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Anne Ganguzza

Rancho Mission Viejo CA

Truly Masterclass Material

I have just spent about an hour on your site when my frontal cortex said -' WHOOOOAAAA, take a break before your brain explodes'. The amount of knowledge, so succinctly and humanly presented, is astounding. As you know, it takes money to get started in this biz, and to see all of these videos - WITH TRANSCRIPTIONS - well, suffice to say I am blown away by your talent and generosity. You appeal to multiple intelligences when you teach, and say things in such a way that doesn't make me feel stupid; of COURSE I don't know these things yet, because I am just learning. You bring that home time and again, which the VO self-confidence portion of my brain really needs. I am just stunned and incredibly grateful that you and your site exist. Your blog? Truly Masterclass material that I feel so fortunate to have found, Anne. Keep up the amazing work. My appreciation is immeasurable.

Don't Delay... Coach with Anne Today!

If you are new to the industry, you may be tempted to spend a ton of money on gear and expensive toys. Don't. Save your money and spend it on coaching with Anne. A good coach is BY FAR the best way to spend your money as a newbie, and you won't find a better coach than Anne.

I purchased three of her demo packages - corporate, medical narration, and eLearning - and haven't looked back once. I am wrapping up over a year of coaching and producing demos with Anne and can't imagine what I'm going to do each week without our weekly sessions. They were so much fun, and I now feel prepared and confident in my ability to deliver quality work when booking jobs, all thanks to working with Anne.

Don't skip the coaching. And don't work with a bad coach who only wants your money. Work with Anne. You won't regret it.

Thanks, Anne!

Anne really helped me hone my talent!

I have never worked with someone who delivered so much. Not only did Anne deliver a spectacular demo, but she was a great, supportive coach, and was fun to work with. Anne was always encouraging, and was able to point out exactly what I needed to shift to achieve truly great performances. I always felt like she was trying to help me. I learned so much so quickly with her, and really felt like I honed my talent. I shopped around a bit before deciding to work with Anne, and I feel like I got so much more value for my money with her. Most other people only did a demo, but Anne makes sure you know exactly what you’re doing so you can really deliver on your VOs. Her coaching with demo packages are excellent for pros who want a refresh, or for those new to the industry. When I listened to my final demo, I realized that I was now, officially, one of those super-professional VO talent that have kick-ass demos and can deliver kick-ass performances. Thank you Anne :-)

Forever grateful to work with Anne!

Having Anne as my coach has taught me a lot of things. Not only (did we) record a killer demo, which I love, but she also taught me a lot about the industry. Through this experience, I have tucked away a few little nuggets of wisdom from Anne and some hard-learned lessons. At one point when I was freaking out over a business situation, Anne was there -out of her own time, even - to connect me with someone who could relate. For that, I will be forever especially grateful.

She is the best.

Having known Anne for about a decade or more. She has always been a professional in what ever she does. Also whatever she does she always excels at it. Through Anne I have met some of the top VO artist in the business. Through her now online Zoom meetings you can learn from the best in the biz. Anne is always there to help. She really cares about you succeeding in VO and her demos are superb. She is a class act all the way sit in on one of her on line VOpeeps meet ups and you will see. Don’t forget to become a peep as well you won’t regret it.

I couldn't be happier with my demo!

What to say about Anne G. that hasn’t already been said? She’s a phenomenal teacher, a supportive coach, and she’s tough! She pushed me out of my comfort zone and this is the result; a Demo I’m proud of and one that shows how far I’ve come. I love how she accentuated my teaching and reporting background but also let my personality shine through. I couldn’t be happier with my e-learning Demo. Thanks Anne, it was definitely worth the wait!!

I'm so glad I went with Anne!

Wow! I am SO excited about my new demo! I absolutely love it. I can’t tell you what a confidence boost it is to not only have a professional, high quality demo- but to know I’ve been properly trained when it gets me work. I knew I needed a new demo and training but I didn’t realize how much it was holding me back mentally. I’m so glad I didn’t half-ass it by going with someone else. I feel so much more confident marketing and delivering! Working with you was a joy and I so appreciate your cheerleading and professionalism. Thanks so much Anne!

Level Up!

If you're looking to create a demo that stands out from the others out there, work with Anne. Anne custom writes each spot to suit your voice, and her coaching gets you to that next level in skill. Thrilled with my new narration demo!

Top tier pros work with Anne because she's worth it!

If you're here, reading these testimonials and listening to these demos trying to decide "Is training and demo production with Anne Ganguzza really worth it?" Then you don't know enough about Anne. That's like asking yourself "How much value would I really get out of working on my ball game with Phil Jackson?" Anne's own success is impressive enough, but the list of people who've trusted her with their training and their demo production is amazing. Top tier Voice Over Professionals are coming to Anne because she's worth it. I am so grateful for my time with Anne. Her training didn't just help me improve my ability and skillset, but helped me understand why and how I was improving. Understanding the subtext of a script, identifying the audience, what to emphasize and why, and how all those things go together. I've improved in all of that and more thanks to Anne, and you can definitely hear it in this fantastic demo. Thanks Anne!

So happy with how my demo turned out!

Thanks to Anne, I now have a beautiful medical narration demo that I can be proud of. Many pieces of this demo are personal to me, and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Anne will put you on the right track!

I just received my corporate narration demo from Anne and it sounds great! Anne is a great teacher and I highly recommend her. She'll put you on the right track.

My new demo is stellar!

I definitely leveled up my skills from working with Anne. Not only did I develop new techniques but I was able to fine tune those I came in with. My new corporate narration demo is stellar! I’m really psyched to have this awesome demo to showcase these new and refined skills to new and existing clients. I'm a better VO today because of our work together... and my demo is ruthless! Thanks very much, Anne!

The end result left me speechless

First of all, I'm not sure what was more fun for me – the actual recording of the demo or watching Anne and John work – it truly is a sight to behold! Fast forward, and the end product left me speechless – I am totally blown away by just how well they nailed my brand identity. Excited to team up with them again soon for my eLearning demo!!! Anne, praises to you, your patience, and your bottomless toolbox for getting me to this spot. You heard what I was looking for, and you weren't going to let me step into that demo recording session until I was prepared to deliver. Thanks, Coach!

Anne is an absolute joy to work with

What to say about Anne that has not already been said? The thing that impressed me the most when I first spoke to Anne was her openness, sincerity and desire to help me succeed. From the very beginning, we were developing plans to help me move forward with my business in the most efficient and professional way possible. She perfectly incorporates her knowledge and experiences with my goals and aspirations. She is pleasant and constructive in her feedback. She is an absolute joy to work with and I am honored to be counted among her students.

Anne uncovered the real me

Anne is a tremendous coach and producer. I wanted to work with Anne because she knows the industry, and I knew she would challenge me, be truthful, and kind. Throughout our sessions together, Anne uncovered the real me, found scripts that exemplified my style, and produced a demo that makes me shine and that I’m very proud of. Thank you, Anne, for everything. You’re the best!

I'm ready to begin my VO career thanks to Anne!

If you’re looking for a voice-over coach to identify your vocal strengths, I’d recommend Anne. I honestly felt like she was being too hard on me at times, but every coaching session provided excellent value. After completing such a great demo, I can proudly say I am ready to begin my voice over career using all the skills Anne helped me to develop.

A masterclass learning experience!

Anne - Working with you on this demo was a masterclass learning experience on all things corporate/explainer. The time and energy you put into the demo prep shows in the final product. I felt more than prepared on demo recording day and I feel confident that I can continue this same level of work on my own now, thanks to your guidance. I'm so proud of this demo. THANK YOU!

Anne's got the passion to help you achieve your goals!

There is a reason to work with the professionals, you want to be reaching towards that same level of expertise. Anne is that level of professional and does such a wonderful job blending her extensive experience in both teaching and voice over with her passion to help you achieve your goals. Working on my eLearning demo she challenged me in many ways, making me work hard and up my game but always provided the teaching and coaching to be sure I met every challenge. If I had to sum it up in one thought, the quality of the demo is a direct reflection of the quality of the coaching, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result. Thank you so much Anne!

A fabulous experience!

Working with Anne was a fabulous experience! She was able to guide me to tap into a more natural style that I’d been trying to reach. I always looked forward to our sessions- not only was her coaching extremely valuable- but she made the process fun! I’d highly recommend Anne to anyone!

Demo Feedback that Books!

I recently hired a producer to create my new demos, and when I received them, I had a feeling something wasn't quite right with them, but I couldn't put my finger on it. I hired Anne for a demo consultation, and she was not only able to identify where my demo wasn't "quite right" but beautifully articulated those points and presented them in an encouraging manner, so I felt not only empowered, but recognized for what was also good about the demos.

Armed with Anne's feedback, I returned to my producer who agreed with my notes and made the changes.

IMMEDIATELY upon sending out my new, revised demo, I booked two jobs strictly on the power of the demos. Honestly, I was booked for two jobs within 48 hours. Anne's feedback was crucial to that success.

I didn't expect to learn as much as I did!

Anne was truly wonderful to work with. I expected to get a great demo at the end of my coaching sessions, because that is what Anne Ganguzza is known for. What I didn't expect was to learn as much as I did. From great resources, tools and tips that helped me dissect a script and make technical terms more comfortable, to homework that helped expand my range and lose that "broadcaster" voice I've always had. Anne helped me produce a demo I'm proud of, but more importantly, she helped me become a better voice artist in the process.

Marvelous Mentor

I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Anne. She is a marvelous mentor, teacher, friend and ally. Anne is all at once enthusiastic, accomplished, wise, inspiring, generous, patient and encouraging with a fun sense of humor. She has skillfully guided me through unimaginable growth and I am so very grateful to her. Anne not only coached me toward recording demos that I am especially proud of; throughout the processes, she helped me discover my strength, tenacity and confidence along with my authentic voice. I am forever grateful to you Anne and am already formulating a new reason to work with you again soon. Thank you, thank you!

A rewarding investment in my VO career

Just received my new e-learning demo this week and I am beyond excited! Anne is an incredible coach and teacher, and working with Anne is such a rewarding investment in my VO career. Anne takes time to really get to know you, and then tirelessly guides you to bring that authenticity and personality (in all its facets) to your copy. I looked forward to each session, filled with invaluable techniques and tips. Anne guides and teaches with patience, positivity and an incredible sense of humor every step of the way. On recording day, Anne and John (her engineer extraordinaire!) are amazing directors and cheerleaders, bringing out the best in your performance and ensuring that you will be blown away by the final result!! And I was!!!! Thanks a million Anne! Can’t wait to work together again soon.

The Highlight of My Week!


You know you’ve found the right coach when your weekly sessions together are the highlight of your week. The stresses and frustrations of daily life melt away when you work with Anne. Her passion, enthusiasm, friendliness, and sense of humor quickly put you at ease while still putting you through your paces to improve your voice over skills.

As a newcomer to the voice over industry, I was looking for voice over coaching not only to improve my skills and performance but also to gain credibility and fight off imposter syndrome. Anne has made me feel as though I belong in the industry and has given me the confidence I need to audition and get work as a voice actor.

