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Truly a Godsend to Seekers of Wisdom and Their Journey

Monish is a superb teacher. His knowledge and high expertise in astrology make him quite valuable. The basic astrology course was a treasure trove of beautiful surprises and many answers I had been seeking for decades. Most importantly, his burning desire to help other's is a precious attribute and his truthfulness is greatly appreciated- Lovey

Best Reading Ever!

I recently had a reading with Mohnish and at the risk of sounding dramatic it was one of the most enlightening experiences of my life! The answers to some pretty big questions became so clear to me after our reading. It took a few days to really sink in but the weeks following my reading brought me so much clarity and understanding about myself. I’m so thankful to Mohnish for this incredible gift and can not recommend him enough. If you are considering getting a reading, DO IT. I had really only known Western Astrology until stumbling across Mohnish’s Youtube channel (which I also highly recommend) but Vedic Astrology just feels different…there was always something a little bit off when I had readings done in the Western style of Astrology and Vedic Astrology has filled in those gaps. Mohnish is incredibly knowledgeable and you can tell he truly cares about this science. So glad I gifted myself this session!

Life changing!

Wow, where do I begin? Mohnish is incredibly talented. His knowledge and attention to detail is unparalleled. The accuracy of my reading was so spot on it nearly took my breath away. I strongly urge everyone to get a reading done by him. Not only to better understand the importance of Vedic Astrology, but to learn how to create the life you truly desire. Your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner.


I have a lot of interest in learning astrology since a
very young age. I recenly started watching your channel
on YouTube and started understanding
on Astrology and I have really been enjoying it. You are the best Guru on Astrology I have found. I hope I can meet you one day and get a good understanding in Astrology.

Wow so impressed!

I just finished my first reading with Mohnish and was very impressed. He systematically took me through the chart which was both educational and illuminating. He also answered all of my questions in a way that was clear and helped me to understand. His predictions were very specific and revealed some insights I hadn’t considered before. I can’t wait to schedule my next appointment, it felt like we only scratched the surface. Thanks Mohnish!

It is written in the Stars

I am going to be that person: that cheesy person who has a quote that resonates with my heart and soul and my experience:
“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”
Alexander Graham Bell

It was astounding to get a reading of my chart where the only information I provided was my date of birth, time, and location. I have become singularly focused on understanding life, our paths, and destinies. This is something we all do when life has not been not been kind and somehow we are lost in the fog of existence. I have been following AstralAstrologer's  youtube videos and learning about the scientific aspects and Mohnish did something no other astrologer has done; he corrected my birth time to align with my father's planetary alignments. I have never seen another astrologer do this and the scientific reasoning behind it made sense. Your destiny and life begins with your parents and you are a continuation of them, your story begins at the time of your birth and of course your charts should be aligned with theirs. I loved listening intently to the explanations behind it and in all honesty, he understood who I am as a person: what drives me, what I am looking for in life, who I am attracted to, what I need to feel fulfilled, what my path is in this life, and what I need to concentrate on to get myself to the destination that I desire.

Like most of us, I was so concerned with the past that I forgot that my focus should be on the future and the path ahead.  Sometimes, we get so lost in the noise of life that we forget to look forward to where we want to end up in life and other times we do not know which road to pave to get our destination. This analogy is perfect for the reading Mohnish provided. We started with a discussion of my chart and what it tells us about my personality and life path. Then we discussed my goals, expectations and destination in life. Finally, he laid the first few bricks to help me navigate my path to my destiny/destination.

The older I get, the more I realize that there is a higher power that guides us and sometimes we need help tuning into that power, the calling, and the path. That is what Mohnish was there to do; to help me see my path a bit clearer in life. I am truly appreciative for this, whatever road took me here in life to get this clarity, I am truly grateful for it. Excuse me, I have some bricks to lay on my road to my destiny.

Great experience

My astrology reading with Mohnish was awesome. I have been working with his remedies for the last 6 months and his recommendation is by far one of my favorite possessions. I do not start the day without it!! I have purchased many energy objects and stones, but his rec has helped me the most.
The reading was a thorough look at my chart and insight as to what happens in all areas of life, what can be expected in that area, and then he looks at your goals and gives a customized solution to enhance it . He is accessible and cares a lot for his clients and has extreme passion and knowledge of the subject matter which adds to the experience.

5star service

I cannot recommend Mohnish enough. I was introduced to Mohnish by a friend that spoke highly of him. I was at a cross roads in my life and needed guidance. His support and guidance was incredible. So accurate. Thank you for all your help.

