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Annalisa Rivera - Dabblers Corner Arts

New York NY , 10009
‪(917) 284-8329‬


One of my favorite pieces is "InevitableBetrayal Cosplay as Kaylee in Firefly" When I saw that image it stopped me in my tracks.


I appreciate the care and quality Annalisa puts into her creative pieces. She not only is naturally talented but will create custom pieces upon request!

She Sees the Big Picture!

Annalisa is a well-rounded digital marketing professional who not only knows the execution of campaigns across multiple channels, but also sees the big picture in terms of how they all fit together. When she was consulting for Independence Care System, I worked along side her as a third-party manager for their Google Ad Grant. While Annalisa didn't have direct experience with the product at the time, she quickly realized the value of Google Ads and how they strategically fit into the organization's overall digital presence. Her holistic understanding of digital marketing alone is a valuable asset, but she was also a genuine pleasure to work with. She was always receptive to new ideas, and responsive to requests that we had. You could tell she was engaged with ICS and worked hard on their behalf. You're in safe hands with Annalisa, and I would not hesitate to work with her again.

Extremely Knowledgeable and Thorough

Annalisa is a pleasure to work with on every level. Her technological expertise with both social media and website design and management has been extremely knowledgeable and thorough. On top of having a deep and detailed grasp of her specialty, she has shown patience and understanding of my specific social media needs as a healthcare provider. I look forward to continued work with her as my technology consultant.

A Dream to Work With

Annalisa is a dream to work with -- she is highly creative and thoughtful in her work. As our social media consultant, Annalisa consistently understands what will attract the attention of our fans and has worked diligently to build our social media network. Annalisa seeks opportunities to learn about her field, researches opportunities thoroughly and advocates for using social media in smart ways that are safe and beneficial to my organization. On top of all of this, Annalisa is a pleasure to work with, on top of details, flexible, extremely knowledgeable and easy to deal with. If I could clone her and get 10 more people like her, I would do it in a minute.

Insightful and Thorough

I have worked on a project team with Annalisa for the past two years. She is energetic, insightful and thorough. She brings a variety of skill sets to the table as well as an extremely positive attitude. She looks at the situation from several directions and always presents a carefully considered solution.

I Cannot Recommend her Highly Enough

Annalisa is a brilliant social media consultant, an extremely inventive designer, and an absolute pleasure to work with. She is quick, extraordinarily well organized, dependable, and a wonderful person. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

A highly motivated and very personable individual.

Besides being extremely organized and efficient at any task she sets her mind to, Annalisa's caring, empathy, and genuine concern for others makes her someone who people quickly respond to and admire.