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Art by Ami

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Amazing experience 2.0

Ok, so this was my second workshop with Ami, beyond mix..first being with alcohol inks.....n must tell how super professional, detailed n exciting class it was! Ami..u make an excellent teacher with all that patience u put in to explain n sort out queries asked. The best place to learn as a beginner!! Thank u Ami..❤ I hope I make my teacher proud soon😉

Really pretty clock!

The clock looks great on the wall. It is really pretty. 😍
The look of alcohol inks is beautiful. Overall love it and definitely makes the wall look prettier.

Amazing session

I've taken part in both resin and alcohol inks workshop and it definitely was one of the best art workshops I've attended. Love the way Ami shares her experience and how she patiently answers all our queries. If you are someone who is new to this art medium and would like a guided session...her workshops are definitely goiy to help you ❤️.

Beautiful piece of art

Thank you so much Ami for the lovely wall art. It was so beautiful....
Thank you for bringing all those colours that I wanted. It was wonderfully blended. I really loved the way you took care of each detail. Thank you.....

Looks gorgeous

Hey Ami, thank you so much for wonderful hand made clock of resin, it looks gorgeous. Its so attractive and draws alot of attention of my patients at my clinic. Will recommend to everyone.

Absolutely Beautiful Clock!!

Hey Ami!!
The clock is absolutely very gorgeous. It looms very pretty since its handmade with the beautiful resin colors . Loved your work!
Thank you


Hey Ami… Absolutely loved the art piece…. The tray and coasters… they were elegant… happy to receive it as gift

Alcohol ink workshop

Firstly i joined this workshop as it covered almost all the patterns & it was very a detailed workshop. Ami is such a sweet person , who teaches with so much patience.. She is such an expert & so easily she can do all kind of art. We practiced all the patterns in workshop, & she cleared all my doubts.. Plus she provided us a pdf with all the links of materials in detail, we dont have to look for anything else.. she also sent recorded session of the class for practicing.. i am really happy with this workshop.. it’s worth the money..❤️😍

Amazing experience

Thank u Ami fr an amazing workshop on alcohol inks. Appreciate u fr being so patient wth all the queries. Such detailed, clear teachings u give. Thoroughly enjoyed both days..Productive yet relaxing. U r awesome at ur art...hope I mk my teacher proud someday 😉😄

Alcohol Ink Art

Ami has an excellent range of techniques to share. The class was very detailed and lot of fun. Ami teaches all techniques very meticulously and patiently. Not only alcohol ink techniques but details about best products to use, optimal temperature conditions for the artwork etc were also shared. Hope to master the art like Ami soon!


Hey Ami.. Thank you very much for that beautiful piece of art... Everyone absolutely loved it and many enquired about the same...!! Way to go...🥰 Your way of dealing a customer is that amazing . Asking my opinion before each and every step made me feel like I am part of the entire making process... Love you for that and You deserves the Customer Friendly Award of the Year 😀😀😀😀

Wall clock

Thank you so much Ami for this beautiful art ....i really like the colors and the is going with my room ❤️...loved it.

Inks meet Resin workshop

It was an amazing workshop
Thank you so much Ami
Each and everything was explained so nicely ☺️
The PDF which you've shared also contains so much information
Thank you once again 💕
Love attending your workshops 💗

Great learning experience

Spent two very productive afternoons learning basics of alcohol ink from Ami. Enjoyed the sessions thoroughly and the hands on experience of trying to put what was being taught into action was really amazing. Thanks Ami for sharing your knowledge. Loved the workshop 😊


Ami is very passionate about what she does & she transfers the same passion to her workshop attendees. She didn’t hold back any information about how she creates this magic with alcohol inks. The workshop was precise with adequate information passed on to us on where to buy and what to buy. I am happy to have learnt this art form from Ami.

Alcohol Ink workshop

Amazing workshop! Loved it! Ami is a great instructor! The way she taught all the techniques and took care of even the most minute pointers was incredible. She gave individual attention to every candidate inspite of it being an online session. Great experience! Would definitely recommend!

Resin art workshop

Awesome time spent learning new techniques of resin art work. Thank u so much Ami. Had an awesome time.

Resin art workshop

Awesome time spent learning new techniques of resin art work. Thank u so much Ami. Had an awesome time.


Doing the workshop was such a great experience with Ami. She is so good at explaining all the details, calm and professional. Best of all she is so patient with all the questions you ask her. She is amazing and absolutely love her work.

Resin art workshop

Thank you so much for clear my all doubts patiently…it was really a nice experience to do a workshop with you…I like your calm nature too…really it’s a worth to join with you…I have already done your alcohol ink workshop too…that was also nice experience to explore something new in art work…once again than you so much🥰

Wall clocks by Ami

I asked her to create 3 different types of wall clocks for our hall and bedrooms.
And what a lovely outcome!!!
Gorgeous finish, eye catchy art, extremely professional approach!
Love your work Ami! Thanks a lot!

Alcohol inks workshop

I had fun attending this workshop! Ami is patient and gives instant feedback. Look forward to the next!

Totally loved it!

Truth to be told, i had a great experience with with ami and also sessions covered all that is needed to start off with alcohol art. Ami was so patient and i can get to clear my doubts without any hesitation.

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was my first online workshop, so I was a little nervous and confused about how it would be. But when I saw Ami with a pleasant face and cool nature I felt so good and super comfortable. It was like I totally get into the beautiful art and it was a wonderful experience. Didn't realize how that 2.30 hrs passed. She teaches all the techniques, tips, and tricks very well. And keeps interacting and taking care of each student. I've liked the workshop very much and I wish to do the Resin workshop too..

Amazing Alcohol Ink workshop by Ami

I literally enjoyed both sessions! It was very much fun learning this new art and trying my hands first time on Alcohol inks ! You are a great teacher !! Thanks a lot! 😍

Lovely workshop!

Amazing workshop! So well planned and thought of. Ami indeed has some insane talent! She’s so patient, so friendly and keeps encouraging you throughout the workshop and gives attention to everyone.
Perfect way to spend the weekend learning.