A voice over coach will give you tips and tricks to improve your craft. A good coach will also form a connection with you. A great coach will push you beyond your limits while supporting you along the way. Needless to say, Anne is a great coach. There’s a reason the name “Anne Ganguzza” is known throughout the voice over industry, and if you’re looking for professional training there’s no one better.

Thank you, Anne!

My coach and friend for life!

I LOOOOVE my demo!!!!!!!!!!! Working with Anne was a dream! Through her patience, guidance, and vision, she took my reads to a whole new level and produced a first-class demo. Anne will be my coach (and friend) for life. Thank you, Anne!!

Anne brought out the best in me!

Thank you so much for producing my eLearning Demo! I absolutely love it. You truly brought out the best in me and highlighted my range. Once again, through your coaching and mentoring, you were able to capture my unique qualities and helped me see my true potential. Thank you, Anne! I will be forever grateful.

So proud of this demo and my progress!

Happy news… my demo is kind of blowing up… I have had three inbound offers in two days, including a cool multi-part podcast series that I’d host? So exciting! I gained so much from working with you - I really enjoyed the coaching and learning process and it was so impactful to be doing that in the context of working toward being ready to record a Demo in a new genre for me. I’m so proud of this Demo and the progress I made with your guidance. Thank you!

The smartest decision I've made in my VO journey!

Choosing to work with Anne Ganguzza as my voiceover coach & for demo production is the smartest decision I have made thus far in my voiceover journey. Anne is smart, experienced, knowledgeable. Anne's coaching is focused and just the right balance of real talk and encouragement. And, bonus: She is also a lovely person. Thank you, Anne, for helping me unearth my authentic voice and create a strong foundation upon which to build. I am proud of my demo that we created together and all of the work that went into it.

Anne is a fantastic coach and person!

When I started my eLearning coach sessions with Anne, I had little experience with the genre and even less confidence. It is amazing how she helped me change that! She made the sessions enjoyable while at the same time encouraging and productive. I was quite nervous before my demo recording session, but Anne and John made it so much fun that I forgot to be nervous. I am now armed with a new eLearning demo and couldn't be happier or more excited with the results. Thank you, Anne! You deserve the highest marks as a voiceover teacher!

I could not be more proud!

After many coaching sessions (labor), and a live-directed recording session with Anne and her engineer John (the delivery room), I was presented today with my brand new Medical Narration demo. As the new “father” of my medical demo, I could not be more proud. Anne Ganguzza is a fantastic VO coach. I have learned so much working with her. She really brought out the best in my voice and performance. I’m looking forward to working with Anne again in the future. Thank you so much, Anne!

Anne is highly recommended... for a good reason!

What can I say about the incomparable Anne Ganguzza that hasn’t already been said more eloquently? Not a thing. But I can say that it’s all true! Anne came highly recommended, and for good reason. She is a consummate professional, a straight shooter, and a class act who knows her stuff and provides the feedback you need to up your VO game. I appreciate Anne’s style – she guides you, but lets you find your own way. With Anne, I knew I was in excellent hands and that there was 0% chance she would schedule a demo recording session if I weren’t 100% ready and that allowed me to focus on improving my performance. Anne crafted the demo to showcase my range and ordered the spots in the final cut in a way that beautifully highlights my current level of versatility. While she is definitely the VO Boss in charge I was very involved every step of the way. And the cherry on top of this amazing experience? Anne is so much fun to work with – I looked forward to every lesson and the demo recording with Anne and John was a blast. I cannot recommend Anne Ganguzza highly enough. I LOVE my new Corporate Narration demo. The whole experience and final product absolutely exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to work with Anne again.

I am an Anne-Gan fan!

I am an Anne-Gan fan! Her brilliant coaching style led me from a complete noVOce to an employable VOfessional. Her inextinguishable patience and positivity made every session a pleasure. Words cannot fully express my admiration and gratitude.

Anne is a GEM!

In Anne, I found the perfect gem. A creative producer, an artist, a coach who works with YOU, the material at hand. She sees depth beyond the veneer, is able to unearth the nuances of your talents and skills to discover the new, and the best in you. She attunes to your unique sound. In her demo creation, you shine in all the right places, just being you. Thank you Anne for an extraordinary experience.

Out of This World Demo!

When I first listened to my corporate demo, I couldn’t believe my ears. I was so surprised, impressed, and delighted—I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Recording it with Anne and (sound engineer) John was such a fun experience and I truly felt like I was in really capable (professional, experienced, supportive) hands. My corporate narration demo is a culmination of all the guidance and coaching Anne has given me; thanks to this, I can approach potential clients with the confidence that my demo truly reflects my voiceover skills.

Coaching that knocks it out of the park!

Ok, I have to thank you yet again.  Seriously.  I just finished this directed session, in record time.  Your coaching has a DIRECT impact on making my clients happy. They booked me for two hours, with an option to pick up a third hour for three industrial scripts.  I was able to knock out all three scripts in 45 minutes.  Because of your coaching and our work together, I understand what’s important, what’s the story, and how to be coachable.  They were so incredibly happy at the end of the session.  THANK YOU!

Anne found the soul of my sound!

I am ecstatic and amazed over my corporate narration demo. While I'm thrilled of all the opportunities my demo may bring, I am most grateful for the creative journey Anne coached me through to prepare for this project. In each session, she was thorough, attentive, and also so lively! She has an incredible gift for not only customizing your lessons to enhance your technique, but to also capture the essence of who you are as an artist. She's found the soul of my sound and has completely elevated my craft and understanding of the voiceover industry. Thank you, Anne!

You're in great hands with Anne!

Anne has brought me so far, and been great to work with! Her explanations and demonstrations were always on point and well made. From one session to the next, I really noticed a marked improvement in my work - thanks to her great coaching. And when it came time to produce the demo, I was so impressed by the thought and care she put into every single detail - from script, to delivery, to production. I felt I was in great hands, and the resulting demo is amazing!

Anne’s the Best!

When I hired Anne Ganguzza to coach produce the demo for me, I had high expectations. She quickly exceeded them all. I was already familiar with her excellent reputation. But I wasn’t prepared for her level of commitment to helping me become the voice actor I aspire to be. Anne Ganguzza is exceptionally patient while relentlessly determined to be certain that understood and could flawlessly execute the concepts she taught. As a producer, Anne understands what works and what doesn’t. And to top it off, Anne is a genuinely kind and caring person.

Her enthusiasm for learning is infectious!

I had an amazing experience working with Anne on my Corporate E-Learning Demo. Her passion and enthusiasm for learning and growth is infectious, and she’s an effective teacher who meets you where you’re at and gives honest feedback, while stretching you out of your comfort zone, expanding your skill set and growing your confidence in your craft. I love how she uses both current industry trends and refectively getting to know voice actor’s strengths, education and life experiences to brand a voice effectively. From there, she works with you to craft a unique demo that tells a story. None of her demos use the same spots for different people or sound formulaic or generic. I love my new demo, and I look forward to working together with Anne for future demos and coaching.

Anne is a coach who understands you.

When I needed to upgrade my Explainer demo, Anne was my first call. It's so important to work with a coach who authentically understands you, your style, and your voice, and can see where and how to elevate you best in what you're offering potential clients in your demo. Few do that as well as Anne does, and my career is better for it.

Anne is everything you want in a coach!

This past fall, I had the privilege of training with Anne Ganguzza, focusing on my e-learning skills. Anne taught me how to emphasize the “teaching moments” to help my students get the most out of my work. Anne is everything you would want in a coach, enthusiastic and encouraging while being straightforward and honest (even calling me out for resorting to the "pretty voice"). She was truly focused on making me better. Every correction included an explanation of both how and why. Thanks Anne!

Look no further!

Working with Anne is amazing! She is an incredible coach and teacher - knowledgeable, encouraging, patient…. and fun! Anne helped me develop my ‘conversational read’ essential to producing an authentic delivery. Her choice of copy complemented my voice and personality, and fit well with current international market trends. The result is a Corporate Demo I love! A huge shout out also to Anne’s engineer John. Look no further for a brilliant coach and demo producer! Thanks Anne!

Anne Gan's GOT IT!

Anne… what can I say.. Not only are you fun to work with, but you related to me in a way that brought out the voice I THOUGHT was there, but had trouble finding. I am THRILLED with my new demo and look forward to working with you again. You and your engineer John made it easy, insightful and you know just how to teach someone what voiceover is meant to be. Direction that was easy to follow and honestly, I can’t say I’ve laughed this hard or had that much fun behind the mic. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You helped me create an awesome demo! I will recommend you to anyone I know looking for that relatable, perfect professor we all wish we had in school to lead us to the best we can be! Anne Gan’s Got IT!

So much fun!

I wanted to reach out to thank you for last night's workshop. I knew NOTHING about medical narration VO until this class and I am so happy I jumped in with you. You have such a vast knowledge and enthusiasm that was really fun to be around. And thank you for de-mystifying how it all works and the stress that comes with pronunciations and such. A lot of what you said will help me a lot in other reads and VO that I normally do. I will definitely call on you when I need to get a narration demo produced!

Your direction was fantastic!

Thanks for a great workshop last night. This was our first time working together, but I can assure you it won't be our last.

I got SO MUCH out of the workshop and I applied it immediately. So much so, that in the 24 hours since that workshop, I have been not only granted the role as the "Voice Of..." a local clinical research company, but I'll be voicing their spot that will air LOCALLY on the Super Bowl. To be clear, it's not a national Super Bowl spot, but-- hey... one out of three people in their market is gonna hear me.

Thanks for everything, Anne. I look forward to working with you again soon. Your direction was fantastic.

"The School of Anne Ganguzza"

When you sign on to "The School of Anne Ganguzza" you get so much more than a demo. I look at working with Anne like I am investing in my education and most importantly me. Her homework covers multiple voice over disciplines and techniques which a newbie like me needs. Anne is an incredibly patient and intuitive teacher whose eye for details is giving me the skills to be a competitive voice artist in this industry. I feel so fortunate that I found Anne; she is my coach, my mentor and a great friend.

Love this lady! 

A great coach and mentor!

Just WOW! Working with Anne was not only a delight, but full of value and growth. Anne is a great coach and mentor! During our sessions, she really keyed in on what makes me unique and helped me improve that, as well as shake many bad habits along the way. I can't wait to get my new demo out into the world!

Just blown away!

I was blown away by the demo Anne helped me create. It really shows off my range. It’s amazing how she’s helped me take my narration to the next level and it’s been a real pleasure working with her.

Totally exceeded all expectations!

Working with Anne has been transformational to my voice over career. 2020 has been a strange year but the ability to coach and record a demo remotely without leaving your house is wonderful. Anne truly understands your voice and how to get the most out of it, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone. She knows how to pick the perfect brands and industries for your style and personality. The demo production experience was so fun. Anne and John make you feel completely at ease and the finished product exceeded all expectations!

Ready to crush my VO goals!

