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Aujoy Wellness Co.

Incredible Packaging & Customer service

I had to just come back because I forgot to mention in my other review how incredible the experience of unboxing an Aujoy package is. The packaging is gorgeous, clean, & feels quite luxurious. You know you are getting your money’s worth before you even see your product because the packaging is so nice. Amazing company!!!

Lovely, Soft, Vibrant & Incredible Silk Pillow Cases

I decided to buy some silk pillow cases from Aujoy because I saw them marketing them on TikTok & needed some real silk for my curly hair. These cases help my hair to still feel soft in the morning. Literally no snagging, my hair just glides on these cases & so does my skin. Let me just say you can feel a real difference between these real silk pillow cases vs others. They’re so soft & look/are luxurious. They also help to regulate my temperature at night because I easily get too hot or too cold. These feel just right for me! I’m so in love with these cases & will definitely be investing in more colors. Worth every penny!

Super Soft & Great Quality

I just bought a facemask and bath tea from Aujoy and the quality of the products are very nice, with the face mask feeling so soft on my skin. I also love the added touch of the pm 2.5 filter that inserts into the face mask. Such thoughtful wrapping and thank you card from Aujoy, I highly recommend buying their products and supporting this small business. Thank you Aujoy for making me feel so luxurious!!

black silk face mask

my everyday, go-to, face mask. LOVE that it prevents mask acne and feel so soft and gentle on my skin. Looks so sleek and boujee with every outfit. 12/10 recommend

amazing face masks

If you don’t have one of these face masks yet you’re missing out. They feel amazing on your skin, are very easy to breath in, sit nicely behind your ear, and the best part is I noticed they don’t cause any irritation or breakouts like others!
I got the cheetah pattern and I always get compliments on it when I wear it out!

Starting 2021 With Clear Skin

I am loving the silk black mask. It fits very comfortably, cleans easily, keeps my skin clear- unlike other masks. I never had acne until wearing masks regularly. The silk is helping big time and it’s a Canadian company which I LOVE.
Thank you, Aujoy!

Definitely worth buying!

I brought silk scrunches and the silk pillowcases and they are amazing! The owner is so nice and the quality is excellent! I brought pillowcases as gifts and my friends are absolutely in love with their pillowcase! The pillowcases are so soft and shiny! The scrunches are such excellent quality, they don’t hurt my hair and feel super soft! I would definitely recommend aujoy to my friends and family! If you are hesitant to buy I would say it’s definitely worth it!

Incredible customer service

I have honestly never had better customer service in my life. They were so nice and understanding. They honestly went above and beyond. They helped fix a delivery problem that wasn’t their fault at all. Would happily buy again just to support them!

Rose Pink

OMG best scrunchies ever, leaves no bumps and keeps my hair soft. definitely recommend.

Ocean blue scrunchie

By far the best scrunchies I’ve ever bought. Such high quality and so gentle on my hair. Plus the colours are so pretty!!

purchased the champagne scrunchie

will never go back to normal scrunchies, my hair has never been so healthy! the quality of the silk is so great for preventing breakage.