A very systematic, professional at d same time friendly approach of imparting knowledge.. extremely clearly stated information about every element v used.. it's pros n cons.. ur experience gave us a heads-up... Thankx Ami...

Alcohol ink worshop

Firstly I would like to thank Ami for being so accommodating.. I was unable to attend the workshop and she was kind enough to allow me attend the workshop at another date.. Ami is such a wonderful teacher.. she has lots of patience and dedication to make sure each one of us understood different techniques.. would recommend her highly for fun and informative learning workshops

Northern Lights Clock

Thanks to Ami for her passion and expertise - really loved the way she kept checking at every stage of the creation and also created a customised art when the reference image was a print! The finished clock looks great - really unique and exactly what I had in mind.

Loved it

I recently attended the awesome resin art workshop with Ami. She is an amazing teacher and taught everything from basics to advanced with patience and clarity. She guided us throughout the process and personally attended to each one of us.

Alcohol ink workshop

Such an amazing workshop✨
lots of learning ...very well explained with smile and patience...😄
Highly recommended Ami...ur expertise and experience both helping your students and easing out the fear and confusions ...🌟

Resin art workshop

It was amazing..Ami was quite patient with all my doubts 🙈
She made the whole understanding process very easy..looking forward to learn other things from her as well

Fluid Art workshop

The workshop was a stress’s the fun messy medium of creating some wonderful art work..Ami is patient and learn from..My paint buddy was my 3 ur old daughter and she enjoyed the workshop as much as I did.. thank u Ami ..more love and power to you..looking forward to learning more from you..

Fluid Art Therapy

Workshop was very informative and interesting. Ami was very patient. Had amazing evening. It was a great initiative in such tough time.
Thanks Ami

Beautiful coasters

I recently ordered a set of Terrazzo coasters made by Ami for my sister. She was amazing and went through the process of ordering and delivering so smoothly even in lockdown times. Her artwork has always inspired me, but now that I own one of her works, I really know what makes her art so special. Thank you once again Ami.


Ami made the most perfect clock that fits beautifully on the wall where it has to be put up - it’s unique , perfectly tailored to my needs and vision and certainly stands out from all options available out there ! I absolutely love it... thank you

Alcohol Ink workshop

Hey Ami, it was indeed an amazing experience to learn something out of comfort zone. The way you thought all the techniques was so easy to understand as a beginner. Workshop was thoroughly worth the time and money. Thank you so much, looking forward to attend many more workshops with you.


This workshop is all what you need if you are a beginner like me and she taught all the tricks and techniques with utmost patience and tbh she is a fabulous motivator you will get to know. I am so happy that I attended her alcohol ink workshop

The best mentor to learn resin art!

Ami is a gem! She has spent a lot of time learning these art forms and makes sure to pass on the knowledge in her workshops. She is punctual right from delivering the kits, to sending invites, to conducting sessions on time, to sending recordings. I absolutely love the way she deals with everyone patiently and ensures to pay personal attention to each and every participant. If you wanna learn alcohol inks or resin, I would highly recommend attending workshops with Ami! I have take three sessions on two different art forms and I can confidently say that I have learnt a lot from her. The plus point is even after the workshop, you can approach Ami with queries and for suggestions, and she will happily guide you. Thank you for being the best teacher Ami! 😊

Wonderful workshop

Thanks a lot Ami for the wonderful workshop. Learnt a lot. Thank you ❤️

Resin Art Workshop on May 1 and 2

Thank you Ami for a wonderful workshop. You are a fabulous teacher and very patient with all our questions. After attending your workshop, I am confident of exploring the Resin art world on my own. Thank you for an exciting weekend.

A fun and easy to follow session

After being intrigued by resin, I wanted to try my hand at it. And I found the best teacher to start. Ami is extremely patient and explained the nuances of resin art so well. You can’t find a better teacher than Ami!

Great learning

Had a very good experience with Ami. Way of explanation of every technique is satisfactory. Very inspirational and knowladgable teacher.The pace is suitable for beginners. She provided links for material buying. Best part is tutorial video for future uses. Excellent classes by Ami!!

Alcohol ink workshop

Ami loved the work shop and the way you teach is fantastic... You keep your patience and keep all in the loop... Thank you for teaching me????

Alcohol ink workshop

It was fun learning workshop with you Ami❤️. Enjoyed learning all the techniques for alcohol ink. Very well explained workshop with all tips and tricks???? It was worth every minute of the workshop. May you keep growing, lots of love❤️

Alcoholic Ink art

Attended 2 days alcohol workshop with Ami. i was little sceptical for attending 1st time online workshop but hands down to this mentor who has very good command over work. Difficult things made easier and she explained everything with ease and fluently. It was lot of fun and i am greatful to her for teaching this and i feel confident about what i learnt from her. looking forward for more sessions with you Ami.
May you soar higher and higher in this passionate journey of art.

Alcohol ink workshop ❤️

Attended an alcohol ink workshop today by Ami ma'am . It was totally worth the time and efforts. Too happy with the outcome :)) She's a great mentor seriously !! She teaches soooo patiently with details for everything and keeps interacting with each one of them and makes the workshop fun loving . I truly enjoyed a lot :)
Thank you so much Ma'am ????❤️
Excited to show you my new ink artworks after practising well ????

Alcohol Inks 2 day workshop

Learning to create art with alcohol inks under Ami was a delightful experience.
Exploring the various nuances of the medium with helpful tips and expert guidance made the whole process enjoyable. Ami’s personal attention and encouragement to each and every participant goes a long way in building up the confidence of a first timer like me.
Her easy manner, approachability and detailed instructions made the class fun interesting and very fulfilling! Kudos to your teaching skills, Ami.... hooked on this!! More power to you!!

Amazing workshop by Dr Ami.

Alcohol ink art form is not at all as easy as it seems to be. But Ami made it quite simpler for me. She was very patient and paid personal attention to all of the participants. This art form is something I tried for the first time and this 2 day workshop was so much fun. Really looking forward to improve myself with the tips given by Ami.


