We adopted a 10 week old kitten, he is super fun and loves to eat and play. He follows us everywhere and loves sitting and getting patted. He was very scared on the first few days but that went away after a few days then his personality shined!

Best Cat in the World

I adopted little Koko about 3 years ago. She was a senior kitty and passed away of kidney failure recently. Koko was the best combo of sweet and sassy. After her first few months of her deciding she could trust me, she was always curled up on my lap as I graded papers or knit. Thank you ARL!

Leela and Piper

We adopted Leela and Piper (formerly Pam and Pat) a week ago and just love them to bits!  The ARL was great in walking us through the adoption process and answering all our questions, and even giving us some things to get started.  I was anxious about adopting animals at first, not having any experience with it, and Kim made it really easy and straight forward.  The kittes are the best, and would absolutely recommend the ARL if you're looking to adopt any kind of animal! 


Joanne and Sugar Bear

Hi ARL Staff: It's Sugar Bear's mom! Hi from me too! (Sugar Bear). Thanks to all who assisted with our First Day together. November 10 will be celebrated each year as our anniversary. From the first call inquiry, to packing Shoog up to head back to our home in Nashua, I was provided such extended information and multiple testimonials,of my new baby's background, habits which I was so grateful to have were priceless. By 10:00 last night he was on my lap purring up a storm. Twice when I pulled a hand away to switch the remote, he grabbed it, with completely retracted claw, back to his face and chin. Tito is totally aware of a new arrival, but they have not met. I am totally in love with him and he kinda seems to like me too.  Ill try to get a video or pic to you later,  Again thank you so much, especially Kim who suggested SB first and was invaluable on how to ease him into my life.  But, you wouldn't believe how it all went so well.  More to come and hopefully pictures of his new "compound" to come. 

Buddy is gone

We adopted "Lucky", aka "dipstick" due to his brownish/white tail with lots of black streaks in Dec 2002 at 12 weeks old..

We renamed him Buddy and it was a great 14 year ride. He was our best friend and best Buddy and unfortunately it all came to an end on 11/2 at 225pm when old age finally took him away from us.

We will miss him dearly

Yuri (Formerly Zoltar

We adopted Yuri (Zoltar) last year. We were looking for a companion for our other cat, Marvin. When we visited the Animal Rescue League we walked right past Yuri without much of a look. We looked at a number of cats that day but none seemed to click. As we walked around the ARL with a volunteer she noted there was a cat we passed that she thought would make a good fit. We met Yuri in one of the holding rooms and his weird and wonderful personality was apparent immediately. He had no fear of people, he jumped around the room, and demanded belly rubs. We took Yuri home that day and he bonded with Marvin almost immediately. Marvin and Yuri were nearly inseperable - they caused chaos playing with each other, and roamed outdoors together.


Sadly, Yuri passed away last week after too short of a time with us. We are so sad to lose him, but are thankful he was a part of our family. We want to thank the ARL volunteer who suggested we give Yuri a second look. We wouldn't have left with him that day if she hadn't suggested it - she took the time to listen to the pet we were looking for and matched us with the perfect cat. 

Colby the Rabbit

Colby has adjusted well and loves to go on walks! He loves to have his occassional baby carrot and to sit on top of his hideaway castle!

Love this cat (my princess)

My wife adopted a cat a few months ago named Trinity. I wasn't sure at the time I wanted a cat. Since then my wife has been hospitalized for 2 months. Let me tell you that I am so thankful I had Trinity to be here with me to help me through my wife's absence. She's a great cat and I love her!

One Happy Dog!

Hi there! We adopted Gunner (formerly known as Chubz) from you a couple of months back. He's doing great! We appreciate the fact that we were given the ability to take him home and work him into our family even though the dog on dog meeting wasn't perfect. Most places would've told us to pound sand. It took a solid week of work, but Halo and Gunner are the best of friends now (for a while we thought he liked her a lot more than us)! Once he learned his dog on dog manners, and understand what the difference between "enough!" and play was things went great. He loves romping out on our 16 acres with his doggy siblings when we take them for hikes, chasing toys, playing tug, lounging on the deck, and adores the children. He's learning his manners and is coming along nicely. We put him on a raw diet and within 2 weeks his skin was cleared up and his coat is beautiful.


Here he is relaxing after a play session between his new doggy siblings, Dunkin and Halo.

A New Bunny!

Our family is very happy with our new addition: a baby bunny!
Midnight is wonderful!
He is very sweet, happy, energetic and playful!
My two daughters (ages 10 1/2 and 14) and I love Midnight!
He is bonding well with all of our family members, inc. a bunny and four rescued dogs!