Perfect match of logic and humility in one guide

I came across Mohnish Ji by a recommendation from a close friend and also watched him on his youtube channel. I was quite intrigued from his teaching method which I found quite logical, and it was even better to interact with him personally as he answers all your questions compassionately. He has the most accurate predictions and guided me accordingly. I found my mentor in him. A wise, experienced and kind person - He is simply the best ✨

The best and most accurate and genuine astrologer and spiritual teacher!

Astrologer Mohnish is definitely the best astrologer and spiritual teacher and an amazing person! I feel truly blessed and grateful that I came across his YouTube channel and had a chance to connect with him. He is a very kind, compassionate, honest, extremely knowledgeable and the most genuine astrologer! The way he reads birth charts is very unique,deep and amazingly accurate. He answered all my questions and explained everything in lots of details and was really generous with his time! His reading was very powerful and I could feel his positive energy. He connects with his clients on a very deep level and he really cares and treats his clients like very close friends. The solutions and remedies he gives to strengthen the planets and improve different areas of your life work like magic. I am very impressed with the accuracy of his predictions. He is also a great teacher and loves to share his knowledge and wisdom. I learned so much from him! I am so grateful that I finally found the astrologer and spiritual teacher I was looking for so long. I know that I can always reach out to him if I need advice and he will be 100% honest and supportive!
I strongly recommend astrologer Mohnish and his services to anyone who wants to change their life, find their soul purpose and start using their full potential and have a fulfilled life!

Great for beginners!

Mohnish is amazing! As someone who had never had an astrology reading of any kind before and as someone who likes to learn the big picture as well as the detail and the “why” of things, Mohnish helped me understand my chart on a deep level. He explained Vedic astrology in detail AND my chart in detail and gave me practical advice as to when I would be better advised to make certain choices in my life. He gave me overall peace and reassurance. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to know more about their life path!

Authentic Reading!!

Mohnish will prove to you the way things are going to go, not just show you. I have been to countless Jyotishis and some of them use a hodge podge of horrible techniques from all over the place. Mohnish is the best so far. He is kind, caring, and very knowledgeable and provides you with functional information.

Mohnish is not basic, he is not advanced if we had to put a level on it, I would say he is akin to University professor. He is quite good. I have watched them all out there. Mohnish not only gives you a sense of confidence for the future he also provides you with deep understanding of what is going on. Top notch! I highly recommend. A cut above the rest. Life will be different going forward.

Simply Amazing !!!

What an amazing reading I got on 9/22/2020 from Mohnish. If you ever want to know why your life is the way it is then do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Mohnish now ! GET YOUR SPIRITUAL LIFE IN ORDER, AND FIND YOUR WEALTH IN LIFE. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thanks Mohnish for a wonderful session. 

Great insights and practical knowledge

I've discovered Mohnish's services via Youtube videos. I was instantly attracted by the knowledge he was presenting. It was a breath of fresh air! I've quickly booked a session with him and he was very prompt in providing all logistics details. The session with him ended it up being very insightful. His way of delivery is compassionate, kind and a level of details you can easily follow. I've had several readings before, but none showed the details that Mohnish presented. I will certainly return for more sessions of insights!

Most accurate and very compassionate astrologer and person

Mohnish is the only astrologer who has done the right reading of my chart. He is so detailed and knowledgeable in it that one not only get to know his chart but also learn so much about it. Mohnish is so personal and friendly that I had to start calling him my brother from other mother. He is the best of the best in this business as a astrology teacher and as astrologer. I strongly recommend his services to anyone who really want satisfactory and worth their efforts!! Mohnish is the one!!

Most kindest and genuine person

Mohnish is the most kindest individual with a lot of compassion and empathy, he was willing to help me despite my current situation which speaks volume on what a real genuine, honest person he is, I would recommend anyone who’s wants a reading not to hesitate to contact Mohnish, you will not be disappointed as his the most genuine and caring astrologer I know.

Precise, Intelligent and Compassionate

Mohnish's astrological reading was direct, clear, concise, and most of all compassionate and caring. He took his time in explaining and teaching me things about my chart and astrology as well, and was very generous with his time. I recommend his services to anyone who is seeking a precise, intelligent and compassionate astrological reading.

Astrology at its BEST!!!

Mohnish has a very unique way of explaining the charts. Most traditional astrologers just answer questions and get done within 30 minute time frame., but Mohnish took extra efforts and helped me understand how planets are placed in my chart which traditional astrologers don't care about.