I am so pleased with my new corporate narration demo from Anne Ganguzza. What a pro! She delivered big on her promise- to create a meticulously crafted marketable demo, with current industry trends, relevant copy, and a subtle flow that showcases my strengths to reach a specific market. Working with Anne is as intense as it is fun! She knocked the announcer tendencies right out of me with the coaching sessions, and led me to a conversational read that has really connected me to the listener. Thanks to Anne, I feel more confident than ever to crush my VO goals.

You want Anne on your team!

As a working actor and voice actor I still love learning. I'm ALWAYS willing to improve but I've grown very picky about who I work with. You have to trust your coach! Anne understood my sound right away. She respected my strengths but was quickly able to point out areas that I can improve on. I grew to love my sessions with Anne and the fine tuning she was able to provide helped me to approach my work more skillful eyes. So whether you are just starting out, working consistently, or somewhere in between. Anne will meet you where you are and take you further. You definitely want Anne on your team!!!

World Class Demo!

I keep coming back to Anne Ganguzza for demos because I love her process almost as much as I [and my agents and clients] love the results — it's truly collaborative, as Anne takes the time to really understand who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, and where you want and need to go within your genre. The end result is a world-class demo with equal parts substance and style that accurately shines what I do at my best.

Can't wait to put this demo to work!

I am so in love with my new demo! It’s smart, funny, and full of heart. It’s perfectly me. Of course, I highly recommend Anne to produce your next demo. Simply put, she’s the best! For some reason, I’ve just had a difficult time reading corporate spots. I read them....well “corporatey”. Anne has a way of truly capturing your authentic self. As a coach, she helped me find the story in the script and approach my reads based on the target audience. The result, a genuine conversational read. I can’t wait to put this demo to work. Thanks, Anne!

Boy, does she deliver!

Anne has all the gifts and boy, does she deliver! And this time, she has gifted me with my new medical demo, and I couldn’t be more delighted! Anne is a gifted teacher...because she took the time to understand my strengths (and weaknesses) then worked my-you-know-what off! Anne is a gifted artist...what she did with my voice...umm wow! Anne has a gift for business...she taught me what sounds right what does not and what my next steps should be Anne listens and gives of herself...those are HUGE gifts! In short, Anne has gifted me with a fantastic medical demo and greater confidence in myself and I couldn’t be happier!! (and that says A LOT “in this unprecedented time” ????)

Simply speechless!

I was speechless when I listened to my Medical demo for the first time. I couldn’t believe the range! Anne has a masterful way of capturing your brand and your authenticity and pulling it all together into the perfect product. I love Anne’s teaching style…coming from the training world myself, I refer to it as performance-based. The practice and diagnostic feedback she provides are essential. I didn’t just get a great demo, I got a great experience and a wonderful friend. Thanks, Anne!

A game changer for my career!

I wanted to be sure my Corporate Narration demo included messages about equity, inclusion, and mental health resources. Not only did Anne work with me to find my voice and stretch me - she listened and was so supportive of my areas of passion and more than DELIVERED on the production of this gem! Her thorough review of the “why” behind production choices was the icing on the cake of my experience. I have a feeling the demo we created will be a game changer for my career...

Back for more with Anne

This was my second demo with Anne. She has been an absolute pleasure to work with and has helped me grow and improve my skills greatly! Having the chance to work with both Anne and her audio engineer for the demo production this time around was a game changer. I HIGHLY suggest it. These days, every time I work on a eLearning project I hear Anne's voice in my head helping me find those "teachable moments." It's a good thing.

Beyond thrilled with my very first demo!

I am beyond thrilled with my very first demo! Anne has a friendly, upbeat energy that made our sessions truly enjoyable, and which was very helpful in relieving the last-minute nerves I had going into our demo session. She taught me that this job is so much more than “reading pretty”. Our sessions were packed with hints and tools that I can now employ to sincerely engage with a listener. And, WOW! What a difference there is between my first recordings and this fabulous demo! Anne is a master coach and producer and well worth the investment!

Can't say enough great things about Anne!

Anne came to me HIGHLY recommended by many of the people I trust in VO and I have to say as high as my expectations were, she exceeded them. Her approach to get at my differentiating qualities and finding ways to help me sharpen and highlight them was spot on. Great guidance, fun to work with and amazing attention to detail. Her thoughtfulness in creating and producing my demo was amazing as well. On top of that Anne brings a wealth of knowledge about marketing too. Can't say enough great things about Anne!

Anne is a top notch coach and demo producer!

Anne’s name is synonymous with all things business-related in the VO production world. My eLearning demo is the third Anne’s coached and produced for me, and just like the others, she’s captured my essence, applied it to the right mix of industry spots, and produced an amazing reel. I’ve learned so much from Anne! I love her attention to detail and the care that she puts into each coaching session and, of course, the demo production session, too. I could tell from day one that she wants to produce the perfect demo as much as I do. Thanks, Anne! I recommend you highly to anyone interested in a top notch coach and demo producer!

Anne is patient and kind

"Anne, there aren’t proper words to express how appreciative I am of the work that you put into helping me create this demo. You were patient. You were kind. You made the entire experience a collaborative process. But you were always in control. Thank you for this and in advance for all that is still to come."

eLearning is fun with Anne!

Working with Anne was a blast. I didn't know I could have so much fun learning eLearning! The sessions flew by and I definitely came away with improved reads and a deeper understanding of how to interpret eLearning scripts effectively.

Worth every penny!

I love my new commercial demo! Working with Anne was worth every penny of the investment. She's gifted at figuring out a voice actor's niche. My demo has varied reads with range, yet is specific enough for voiceover buyers to understand who I am and whether I fit their needs. I'm so happy with the final mix of music and sound effects, too. I couldn't be more thrilled to market myself with this demo. The coaching and recording process was also super fun while Anne still challenged me to grow and improve. The only downside is that I miss our weekly demo prep sessions!

A mentor and a friend

Anne is an amazing demo producer! She is so easy to work with, gives very easy to understand direction, she is prompt and professional and is such a joy to work with. I'm so proud of how she made me sound on my medical demo and I'm so pleased to have her as a mentor and friend. You need to book her!!

Demos at work...

In a studio with a Korean corporate narration client right now and they played the IBM spot from my e-learning demo as the style they want for this job. So awesome to see the demos at work, doing their thang!

I can't wait to put this to use!

"I'm thrilled that I chose Anne to produce my new medical demo. She is a terrific coach who gave me a master class in medical narration through multiple prep sessions, then chose scripts to highlight my strengths as a performer. I can't wait to put this demo to work as an important tool for my VO business."

From one teacher to another

From one teacher to another, I can say without reservation that Anne Ganguzza is one of the very best. She doesn’t mess around, is totally present and drills down quickly to exactly what’s needed to be fixed. From the moment we met, I felt my success was her number one goal. I come from the world of classical music broadcasting and I sorely needed guidance learning to speak in a more conversational manner, focus on the teaching moments and understand what the copy needed to accomplish. With Anne’s careful guidance, my entire voice over style has changed. I highly recommend her as a coach. Thank you, Anne!

More Than Just "Getting It Right"

Anne Ganguzza . Now there’s a name that has permeated the voice-over industry and for good reason. I came to Anne with a desire to provide voice over in corporate narration. Under her direction and coaching, Anne showed me there is more to voice-over than just getting it right as a voice. There is a need for sensitivity, research and a sense of what you can bring to the table to help the client, which is more than just offering yourself as a voice-over talent. Having Anne as my coach has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in voice over. And the Demo! Well its hard to put it into words but the word “fantastic” comes to mind. Her expert knowledge of how to take your rehearsal recording and engineer that into the final product (i.e. the Demo) is excellent. I’ll be back for more of what she offers.

If you have the chance to work with Anne, DO IT!

Working with Anne on my Corporate Narration demo was amazing! Our coaching sessions were invaluable – she not only helped me dial in my technique and approach to this genre, but she really took the time to get to know me and my voice, and then picked the perfect spots to help me shine. If you have the chance to work with Anne, DO IT!

Anne and her team are true professionals

Anne and her team are true professionals and a breeze to work with. From the coaching to the writing, selecting and fine tuning scripts, through the actual recording (in my case remotely with both Anne and John) and then to the editing process, Anne’s attention to detail and her focus on quality can’t be beat. I couldn’t be happier with my new eLearning demo! I would hire myself from this demo, just sayin’...

Anne knew exactly how to market my voice...

I love my new explainer demo. Anne knew exactly how to market my unique, quirky voice, and chose the perfect spots to fit. She's super easy and fun to work with and directs with a clarity that helped me take my reads to the next level. I really expanded my range and honed my technique working with Anne.Her training has given me confidence in my voice. I couldn't be prouder of this demo. If life were a video game, this explainer demo would be my boss battle triumph.

This will help me in all areas of my voice over career...

"I just did my eLearning demo reveal with Anne. As soon as I heard the first spot, I knew that all the homework and all that I learned from Anne was worth every bit of effort! She is amazing! She knew exactly what to say to get me to deliver excellence! Her keen ability to select the best copy to showcase my strengths was dead on! What Anne has shared with me has improved my eLearning script interpretation and will help me in all areas of my voice over career. I can’t thank Anne enough, but I will continue to try for a long time!"

Anne has a gift...

I absolutely love my new E-Learning Demo! Anne has a gift, she is able to teach, bring out the best in her students, and have so much fun, all at the same time! She taught me how to really bring the text to life, and to find the teachable moments in every script. From start to finish, the entire process was an absolute joy. Thanks Anne!

I LOVE my eLearning demo!!

This is Demo #2 with Anne, and I had so much fun working with her on this! Anne’s direction in finding the right copy to showcase my range and highlight my strengths is priceless. She took the time to get to know me and what I can do, and it paid off (and we had fun!). There is so much packed in here, and each spot is “me"! I’m so proud of what we created together. Anne is a genius. Thank you, Anne, for your guidance and direction. I’m so excited to share this with the eLearning world!!

You rock!

I absolutely love my new corporate narration demo! Anne captured so many nuances within my vocal range and truly tailored the demo to the industries for which my voice is best suited. I appreciate the time and care that Anne gave to ensure that my demo nailed the type of read currently trending, with the tone and content of what will remain relevant over the next couple of years. Thank you, Anne! This is the reason why I’ve turned to you to coach and produce multiple demos for me. You rock!

This investment is worth...EVERY...CENT!

Why did it take me so long to FINALLY get a professional demo? The initial "sticker shock" of coaching and demo production kept me from the experience for two years. But let me tell you...once I finally decided to go for it, within my first session with Anne I was kicking myself for not doing this earlier. This investment is worth...EVERY...CENT! And YES, as a voice over artist, this is the perfect move to help take your career to the next level. Working with Anne was the best thing I could have ever done. Her teaching style provides a wealth of knowledge and I walked away from each session with nuggets of info that I could immediately apply to my work. I can't wait to see where this professional demo will take me in my voice over journey. Thanks Anne!