Best cat ever

In 2014, I went into the Animal Rescue League looking for a cat for our family (me, husband, and two boys- at the time 2.5 and 5 years old). We needed some help with the mice at home and I always appreciate an animal soul nearby. :) I looked at every female cat there (at my eldest's request; to offset his younger brother, of course), but this one scappy looking dude, "Luke," kept meowing for attention. I looked him over- his tail was a bit patchy and he was missing a canine tooth, but I figured with all of his chatter, I'd hang out with him for a bit. When we reached the visiting room, he fell at my feet, or rather on them, and I fell in love. I took him home and we renamed him, "Tig."He could care less about the mice, but he's improved our family in every other way. He doesn't bat an eye when the boys are jumping off the couch while he's napping and makes a peaceful exit everytime the excitement proves too much. He goes to bed with the boys and wakes up with me. He waits at the door for us to come home everyday and comes at a whistle. We are so grateful to have him! Thank you from all of us and Tig/Tiggy/Tiglet/Tiggybear!!

Chase and Cody

Chase and Cody entered out lives on June 26th. We cannot imagine how things would be without them and after having gone through several losses recently we truly feel blessed. They are clearly very bonded to one another and we plan on giving them the best forever home they could possibly imagine.





We adopted this sweet spayed girl from you in2010 I think. She was 4 years old when we got her, and she made herself right at home and never looked back!


Thank you for such a sweet companion and friend.

 Kitty Puurrz


Bill and Lyn Richards

Missy the cat

We were looking for a special cat. One a little older more laid back that would be compatible with my 5&11 year old girls. We had been browsing the local shelters in hope to find the perfect cat for our family. We found Missy!!! We absolutely LOVE her!!!!! She snuggles with my 11 year old and plays with toys with my 5 year old. She has not had any accidents outside the litter box and her favorite thing to do is look out the windows and watch the birds and squirrels run by.

We adore missy she has been the perfect addition to our family!!! We love her sooo much!!!!!!

In Love

I adopted Jojo on 5/22 and couldn't be more in love. The staff at Animal Rescue League knew exactly what kind of dog I was looking for and were extremely helpful with introducing me to the dogs they saw best fit. They helped me make the perfect decision. Jojo is smart, goofy, and loves cuddling which is everything I was looking for. I brought Jojo home the same day I met her and we've been inseparable ever since. Thank you ARLNH for matching me with the perfect dog for me!!

Midnight The Black Cat

Today is 1 year since we first brought Midnight home! He's such an awesome, lovable cat and still loves to give very strong headbutts. He has adjusted very well to living with us and is doing very well in his new home. Thanks again, ARL!

Kendall rose

Kendall rose is fitting in PERFECT , the moment we layed eyes on her I knew, I  recently lost my great Dane to brain cancer.  My daughter and I went in to the shelter for some dog therapy in there was little Miss Kendall shy timid and scared when we asked to have a come out she ran over to me the same way my great Dane did when we first met first met it immediately brought tears to my eyes over the loss of my girl but felt Kendall was a gift from the rainbow bridge over to me by serenity Marie . Kendall is a beautiful girl who is coming to Rachelle such a fun Kendall is a beautiful girl who is coming  out of her shell with such spunk love in the crazy puppy behavior she also is extremely smart with the training we have given her she's responding amazingly I am so  happy to have her in my life as well as my daughters .


I do not know if any of  the staff remembers Jake the "Notweiler."  We adopted Jake in December of 2012.  The story goes that Jake had been adopted but returned to the shelter either once or twice.  Well, lucky us.  He has been nothing but a joy and constant companion to his sister Brooke (the shiba Inu mix).  We just love him!!  Thank you Bedford Animal Rescue League....we adopted a "gem!!"  

Super Nova

(Super) Nova, formally April, was recently adopted by myself and my boyfriend. She settled in to our small home so quickly! Turns out she's got a big personality for such a tiny kitten. She's very quick to tell you when she wants something but also happy to cuddle up on your lap. ARL soda dantastic job taking care of her while she was there. And the adoption process was so fast and painless, I don't think I'll go anywhere else again! 

Chewy (now Charlie) is a happy camper & so are we!

We have had cats for nearly all our lives, and found it hard to be careless.  Charlie is such a wonderful guy!  His prior people did a superb job of socializing him. He is so gentle, lovable & trusting; belly rubs & head buts, along with drinking from the faucet, are favorites.  We are now keeping an eye out for a companion for him.  We will most likely be in soon!

Harvey the Chihuahua

In November 2015, we were fortunate to find Harvey the Chihuahua at the Bedford Animal Rescue League. Every day is an adventure and exciting. He learns new skills, brings us such happiness, and is just a loving fellow. Thank you.