Even if he books a one hour session it always ends up to a minimum of two hours which shows his passion and inclination towards the occult science and helping clients understand their chart. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to understand their chart from a deeper perspective and not just superficial answers with no logic. Thank you Mohnish, will reach out to you soon!!

Compassionate, Honest & Seriously Accurate Astrologer

Mohnish is a very compassionate, honest, and serious astrologer. He kindly gave me very long reading session and answered all of my questions. I asked him to tell me about my horoscope detail like talking to an astrology student, and he really did. He taught me what it means from the beginning to end. He explained each every aspect of my life and personality traits without any previous knowledge about me. And he was 110% accurate! He gives lots of positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts. And he can tell even a lot more accurate picture of you. Even though you think you know who you are, sometimes you cannot see the truth because life is not always full of happiness. Throughout of my reading, he understood how I lived my life so far, and he was very sympathetic to me, and that really spoke to my heart. He is a very deep and analytical thinker with excellent communication skills without a doubt. And at the same time He is truly a healer who cares about everyone who comes in contact with. He will show you the map of your life and how to get to your ultimate soul purposes.

Precise, true and kind

The reading was complety true and the reader was so kind, I even got answers I never thought that I needed, it helped me spiritualy and it made me really really happy!

Authentic, Inspirational Readings

Compassion and devotion in helping others is why Mohnish is unlike any other astrologer you will meet. A spiritual teacher who takes the time to guide each of his clients through the readings of their chart. He believes in sharing his knowledge with others in how each house and the planets that resides in those houses lay out your destiny. His accuracy in reading your past stories are intensely eye opening and his readings of your future stories will provide you with the needed knowledge to guide you in making decisions. I highly recommend Mohnish, your life will be forever changed.


This was the first astrologer with whom I have consulted, and likely the only one I will ever need. He was amazingly in tune with my life and what needs to happen for my health and success. If you are seeking guidance, this is an important address!

Super helpful!

He asked if I had any specifics I wanted to hear about and certainly made me make sense and feel better about those areas. He also suggested gems stone  to wear that could help in the areas im struggling in. Would certainly recommend to others.


You must consult him he is an amazing and very helpful astrologer.

best reading!

I have gotten read by a lot of astrologers but he was the most honest, accurate and upfront it was amazing!! he is worth it!

Astrologer Mohnish

Speechless is the first word comes to my mind after meeting Mohnish, he is so accurate and his knowledge about planets there impact on humans is very precise and accurate . Mohnish is very helpful and cooperative, he has really impressed me with his vast knowledge about astrology and how astrology can bring benefits to us. I have felt the difference after wearing the gemstones he recommended and highly recommend him for astrological guidance. Thank you Mohnish

Accurate, Impactful, Exciting!

Mohnish has provided a couple of readings for me in my life and both were very impactful due to the accuracy and guidance they provided. He recently predicted my pregnancy which provided relief and so much happiness. I would recommend him to anyone looking for some astrological guidance in their life! You won’t be disappointed.

Accurate Reading

My astrologer Mr. SURI has always guided me in the right path based on my chart. He took time to explain about my Nakshatra which sadly no astrologer ever explained to me. He also explained about different Dasha' and how it works according to my kundali. No one will ever explain you in this much detail like he does. Even if you dont believe in astrology you will start understanding the science behind it once explained by him. He is not only best in astrology but he is also very knowledgable about Gems as well. He will look at your gems and let you know whether they are good or not and he will also explain if you wear this gem then what houses will be activated and whether it will be good or bad. Unlike other astrologer who will try to sell you gems he will guide you and will only recommend if that gem will be in your favor. You need to meet with astrologer Mohnish Suri to see how good of a astrologer he is.


Your job is quite appreciated. With your hard work I came to know about my weak concerns of life as well as future too. I am highly thankful to you.

Knowledgable, honest and guided in the right path!

I am very pleased with the services provided by our astrologer Mr. Suri. He will invest his time in you to explain your chart and also educate in-depth how this divine science works. I am glad my friend introduced me to Mr. Suri

100% accurate predictions and solutions.

Mohnish is a highly educated and experienced astrologer.His predictions are always 100% accurate. He is by far best astrologer I have met so far.He doesn't give false hopes.100% satisfied with his services.

Very accurate, informative and detailed

Astrologer Mohnish provides excellent advise and guidance. The chart reading session was very informative and detailed. Will definitely recommend everyone