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ArchiLab 7

Caxton House, 22 St. John's Hill,
Sevenoaks , TN13 3NP
United Kingdom
01732 240507


So pleased with all the design options for refurbishment and extension of our family house being a Grade II listed building. 


Gorgeous [design]! A pleasure to look at, and that's only on paper!


We really like the proposed design, It seems very nice, coherent and harmonious. With great use of space.


“The designs […} are so creative - I never would have
thought of some of the options. You have given me much to think about!”


am so excited to start this project with your help!”

Structural Engineer

“I had the
pleasure to collaborate with Architect Amiina Bakunowicz on different projects
on the south-eastern coast of Sardinia, Italy. In each of the projects
I could observe and appreciate her passion for every single detail, her
willingness to exchange views and find out the best solutions, the originality
of her ideas, her meticulous search for innovative proposals. 

Especially during collaboration on the renovation of the villa in Torre delle
Stelle, I had a chance to experiment the attention to details and the patient
search for best solutions Amiina pours into her work. 

What was once a ruin, has been converted with persistence and dedication into a
luxury villa masterfully inserted in the surrounding environment. Works started
under her flawless supervision: she has supervised the builders laying even the
tiniest of the tiles, taking care of all details at all levels. The result is
amazing and the photos on her website can only give a slight idea of it. The
villa has to be seen personally to appreciate its peculiarity and its perfect
coherence with the surrounding landscape. 

I strongly recommend her. “

“Ho avuto il piacere di collaborare con l’architetto Amiina Bakunovicz per
diversi progetti nel litorale sud est della provincia di Cagliari, in ogni
progetto ho avuto modo di notare ed aprezzare la passione per ogni minimo
dettaglio del progetto, la disponibilità a confrontarsi per trovare le
soluzioni migliori, la novità delle idee progettuali, la meticolosa ricerca di
proposte innovative. 

Soprattutto nella collaborazione per la ristrutturazione della casa sulla costa
di Torre delle stelle, ho potuto toccare con mano la passione per i dettagli e
la paziente ricerca delle migliori soluzioni, che Amiina riversa nel suo
lavoro. Questo ex rudere è stato trasformato con pazienza ed impegno in una
residenza lussuosa inserita in maniera magistrale nell’ambiente circostante.
Sono iniziati i lavori sotto la sua supervisione e devo dire che è stata impeccabile.
Ha seguito gli operai fino all'ultima "mattonella", curandone ogni
dettaglio ad ogni livello. Il risultato è qualcosa di stupefacente che può
essere colto solo in parte dalla visione delle fotografie nel suo sito, ma
merita di essere vissuta per apprezzarne tutte le particolarità della casa
stessa e del suo legame con il paesaggio circostante. 

La consiglio vivamente.”


“The sketches are amazing! You have
been really imaginative.”

“We have discussed the final options…
We like them all!”

MD Spatial Dimensions Ltd.

“If you are
looking to work with a forward thinking, customer centric architects practice,
then I would highly recommend the fabulous team at ArchiLab7.”


“Thank you very much for your work! The drawings look
so wonderful!”


“Все очень красиво!”


professional & efficient I would highly recommend ArchiLab 7. Loved the
flexible payment system & the great level of communication which went way
beyond our initial consultation. 

Amiina is an incredibly talented, forward thinking architect, as well as being
a strong project manager with great managerial & communication skills. 

Amiina is able to deliver a high quality, bespoke and personable service,
creatively translating your vision into an impressive reality. I can't
recommend her enough.”


“we're very excited to go ahead with our kitchen
project with your help!”

“…we're having a lot of fun looking through them!


“Your plans gave me a lot of food for

Services Engineer

“I would
like to highly reccommend architect Amiina Bakunowicz who has beautifully
refurbished and extended a ruin of a villa nestling among the rocks above the
Mediterranean sea. She did it without imposing onto the breathtaking panorama
of the sea and Sardinian coast line... There is a stunning entrance througn the
path between the natural rocks and and sunken infinity edge swimmping pool with
the glass walls. This was my first time working with Amiina. At the begining I
underestimated the project thinking it was a straight forward one. However
after some time I saw the complexity of it and Amiina proved to be an architect
up to the challenge and very competent. Slowly step by step she has perfectly
managed the works from the beginning to completion despite multiple statutory,
structural and other design challenges. I would like to highlight Amiina's
professionalism and competence in her work and say thank you for giving me this
opportunity to work on this project together.”


“Vorrei fare i
complimenti all’architetto Amiina Bakunovicz che ha ristrutturato e ampliato in
maniera imponente di una villa incastonata nelle rocce senza turbare
minimamente il panorama con una vista mare mozzafiato….. Bellissimo l'ingresso
raggiungibile da un piccolo sentiero interno alle rocce con una meravigliosa
piscina a sfioro con pareti in cristallo. con L’architetto Bakunovicz non ho
mai lavorato prima di questa ristrutturazione, all’inizio pensavo fosse molto
semplice, ma lavorandoci mi sono accorto che è una ragazza piena di idee e
molto competente nel suo lavoro, ha seguito passo passo i lavori e gli operai
che lavoravano all’interno senza tralasciare niente al caso. Ha saputo gestire
i lavori malgrado tutte le complicazioni che sono sorte senza creare disagi….
Consiglio l’architetto Bakunovicz in quanto molto competente nel suo lavoro e
ringrazio per avermi dato un opportunità di lavorare al suo fianco.”


“I have found
Archilab7 a great architects to work with. I have found Amiina innovative
imaginative and stylish; she has really excelled in paying attention to the
details of my project and converting my rough ideas into a reality. I would
highly recommend Achilab7 and I look forward to working again with them on my
next project.”


professional with some really innovative designs.”