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Atomic Marine Repair LLC

To boat owners
     I want to start by saying what a pleasure it is to have found Atomic Marine Repair to work on my boat. I can't begin to say how thorough, professional, and genuinely concerned they are about making sure that all systems work and are maintained in top working condition. It was a very unique situation with my boat in that it is a 1973 Cheoy Lee Seamaster 47 with the original propulsion system, hard to find parts and even harder to find someone with an understanding of how to work on and maintain them.
When Nick and Anthony showed up they reviewed my concerns and went to work. They found the problems in a timely manor and resolved them, furthermore, they made me aware of other important concerns with the proper operation of the motor that were in dire need of repair and resolved them all. There is no doubt in my mind that if it wasn't for there thorough attention to the diagnostics and repairs I would have been adrift sooner than later. My boat is a long distance trawler capable of 2800 NM range and I intend to use it as such so I can't imagine how bad it would be to be stuck in parts unknown. I have full confidence in my trawler now and I don't need to tell anyone how important that is at sea!

I was fully briefed in every step of repairs, parts inquires and manufacturing by the operations manager Karina who is incredibly resourceful in her search and follow through.
They make an awesome team and I can't Imagine that there is anybody out there that can compare to their unique style, professionalism, and thoroughness.Atomic Marine Repair will always be my go to guy!

Atomic Marine Repair LLC helped us out over the weekend. Came out late on a Saturday, couldn't have been more friendly and helpful. Thanks for getting us back on the water guys! Will definitely call you again when we need more on site help- you are the best!!

Competent, hard-working and they charge reasonable prices for service, what a great business model! I will be using [Atomic Marine Repair] again and recommending them to anyone who will listen.