Attended both resin and alcohol ink workshop and totally loved the result. Ami is such a amazing tutor, she explains everything so nicely and patiently , and the best part is she gives personal attention to each and every student. Totally loved the way the it was conducted.
Looking forward to attend more such workshops by Ami.
Thanks a ton..!

Alcohol ink workshop

Ami really teaches you from the scratch; basics of materials to the techniques and makes sure we understand every bit of it and do it as good as we can do. She motivates and smilingly answers everything n number of times ! She is approachable even after the workshop and helps us improve every time. She makes things simpler and makes workshop a fun experience! I would surely recommend her !! Thank you so much Ami! ????

Resin art workshop

Attended resin art workshop by ami..
She explained everything very patiently. Love the way she teaches..looking forward to do more workshops by ami.
Totally happy with the outcome ????

Best at what she does

I had my first online resin art class. The results i got is unbelievable and i must tell you it felt like we are having a physical class. She will give attention to everyone and explains everything in so much depth. Go for it and enjoy a learn form of art.


I had been pondering since a long time to do resin art and finally got a chance to do . Ami ma'am taught us so so well ????❤️. She is one of the best Mentors . Her teaching and guidance made us learn at ease and have fun too . I'm really glad that I joined this workshop . Looking for many more ahead !!!
Thank you ????❤️

Resin Art Workshop

Thank you so much Ami for the wonderful 2 day Workshop!!
It was great learning from you online too..
You have given each one of us a great personal attention and didn’t feel
Like it was online . The way you explained the details of materials to the technique to how to correct it and that too n number of times and being patient with us is commendable!!
You are an amazing teacher !
You are really approachable!!
I would surely recommend your workshop!!
Thank you once again!


Highly Recommended Resin Art Masterclass!

Ami’s resin masterclass was my first time working with resin and a week into it, I already feel confident enough to experiment by myself.. thank you, Ami!! Over and above the excellent contents of the sessions and Ami’s thorough, engaging, fun and encouraging style of conducting them, she is very prompt and pro-active in resolving any issues one faces - right from material procurement prior to the class to patiently answering queries and providing feedback/suggestions after it.
As a beginner and non-artist, it was the perfect foray into resin art and I would 100% recommend taking her masterclass!! :)


I learnt alcohol ink art by Ami. She is ab excellent teacher with an excellent talent. I recommend to people must take class from ART BY AMI Mam. She gives attention to all the students individually and says to enjoy with everything these things i loved the most about her.
Thankyou so much Ami ❣️

Thank you Ami

My first time with Alcohol Ink & I thoroughly enjoyed it..Your explanations of the concept & the techniques, the way you addressed our concerns regarding the art made the sessions interesting & lively..The art of Alcohol Ink became more easy & doable thanks to you..It's a pleasure & honor to have you as a teacher & mentor.. Thank you Ami.


I attended Alcohol Ink Art workshop by Ami. She explained all the concepts so well and patiently. Just love the way she had taught us. Looking forward to attend more workshops with her.

Fun Learning ????

I was planning to learn alcohol ink art for a . It’s not that easy as it looks. But ami is very good. She explained all the concepts and techniques very clearly. Cleared all the doubts. Encouraged to try more. It was a fun two days workshop. I enjoyed a lot.


Classes with Ami have been so worthwhile! Ami has an amazing way of breaking things down so that they are understandable, and always keeping it light and fun.
I have been learning Alcohol inks from Ami this summer and it has been a great experience. She is a very thoughtful teacher who puts a lot of thought into how she presents the material. Her lessons were engaging, useful, and she was very patient with everyone in class always encouraging her students to try. I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in learning for inks.
Thank you so much Ami.

Best Alcohol inks masterclass!!

Don’t be in a doubt for opting her classes!!
I have been looking for alcohol inks and a way into this art since 4 years, but I couldn’t find supplies and a way to start it. I attended quite a few classes by other artists as well, but this one has the most detailed techniques. Ami explains everything with all the details. Patiently answers all the questions, so far the best artist to coach new students. Thanks ami for a wonderful session.

Alcoholic inks

Alcoholic inks workshop day 1 was such a fun and something really new for me. I specially loved the way Ami was guiding and encouraging all of us. She is an amazing instructor. Had real fun and informative session with her.


I attended Alcohol Ink Art workshop by Ami. She explained all the concepts so well and patiently. Just love the way she had taught us. Looking forward to attend more workshops with her.


I have taken almost three workshops with Ami and I am always mesmerized with the way she teach. Love the way how she asks everytime about how the work is going on and make you do best at your attempts.
Thank you❤Ami


Great medium to learn. Ami is very patient and talented, looks into everyone's work personally and encourages the progress. All the best Ami


Ami is such an amazing teacher... She taught all the techniques so patiently and answered all the queries with a smile.... Her motivation and encouragement kept me going... Highly recommended class for everyone who love to play with colours...

With Lots of Love
Tarushi Tibrewala


Ami is an excellent instructor. The training module for the Alcohol ink art for the first day was good paced and easy to understand for beginners like me. Looking forward to attending more workshops with her!

Alcohol ink workshop

Ami is a very good teacher. I learnt new tricks and techniques on how to use inks and play with it. She answers all your queries with a smile. Thank you Ami.❤️


So this was my first session with Ami and I would put it simply that is an amazing teacher, whatever she taught is quite awesome and I am in love with this new technique too. Plus I ll recommend to join her class as you will fall in love with two stuff , firstly the art work secondly the artist smile❤


This is my first workshop, and I found it so amusing that I kept on trying even after the classes ended. I loved it thoroughly, and Ami you taught us so efficiently regarding the alchohol ink blending, I'm just in love with this new art.. Thank you so much. Hoping to learn more new art forms from you.

Fluid art , resin and ink workshops

Amazing teacher and wonderful artist ... she makes you understand every little thing .. it is my luck to be her student...God bless her always..????????

