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Nova Argan

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Amazing results!

Love the argan oil! Been using the argan oil for few days now and I can already see the amazing results. It makes my skin looks flawless and definitely have improved my skin 👍

Have giving me a best result to my eyes bags!

Hi ..just wanted to give a feedback on your argan oil product...I in with it,have giving me a best result to my eyes bags..n complexion look flawless until my long times friend that have not meet me for long time..says u looking more prettier..n looking younger..even the whole day I look great..without make up

Great for eczema

I have been using this oil for 4 weeks now and have seen a marked improvement on my skin. My face has a natural glow and the backs of my hands look so much younger. I have dry skin and patches of eczema and this oil has really helped keep it more supple and moisturised without the heavy sticky feelings you get with creams and lotions.

Love this compared to other brands!

I've used Josie Maran and Melvita, but Nova Argan has to be my favorite brand to use so far! From the moment you open this and touch the oil, you can tell the immediately difference in quality. In comparison to the other brands, this one is even more silky, rich to the touch and absorbs a lot better than others!

Please don't stop making this Argan oil

My daughter has been in and out of the Dermatologist office for the past two years. Nothing would clear up her skin until she started using this oil. This product along with a thorough facial cleansing 2x a day has completely cleared up her face. This Argan oil absorbs very fast than other oils. I will definitely buy this product again. I was so afraid of breakouts, but just the opposite occurred. Her skin was so dry due to alcohol based products suggested by the dermatologist. Now just a good cleaning with cetaphil and then Argan oil has made a dramatic difference.

A treasure for the skin and hair. Love it so much.

This oil works absolute wonders.

This is a great oil. I use it in my hair, which is long and gets a bit dry at times. I also use this on my face. It makes a huge difference in my skin almost instantly. Before I am done apply my makeup I can see the oil has worked into wrinkles as well as lifted my skin. I am beginning to look younger and as if I have had a face life. My hair is softer and easier to comb through also. You can rest assured you are getting the real thing....100% pure & organic Argan oil when ordering Nova Argan. I hope I never have to go without this product.

Fabulous find!

So that is what raw Argan Oil is supposed to smell like. I bought one brand online (mistake) and tried another brand in-store, but something wasn't quite right. Nice to finally have my hands on the real thing.

I love Argan oil

I love Nova argan oil. I use it mostly for my hair but found also that its good to use on the face as treatment before going to bed and in the morning you wake up with a nice glow 

Excellent Quality Argan Oil - Will Buy Again!

I love your argan oil. Compared to other natural oils I've used it makes my skin feel very soft and supple. I add a few drops to my hair conditioner and it make brushing my hair so much easier

Works great as a facial moisturizer!

This oil works great as a facial moisturizer! I do a lot outside- running, etc, it was starting to really show on my face. Especially since I got into my 40’s. I don’t like ointments, don’t really mind aging, but the dryness was harsh, and this softens my skin incredibly! It doesn’t hurt that it also seems to be decreasing the smile lines around my eyes slightly, and I might start adding it to my conditioner to see if that helps with the dry ends - the weather is hard on hair too.
I use just a couple drops at night and rub it in gently but well, and it really makes a difference!

5 stars!!

I have tried my fair share of Argan Oil and have never liked either the smell or the feeling of it on my skin or hair. This is very lightweight, has a natural smell that is pleasant. Packaging was on point. I use it on my face and hair.

It's L-O-V-E

I use it for my hair and skin, and I love this. So I have problematic skin, it flakes and also has acne. This product helped with the flaking, and hasn't made my acne worse. I add a drop to my acne lotion to prevent it from drying my skin out, and it works wonders to manage my acne. Doesn't clog my pores either, unless you don't wash it off every day. It makes my hair super soft and shiny, and I don't even use conditioner because conditioner makes me break out on my neck and back.
also, sometimes if it gets really dry outside, I add a bit of this in my foundation or primer to help avoid flakes of skin from showing up.

Great Multi-purpose oil!!

Alhamdulillah......I been using Argan Oil for face & hair skin more softer & fresh....I dont need to applied makeup....senang juga kalau nak ambil wudhu....I'm back with my natural beauty.....Just washing with my Hai-O Marine Essence Beauty Bar & ARGAN Oil ( Both Multi-purpose) Google & get to know more about the product will never regret of using it & it's pure 100% Organic. 
I Luv it so much & the price is affordable.

Fantastic on my hair and scalp

This Argan oil is fantastic on my hair and scalp. It truly helps my hair grow thicker and healthier. I've been using this oil for over a year and it is now a staple in my hair care regime

Great product.

I purchased this product for my mother and it worked great on her skin. She had blemishes on her skin which started lightening after she started using this oil. Thank you so much. I wish I could have purchased it before for her.

Much better than the argan oil I bought in Morocco!

I was first introduced to argan oil in Marrakesh in Morocco in 2009, and since then I have only used shampoos and conditioners with argan oil. However I had a bad experience with using the oil on my face, that I had bought during my vacation in Morocco. So it was ten years now before I tried it again and I love it. It feels amazing on the skin, and I have used it on my face, and whole body. I can't tell yet (it's been 3 weeks) if it has changed my skin, but whenever I put in on, my skin looks more supple. This brand of organic oil feels much better quality than the oils I bought straight from Morocco!

Makes my skin looks flawless

Love this argan oil! Been using the argan oil for few days now and I can already see the amazing results. It makes my skin looks flawless and definitely have improved my skin