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Love Love Love This Stuff

FIVE SCENTZ has the best natural bug spay I have ever used, now it's all we use in my family. We keep one in the car, the beach bag and the family cottage. They make a great summer gift too!

I absolutely Love the rose scented body spray and even catch my husband using it as a room scent.

But my all time favorite, FIVE SCENTZ product is the lip balm, it just doesn't get any better, so many great scents to choose from but my favorite is honey cinnimun.

Do yourself a favorite and get some of these fabulous products and don't foget friends and family.

Double Blessing

I've used Double Blessing oil in my position as Apostle to the Nation's, on 3 continents. Literally hundreds of people have been blessed doubbly by the amazing aroma and the accompanying Holy Spirit visitation. Highly recommended!