How much she cares about her work and her students shines through in every session

How much she cares about her work and her students shines through in every session. I learned something new every time, whether it was about my delivery or what makes for a great script. Just a few pieces of feedback in our early sessions and I could immediately hear and feel an improvement in my reads. The homework was the perfect thing to do between sessions and was an eye-opening (ear-opening?) look into what the corporate narration genre is all about. The coaching process with Anne was a collaborative effort. I was never ‘coached at’ or just told what to do, but was always an active part of it. My input was requested and encouraged the whole time. We were a team. I feel like I have true ownership in the final product. Not only do I have a fantastic demo that I am proud of but also a new set of skills to bring to every audition. Can’t wait to work on our next demo together! Thank you!!!

She knows how to teach

Anne is an excellent coach because she knows how to teach! She possesses a winning combination of understanding what is marketable and knowing how to teach the ways of interpreting and performing scripts. I've had many "A-Ha!" moments during our intense sessions. Week after week, she helped me sharpen my skills and breakthrough some tough roadblocks. It all culminated with her directing and producing my new corporate narration demo, which I absolutely love! Thank you, Anne, for your patience, guidance, and support! You're awesome!

An ANNE-mazingly crafted, perfect demo!

Anne is an Architect when it comes to demo production because Anne has a plan! She gave me her all—she worked so hard to bring out the best possible representation of me and my brand. She took the time to organize and discover my strengths in order to bring out my best! ANNE-d, she expected me to work just as hard to give everything I had right back! The result? An ANNE-mazingly crafted, perfect demo I was so happy with! I’m totally thrilled with my shiny new demo (I will use it well) and equally thrilled with Anne! Thank you, thank you!

A stellar experience!

Working on a second demo with Anne was such a great experience because she already knew me and my brand so well. We could dig deeper faster. Since I’d already learned what goes into script selection and writing for demos, Anne could involve me more in this part of the process. In addition to handing me new scripts to read each week, she also tasked me with researching companies youtube channels, which gave me so much more insight into current trends in voiceover. Of course Anne wants you to have a stellar demo, but she also wants you to understand the business and markets you’re entering. We still focused heavily on performance coaching, but we were able to really lean into the target marketing for this demo, and the process was a collaborative one. I really felt like Anne was not just my coach for this demo, but my partner, and now, also, my friend. Thank you Anne!

Thanks to you...

Hi Anne! My first live session post coaching, demos, website, and marketing with a new client happened last night. They were so happy and I was so confident thanks to you!

I Keep Booking!

I. Keep. Booking. Off. That. First. Spot! Everyone keeps saying, "can you do it like the children's hospital spot?" It's crazy. I haven't even launched my site yet, but this baby is pulling in the work like a fishing net! Can't thank you enough.

Simply the Best!

I'll admit, I was stressed out about making the investment in coaching and production of an eLearning demo. Having now been through the process, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Anne was able to help this former News Anchor break free from the announcer delivery. I certainly didn't make it easy for her, but she is an excellent teacher and mentor and I consider her a friend. She was patient and persistent. She does not run you through the process, she makes sure to get it right. I will forevermore have a little VO Peep on my shoulder chirping "teach me, don't tell me" . Thank you, Anne!

I knew I had to go to Anne...

I knew I had to go to Anne for my E-Learning demo. I felt confident that she would produce something really tailored to me and my skills. And she delivered!" -

...One of the most amazing experiences

I am completely blown away by how amazing my new demo sounds! Working with Anne has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Five minutes into my initial consultation with her, I knew that she was the one who could help me get to where I want to be. Anne is able to tailor each coaching session to exactly what you need, and her natural talent as a teacher helps bring out the best in you. After working with Anne, my ability to book jobs from all over the VO world increased so much. If you're considering starting coaching or getting a new demo, do yourself a favor: Call Anne. I promise you won't be disappointed. And you'll have a great time, too! Anne, thank you so much for helping me find my voice. And thanks SO MUCH for helping me to not be so "precious". You're the absolute best and a pleasure to work with. I WILL be back for more.

I was blown away!

Before we started working on my demo, Anne helped me develop this new skill set and made sure I would be able to consistently deliver a strong performance. She also spent a lot of time creating copy that was tailored to me. I was blown away by how polished and professional the final product sounds! I can't wait to start using it! Thank you for my awesome demo, Anne!

Who better than Anne Ganguzza to turn this former middle school teacher into an elearning narrator!

From the beginning of our work together, I could tell that she would bring her vast experience and insider knowledge to create an elearning demo representative of current industry trends and styles. Training was tough! Anne is kind and compassionate, but she is serious and honest about your progress and readiness for the business. Working with her has helped me find my VO sweet spot, and thanks to her, I have the confidence to succeed. Thanks Anne!

I wanted to learn from the best...

I was ready to make the next step in my VO career and Anne provided me with everything I needed. I wanted to learn from the best and really up my corporate eLearning game. Anne’s process is that of someone who has seen it all and knows the current and future trends to make sure your demo is laser targeted to prospective clients. Anne doesn’t just create a demo for you, she gives you knowledge and insight that gives you the edge in this increasingly crowded market. Working with Anne was a joy and what she has taught me about analyzing a script and delivering the teaching moments is something I use every time I step in the booth. I’ll definitely be back!

We found the REAL me!

I literally cried tears of joy when I heard my new corporate narration demo for the first time! When I started working with Anne, I was already an industry pro with nearly a decade of recording experience, predominantly in the Korean market. I wanted to shift my focus to the North American market, and I knew that my demos didn’t reflect the more conversational style preferred in the West. My demos just didn’t sound like the REAL me. Right from the get-go, what appealed to me most about Anne is how she incorporates branding and marketing into her coaching process. I bought a Pro Refresh demo package and was on my way! But here’s the thing: When you purchase a demo from Anne, you’re not simply buying a demo…nope, not that simple. Her method is the opposite of a “demo mill.” Anne takes you on a journey to discover your gifts as a voice talent, break bad habits, hone in on your target markets, find the best scripts and inspiration, forget about what you *think* you should sound like, and learn actual tools to analyze a script and deliver a message. The result is a corporate narration demo that shows all the colors of my range, targeted to companies with values akin to my own – companies that would actually hire me. And the best part? As varied as all the spots are, I sound like me the whole time – the REAL me.

I got goosebumps!

I am so thrilled with my corporate narration demo! I got goosebumps when I listened to the final product. Anne is an incredible coach and made the process really fun and, more importantly, really personalized. We spent a lot of time collating and crafting copy to best represented my range and ability, and I’m so thankful for Anne’s expertise and guidance! I have the confidence to market myself in the corporate narration world, and I’m excited to share my demo with them! Thank you, Anne, for this experience!! Looking forward to the next one!!

Anne is a fantastic teacher...

“Anne is a fantastic teacher with an exceptional marketing brain. I was impressed with how much time and effort she devoted to understanding my voice. Plus she's super fun. Highly recommended!"

She * CONSISTENTLY * delivers!

“Anne Ganguzza * CONSISTENTLY * delivers. Our Medical Narration demo was already the best ever -- NOW this eLearning demo is another game-winning grand slam home run produced by Anne GANGUZZA !!!" - Rodney Powell


Anne Ganguzza you're AMAZING!!! I absolutely LOVE my new demo! You have truly exceeded my expectations throughout this entire experience and I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have you as a coach and a producer. Your process and how you've structured your training is brilliant! It has been everything I needed to build a solid foundation for this work and this craft. Thank you so so much for your guidance, support, patience and all that you were able to bring out of me! This has been such an incredible journey!

You have a way of helping us find our gift...

Where do I start, just when I thought about giving up on VO, Anne G #2 flew into my life like a lightning bolt! Pushing me every week to challenge myself. I am beyond grateful Annie! A consummate professional who simply wants the best for her students. You have a way of helping us find our gift. Eternally grateful! - Annie G #1

Anne created a masterpiece!

The intense Corporate narration exercises Anne designed for our sessions, refined my reads from typical to the highest standard, Our sessions together clearly strengthened my skillset and even confidence in the Corporate genre. I can feel and hear the improvement in my reads and clients are responding.The Corporate Demo Anne produced for me represents a social conscience in which I value - companies that are changing and improving people’s lives. Anne understood the importance of that and created me a masterpiece!

There are not enough superlatives...

There are not enough superlatives to express how pleased I am about our Medical Narration demo. My daughter is a real cardio post-op nurse at St. Luke's Hospital – The Woodlands. The first to hear this demo, she was genuinely impressed and validated the authenticity of our material -- it's absolutely credible. I'm usually the hardest critic of my own work, but this may be the best Medical Narration demo ever made ... by anyone. Your dedication to excellence has paid off !

A demo that captures the “real me”!

I absolutely LOVE my new explainer demo! So much fun to produce, and I’ve really enjoyed working with Anne to find my best sound and showcase it in this demo. She capitalized on my sense of humor, my corporate IT background (which we share!), and the industries I want to target to create a demo that captures the “real me” and is fun to listen to. I can’t wait to market it!


Anne is an exemplary coach and producer. Her training methods were essential in sharpening my skills and showing my best work on this new demo. I highly recommend her services for training, demo production, and business mentorship.

Anne exceeded all of my expectations!

Working with Anne on my Corporation Narration demo exceeded all of my expectations. She is so thorough and has her eye on branding from the very first session. From choosing industries to researching and writing personally tailored scripts, to coaching for that ‘just right’ feel for each spot, Anne was able to showcase my personality and vocal strengths. Her team’s attention to detail is second to none. I believe the quality of their work speaks for itself in every demo they produce.

Anne helped me discover my true voice and brand!

I am so glad that I chose the incredible Anne Ganguzza to produce my corporate narration demo. I’ve been working with Anne for several months now - to focus in more clearly on finding my true voice and honing my brand. Through this process, Anne has been a fun-loving, yet firm and supportive coach and teacher. Anne worked with me in a number of ways, taking great care to teach me, but also to source material that works strategically for me. The result is a corporate narration demo that showcases the range of reads I’m able to produce, totally customized to my own true voice, perfectly targeted to the type of clients I work with. My new, shiny corporate narration demo sounds marvelous and I am thrilled! Thanks a million, Anne!

Booked it!

Just wanted to let you know that I officially booked my first commercial spot last week thanks to your demo! It was a quick turnaround too. Casting submitted my demo to their client within a few days of being added to their roster!

I've said it plenty before, but thank you so much again for putting together such a great demo for me and helping me find aspects of my voice that I didn't know were there.

A discovery in knowing who you are, and finding your authentic voice...

A demo with Anne is more than just getting an excellent demo - it’s a discovery in knowing who you are, and finding your authentic voice. With that said, I love my demo! I also learned that in order to do the job, you first have to get the job - and she teaches you the skills to get the job. The entire process was life-changing and an experience I’ll always remember. I feel so prepared and confident! Her teaching method is top of the line, and she will always and forever be a mentor in my VO journey. Kudos to your big talent and thank you so much Anne!" -

Razor sharp DIRECTING skills...

