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Colleen Brand Art

Philadelphia PA , 19128

A Unique and Beautiful Vision

I purchased Copper Minefields from Colleen several years ago and have admired it every day since then. Like all of her works, it pleases the eye and stimulates the imagination. I always look forward to seeing what she'll create next. Bravo!

Modern Abstraction leads to meaningful imaginings

Colleen's work is simultaneously vivid, inventive, organic, and very intimate. I was initially drawn to two large pieces that were painted as a pair, red with oranges and a vague horizon. Objectively, they are statement pieces with real presence and fascinating detail provided by the techniques that she employs. It is within those details that for me, a story emerges that is relevant to my own experiences. Her striking visuals activate a story that I create with my imagination, applying my own experiences to her work. The red pieces referenced represent a dry, hot, desolate African landscape which while harsh, also is quite beautiful. I have had similar experiences with a silver piece that represents a hedge of brambles due to its intricate brush work. My most recent acquisition, utilizing a new technique, represents looking out the rain-dotted window of an airplane as it is flying high above the clouds. It is her ability to create a visual image that can create a story that attracts me to her work time and time again. I can't wait to see what she has next!

Exciting, brilliant art AND artist!

I and several of my friends all own and love our Colleen Brand originals. Mine (seen in the picture) struck me immediately and I simply had to have it. Her bold play with color and texture and the juxtaposition between the real and the abstract make having her work very exciting because I feel few artists are truly doing what Colleen is doing. I will be buying more work from her in the future for sure.

An amazing investment -- bold and exciting -- from a uniquely talented artist

Two years in, we remain delighted with the bold, arresting diptych (3'x2') we commissioned from Colleen for our new home. Guests always compliment us on it when they spend time in our living room. It's a vibrant, living thing to us! The completed work exactly what we hoped for - and I forward to decades of admiring its swirling energy and confidence.

Gorgeous painting

My husband and I purchased one of Ms. Brand's original paintings at a show in Germantown. Her sense of movement and color caught our eye, it was hard to choose only one piece! The one we decided on is a perfect accent to our living room, it has the most vivid combination of blues, yellows, and whites. I look forward to adding another one painting to our collection in the future.

Always in awe of Colleen's art

I have several paintings done by Colleen Brand. Each one is unique and clearly painted with passion. I also recently purchased earrings and a necklace that she created.
I first saw one of her paintings online and was fortunate enough to become the owner of that piece, but also bought another piece that was a little smaller that went perfectly together in our house. I've been to several more of her shows and have bought several more paintings, all very different.
I had a custom piece done for my daughter only giving Colleen the color palate. My daughter is now as big a fan as I am.
If you are looking for a unique gift check out Colleen's art and jewelry.

Testimonial #5

The earrings for my mom’s birthday were beautiful! They are like two gifts in one. Thank you!!!

Fantastic Paintings

My husband and I purchased two paintings from Colleen and they are beautiful and hanging in our living room now. We are new to purchasing art and to find something affordable and by a local artist meant a lot to us as we are new homeowners and just getting started on decorating. Colleen's work is beautiful and colorful and brings a sense of calm in her painting that we love. We hope to purchase more someday!

Really wonderful experience

I commissioned a piece from Colleen after seeing one of her pieces at a local art showing (the painting had already sold). The process was smooth and Colleen was efficient and professional. I soon had a wonderful, original piece of art with the look and feel that I'd hoped for. A wonderful experience overall.

Lovely Work!

I purchased a framed Colleen Brand piece of art at a Fleisher Art Memorial show. The piece I bought won Honorable Mention for works on paper at Fleisher Art Memorial & now graces my home. I've gotten lots of compliments on it from my guests, and I enjoy its color & tone immensely.

Great Commissioned Art!

I commissioned a piece of art from Colleen last year as a birthday present for my fiancee. Colleen was very easy to work with and kept me updated on progress throughout the project. The finished product was better than I could have imagined. My fiancee loved it! It's a wonderful addition to our collection.