Fluid art workshop & resin art

This is my 2nd workshop with AMi and i must i am amazed again. Her session is always so organized and timely. Its such a smooth session and e learn so much. The fluid art and resin both are very good art forms and the workshop was apt for a beginner like me . Ami shares lots of tips and additional information that helps you sail through even after. Thanksalot ami again. I particularly enjoyed the resin art so so very much and enjoyed the project. Hope to join for the upcoming workshops with you :)

Alcohol in workshop

Thanks to ami..! I got to learn such a beautiful art so easily.. The way she taught was very nice i am in love with this medium now❤ thanku soo much


I attended the basic and advanced alcohol ink session. Tbh! I can't thank Ami enough for her guidance, effort and for introducing us to this therapeutic art form where there is no limit to our creativity!

Resin workshop 17/1/21

Ami is a brilliant artist she was presice in explaining out all the details as to how resin works and what kind of materials are to be used it wasa fun and interactive session will be taking this further for sure

Love Reshma

Awesome art

Great artwork with minimalistic figures. It went great with modern design of my house

Fabulous Alcohol ink workshop

This was my very first Art based workshop. I always wanted to attend such workshops in my city, but never got a chance due to other commitments! Thanks to this WFH scenario due to Pandemic situation! I got this wonderful opportunity to attend her workshop! I came across her insta page accidentally and I enquired her about the workshop! She was so kind and sweet to answer ALL my queries with instant reply!
This Alcohol ink workshop for 3 days was truly therapeutic! This was worth the money and time! ♥️ Ami taught so many techniques and she was so patient to explain and demonstrate it multiple times! The workshop was planned in a very smooth way and she never hurried on any day. She wasn’t in a hurry to finish the workshop and wrap up (in spite of having a full time career - ????????‍⚕️)
Instead she gave us the time and waited for us till we got the technique right! She connected with each one of us and interacted so well!
Truly appreciate her creativity, knowledge and patience! ♥️ I will be attending more of her workshops! I absolutely loved this Alcohol ink workshop! I would recommend my friends to attend and experience the fun, creativity and relaxation!

3 day Inks Materclass

Hii mam the three days were the besttt and was soo informativee and your patience was really appreciablee i just loved the sessions to the coree
it was very outforward and clean and precise.All the best mam to reach more heightss and spread ur artss more and more????

The three day alcohol ink master class

I stumbled up on art by Ami's profile while browsing on instagram and immediately pinged her. She was very kind to reply to my queries immediately and clear all my inhibitions and doubts about the class being online.
During the three day workshop Ami patiently taught each technique and answered all the questions. She also repeated all the techniques when asked for.. especially the internet connectivity was very good the video and audio was very clear.
At the end of each class she provided a list and links of all vendors for the items used in the class and she also shared the video once the workshop was over.

All in all it was a completely worth the money and I throughly enjoyed myself as well as learnt all about the alcohol inks...
I would definitely take up any other workshops by Ami and strongly recommend her workshop to evrybody else as well...
Thank you so much Ami the workshop it was definitely worth my time..

Blue resin Coasters

I loved the coasters gifted by my sister..i just loved the texture and how it has been designed with shells in it..Blue vibrant colour and that white touch for sea effect is perfect! thank you


I searched for a decent clock for almost 2 months and none of them seemed good enough to my friend whom I wanted to give it to. But then, somehow thanks to digital marketing I came across this page on Instagram, Art by Ami and damn, the moment I saw the clocks, I sent the pics to my friend and the first reaction was " woooooow. Yes thissss! "

Although a bit skeptic of online shopping, Ami was always there to answer my doubts and despite the delivery time of 12 days, I got in 6 days..
Ami again was very patient and helpful with all the doubts I had regarding few more things and helped me till it was on the wall..

The clock is beautiful.. the paint, the quality everything is spectacular as on the website..
I'm glad I ordered from there.. and I will again in future..
Clock 10/10 and the customer service 11/10
Awesome experience :)

Alcohol inks workshop

Ami is a brilliant artist. She is very patient and helps you understand things in a simpler way. I attended the alcohol inks workshop and it was amazing. We learnt all about this artform and learnt different techniques too. The whole session was so so therapeutic. As part of the workshop you not only get to learn art but also create some super cool diy stuff fir your home. Looking fwd to attend more of her workshops.. thanks ami again :)

Loved it!

I attended resin art workshop. Ami explained things quite in detail and the session was interactive. Enjoyed the workshop very much and looking forward to indulge myself into this beautiful art with the guidance given by Ami. ????????

Amazing experience

I attended the Alcohol Inks DIY special workshop. The skills and patience Ami demonstrated while conducting the session were commendable. She explained every technique in detail, gave proper guidance and suggestions during the workshop. Plus, she is very punctual with the sessions. Art kits were delivered more than 10 days before the workshop and meeting link was sent a week in advance before the session to avoid last minute hassle. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the interactive and informative class. Can't wait to create more artwork with the techniques I have learnt and looking forward to attending Advanced masterclass in the future. Thank you so much Ami!!

Go for it :D

I opted for a 3 day class. And I should tell you that these three days were the best days of the year after lockdown started. Not only did I learn a new art form. It also made me happy to results. Ami is so patient and informative. If you you're double-minded about the class. Take my word and go for it.


I opted for the three day alcoholic inks workshop and I couldn't be happier. All the 3 days were amazing all because Ami, she made sure we had the best time. It was so much fun and equally so informative. Every single step was so clearly explained that you really don't need to ask again. She's very passionate and patient and would love to attend her other workshops if time permits. Over-all, had a blast and my best wishes to Ami! ☺️

Alcohol inks

This is my first and best workshop...I had great fun...the way u teach is so neat and clear...every step is detailed perfectly...thank you so much for the workshop????

Loved it

It's my second workshop with you and I loved it. Thankyou for being patient with each one of us and giving time to everyone. I'm glad to see you again. You are a wonderful teacher thankyou so much ????

