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Thanksgiving Buffet and Feridean Staff



I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all Feridean staff who made the Thanksgiving Buffet a wonderful event. The food and service were excellent! My parents (Ed & Marcia Pepke) and my boyfriend and I really enjoyed it. It was the first time my boyfriend had eaten with us in the dining room and he was blown away by how kind and attentive all the staff is.


I often feel bad that my parents are no longer in their own home. However, I could not ask for a better group of caregivers and 'extended family' than they have at Feridean. I am truly appreciative.


Thank you

Salesa Richards

July 11, 2017

Dear Chef Brian,

As Maxine Powrie’s family, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation and thanks for everything you and your staff did to put together her 100th birthday celebration. It was a day that went beyond what we imagined and one in which was very special to all of us, but to our mother and grandmother, it was everything she hoped for and more.

It was a perfect day for an outdoor party.  The food you prepared and set out was delicious and enjoyed by all.  Nobody left there hungry!  The cake brought a smile to Maxine’s face as she enjoyed quite a sizeable piece herself!!  So thank you for the time that was put into making that size of cake to commemorate her 100th.  

This was a day that we all will remember and cherish for many years to come.  As we are large in numbers, again, many thanks to you and your staff for all you did to make this such a special day for Maxine.  We also extend our thanks to Feridean for accommodating all of us as we came together to honor her.


The Family of Maxine Powrie  

cc Fred Powrie 

Dear Ron,
The family of Vernon and Vesta Williams sends greetings for a wonderful Christmas and meaningful 2015 to you and all of your staff.  We want to thank each of you for the outstanding work and love you put into your jobs every day and for the way you take care of our parents.  We are constantly impressed and awed, as are mother and Dad also, by your service and kindness to the residents, and especially to our parents.  Thank you so much!
We send blessings to each of you,
Family of Vernon and Vesta WilliamsSandy BennettJim WilliamsBarb SandersGary Williams

To Jacob and Wyatt-
What a beautiful and delicious meal.  I imagine we owe the glorified cream puff to Chris.  Since Tom couldn’t finish his (and we all know Tom’s culinary tastes) I ate his too.  Who ever knew stuffing could be good without gravy-well it was.  Even Katy remarked about it.  What more can be said.  As always your asparagus was perfect.  Not too large portions left me wanting more.  Your Romaine salad was much like one I make on special occasions only my pecans are those sweet and spicy roasted ones and also a sprinkle of bleu cheese.  Thank you so much.  I may be able to coax Tom to dinner again.  You guys are great.
Jane Swysgood

Dear Ron and of the Feridean Staff:
I would like to thank you and the entire staff of Feridean for the wonderful care and genuine kindness that you offered my father.  I would especially like to thank Lisa who was with my dad and our family from the beginning to the end.  She is a very special person.  I’ll stop in to say “hello”.
Again, Thank you.Vicki Miller and Family

To Our Wonderful Feridean Caregivers and Friends,
When we think back on our loved ones’ lives, we often think of the experiences they had during their last years.  Mom spent her last 6 years being cared for by you all at Feridean; you all who Helen LaVeglia considered her angels.  You know who you are-the ones she would say “I can see your wings” when you walked into her room or were cared for in the dining room or activity room or office or being taken to a physician’s appointment.
This all began as we walked into Feridean and were greeted by you in the front office, so caring and always willing to help with whatever we needed.  We will never forget the first day she arrived and walked down those familiar hallways, greeting each resident with “Hello Friend!”  The environment and staff were contagiously friendly and just brought the best out of everyone.  And of course Ron bringing new applicants to mom’s room where she said right on cue “Tis is a wonderful place to live” because that is just how she felt.  
She loved her life at Feridean and often remarked how great the food was.  We loved how we never had to worry about her terrible allergy to onions.  We appreciated the attention you always paid to these details and were so attentive to mom-you know who you are.  We will also miss our Christmas celebration each year in your elegant lounge offering us everything we could ever ask for.  And the food...all mom’s favorites from fried chicken to a dessert that could never be duplicated.  Goodness how we will miss that.  
The nursing care mom received was the bast and that includes those of you who provided her with the activities of daily living, keeping her room clean and caring for her while traveling to her appointments.  We are sure you didn’t always appreciate seeing a nurse coming from our family but you were always receptive to comments, suggestions and many, many discussions to talk about mom’s condition.  That was ultimate important to know you listened to us and not made to feel we were an irritation-you know who you are.
Mom loved her activities and anticipated each event on the calendar passed out each month.  Initially Bingo was a highlight but what was so important to all of us was as she became older, she was never permitted to just sit in her room.  To offer activities for the older residents, those adults who became unable to do many of the things the younger folks were able to do was so important to us all.  The folks who are responsible for these activities are the best and so caring-you know who you are.  
For this reason, we would like to give a gift to Feridean to be dedicated towards these activities with emphasis for the older adults.  
Thank you, thank you, to all of you for what you do every day.  You are all angels and we too can see your wings.
From Helen LaVeglia’s familyWe will miss you all...