People! Let me tell you about the most wonderful experience I had recording my #corporatenarration demo with the amazing @aganguzza Anne Ganguzza! I’ve been working with Anne for several months now to hone in on my true voice. Anne has been instrumental in teaching me what voiceover is really about. It’s about finding the TRUTH and the emotional connection in all of your reads, regardless of the material. But let me ALSO tell you - working with a producer like Anne, along with engineer John Chominsky, was one of the best recording experiences of my life. Anne has razor sharp DIRECTING skills. And her confident direction made our session both PRODUCTIVE and FUN! I have no doubt that my demo will not only be marketed correctly, but it will showcase the range of reads I’m able to produce. Anne is also just as fun loving and as much of a boss at home in her own studio. I loved standing in Anne’s vocal booth, and hanging out with her at home with the #vostudiocats - and soaking up the bossness! Thank you Anne for a beautiful experience. Let’s do more!

Changed my life for the better!

I’ve been looking for the perfect words that explain what having a coach like Anne Ganguzza is worth, but words fall short in clarifying her value. I can tell you working with Anne has changed my life for the better. I am changed because of her guidance and expertise. Thank you, Anne. You are amazing!

We pulled out ranges from me that I didn't even think were possible!

I am just so in love with this demo, I can't get over it. Anne is an amazing teacher and coach. Every word she said to me had a purpose and a lesson. She is kind, gentle, and even tough when I needed it the most. We pulled out ranges from me that I didn't even think were possible! She has this amazing ability of figuring out your strengths and teaching you how to shape them. You absolutely have to do the work and she will give you plenty! Loved every minute and even the sweat! It's not a workout without sweating!

I’m so glad I signed up for your coaching!

Your Corporate narration package is the most organized and competently devised structure of teaching that I’ve ever effectively responded to in VO coaching.Starting from the demo analysis which forced me to understand the standard I need to reach in order to make a really good Corporate demo. The various story based narrations were brilliant in teaching me the pacing and phrasing that you talked about and the scripts were great for practice. Especially when you attached their videos as a starting guideline. I’m so glad I signed up for your coaching!

Anne completely exceeded my expectations!

Anne completely exceeded my expectations. The entire process from our first session to demo day was an incredible experience. Every VO aspect was thoroughly covered and all the tips and techniques I acquired proved to be invaluable towards my end goal. To say Anne is an incredible teacher would be an understatement. She is supportive, easy-going, motivating, encouraging, but also isn't afraid to offer much-needed criticism and insight. The growth I acquired during our time simply wouldn't have happened without her coaching. I highly encourage anyone thinking about working with her to make it happen, you simply won't regret it!

No one produces voice-over demos like Anne...

No one produces voice-over demos like Anne. If you want the most cutting-edge, industry-disrupting demos, you'll work with her. She thoroughly prepares you for your session and knows how to pull the best take out of you. I walked out of my session saying, "It couldn't have possibly gone any better." I'm thrilled with my new demos and know they will help me reach the next level in voice-over!

I freaking LOVE this demo!

First of all, I freaking LOVE this demo! :) I can't stop listening to it. Each time I listen I *try* to pick it apart and find something that needs to be fixed but it's damn near PERFECT! Thank you for working your magic

A++++ and HIGHLY recommend!

On the fence? Jump off on Anne's side and don't look back!

Here’s the thing about Anne… You can go into sessions with her *thinking* that you pretty much already know what you need to know and that you just need a refresher. Anne isn’t afraid to tell you, and then show you why you’re wrong about that. She is up to date on the latest delivery style, and will transform you from what you were as a voice artist over the past several years, into the voice artist you need to be in the future to get work. Fun Fact: Both consciously, and I’m sure unconsciously at times I’ve used what she’s taught me, and in the weeks after we finished, I’ve won more auditions and am so busy that it’s almost like work! (almost, but like work doing what you love) All of her knowledge, and sometimes tough love she delivers with a smile, and with the brightest personality you can imagine. A complete joy to work with both as a coach and a person.

Coaching that works!

If anybody can make me sound awesome... it's you. And, I will tell you this. Whether consciously or not, I'm sure I have been using what you taught me. In the last month I've won more auditions, and am so freakin' busy it's almost like work...(but not really work work)... you know what I mean!

Anne Ganguzza is a Superhero

I spent years relying on the crutch of having a nice voice. But Anne let me know quickly that wasn’t going to cut it anymore. Anne’s superpower is her ability to teach how to listen. She taught me how to listen for the story of every script, how to listen for the essence of the text, how to listen to myself to find my authenticity. Anne will never settle for a moment of mediocrity, and always held me to the highest standards. While we were creating my corporate narration demo, she was meticulous with every detail and it shows. I now have a new level of honesty and truth in all the work that I do, no matter what genre it is. Thank you Anne!

Life changing and Work Changing...

I am profoundly grateful for the time I am currently spending studying voiceover technique with the wonderful Anne Ganguzza. It is life changing and work-changing. She challenges me with difficult material and helps me hone in on my true voice. People ask me all the time, “how do I get into voiceover?” I always tell them that it’s not as easy as it seems. It’s a big investment in terms of time and money. To be as good as you can be, you have to learn to know yourself, and you have to learn how to really read and interpret a script. You also have to have a sense of humor and give yourself a break. Much like with jazz singing (my other big passion), it’s not really about having a nice-sounding voice. Not to mention, you have to learn all of the *other* things about running a business. Voiceover is very competitive, but having a great coach is one of the best investments I have ever made! And I’m not done yet! Thank you, Anne!

An Incredible Experience

As someone with a technical background, when I heard that Anne came from IT, I knew she'd be a perfect fit. Within the first couple of sessions, it felt like I'd been working with her for years. Anne is sharp, sincere, and perceptive. She was quick to pick up on my learning style and pace, and was always right there with me. She also helped me to develop crucial elements of my brand that I had never considered, and put together a demo that displays so many facets of my voice and personality. Beyond that, she is a blast to work with and has always supported me, even when I've struggled. I would happily recommend Anne, and hope I have the pleasure to work with her again!


When you want the best, you go to the top. I knew that when I called Anne to do my Corporate Narration Demo. She’s the best and I didn’t care how much it cost. I’d been through a major life change and needed to up my business to a whole new level. WORTH… EVERY… PENNY! Anne knows corporate narration inside and out and not only wrote killer copy, but I LEARNED and bettered my reads while working on the demo. Not to mention working with her was freakin’ FUN (we may have giggled till we peed a few times). I can’t be more excited to share such a ROCKIN’ demo with the corporate world! Thanks CHicka!!

A life-long dream...

I really can’t thank you enough, Anne, for all of your support over the past 2 1/2 years; for your patience, knowledge, expertise, professionalism and your sense of humor through it all.

You are my Fairy Godmother. You are making a life-long dream come true. I would think I was dreaming, except I know this must be real because all I have to do is ‘click’ and my very real demo starts to play. After years of listening to other people’s demos, I finally have one of my very own. You have captured the past and present ‘me’, while at the same time are shining a light on the path that is the future ‘me’.

Considered yourself hugged.

Not just a coach but a cheerleader

When I began to look for a voice over coach, I knew I wanted someone who had an established curriculum and who would work with me in preparation to make my first commercial demo. Anne was just that! Her background is in education so she understands the fundamentals of a great curriculum. Every session built on the one previous. She gives very specific homework which really helped me stay accountable between our sessions. From the first moment we spoke she was already thinking about how I could market and brand myself in my voice over career. Anne just wasn't my coach, she was my champion and cheerleader. She really cares about my success. I am so in love with my new demo. Anne crafted my demo around my range, the industry today and what I will have the potential to book right now. I know this is just the beginning, but I don't think I could have started out this career on a better foot. If you are looking for a coach with serious talent, a business/marketing mindset and a caring heart then go no further than Anne Ganguzza.

The Conversational Read!

I've struggled with the conversational read for years. Honestly, I would get so frustrated because everybody would say, "we want conversational" but nobody would explain what that meant. What it actually sounded like.

Anne was the first coach that explained it in a way my brain could process. If that wasn't enough, she even managed to direct to it in my demo, my auditions and now my bookings!

A dream come true!

Thank you both SO much for today’s (demo) session. It was quite literally a dream come true, to come out of the closet...and walk into a professional studio. Unreal. This step is huge for me, and I’m so glad that two special people in my life were there with me. I wouldn’t have wanted to have been with anyone else for my first demo. I’m in a cloud right now. Can’t believe it all really just took place. Thank you for your patience, direction and expertise. Let’s do it again!! Hugs and gratitude to you both!

A Demo that Books!

Hi, Anne!! Just wanted to share a little: Recorded a gig for S&P Global yesterday. Producer told me that the client LOVED the Lexus spot on our demo. Have a great weekend!! ❤️

Priceless Experience

I recently completed my second demo with Anne. The first was narration, which of course turned out awesome. This second was commercials, something I never thought I could do because I don't have the bouncy happy voice most women seem to have in all the commercials I hear. But Anne helped me discover there is a niche for me, I can fit, and I can do this! I'm feeling more confident than ever that I am in the right industry. She has such a holistic approach, from discovering your sound, discovering you (parts of you you maybe weren't aware of), to the coaching of course and what reads sounds more natural, what needs to be highlighted. I really had a breakthrough in my thinking of myself during this process. Thank you!

Anne is amazing!

I am so happy I chose Anne to be my coach and demo producer. She is patient and I felt very comfortable working with her. I appreciate that she was flexible with her schedule (I am 10 hours away). She found challenging the fact that I am Romanian and we could work on creating something unique. My global accent reaching out to a global market. She dug and brought the best in me. Coaching was extremely helpful and my demo sounds really good. I know it's *my* voice, but it's *her* direction and *her* meticulous touch that made the difference. Touché, Anne, thank you!

Working with Anne will bring out the best in you

I’ve been coaching with Anne Ganguzza almost weekly for the past 10 months and am so grateful to have found her. Our focus has been corporate narration, but the skills and confidence I’ve acquired through working with her has helped me book jobs in other areas of voice over as well. I recently recorded my corporate narration demo with Anne, and recording engineer, John Chomisnki at Atlantis Recording Group, and am super ecstatic with the end result!! Two amazing pros! Anne is very professional, honest, caring, supportive and funny as hell!! I always have a blast during our sessions. Working with Anne will bring out the best in you. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Commercial Demo that booked!

I worked with Anne to make my commercial demo and she brought out sounds that felt very natural for me, but I had never considered. One of my favorite spots on the demo was an inspirational commercial for Arrowhead. Just today, I booked a commercial based solely on that spot on my demo, no custom audition needed! Thank you for helping me discover that sound!

Booked it!

I have to thank you for prepping me on the corporate narration and getting me to read with confidence.  Scored a nice on-going gig for a medical narration project - YOU ARE AWESOME!

Demos that Book!

Hi, just wanted to let you know I scored a BIG corporate gig today straight off my demo, no audition. ????