Amazing Experience

I really enjoyed the workshop. The alchohol ink art was new to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ami is doing a fab job with the teaching. Didn’t realise how time flew by throughout the workshop. It is like therapy. Should definitely try out if your interested in learning new art skills

Alcohol inks

This is my first workshop... I had great fun and learnt something new and interesting... very much excited for tomorrow's class

Resin art workshop

Thank u.. It was a great session, beginner friendly and very interactive..

Resin and alcohol ink

I’ve done two of ami’s workshop. One was of alcohol inks and another one was of resin. I absolutely loved both the workshops. I had to leave the resin workshop early due to some problem and when I later asked ami if I could ask her some follow up questions regrading the workshop which I couldn’t ask at that time, she gladly agreed to it. Also, she teaches everything from the scratch and clears smallest of doubts. What I really liked about the workshop is the fact that even after the workshop, ami is always available to clean up doubts.

Apart from that, ami is really nice to talk to. Easily reachable and always helping.

Resin Art Workshop

Hi Ami. It was a wonderful session. Had a great time and learned a lot. Thank you.

Ocean theme

Hey ami
Its always great working with you
The techniques the ways you show is always easy and works well
The session is always informative and learnt alot of things thankyou

Advance workshop(alcohol ink)

Must say ami is a very sweet and patient by nature excellent workshop was wanting to learn since a long time thank u ami for getting me to know these techniques

Resin Coasters

I bought the Resin Coasters (6 hexagonal pieces) after getting referred by a friend. From keeping me updated about a delayed shipment (thanks, COVID!) to following up with updates, Ami was always on top of the order. And then I got the package, and the coasters are 10x better than what I expected!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!! Already planning my next purchase.
Thanks Ami!

Therapeutic fluid art workshop

It was my third workshop with Ami and i loved it again. It was lovely workshop and enjoyed each every bit of it . Ami taught some very cool techniques and one bonus technique which was so amazing.
If anyone wants a break from their hectic schedule do give this workshop a try !!

Alcohol ink workshop

It was a nice and helpful workshop Ami..I just loved the session and it was so clear that I had a clear understanding of alcohol inks.

Resin workshop

Nice workshop for beginners.. All things were explained in great detail, perfect attention was given to all the participants.. Pre and post workshop follow ups on whatsapp and email added to the convince

Superb experience

First i m not feeling that even i could do hands on alcohal inks but after your workshop it makes me so easy that i cant wait to try on and on. It was thurrily superb experience, i enjoyed a lot and you share so much information that my all myths are clear now. Once again thank u for this.

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was a lovey experience right from the time of enrolling. The entire kit came in less 5 days of booking. Very well assembled kit everything one needs for the class was there. Ami was super professional, and very prompt a what’s app group was made a day prior with all the necessary information, also a detailed email with the zoom link was sent.
During the class as well Ami had two set ups so that we could see her talk and another only focusing on her work, Eliminating the Continuous camera shifting. There were 15+ participants and Ami gave her full attention to each one of us explained every Technique slowly and repeatedly if required making sure everyone was able to do what she was teaching.
Totally loved the class and the experience.
Highly recommended Amis workshops. Total value for time & money
Thank you Ami for a wonderful experience.

Resin Art online workshop

I really enjoyed meeting Ami. She was very patient, explained all information and processes slowly and clear so it was easy to hear her and ask questions throughout. This was my first workshop via live video and it was great! I'm looking forward to more workshops with Ami. Highly recommended!

Great teacher!! Awesome techniques!!

I am a total newbie with alcohol ink and am amazed by the wonderful creations that are created by the flow of the ink. Ami showed me the techniques used to create layers and how to control the flow of the alcohol. The class was very affordable and I feel all techniques were covered. She is very attentive and explains in great detail all the different techniques!!!

Alcoholic ink beginners workshop by Ami

It was a great learning session for beginner. Thank you so much Ami for learning different techniques.

Beginners alcoholic ink art class

Ami you are really good at VC, you have made us understand very well. I like the way you asked each one to do art along with you and show you. I like doing art with you. It was really fun.

Excellent efforts

Enjoyed the session loved to try something new beyond the routine work

Beginners alcoholic ink art class

Ami you are really good at VC, you have made us understand very well. I like the way you asked each one to do art along with you and show you. I like doing art with you. It was really fun.

Amazing Workshop

I absolutely loved the workshop! Everything was explained so well and patiently, and it was just very fun to do this :)

Custom made wall clock

A very vibrant and aesthetically pleasing wall clock was designed and executed to perfection by Ami for our home.
Ami's passion for this form of art was evident in the zeal with which she conducted the alcohol art workshop that I attended. She has great communication skills and is a good teacher

Clock art

Ami is a thorough professional and has an amazing sense of styling a space. She gave wonderful inputs and was very receptive to our ideas. Thank you for the beautiful customised piece of art. Grateful and delighted

Session with full of enthusiasm

Even I was not knowing that, I can create this type of Artwork also! But it came into the reality only and only because of AMI Mam. The Workshop was full of enthusiasm and passion towards new learning...she explained us everything in detail and was so friendly. I personally felt that I know Mam from years..and was not like we are meeting for the first time!
Mam u are just awesome! I loved spending time and creating some of the my best artworks❣️
Thank you ????????

A very therapeutic session.

The workshop was excellent, Ami explained everything in detail and it was very easy to understand. It never felt like a virtual workshop, Ami was interacting with each and every participant at every step and the feedback was given in a very productive way. I thoroughly enjoyed working with this new medium, can't get enough of it.

