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Awesome Great Caring Dog Grooming

Marlene was so perfect for my Mother's dog Trixie. She came to the house and was very professional. She got to know Trixie before she started her "spa day". Trixie felt like a Princess and looked like a Princess when Marlene was done. My Mother is very happy and grateful for Marlene's great compassionate care she gave to Trixie. We highly recommend Pinky's! Thanks Andy.

What a great experience!

What a great experience! Marlene was amazing with our dog Smudgy. He's a rescue and the first time to be groomed, so we were conscious of his anxiety levels and ensuring his comfort. I watched in awe of how well Marlene handled Smudgy and groomed him beautifully. He was so happy and proud afterwards. I look forward to Marlene grooming him again. Thank you so very much Marlene.

Andy is A+++

Great groomer. My dog looks awesome. Thank you Andy

Marlene was amazing.

Marlene was amazing. My dog is very scared and shy and she was so patient and understanding with him! It was his first time getting groomed and she made it a lot easier for him and for me!!

Amazing Work

Amazing work and wonderful with my puppy during his first ever grooming! Couldn’t be happier!

Review of Pinky's

All I can say is that Pinky's is the best of the best!!! Not only do they groom in their very special way, but the love that is shown to your pet is second to none.  These people truly care about your pet and offer a service that is so extremely exceptional, they will groom my dog for the duration of my animals time on this earth ..... Truly A+++++ exception service and people.

Andy is the best groomer we have ever had.

Andy is the best groomer we have ever had. He is so kind, and such a warm person. My Yorkie Gracie is calm and happy while getting groomed which has never been the case before. She was always stressed and anxious and it took days for her to recover. We feel very lucky to have found Pinky's.

Very caring and know how to make a dog look their best.

Andy and Cindy are great. Very caring and know how to make a dog look their best. I highly recommend them and so does my dog!

Just used Pinkys Andy was awesome...he's for sure coming back to our house!!

Just used Pinkys Andy was awesome made Tex, Freyja & Coco feel so comfortable & let me stay with them the whole time he's for sure coming back to our house

Andy did such a wonderful job. Thank you, Pinky's!!

Used Pinky's for the first time with my mom's 2 dogs. Andy did such a wonderful job and was so pleased she will continue to use him. Thank you, Pinky's!!

Andy was incredibly sweet and patient

Andy was incredibly sweet and patient with my little 4lb chihuahua and shared with me some bathing and grooming advice based on his knowledge and expertise. His prices are fair and the service is worth it. Thank you, Andy!

Thank You Pinky!!!!

Very friendly & great experience. They are very professional, and I would 100% use them again. Thank You Pinky!!!!!

Pinky's dog grooming is wonderful

Pinky's dog grooming is wonderful, Andy has come over twice to groom our black lab Levi and he looks beautiful! Andy is particularly kind and calm with Levi and having him come to the house makes it so easy on Levi. Levi is my mobility assistance dog - so leaving him at a grooming shop is not an option for me and Pinky's service is a delight. Andy makes helpful suggestions for what Levi needs; trimmed nails, ear cleaning, trimmed paw fur, it is good that he is so knowledgeable. Thank you Andy! We will see you next month. :)

Andy is the best groomer we have ever had, bar none!

So happy, not only because our boys look amazing, but because they have no stress. Andy is the best groomer we have ever had, bar none!

By Far the Best Groomer We Have Ever Used!!!

About a month ago, I found Pinkys Pet Care website for mobile grooming and made an appointment with Andy, who just over the phone was extremely personable, thorough and friendly. Little did we know at that time, when he came to groom our two dogs, Eddie and Foxy, it would in fact be our 16 year old Yorkipoo Eddie's last haircut before he was laid to rest. The day of the appointment was extremely emotional for my husband and I, and we cannot even begin to describe the level of compassion Andy displayed for Eddie. I could not be there but my husband said "this is the person I wish we would have found years ago." He did a great job and was able to give Eddie the dignity he deserved as the wonderful best friend of a dog he was. We are extremely grateful and will 100% use Andy again to groom our Yorkie Miss Foxy every haircut moving forward! I HIGHLY recommend using Pinky's Petcare if you are looking for the best quality groomer, kindest and most compassionate care!

Andy and Cindy are fantastic.

Andy and Cindy are fantastic. Very experienced and knowledgeable with grooming styles for all dogs. They come to you, spend time listening to your likes & dislikes and groom & bathe your pet in your bathroom or kitchen. They care tremendously about the well being of your pet and having them groomed in the pet's own environment - makes everything so much less stressful. They do an amazing job and are very caring and patient. Once they are done, they clean up and you won't even know that your pet was groomed in your own home! Try them out, you won't regret it.

From the first time I spoke with Andy I knew he was going to be the perfect groomer

From the first time I spoke with Andy I knew he was going to be the perfect groomer for our 8 year old Shih-tzu Brandon. I am so glad I went with my gut feeling. Andy began by getting to know Brandon, who took to Andy immediately. Brandon looked absolutely amazing after his session. Andy is extremely knowledgeable and an expert groomer. I love the fact that I was able to stay with Brandon throughout the grooming because I learned so much from Andy. Thank you and I feel so relieved knowing I have the most competent person taking care of our little boy!!!

Andy was absolutely fabulous

Andy was absolutely fabulous with our daughter's Bernese Mountain dog. He was very professional from the moment we connected via the phone. I would trust him with all your pet grooming needs.

Caring, patient, and knowledgable

Sammy turned 6 months today and yesterday he got his first grooming. Very blessed to have found these great groomers who come to my house Pinky's Grooming. Very knowledgeable, caring, and patient. Sammy will need a little time to adjust so he has his next appt next week and he is even more handsome than before! 