Let her take your VO game to the next level

"When you sign on to work with Anne, you'll come away with so much more than an amazing demo, you'll also come away a better voice over talent. Such was the case for me. Anne is a wonderful, passionate coach who took my ability to interpret and perform a script in my own voice to the next level. She really listened to me and truly invested herself in helping me to be the best I could be. She's a blast to work with! All our meetings were so much fun, right up to and including our studio session. Because of my radio production background, I'm picky. Anne went out of her way to make my demo sound awesome and I'm truly grateful. I can't recommend her more, she's the real deal. She's an excellent producer who knows what it takes to make your demo stand out. Do yourself a huge favor and put yourself in Anne's hands and let her take your VO game to the next level."

Demo's that get you noticed and signed by top VO Agents!

When Anne produced my new Commercial Demo’s a short time ago, one of my many goals was to get It out to my top pick for VO representation in LA. I believed that not only because of the quality, time and detail Anne put in to make the reel the best it could be, but because of the coaching I received from Anne for months prior. Anne strives to teach you perform beyond the Demo. I got a meeting with that agent within a month of sending her my shiny new Demo, and she signed me a week later, and within that week I already had four auditions!
I couldn’t be happier and more excited to see what else is in store for me, but I do know I owe so much to Anne for her quality Demo coaching and production. Thank you, Anne!

Trust Anne's Process

Three words: Trust Anne's process. I fully admit, I came in skeptical about undergoing coaching as part of the demo prep, but I am so, so glad I got over myself and went for it. With Anne and her process, you get a full-on personal clinic leading up to recording your demo... which is exactly the way it ought to be done. In the end, you come away a stronger talent, with a world-beating demo to prove it. And that's what truly separates Anne: she's not there just to record you, send your work to production, take your money and call it a day — it's hands-on. It's personal. It's tailored to you, and you alone. There's nothing worse than cutting a demo, listening back after you've finished... and realizing you sound just like everyone else out there. Anne works with you in-depth to develop a truly outstanding, one-of-a-kind calling card for your brand... and it's worth every last penny.

Only work with the best.

My eLearning demo with Anne might just be my favorite thing I've ever heard out of me. Not only do I now have this incredible tool [that sounds exactly like me] that I can't wait to show clients, but I'm a much stronger talent having gone through her coaching. Her truly collaborative process gave me exactly what I needed - a world-class, versatile, next-gen demo that sounds like my best me, on my best day. 10/10, would Anne again.

This Woman!!

I came to Anne at a point in my life where it was time to step up my game as a Voice-Over professional. In order to compete in this ultra-competitive industry, I knew I needed top-notch coaching and a killer commercial demo reel to get noticed; at every turn, all "signs" pointed to Anne Ganguzza! With her incredible passion, attention to detail, guidance, and patience, Anne gave me the coaching, mentoring and guidance I was looking for. She tapped into my true essence and brand, and helped capture my authentic signature voice-print. I couldn't be more proud and thrilled to have had Anne work so hard to produce not one, but TWO amazing commercial demo reels! You can tell immediately that she truly wants you to not only have a great reel, but to be successful in your craft! If you are even considering a career in Voice-Over (and are actually making real plans to make it happen) those plans better include the award-winning demo producer, Anne Ganguzza.

VoCal Throat Spray

Hi Anne! Can't tell you how many times VoCal Throat Spray has saved my neck! When my voice gets tired from doing back to back auditions or working on a long piece of copy for a client, a couple of quick sprays and I'm ready to go again, fresh as new! Thank you so much!

Demos with life & soul...

Is there anybody who “gets” corporate narration more than Anne Ganguzza does? No. There isn't. Huge thanks to Anne for her brilliant direction for my Corporate Narration demo. Wow! Her own vast experience as a corporate narrator and her collaborative and supportive approach to the creative process gives the wonderful demos she produces a life, a soul.

Anne truly rocks the VO world!

I knew from my first coaching session with Anne that she would be an excellent teacher and I would learn a lot from her. She did not disappoint. Anne has a background in teaching and it really sets her way above the rest. Her patience and her upbeat attitude made learning from her a true joy. She really got to know me as a person to help me find my strengths as a narrator. The cumulation of which produced a fantastic corporate narration demo that is bringing me new clients every week. Anne truly rocks the VO world!

Anne knew what to do with my voice from the first session!

She uncovered qualities in my sound that even I didn't know existed, and challenged me to consider new approaches to copy, narration, and storytelling.

Anne is a powerhouse - a game changer

Certain people enter your life at just the right moment. Anne is a powerhouse - a game changer. She took my raw talent & passionate interest & developed a skilled & dedicated VO artist. Her savy business sense, spot on coaching instincts & dedication to pushing me to the next level makes her a gift to any VO artist. I loved working with Anne every moment. Recording my demo was a thrill & the final product is beyond my expectations. Anne Ganguzza - a wealth of expertise, experience & excellence.

Vocal Throat Spray

I have been sick all week with a Sinus infection and this spray has been a life saver ! It really helps heals my sore throat. Works right away. Thanks Anne!!!!

Anne's business consult has me headed in the right direction...

I have been struggling with the business of our business - the accounting, the client management ....keeping the ducks in a row has been maddening. Anne's business consult has me headed in the right direction, finally, and overall will save me money. By showing me free and low cost tools used to successfully build my brand and business, I can eliminate some of the other expensive and cumbersome tools I had in place and never liked.

Time and detail

The time and detail in the direction were fantastic…The VO workout was awesome!  It’s been hit and miss in most of my past workshops/courses so I’m super excited for future VO Peeps events and especially our coaching.

Thought provoking and entertaining

Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction…Just came home so excited about the possibilities ahead after that sensational session you gave today. Super informative, thought-provoking and entertaining with great group interaction. You have such great energy it was a real inspiration to hear you. And the ideas!… So many terrific suggestions for smart, savvy branding and marketing initiatives to pursue. I can hardly wait to put them into action! Just what I needed and expect from the Edge training program. A big thank you.

Exciting session

Thank you Anne for this exciting session. What got especially my attention during those 2 hours can be resumed in a few words: your advice for the VO artist to take jobs that speaks to him/her, and combine this with structured and self discipline actions.

The entire session, you made remarks and gave examples encouraging realism and authenticity, but your enthusiasm is very obvious and CONTAGIOUS.

Over the top wonderful

Working with Anne on medical narration coaching and demo production was a match made in heaven. Anne’s years of experience voicing medical narration added greatly to my understanding of the language as a Pharmacist. We worked as a team the whole way and her enthusiasm for the business and task at hand made the whole process delightful. The finale of Anne providing live demo direction was over the top wonderful!!

My phenomenal voice coach

My phenomenal voice coach Anne Ganguzza just called me to present me with my AMAZING Commercial demo. There really aren’t words right now. I am blown away! Thank you Anne, for guiding through the most fun, unreal ride to and through this demo. I worked for close to a year before being ready to record. Obviously, I worked one-on-one with Anne, but I also regularly did weekly workouts, and webinars. I was hungry to get to the demo recording, but Anne would not let me until I was ready. I am so filled with gratitude to her for that. Anne has helped me achieve the next level in my VO journey. Anne, you are an ABSOLUTE ROCK STAR! And I love you beyond words and am so proud to be your student! I am so proud to represent your brand and mine with this demo.

Anne is the real deal

Anne is the real deal…I’ve worked in the entertainment industry since 1974. SAG/AFTRA union member since 1988. As I make the transition in my career to include Voice Over talent, I was lucky enough to find Anne and the VO Peeps online. I have always been very suspect of the “Make money in Voice over industry”. People more interested in selling you VO classes and VO demo tapes than helping you acquire the skills to be able to perform as VO talent and have clients pay good money for it! Anne is the real deal.

Clear and elegant

Anne’s voice was clear and elegant and was perfect for my application. Even with her busy schedule, she managed to complete my project within a few hours! She is a professional with exceptional talent. I’m definitely going to use Anne’s amazing voice again for future projects. She’s guaranteed to be the best female voice on this site. Thanks again Anne!

Fell in love with her voice instantly

We auditioned for a voice for our IVR and fell in love with Anne’s voice instantly. Working with her on our project made me lag behind a bit. She answered promptly on whatever requests we’ve thrown at her, shown initiative recording several takes for us to choose from and basically took me by surprise when I’ve got my final result in no time, while providing great quality. All in all, we will definitely choose her again for our voice needs.

Take direction

After working with Anne Ganguzza I can tell you that this talented lady knows what she’s doing AND she takes great direction!

Personal, sharp and talented

I can’t recommend Anne highly enough! Her work far exceeded our expectations, and she demonstrated incredible responsiveness and professionalism every step of the way. She’s personable, sharp and really, really talented.

Wonderful project experience

We had a wonderful project experience with Anne. She was very prompt, met all the milestones. Her voice overs were well done… Will definitely use her again!

I can't believe it!

YAY! Thank you so much–my demo sounds amazing–and I can’t wait to share it! I can’t believe that’s my voice :D”

Christmas came early

Christmas came early for me today. Your workshop was the greatest gift I could have hoped for! I can’t begin to express my appreciation. I always learn so much from you and what you gave me today was priceless!

Voiceover marketing guru

I have been following Anne for less than a year now and I have come to the conclusion that she’s a voice over marketing guru. Not only does she have a great voice but knows how to help others learn the ropes and achieve success!

Passionate Teacher

Anne Ganguzza – What an amazing and supportive resource for all VO Actors! Anne is a truly passionate teacher, mentor and friend. I highly recommend her Business and Marketing seminars, as well as Meetups and Workouts!

Amazing webinar

I just wanted to take a moment to thank Anne Ganguzza for presenting a very useful, upbeat and altogether excellent webinar this past Wednesday. Anne certainly delivers the right stuff with Business & Money 101.

Marketing and more

She’s a gifted teacher! The Marketing 101 seminar with Anne was fantastic! She had excellent insights and a very well prepared presentation. I took copious notes! Her “power point” presentation was fleshed out with full explanations and details. The only downside, which was absolutely not her fault, a couple participants asked “questions” that went on and on and on…Anne was so gracious! She’s a gifted teacher!

Amazing conference speaker

I’m sending out this email as a quick follow up from the conference of last weekend. I joined your talk about breaking the narration market in the US and I found it inspiring to have such a successful entrepreneur teaching other aspiring VO artists about what it takes to be successful both in the workshop as well as during the equality panel at the very end.

Five star experience

Great, timely communication… very professional… top quality work Couldn’t be happier with this provider. Overall, a 5-star experience!

Confidence and Success

Anne’s VO business savvy and experience in the field makes for focused, astute and applicable mentoring. I took away action items from our session which I was able to immediately implement with confidence and success. Targeted, applicable insight. #vo #demo

Quick and professional

Anne was quick, professional, and provided results. The transaction was painless, and everything was done in one take, with essentially a 48 hour turn around. Very pleased. Thanks Anne!

I look forward to learning more

Amazing teacher who conveys a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others…David and Anne: I’m emailing you to share some happy news and to say thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I received my first audiobook narration offer last week and am extremely excited to begin production…I am filled with glee, and feel confident and ready to begin this new adventure. That feeling results directly from the skills I’ve learned from you both at VO2GoGo. You are amazing teachers who convey a passion for the VO industry and for sharing with others, while imparting such valuable and useful knowledge that can be put into practice immediately…You guys are the best! Thank you again for all that you do, and I look forwarding to learning more and more.