Alcoholic ink art -25th oct

It was an amazing session. Thanx for introducing me the basic tutorial of this ink art . It is very much creative and soothing. ❤️


It was a great workshop....very interesting.... also ma'am tought it sooo patiently and wonderfully

An Interesting and new experience

For someone like me who knows nothing about art, I was pretty nervous. However, Ami is really patient and encouraging. It was a great learning experience! :)

Alcohol ink workshop @ 4th October 2020

It was my very first alcohol ink workshop with Ami and Tina. I enjoyed every minute of my session. The instructions were step by step making it so easy to understand & follow. It was a really great experience and I learned new tricks. Looking forward to more workshops and experience by great artist Ami & Tina.
Thank you so much for this wonderful experience ❤❤❤❤❤

Alcohol Ink workshop

It was an amazing workshop ! Playing with inks has always been interesting and fun but without a proper guidance it is not possible! Both the ladies did a great job and made us learn a great thing! Thankyou ❤️

Alcohol ink workshop

Ami you are great mentor. This was my first attempt to create something with this art and it was amazing. The session was awesome ????

Amazing Experience

I had a great time learning from Ami and Tina. I wanted to learn Alcohol ink for so long and this workshop was totally worth every penny spent. From techniques to tricks to even telling us what to invest in and what not to splurge. Great work done. Thank you with all my heart for being such amazing teachers.


Today I took my second online course from the other side of the world, it was great to have two great artists of alcohol inks together. definitely a great experience. Thank you

Amazing workshop

Hiii...this was my first workshop with Ami. I had registered myself for the advanced session .
I really enjoyed each and every bit of her session. She teaches the techniques very nicely and patiently.I really enjoyed and loved her class. It was amazing ????

First AI workshop

TOday was my first alcohol ink workshop with Ami! It was a really good experience and I learned some new tricks. I would definitely take another workshop.

Alcohol ink beginners workshop

The session was wonderful. Finally gave me the opportunity to explore inks and in such an approachable manner! Thank you Tina and Ami. Looking forward to more workshops

Resin Art group workshop

This was my second workshop with Ami and I must say the resin workshop was so much fun and a great learning experience. She is a very patient teacher and will guide you at each and every step while you are doing the art. She very calmly answered each and every question and gave us so much insight about every little thing regarding resin.
She has even clarified my doubts after workshop whenever I was stuck while practicing the art. If you want to explore resin art, Ami is the person for it.
Thankyou Ami for a wonderful and exciting workshop.

Resin workshop

It was so amazing.I am obsessed with my clock and tray it was worth it I can say,I learned something new and she made impossible possible for me,I am sure I am gonna attend more of your workshops and I will recommend to my friends and family.From kit to friendly teaching it was great session????????????????.Also after the session Dr ami guides me whenever It’s needed.

Amazing Ami

I don’t know how to start, but Ami was the one who introduced me to this beautiful world of Abstract art form of Alcohol ink. Her workshop helped me to know every detail about the art . Ami didn’t hold on and told every aspect of the art with its techniques to preservation part. Looking forward to learn more from you.

Thank you,
Neha Belsare

Beautiful mesmerising Art by a Passionate artist !

After browsing thru her insta page..I had ordered 2 custom made wall clocks. Both have turned out really well and beautiful..
As an artist Ami is very passionate about her art ....neverthless still open to customer choice review & requirement ...
Way to go ..All the best !!

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was a fun workshop with 2hrs of unboxing knowledge regarding Alcohol Inks. Got to learn many things in detail from Ami. She attended everyone’s questions and answered in detail. She very well taught us her personal techniques & experiences too. This workshop was worth the wait! ♥︎☺︎︎
I can’t wait to explore it more.

Alcohol Ink beginner workshop

It was an amazing amazingggg session, i thoroughly enjoyed this new art medium and am looking forward for the masterclass too ????♥️

Feedback for the beginner and the advanced level alcoholic ink workshop

Ami is a very patient teacher ???? and I had a lot of fun learning from her. She makes it seem so easy..Also, She is extremely helpful and answers if you ask for feedback even after the workshop ...


What a piece of art! The colours, texture and finishing of the product is outstanding. Ami you're truly an amazing artist ????

Alcohol ink

amazing workshop. Techniques were taught at a slow pace which made it easier to understand and work along and loved how personal attention as well as questions were answered

Coasters !

Recently bought the amazing coasters for my coffee table! :) :)
Thanks Ami, for beautiful design, swift delivery and packing.

Excellent workshop

Had a super fun learning experience with ami.... She is really patient with all ... Simple n cool techniques makes it really a good workshop for everyone

Refreshing workshop

Very well conducted workshop. Loved it

Resin art wall clock

Great job done by her...Wall clock looks masterpiece...really appreciate your work ...grateful for your efforts.. you take care of all the details that I want...thank you so much for this art!

Alcohol Inks

Totally enjoyed the workshop and the way Ami teaches and explains is just amazing...her passion in teaching is seen throughout the workshop and it’s wonderful how she brings all the learners together.. Really a great job done by Ami and Coya .. ????

Very very positive

During the workshop Ami explains everything very well and clear. She has a lot of patience and tells you what you did well and how to improve. Very helpful and great!

Alcohol ink

Totally enjoyed and learned a lot in a comfortable environment. The style and the knowledge was totally amazing. I am happy to try and introduce it to others. The workshop was an experience in itself, feelinVery interesting content and technique with brilliant results. It’s been interesting, and presented really well. I’m really pleased to have done this course. Thank you -you’ve been super


Thank you so much for your generous sharing, Ami and Coya! You both are great teachers! The workshop was so informative and I had so much fun!

A beautiful unstructured art

Resourcing,creating thoughts and dreams in a alluring piece of art..
Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and giving detailed description to begginers like was an awesome experience ..sharing my very first attempt but surely would share my profucts soon..

Great Experience

I’m new to alcohol inks but you gave proper details & taught about it. It was really great learning from you & Coya❤️❤️❤️

Group alcohol inks workshop

Ami has been really amazing in teaching such techniques n also it was very informative session for all the amateurs like me. I really had great time doing such art work. Looking forward to many other workshops.. keep it up

Alcohol ink workshop

The workshop covered all the basics and what should be done and shouldn't be done to achieve desired results. It was so much fun and it was great to experiment with alcohol inks under the guidance of Ami and Coya. Thank you for your guidance. It really helped alot.

Alcohol ink

amazing workshop. Techniques were taught at a slow pace which made it easier to understand and work along and loved how personal attention as well as questions were answered

Great class!

