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Ari Ciment MD FCCP Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician

4302 Alton Road
Miami Beach, Florida , 33140

Resident Working With Dr Ciment

Dr. Ciment is my favorite doctor

Very pleased with Dr. Ciment and Mount Sinai Hospital

Recommends Dr. Ciment everytime

Best COPD Care in Miami Beach

Dr. Ciment saved my life! Best doctor in Miami beach.

A special doctor

Dr. Ciment is a terrific doctor.  I"ve seen many doctors over the years but none of them seemed to take the time to care for me.  Dr. Ciment is very patient and gives me excellent care and attention.  His office staff is very friendly and they are very attentive to my needs.  If you are looking for the right doctor in the Miami area I highly recommend Dr. Ciment.