Fantastic on a personal and professional level

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for Twitter contest and allowing me to take your X-session. You showed how passionate you are about your subject matter by spending so much time with us and providing us much needed information to push our businesses to the next level! It was so informative and detailed–I will take my time to study your class info and apply it to my social media sources. You’re fantastic on a personal and professional level, and I can’t wait to meet up again!

Quick turnaround

Anne, you did a fantastic job, quick turnaround and so very professional! I could not have asked for a better job. Thanks again!

Excellent working knowledge

Anne has an excellent working knowledge of the voice over business and conveys it to her audience well!

Top in the business

Anne Ganguzza is one of the top voice talents in the business. She has a wide variety of range and a true talent. And best of all she goes above and beyond to meet pressured deadlines and is a delight to work with.

Quick and Efficient

Working with Anne was a pleasure. Not only did she record a quality sounding IVR/On Hold Messaging spot, she helped us to rewrite our script to sound more professional to our clients- and did it in an extremely quick and efficient manner. We highly recommend Anne. Her service was outstanding!

She's the best

She’s the best…I am proud to tell the world… She is an amazing coach and mentor. Thanks for everything Anne!

Amazing advice

Thank you so much for the branding session today, I learned a ton! I’m already putting some of the knowledge gained from it into practice (just alt texted all my photos on my site, haha), and you’ve definitely got me thinking about how to build my brand in different ways. Thanks for generously sharing some amazing advice and tips with me!


The workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective…Thank you so much for tonight’s meeting at Edge Studios, the workshop was very informative and put a lot of things in perspective for branding my voice. While this was geared towards voice over work primarily a lot of the advice and information you had given us I feel can also be used in other fields of interest, including my interest in illustration and animation. I’ll be joining VOPeeps as swift as this email is sent to you. Thank you so much for the event, have a great night and hope to stay in touch.

Genuine, grounded, and supportive

I’m just going to say it: I am so proud of this demo! The opportunity to work with someone of Anne’s caliber could have been intimidating, but she is as genuine, grounded and supportive as she is talented, intelligent and savvy about the performance and business of VO. I leveled up significantly working with her; she challenged me to identify and articulate my true goals, helped me understand and begin to put into practice what it would take to achieve them, refined my vocal branding and generally welcomed me into her sphere of excellence. The resulting demo represents both Anne’s production skill and overall process: painstaking discovery and honing and relationship-building—and lots of trust and hard work from both of us. So, thank you for everything you bring to everything you do, Anne. It’s not often that joy and deep respect are inspired in me by the same person, but you have and do!

Amazing coach and mentor

WOW!! I am so giddy with excitement I can hardly contain it! I don’t know how I’ll be able to pay attention to my algorithm analysis class starting in a few minutes. Anne, thank you for being so dedicated to coaching me. The final product is better than I could have ever expected, and I’m so happy about having the extra toy commercial samples! You are such an amazing coach and mentor. Thank you for making this demo happen!!


You are fantastic! I wanted to contact you because we had another opportunity for you to record a voiceover for our client – They really love your voice!

Informative and Inspirational

Wonderful class – very informative and inspirational! Appreciate the depth of knowledge and enthusiasm. Hope I can utilize even half of the information shared! Thanks Anne!

Appreciate your guidance

So, I’m on books 5 and 6 with one client/author who apparently likes what I’m doing…and suddenly I get a tweet from an author in Alabama who’s got 25 books he wants me to do…likes the voice, thinks it’ll work, etc. He and his agent call tonight, and they’re wanting me in on their marketing promos etc…incredible… Anyway, point here is that it’s in major part to your kind guidance and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support and help!

You did NOT dissapoint

As I expected from a Jersey girl whom was highly referred :), you did not disappoint us. The greeting is amazing…We intend to refer you as much as possible. The person whom we intended to use turned out to be a bit too arrogant for my blood… and we elected to go with the voice of an angel instead

Amazing conference speaker

Thank you for your brilliant talk at the One Voice Conference just now. My mind is buzzing!

Quick turnaround

Anne is an amazing talent! Not only did she do an amazing job with our voice over but delivered it to me within 36 hours!! Quick turn around! Great Work! Fantastic Talent!! Thank you Anne!!!

VO Triple Threat

You rock! Thanks s0 much for the#VOTripleThreat webinar through Edge Studios. You rock! Thanks for sharing. Without a doubt, you have a great mind for marketing and the examples you gave were brilliant.

Anne Ganguzza Sits at the Top

Without a doubt, in the world of VoiceOver, women can do things on-mic guys never will and Anne Ganguzza sits at the top! I love your work, as well as your tenacious & innovative marketing efforts. Keep doin’ that voodoo that you do so well! Love ya, girl.

Anne Ganguzza: A Must Follow

LOVED her recent EdgeStudio training class! If you are serious about marketing your voice over talent you really must follow @aganguzza. LOVED her recent @EdgeStudio training class!

Easy to work with

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so knowledgeable and easy to work with! Worth every penny and I feel better already!

Spot on direction

The majority of what I do in the narration category is corporate/industrial – but my narration demo just didn’t reflect this. Anne Ganguzza to the rescue! I enjoyed the process, the scripts and companies she chose for me to highlight were perfect for my voice type and range, and her direction on the day of recording was spot on. I’m really happy with the results. Thanks so much, Anne! 2017 SOVAS Nominee: Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Voiceover

Professional and soothing

Your recording is fantastic! I just implemented it today and it sounds great. Very professional and soothing. Perfect!

Don't pass on working with Anne

I’d heard about Anne and been aware of her prowess as a coach for narration in particular, so I decided to leap forward once I knew I couldn’t stand still any longer. She starts off getting to know you well, which is both logical and awesome. She wants to know your personality, background, and such to not only learn your voice type and what types of voiceover you’d be best situated for as she listens, but also to know where your passions lie, as that can come through in your performance. Her insights into narration, the way she makes it so common sense and how she keeps you in mind of who your audience is, cannot be beat. Working with Anne made me more sure of myself and where I fit in. I felt very humbled to see her and her engineer John working so hard for my sake at the actual demo production time. When you have the chance, don’t pass up working with Anne on business, voiceover, or anything.

Brings out the best

Anne is an Amazing VO Coach! I just attended my first VO class with Anne and I will definitely be returning for more! She is a gifted coach who obviously knows the VO business inside out. The day was packed with great tips and techniques on how to grow your VO business and I especially enjoyed how she worked with each of us on our voice and mic skills – so encouraging – and brought out the best in each of us. Thank you Anne for so generously sharing your knowledge and skills.

Business and Strategy

Really enjoying the business and strategy lesson with @aganguzza. Amazing insight, wonderful energy.

The Puzzle is Completed

The business 101 class on Wednesday was the most insightful yet. The business aspect that you went over was the last piece of the puzzle.

Gifted and Talented

I met Anne as a participant in her social media workshop at a voice-over conference in Atlanta. Her great personality and sense of humor coupled with her very informative and relevant social media workshop prompted me to seriously expand my business’s social media campaign. Thank you Anne for sharing your gifts and talents and being a genuinely nice person!

Energetic and Fun!

Until I took Anne’s So Smart Social Media course, the thought of marketing on any of the social media sites put my head in a spin! But Anne explained it ALL. Now I understand how Twitter works and why Linked In is an effective and important tool to have in my marketing arsenal and, when used the right way, Facebook can be more than just posting pics of family and friends… it can actually boost my business! Anne is great! She is energetic, fun, and knows how to explain the technical stuff in a way anyone can understand and apply to their business. I can’t wait to put my new found knowledge to work! Thanks, Anne Ganguzza!

True passion for helping others succeed

Anne’s presentation was amazing! I had the opportunity to attend a social media marketing workshop presented by Anne Ganguzza at the VOAtlanta Conference. Anne’s presentation was amazing! She provided so much information on how to utilize social media to build your brand and your business. She is truly an expert on the subject matter and has a true passion for helping others succeed. She imparted so much knowledge during the talk, but one of the things that really stuck with me was when she reminded us to never lose sight of how we may best serve others through our businesses. She has an exceptional business mind and a servants heart which clearly has contributed to her success! I’m grateful for the opportunity to have learned from her!

Insight and Energy

Anne, thank you so much for the Corporate Narration training today! I appreciate your insight, your approach and the fact that you kept the session energized the entire time!

Passion for all things voiceover

This was the first time I have taken a class from Anne, and her coaching is phenomenal! She is both professional and personable. She makes her students feel very comfortable, while encouraging them to do their best. I would recommend her to not just beginning voiceover students, but also to long time working pros who want to improve their craft. It’s evident that she has a passion for all things voiceover.

Professional Quality VO

Anne has consistently provided me with professional quality voice overs in a timely manner. She is an excellent communicator and is a pleasure to work with.

Your name brings confidence

…And I always feel like I’ve stumbled onto something legitimate when I see your name on a roster. It gives me confidence when I see your name.

I'm not afraid anymore!

Suddenly I’m not afraid anymore – I’m excited! Anne, thanks so much for helping me get over my fear of social media. After meeting you on Thursday, I went back to my room and built my FB Actor/VO page and also sent my first tweet.

Helpful critiques

You really set the tone for a great voice over training experience, making newbies, like me, at ease! The all day class I recently attended (Animation and Videogames, Trailers and Promos) was so informative! I learned so much with the group setting. What a great way to explore, stretch and learn from all who attended with their and your helpful critiques! I had such a positive experience and met many new friends and really thank you so much for coaching us in a personal way to make each of us shine uniquely! Truly, you make it Really Great Fun! Thank you!

Tremendous coach

Anne Ganguzza was simply outstanding! I learned so much, plus she gave me the encouragement which brought out a better effort than I thought possible. Anne is great to work with and a tremendous coach!

Individual attention and encouragement

Thank you so much for the really helpful class I really learned such a lot from you and feel really lucky to have had so much individual attention and encouragement – it is always such a pleasure to be in your company. Thank you again!

Deep experience and a keen ear

Anne Ganguzza is an excellent instructor. She brings much to the feast with deep experience and a keen ear.

I Owe Her My Career

How to describe Anne in just a few short words? How about: “I owe her my career.” Coach, talent, mentor, trainer, director, producer…..yep, she pretty much does it all. And she does it with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that’s hard to believe, let alone find anywhere else. Plus, she’s just such a blast to work with. Thanks so much Anne, you truly are the best.

You Inspire Me Every Day!

Just booked my first client through Twitter. It’s a UNION JOB. That’s just crazy pants!!!!! I would like to credit my teacher, Anne Ganguzza with teaching me about the social media train. You rock coach Anne!!!!! Also, just got my ipDTL to ISDN all set up with Anne’s encouragement and reassurance (I was afraid lol). Anne, you inspire me every day. My client was very happy to save on studio costs, and the session is tomorrow. It’s all because of you girl!

Fun and Lots of Great Info!