My Oliver was stress free and showed no anxiety during his grooming session.

Worth every penny! My Oliver was stress free and showed no anxiety during his grooming session. I learned so much about the breed from Andy and Cindy. Highly recommend their in-home grooming service.


Yesterday was the THIRD consecutive time that Andy and Cindy were at my house to groom "my babies" (Bichon Frise) because of issues that my recommended "only" at-home grooming.  They are the most qualified orifessional grooming team I have EVER MET!  THey were trained at the EXCLUSIVE Merryfield School of Grooming in FLL, and it is evident they are star pupils!  Barron and Chloe have always ended their sessions looking amazing. But, above all else, for them it is a NON-STRESSFUL experience as you are always right alongside, seeing how it is proceeding.  They take breaks to ensure the comfort and wellness of your pet and you know (from seeing) that they are GENTLE and COMPASSIONATE.After your first visit with them, you need to  allow two hours or so for them to "work their miracles" and their photo gallery is absolutely true and unfettered. I cannot express how highly I HIGHLY RECOMMEND them and how totally thrilled you will be with the results.  No more trips to the store, anxiety for the creatures and peace of mind for you.  Without a doubt, THE VERY BEST and a TOTALL UNIQUE, FIRST CLASS EXPERIENCE.  

Awesome grooming experience for my dog(Owen) and me.

Awesome grooming experience for my dog(Owen) and me. Andy is has a very calm and soothing way about him that helped Owen over his initial anxiety pretty quickly. Definitely recommend and will be using Pinkys again.

Andy at Pinky's is the ONLY one good enough to groom my boy!

Andy at Pinky's is the ONLY one good enough to groom my boy! My beloved German Shepherd mix, Chase, is now 16+ years old and can no longer tolerate standing for a regular grooming. I called and spoke with Andy and I was thrilled to learn that he could come and groom Chase right in the comfort of our own home. The first time I met Andy, it became instantly apparent that he has a kind, gentle heart and a true love for dogs. Chase could tell, too, as he began to kiss him even though he typically does not like to be groomed! Andy is also an amazing doggy stylist! Now, Andy comes to our house each month to groom Chase, and I could not be happier. The experience is stress-free for my boy, and he looks just beautiful! Thanks, Andy and Pinky's!

I had the best feeling about Andy at Pinky's.

This was first time we used a mobile dog grooming service and out of the 4 I called, I had the best feeling about Andy at Pinky's. I love that they come to the house. They cut Brutus, our 75lb Golden Poodle mix, in our backyard with a professional dog grooming table. I knew Brutus felt more comfortable not being at a grooming salon. The price was reasonable and the cut was exceptional. Thanks Andy! We'll see you next time!

I want to personally thank Andy for his exceptional service...

I want to personally thank Andy for his exceptional service, a great haircut and the considerate attention to our older boy Bobby who usually takes a few days of recuperation after spending a few hours at the groomers. Andy works his magic all in the comfort of your home!...thank you Andy!! Ro

They were GREAT!!!!

They were GREAT!!!! Took their time with scooter and answered all questions! So much better than bringing him to a salon! You are able to interact with your pup as they proceed with the grooming services!

Best experience with a groomer i have had.

Best experience with a groomer i have had. You can tell when someone loves their job and he definitely does. Great service and great price.

Words cannot express nor explain how PLEASED I am with the SERVICE, PROFESSIONALISM, and KNOWLEDGE

Words cannot express nor explain how PLEASED I am with the SERVICE, PROFESSIONALISM, and KNOWLEDGE Andy provided when he groomed my dear Miss Prada today, she typically is very nervous and anxious when having to go to a pet was a new day she loved her grooming appointment with Andy, he worked diligently for the better part of 3 hours, in my home, to alleviate the possibility of causing her any stress.  I wish I had found him sooner as this is the only way my pet will ever be groomed in the future!Thank You Andy....

Great Groomer

Andy from Pinky's was recommended to me recently by another Groomer- He has groomed Polo twice now- always on time, friendly and knowledgeable.  Polo is not easy to groom however,  Andy takes all the time he feels he needs to do the job right! I would definitely recommend him! 

I Called They Came The Same Day...

I called and they came in the same day to give my 6 month old terrier mix his first formal grooming session. They came on time and cut his nails, trimmed around his feet, stomach area and privates, gave him a bath and blew dry him. He had overgrown puppy hair around his face and getting into his eyes and they cleaned him up SO well. One thing that was important to me was their care for him. After seeing at Petsmart a dog nearly strangled by a groomer, I never wanted to let my dog on a table for it. They held him and while one person cut his fur, another comforted him and they let me stay with him the entire time. I was thrilled with their love and care for Maverick. I would definitely recommend them. They take their time and are both so nice.

We Love Daisy's new Asian Fusion style

I am so happy with the way my Daisy looks. She is beautiful and everyone stops me to ask who does her grooming. I was a little nervous about doing a asian fusion style but I'm glad I did. Andy took his time and made her feel comfortable. Thank You

My puppy loved her bath...

My new puppy pug Lyla loved her first bath. She had her nails trimmed and smelled so clean. I will use Pinky's again for sure.

Welcome To Pinky's At Home Mobile Grooming Boca Raton | Delray Beach

Hello Fellow Pet Owners. We want to welcome you to the Best Mobile Dog Grooming service in our area. Pinky's Grooming Co. comes right to your house. We pamper your pets with TLC and work with you to make your pet safe and comfortable. From everyone at Pinky's Grooming Co. We look foward to serving you. Thank you for your business. Andy & Cindy