This class with Coya and Ami was very helpful in learning different alcohol ink techniques. They taught in a very clear and patient manner, and we're very encouraging to everyone in the class!

Alcohol ink workshop

It was an amazing workshop. Thank you for being so patient with us and answering all our queries politely.
I always thought working with alcohol inks was easy until i actually started working with it. Your workshop helped me build up the interest in alcohol ink art. Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop!????❤

Love it ami

It's so amazing to learn some new thing.
I am so happy to learn with u ... thanks u so much ami .nd wonderful life ahead..????????????????????????

Awesome workshop

Great workshop, thank you for patience and teaching us such amazing skills. Looking forward to making creative artwork.

Alcohol ink

Thank you Ami,

You were really wonderful and helpful during my training session. Got my queries resolved with immense patience.

Will even recommend others.

Thanks once again

Alcohol ink art

It was great experience I just loved it. You have tried ur best to explain and show the skills

Loved it

It was my very first attempt on alchohol inks, and Ami explains it so well, and she is such an amazing person. The way she demonstrates it, made it easy to get along with the flow ????.

Resin Workshop feedback

Hey Ami . It was an amazing workshop specially u have designed it in a very precise manner and very informative. The experience was superb. Looking forward to other workshops.


Thankyou so much for the wonderful workshop..
It's been a while that I wanted to try experimenting with alcoholic inks.. and you gave me the perfect opportunity
And you were very attentive with each one of us.
I loved the way you were explaining everything. Waiting till I can make the clock properly..
I'll keep trying new art pieces.

Alcohol inks for Beginners

I just loved loved and loved the entire experience.. the whole process is so satisfying and you made it look so simple.. I will still need lots and lots of practice before I come up with something that I could put up in my home.. but thanks for introducing me to the art form.. now I keep thinking of all the old stuff that I could reuse and re-design.. like old CDs, tin boxes etc..
The way you explained everything.. even after the workshop was over.. and encouraging you were all this while..


Hey Ami, Loved the session! It was great learning something new. You made the session even more lively and kept us engaged. Totally loved the process. Would explore more on the same for sure. Thank you so much for an amazingg sundayy! All the good luck and wishes your wayy!

Very Informative Workshop

Alcohol Ink Workshop by Ami was very informative. She shared maximum knowledge as one could've share in span of two hours time. Loved all the techniques which I learnt today.
It was completely beginner friendly and good knowledge sharing about materials and mediums used.
Thanks a lot. Keep doing such great work. Artists like Ami are need of society. Thanks

Alcohol ink art

It was simple and excellent workshop with all the clearity. Keep us informed about your a advance courses

Personalised Resin Art Workshop

Been very fond of this art and I found the perfect host to teach me! The one on one session really helped me. We made it along and had so much to learn. Enjoyed every bit! Ami shares every bit of details - from materials, background surfaces, techniques, pros cons! A true mentor! Thanks Ami!

Personalised Alcohol Ink Workshop

Such a beautiful experience. Ami delivered all tricks and ideas of how to do this art form. So much insight. Also shared ways of saving some bucks! Was a fun evening, learnt a lot and she cleared all my doubts patiently! Thanks!


The worshop was really good and informational. Learnt quiet a lot from both of you.

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was simply awesome!! Had lot of fun experimenting with this very new medium for me. Ami and Anna explained everything perfectly.

alcohol ink workshop 23 august 2020

it was my first experience and really enjoyed it

Amazing ❤️

One of d best host I could meet !! She is super sweet n patient !! Very informative n also amazing in art ❤️!! Tysm :)

Alcohol Inks Beginner Class

I was so excited when I came across this class and it didn’t disappoint! I’ve only watched YouTube tutorials but it’s not the same as being able to asks questions and show your work for critique. Although we were thousands of miles apart it felt like we were in the same room. I will definitely be taking more classes by Ami ❤️

Basic alcohol ink techniques, floral and rose art

Well alcohol ink was something new to me...i definitely loved the all the information relating to alcohol ink art...starting with understanding how ink works and ending with we making paintings...loved the rose making session too!

Alcohol ink workshop

Amazing workshop.. really enjoyed learning new art work

Alchoh ink art

It is very nice experience with you both you both were so educated with this things and loved the way you taught you guys will be in the list ❤️

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was my first time and I have to admit I fell in love with it already.
Thanks a lot❤

Alcohol Ink Art

Hey Ami, Loved the workshop. The techniques were Beautiful. Looking forward to learning more from you.

Alcohol ink 3:30am class

What a great way to get together with artist from around the world. Ami and Anne were perfect. They both shared the challenges and practices of the medium. It was very informative. It was worth getting up for. Two thumbs up!


It was a great workshop ✌️

Alcoholic ink

Hi Ami,

The workshop was great! The topics and techniques were explained very clearly. by you and Anna. Thank you for the wonderful session! Really enjoyed it

Super Exciting Alcohol Ink workshop

It was a great session with lot of techniques. Both Ami and Anne showed patience to repeat the techniques couple of times for us to understand. They were so humble and liked this training a lot. Felt like 2 hrs was in some imaginary world :)

Alcohol ink workshop feedback

It was a wonderful session, very detailed and informative. Loved your energy and the way you kept everyone so engaged throughout the workshop

Alcohol Ink Workshop

It was amazing experience to learn alcohol ink art with Ami. She has patiently explained each n everything in details and make sure everyone is enjoying it.


I chose a class given by Ami having seen her work and admiring it very much indeed. Her classes are so friendly and I have no hesitation in recommending it to someone who has interest in art to join.


Hiii, It was a great time with you and got to learn a lot. It would be easy if you share a tutorial so that I can go through it. It is really a awesome and some different art. Will get back to you if I have any prblm and will sure tell my friends.
Thank you so much. ????

Alcohol ink workshop

It was amazing learning a complete new technique! Really loved the process through your guidance. Definitely going to experiment more with this.