Your instructing was really fun with lots of great information! I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed the vo2gogo voiceover class you taught on Wednesday. I hope to get down to Orange County soon for some of your VO Peeps meetups.

Absolutely FLAWLESS

Anne delivered the three most important things I needed for a very high-profile project: flexibility, absolutely *flawless* reads, and, most of all, professionalism. I never had to worry about anything with Anne – Would her reads be good? Would her files be clean? Would she make her dates? – on this project. I’ll use her again for the peace of mind alone, never mind all of the other things she brings to the table. She’s a consummate professional.

I made it!

I like my own demo. And I made it. What’s a gal gonna do? 2017 SOVAS Nominee: Outstanding Narration Demo Reel, Best Voiceover

On the Right Track

Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track… For those who are just beginning their journey in the voice over industry, or if you are an established media veteran who may be looking to go to the “next level” Anne Ganguzza is the one you want to work with. As a professional television sports anchor and play-by-play commentator, I have 25 years of on camera experience in large markets. However, becoming a voice over talent required me to learn a different way to use my voice and delve deeper into how I can become better and more versatile . After working with Anne over the past year I have not only improved my on camera delivery but now I am a legitimate voice over artist with a wide range of skills as well as a phenomenal demo that Anne produced. If becoming a successful voice over talent is what you desire Anne Ganguzza will get you on the right track.

One of My Favorite People

She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community…An afternoon well spent! Anne Ganguzza provided some fantastic social marketing information that I plan on implementing into my own marketing plan immediately. She has quickly become one of my very favorite people in the VO community.

Inspiring, professional, caring, and fun!

It was a real pleasure to have Anne Ganguzza as my coach. She was inspiring, totally professional, caring, and most of all a lot of fun!

Coach, Mentor, Friend

This demo captures the “essence” of me! It’s a stellar representation of my skills and range. Working with Anne helped me realize my vocal brand and helped me develop a new love for commercial work. Upon listening to my demo for the first time, I cried. I was just so blown away with the phenomenal way that it highlights my vocal brand. I highly recommend Anne for coaching and demo production. I love her so much professionally and personally, and I am honored to have her as a coach, demo producer, and friend.

Great Speaker, Trainer and Person

Always love your courses Anne…great speaker, great trainer, fantastic person! #voiceover

Warm, Kind, Passionate!

I love this…and thank you, Anne. You did a wonderful job and I appreciate you and am so glad to have come to know your warm, kind, passionate and beautiful self

Signed by a top agency!

…within day’s of receiving my commercial demo I was signed by the top agency here in Denver! I really want to thank Anne Ganguzza for working with me over the last several months, picking the scripts that brand my voice perfectly along with coaching me!

So Insightful!

Yesterday, I had another corporate narration coaching session with the fabulous Anne Ganguzza @aganguzza. She really knows her stuff and is so insightful. Remarkable ability to break down a script and a student’s performance. And we always have so much fun, laughing like crazy. Looking forward to my next lesson! #voiceover #narration #corporatenarration

Awesome coach and inspiration!

THANK YOU ANNE! IT’S AWESOME! LOVE IT! Thank you for being an awesome coach and inspiration.

Delivered More than Expected

Enjoyed last week’s class! You always start on time and deliver even more than expected. Thanks for paying it forward!

Friendly, professional, and efficient!

I just want to say I very much enjoyed this webinar with Anne Ganguzza tonight. She’s an excellent teacher – extremely friendly, professional and efficient. It was a great overview class about the field; and I particular loved learning that my particular personality, drive and skill sets fit the VO business like a glove. I’m more excited than ever to be pursuing this as a career now. Thank you Edge Studio! And many thanks to Anne for giving a great class!

Looking forward to more learning!

I really enjoyed your class on social media and look forward to learning more from you!

Marketing and Branding!

Learned a lot in my marketing and branding session with @aganguzza. I walked away with several new ideas to use in the coming year.

Looking forward to putting the ideas into practice

Thanks again for a great class…Looking forward to putting the ideas into practice.

Exceptional Master Class

Many thanks for an exceptional master class! It gave me many new ideas to use as I ease my way back into the VO market. Added to that your inspiring “how-to’s” of handling social media will be very valuable.

Best Choice I've Ever Made for my Business!

Working with Anne Ganguzza was the best choice I made for my business and I am so proud of what we accomplished together. Anne is amazing because she gives her students everything she has to make us not just stronger in the areas she is coaching us in, but to make us better able to work for our own clients in every way a voice talent has to provide service. I started working with Anne because I needed a commercial coach. In addition to teaching me to engage in commercial copy in a conversational and relatable way, Anne helped me to overhaul the technology that I was using, pushed me to consider different software choices, helped me connect with other voiceover professionals who I could seek guidance from, worked with me on branding and marketing for my business, prepared me for my demo, helped with script selection… I could write an article and not a blurb, but I will be forever grateful to have had the opportunity to train with the one and only Anne Ganguzza. She is extremely smart and highly talented and I feel blessed to call myself her student!

Clear, helpful, and supportive

“Thank you again for my fantastic demo! I’m incredibly excited about where this will lead me next. I just wanted to write and say again how much I’ve enjoyed working with you. You’re teaching technique was extremely clear, helpful, and supportive. Thank you for all of your help!”

Valuable Resource for Online Training

Anne is a valuable resource for our online training and education projects. She always delivers timely and error free scripts and voice overs that engage our audience from beginning to end. Anne’s attention to detail and pronunciation of difficult terms in medical and IT are impressive. SilkWeb highly recommends Anne Ganguzza for any organization looking for professional script writing and voice talent.

Buff up my brand!

Needless to say you have inspired me…It was a pleasure meeting with you over the past couple of days. I really enjoyed your presentation at Edge Studios. Needless to say you have inspired me to add more to my Linked In site to accent my Voice Acting as I have more to include and will “buff up” my brand.

Like a boss!

“Anne’s services came highly recommended for some needed VO business consulting, as my career needed a boost, and Anne Ganguzza is the VO Boss Lady of social media, strategy and marketing. One thing I lacked was a solid corporate demo, and with Anne’s expert coaching, direction, and narration know-how, I now have a spectacular new Corporate Narration demo! And I couldn’t be happier – the experience was productive and enriching, and I think this truly captures 100% the real me. Working with Anne is fun, inspiring, and eye-opening, and I know we’ll do more in the future. Many, many thanks! I know this is going to help me reach higher rungs on that VO ladder. Like a Boss! Who ya gonna call? Ganguzza!

Pure Social media Knowledge!

A creative gleam of pure social media knowledge! Wow, I thought I understood how to market on social media, but boy was I surprised. After a phenomenal class with Anne I now realize just how much I needed to know. Possession of the knowledge is one thing, but using it is a totally different one. Thanks Anne, and vopeeps I look forward to blasting social media with my new weapons.

Caring individual who knows the VO Industry!

I want to tell you how much I appreciated our time together today. As a performer and director myself, I am keenly aware that rarely will the two entities mix as well as what I experienced during our recording session today. You are not only a very caring individual who knows the VO industry well, but you don’t leave a stone unturned when it comes to specific direction – while allowing individual expression in the hands (and voice) of the “talent.” It’s a tightrope, and you walk it well. You are a very special individual – and I am most pleased to have made your acquaintance.

Honest and invaluable advice

I had the great pleasure of attending two of your talks at the One Voice Conference last weekend and thoroughly enjoyed listening to your honest and invaluable advice. Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Elearning, Explainer animations and Corporate videos are my bread and butter, so what you spoke about was particularly relevant to me. In fact, I also put your rates advice to the test yesterday and negotiated a very good deal with a new client. The recording’s in the can and both parties are happy!

Top Notch Marketing Knowledge

Anne is a wonderful instructor. Her marketing knowledge is top notch. She generously gave extra time to all of us in her VOAtlanta X-Session.

You Reignited My Drive

Thank You for re-igniting my drive…I wanted to Thank You once again for all of your guidance and tips. I learned a lot and am thinking differently about how to approach the business side of the industry as far as branding myself and going to more networking opportunities like the workshop and other types of gatherings…

Anne Ganguzza is a powerful force in the voiceover business.

She is a
talented voice artist, technology genius and social media marketing
master. Anne has a great ear and radiant personality. From communicating
with your customers to training your employees, Anne Ganguzza is a
great choice (and voice) for your business.

Anne Ganguzza is one of the top voice talents in the business.

Anne Ganguzza is one of the top voice talents in the business. She has a
wide variety of range and a true talent. And best of all she goes above
and beyond to meet pressured deadlines and is a delight to work with.

Anne is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with.

Anne is absolutely FANTASTIC to work with. I couldn’t be happier with
my demo because Anne worked so closely with me to ensure it highlighted
all my strengths. Not only that, she took into consideration the current
trends so I can be that much more marketable. Thank you Anne!!   I
can’t wait to get this up on my website and start shopping around for

Anne is a genius at this genre.

Anne is a genius at this genre. She knew when the demo needed some
emotion, when to be matter-of-fact, when to show off complicated
language skills, and when to be easy and conversational. I’m incredibly
proud of our collaboration on this demo.

You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your expertise!

You pack more in a 15 minute consultation than most people do in an hour
presentation! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your

Anne brought out the absolute best in me.

Anne brought out the absolute best in me. Her no-nonsense, professional,
direction was straight forward and motivating at the same time. Over
the sessions she helped me elevate my understanding of this wonderful
and challenging business and I am so grateful to have her as a coach and
will continue to use her valuable services. Thanks again Anne, you’re a

Worth every penny and I feel better already!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! You are so knowledgeable and
easy to work with! Worth every penny and I feel better already!

Anne Ganguzza = Consistency + Terrific Performance + Versatility + Great Attitude.

Anne Ganguzza = Consistency + Terrific Performance + Versatility + Great
Attitude. Check my math. From our PBS programs to movie premieres to
corporate image videos, she always delivers and is now our top female VO
artist. Trust me or call me. 732-780-9200.

Working with Anne was a delight from start to finish.

Working with Anne was a delight from start to finish. I wasn’t just
looking for a demo producer, I was looking for someone who knew the
specific genres really well and could help me strategically create a
demo to hit all the key points of that genre, and that is exactly what I
found in Anne. 

Fell in love with Anne’s voice instantly

We auditioned for a voice for our IVR and fell in love with Anne’s voice
instantly. Working with her on our project made me lag behind a bit.
She answered promptly on whatever requests we’ve thrown at her, shown
initiative recording several takes for us to choose from and basically
took me by surprise when I’ve got my final result in no time, while
providing great quality. All in all, we will definitely choose her again
for our voice needs.

I can’t recommend Anne highly enough!

I can’t recommend Anne highly enough! Her work far exceeded our
expectations, and she demonstrated incredible responsiveness and
professionalism every step of the way. She’s personable, sharp and
really, really talented.

My mind is buzzing!

Thank you for your brilliant talk at the One Voice Conference just now. My mind is buzzing!

You are fantastic!

You are fantastic! I wanted to contact you because we had another
opportunity for you to record a voiceover for our client – They really
love your voice!

Will definitely use her again!