Sailing Cat

Dear Rescue league,

I was a resident at your facility in Bedford, NH for a few months back in 2005.  I was adopted by some people that decided to sell everything they owned (except me of course) and live on a sailboat.  I was not sure at first if I would like it.  My people provided a nice soft bed for me and I could still sleep with then if I wanted to.  I have had many adventures since my adoption.  I used to sail the coast of Maine and NH, now I am sailing in the Bahamas!!  I must say that not needing to grow a winter coat makes it easier to keep clean.  They take me for walks, yes, I walk with a harness and leash.  Lots of people like to pat me and tell me how pretty I am.

I want to say thank you to the people who work there for the great care I received and letting my. Mom and Dad adopt me:)


Somewhere in the Bahamas

So you thought you were alone . . .

Kelli-too, previously known as Shadow, adopted three years ago.  So thankful for her former family and for the Animal Rescue League of NH for nurturing her so well!  What a hilarious jolt to find her hiding in the bathroom!  Thank you for all the fun and love  she's given us!

Nikolai, aka Currier

Nikolai adopted us is May. He is an amazing Russian Blue who was quite shy at first but luckily took a chance on our family.  He is quite happy with his decision. He loves to play, run, jump and cause mischief.  We could not love him more ❤️


We adopted Cocoa (AKA Dora) back on November 2, 2006.  She was the BEST dog I have ever owned!  She gave us so much love over the 9 years we owned her.  We had to put her down on 10/23/2015 and that was one of the hardest days of our lives.  We loved her so very much, but SHE love us MORE!  We had her cremated and she remains with us in spirit!   Thank you for providing a loving, adorable dog for us who gave us so much joy.  After a period of grieving, and I'm not sure how long it will be as we continue to miss her daily and are having a hard time adjusting to life without her, we plan on coming in to see if we could rescue  another dog.


Roughly around 7-8 years ago my family came in looking for a dog. We ended up leaving the first day empty handed after meeting Molly's (Original name was Firefly) other litter mates. We went back roughly a week later to find that someone had returned one puppy because she didn't work out well with their dog. We met her and we clicked (I was 11, she was 3 months). She's been my constant companion since then and I couldn't have asked for a better dog.  Her muzzle is greying but her heart is just as big as it's always been. The day we brought her home she snuggled with me on the couch and we haven't been seperated since. She's the most amazing animal i've ever met and I love her so dearly. Thank you. 


Smokey's been with me for a couple of weeks and has really gained confidence in his new home! I'm sure he misses his first home, but please know that he is very much loved and quite a bit spoiled! He's grown very generous with purrs and leg rubs, and loves his choice of cozy places to sleep. Smokey is a perfect match for me and loves our quiet home. I am so grateful for his companionship!


With a name like snuggles we knew she was going to be a little love bug! Snuggles loves to cuddle in bed and on the couch with us. She is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you for taking care of her until she found her forever home with us! 

Loving our new addition!

Oliver, previously known as Morey, loves his new home and friends! He has been the perfect addition to our furry family! 

Skippyjon & Jillyboo -- the BEST kittens!!!

Our kittens (formerly known as Max & Pack) are the sweetest most loving kittens.  Their foster Mom did a wonderful job socializing them and getting them ready for life with a family.  They are so well adjusted and playful!  They get along wonderfully with our kids and our dogs.  It was a great decision to adopt them from the Animal Rescue League.  They have made our family complete!


I fell in love with Binona the minute I saw her! My boyfriend and I knew we wanted to adopt a senior kitty and give it a loving home for the rest of its life. I sat in the backseat with her the whole hour back to our house. After a small hiatus under our futon, Binona really came out of her shell. She doesn't even mind her bunny brother, Leo! She has been eating normally and always has to arrange her litter a certain way. She also follows me around the house and doesn't leave my side! We are so thankful for the newest addition to our family!


Emitt (formerly Masky) came to live w/us in 2011. Looking  like he's wearing clown makeup, he was re-named for Emit Kelley. A gentle soul who hugs his people a lot & has many facial expressions, he is still VERY food driven.  He gently taps my face if I don't get up & get his breakfast qiuck enough. He's been taught to say ma-ma for his supper.  His human brother only makes him stand on 2 feet and tap the fridge 3x tho. We do watch his weight & he has many balls to chase. He's the best. 


charcoal is a great addition to our family !! hes a little skittish still getting used to his new home but is eating,drinking playing n loves to be petted so we ablige him gladly !! ty very much for charcoal !! we all love him to pieces !! he also has his a way to show off as the pic shows ! he is sitting on the coach very comfy !!