Must attend

Ami is a great artist. She will teach you all the basics from scratch. I got to learn so many techniques in the workshop. If you are inclined towards alcohol ink art,it is a must attend session. One of the best i have attended so far

Beautiful Coasters!

Don’t miss out on these gorgeous coasters! They are lightweight and beautifully designed! They are useful on the dining or coffee table especially if you don’t use a table cloth.

That was a quickie!

And you know how good quickies can be! Coz even if you fuck up ????, it's gonna be fun! Alcohol in your glass ???? alcohol splashed on coasters, it just flowed! The host Ami was a charmer! If you want the full Kamasutra then you need to join an art class but if you want to dabble and create something new, you should try this! I wanna do it again ????


Best Virtual Birthday Party! So much fun and therapeutic. Ami was a superb host very patient and cooperative. Amazing experience!


Nice, beautiful, sturdy coasters. They look so pretty and matched perfectly with my room. The work is soo good and clean. Just want to keep getting more.

Therapeutic Sunday session

Ami..., You session for alcohol ink is therapeutic. Very detailed and informative.... Falling in love with this art form...Thank you so very much....❣️

Great experience _Resin Workshop

Hey Ami,

You are one of those who not only helps and clear the doubts in or during the workshops but helps even after weeks of taking the workshop.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful and detailed class.

Enjoyed thoroughly.

Thank you for being so patient.

Experience of workshop

Dr. Ami is an amazing , exciting , as well as patient teacher .. she was generous with sharing her knowledge of her art and she addressed all our queries. All in all a super fun experience and a beautiful time to spend for all art lovers. Ami allows you time to express your own creativity under the guidance of her own skilful technique ! Definately would recommend to all my friends ! I’m glad I took the time out to experience this with her !

Loved the class

Great workshop. Loved trying something new. Ami is such a patient and sweet teacher. Thank you for teaching us this.

Alcohol art workshop

This was such a fun session! Thanks to you, Ami, I can finally create some nice artwork. I am surely going to continue with this. Thank you for all the efforts and encouragement.

Excellent workshop!

Completed this workshop with my best friends and it was the perfect way to celebrate Friendship Day! Ami was extremely patient with us and is truly a wonderful teacher! Highly recommend this workshop if you want to learn something new and amazing!

Alcohol Ink Art

Great session and had a lot of fun! It was the first time I attempted to do alcohol ink art but Ami was very encouraging and patient throughout. Enjoyed the interactions between everyone!

Alcohol ink

I loved playing with inks???? tried them for the first time and playing with those colours was amazing.

Alcoholic ink workshop

It was an amazing workshop i enjoyed alot❤...thanks alot

Informative workshop

The entire workshop was really good and I personally enjoyed the way you taught!
The fluidity of the inks was enjoyable and you made it interesting!

Wonderful Alcohol Ink workshop

I had great fun while doing this art form.
The comunication held by Ami was fantastic.

Abstract painting with alcohol inks

Ami was patient with all the participants and explained everyone’s questions. She was really good at what she was doing. I enjoyed working with alcohol inks.

Loved the class!!

Ami makes the class super fun and she is extremely patient.. She goes out of the way to explain the concepts.. her sessions are beyond the 90 minutes session!! I loved it!!

Alcohol ink workshop

Best time spent ever.. loved playing with inks..looking for lot more to be done..thank u ami... for your valuble time


Loved the coasters , the quality and finishing is superb. The vibrant colours adds a lot to my home decor . Loved it !! Thank u Ami for this beautiful Art piece .


Amazing worshop — very well taught! Can’t wait to work more with this medium !!

Alcohol ink workshop.

I'm extremely happy with the class!
Its really helpful for beginners like me.
would love to recommend it to others as well! :)

Alcohol ink workshop basic to advanced !!

Hey ami ,
Enjoyed a lot, these session with you were amazing, you didn’t make me feel like a new to this workshop rather it felt like I’m working with someone I know starting I felt like How it will come out good in online classes but things turned out completely opposite, you teach so well & my doubts welcoming & you treated as if you already knew me☺️, never thought that I would be able to learn something so amazing by this workshop would be so much fun , the knowledge about the art which you gave & also your application towards it is just like WOW , you didn’t leave a single thing and told each & everything about the art which was really interesting , we need more people like you who experiments & make things more beautiful, the way you work with alcohol ink is just appealing, when you asked me any feedback I was like no everything’s perfect ???????? Waiting to attend more workshops.
Thank you ????

Loved the Workshop

Loved the look of alcohol ink work. Saw Ami's workshop ad on Instagram and I signed up. Loved it. She explained things really well and patiently and I loved that she kept stressing on enjoying the process. Would definitely recommend! Thanks Ami.

Alcohol Inks Workshop by Dr Ami

Ami was so patient in walking us through the multiple inks, their ingredients, the art of different techniques and the special philosophy of ' this is one of things which is not in your control, let the inks flow and make art for you!' she is friendly and approachable and so adjusting considering she rescheduled the class almost 3 different times for me ! Thanks for introducing me to this art form! It is definitely relaxing and so beautiful to look at the same time ????

Alcohol ink workshop

It was an amazing session. You explained it very well????

Alcohol ink workshop

Ami is so kind and friendly. She kept updating on the kit package status and delivery and provided a great workshop by explaining us everything she learnt about alcohol ink and shared her experience with us in a detailed way by showing us the techniques that we could use in future. Thanks a lot Ami. You're gifted with art and my wishes to grow higher ❤️ - Zahra

Workshop of alcohol ink

It was a great great greatttt workshop.. learnt a alot.. you are such a sweet person.. thank you for sharing your skills..

Alcohol ink workshop

It was an awesome experience. Got to know a lot about this art .. it was very helpful ❤️

Alcohol ink art session

Had a wonderful start on alcohol ink art with Ami. The session was well thought off, structured and super fun! Can’t wait to practice this art form :) Thank you Ami!


She was one of the calm and coolest person i have met so far in teaching...she taught each and every technique by step and was so loving
Thankyou for such a great workshop