Dear Beth,
Steve and I were very fortunate to discover and engage you as a caretaker for my mother during the past two months. We greatly appreciate the tender care and attention that you provided. We know that Edna was comforted by your assistance. We were very pleased with your punctuality and your willingness to accommodate our personal schedules whenever possible. The pictures and small gifts for us and Edna were unusually thoughtful. We will miss seeing you on an almost daily basis. Please don't hesitate to use us a reference as you engage in other caretaker work. Thank you for a job well done.

Dear Chris and all the other room personnel, 
What a terrific dinner you prepared and served yesterday, Sunday November 18. Truly it was a beautiful Thanksgiving Banquet. And I was happy to be among the guests, along with some of my family! I thank you for all of you did to make it so perfect!

Dear Linda and Fred,
Once again this Christmas I want to thank you for providing Feridean for my Mom and so many others. It is a home in the real sense of the world. My wish is that you both have a truly blessed Christmas and that the New Year brings you happiness.

Thank you for your hospitality.When we used your facility for our Christmas party on Saturday, December 13th, your kitchen staff treated us like Kings and Queens.Love and Gods blessings to you all.

Thanks to everyone at Feridean for the great care and love you are giving to my mom. Our family is so grateful.

Dear Feridean Commons Staff,
I have been a resident in this beautiful place for quite some time and have enjoyed the many advantages here!  Among the terrific staff is one very remarkable young lady who stands high among them, her name is Gale Koehler and I thank you for her and all of the beautiful Staff!Sincerely,

Thank you for your generous donations of medical equipment. Our client will put it to good use! Please keep us in mind for further donations. The Staff at the Central Ohio Area Agency.

Thank you! The reception was beyond words, the food was absolutely amazing. I wanted to write you special thanks because you did so much for the reception and I wanted you to know that we recognized your hard work. It was so beautiful. I could not have had a better reception. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Fred, Linda and Ron,
I just wanted to thank you for such a nice time yesterday at the OSU party. My mom, and the whole family, thoroughly enjoyed it. As I sat there yesterday, I couldn't help but think about how much my dad would have loved that event, also. (It will be a year this Thursday that he passed away.) We just feel so fortunate to have my mother living in such a warm, kind facility with great owners, administrators and employees. Thank you for everything you do.

To the Staff and Residents of Feridean,
Thank you all for the love, care, concern and comfort that you showed to our mom, Lois. We are so proud that she spent these last months with you and feel so lucky that a place like Feridean exists. Mom cared about all of you and constantly told us how wonderful all of you are. Thank you so much.

Dear Linda and Fred,
Thank you for welcoming us to Feridean Commons for our commercial shoot this past week. It could not have gone better. Feridean is such a beautiful place and I know that it will look great in the commercial. I thoroughly enjoyed the time I was able to spend talking with your residents and I am glad a few were able to participate in the filming. Many of them share the same concerns as I do about the direction of our country and I will take their thoughts back with me to Washington. Your team treated the crew and my staff with such great hospitality. The apple pie was delicious. I wish you, your staff and your residents the best of luck in the future. Again, thank you for hosting us. I look forward to seeing you again soon. Sincerely.

We feel blessed to have a wonderful facility such as Feridean. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Helena Lacy, Michele Lacy, and Phyllis & Rob Caldwell.