Diego (formerly known as Braxton) is such a delight!

Diego became a member of our family in early June and we fell in love immediately! He is a very bright little boy who showers us with love every chance he gets. Diego loves to please and caught on to our routines quickly. He fits right in and our family cannot imagine him not being there. Thank you to your staff for making the adoption process so easy! We couldn't be happier!

Jeremy & Sunshine

I adopted Jeremy and Sunshine in April of 2010. They came from a puppy mill in the Mount Vernon area. I have had them for 5 years and they have been spoiled rotten for all that time, and they brought me nothing but happiness and love since I brought them home.

Bleue *AKA Blanco

Blanco (now known as Bleue) has been the best addition to my family. I was a little nervous when I signed the papers to adopt a kitten I couldn't even touch but he needed a chance. It took him about a week to get comfortable, he wasn't really sure how he felt. But once he decided that he liked us he made a complete 360. The little kitten that used to hide under the bed is now the BIG kitten who sleeps in the sink, begs for car rides, TP's my house, and makes sure you always wake up to a kiss on the nose.  Thank You ARLN for bringing this sweet boy into my life.

LB (formerly known as Edwin)

LB (formerly knows as Edwin) has been living with us for over 2 years now - and he rules the roost! But he's my best companion and he fits in our household like he was meant to be here. He sleeps at my feet at night and gets his "face rubbies" and cuddles in the mornng. Thank you ARLNH for matching us with this crazy, pushy, but incredibly loving cat!

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for all that everyone there does.  I can't believe that I have waited this long to get another dog and somehow you gave us just the perfect one!!!"


6/6/2015, Mya rescued me. The sweetest dog I have ever owned, The family and all who meet her, instantly fall in love with her. So very thankful that she came into my life.

"She has brought us a lot of"

"Moo Moo (now named Abigail Adams) is fitting in wonderfully. We all just love her to bits. She is so much fun!! Last night she started fetching with those foam balls (she would run after the ball and bring it back to me). 

Our other cat is still in the hissing, growling phase, but Little Abigail doesn't mind. She just be bops around the other cat as if nothing is wrong. I think she is determined that they will be friends whether Salem likes it or not.

Abby is eating very, very well.  She loves Fancy Feast canned food, but still only likes Cat Chow Indoor Formula.

We took her to the vet on Friday and even the vet couldn't help cuddle her. She's a popular little girl.

I'm attaching a photo of one of Abby's favorite places to sleep or just hang out; the bathtub! LOL. 

Abby is a true delight. We love having her in our home. She has brought us a lot of smiles, laughter and love.

Thank you for checking in. We really are enjoying having Abby as part of our family."

"Great boy. I love him already."

"He is loving it.  At the first day he was a bit afraid of the house, but now he owns it. Ha Ha. The same day he also pissed indoor. However, I told him not to do it and he has not done it since... Great boy. I love him already. I made downstairs a playroom. He stays downstairs when I go to work...When I get home, I leave the doors open so he plays outdoors/indoors, and when night comes, I tell him bedtime and he goes straight to my bed. Ha Ha I really love him.

Thank you, Nei"


"We're very happy with him."

“Chipper, now known as Eddie, is doing great! Honestly, you wouldn't recognize him today. When he met him he was a very reclusive, shy and quiet cat, who appeared much older than he is. Now, we looks like a big kitten, and he just never stops zooming around the house or jumping on our laps or beds or playing with the other cat. He never stops moving, and is having loads of fun. He's getting along fine with our other cat, Annie, who also came from the Animal Rescue League. They're getting into all sorts of the good kind of cat trouble…We're very happy with him, and I think he feels the same way. Thanks for letting us take him home.”

"She is an incredible addition to our family."

“Crystal, aka Dixie, is doing amazing!  She is such a great dog!!  … She is an incredible addition to our family.  I am so grateful that we just happened to see her that day.”

"Jackson is amazing. We love him so much."

“Jackson is amazing.  We love him so much. He is the happiest most wonderful loving dog.  Thank you for checking in.  If you ever need a recommendation or spokesperson, I would love to give my experience of adopting Jackson and how wonderful it has been."



"We were meant to be together!"

“Jessi is doing marvelously.  She's the happiest kitten I think I've ever seen, and she loves her mama so much that sometimes it's hard to find my own space...she is always with me.  Jess is exactly the cat I was looking for, and believe me when I say, she is the exact opposite here of what she was in the shelter...she needed the security of her own person and her own home, which she now has.  Thank you once again for rescuing her...we were meant to be together!”