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Aunty Amy's Natural Remedies

Magnesium Spray

I have tried a handful of magnesium sprays and this one is hands down the best product I have used. I have been using the relax one and the fragrance is so calming. I've also found the spray bottles they use don't clog up or "melt" unlike other brands have.
I look forward to trying more products from Aunty Amy's.

Beautiful Product - Relax Magnesium Spray

I chose this product for my twitchy leg and it has been wonderful. From opening the well presented package to getting a restful nights sleep, I love this product.

50Km Ride with fantastic Results!

My magnesiaum recover spray arrived on Monday, which was timely as our bicycle group had a 50 km ride on the Tuesday. Normally after such a ride, I’m a bit leg sore. I used the recovery spray with a fantastic result. Love it????

Love the deodorants

My first order arrived just before a camping trip. What better way to test the deodorant? I had 4 days away, without showering (included a 3-4hr hike with MANY steps). I only took 'Joy' with me and it was amazing!
I've been using natural deodorant for a little while now but was looking for a new brand to try. A friend shared this on her socials so I thought I would give it a go. Fair to say I don't think I'll be needing to find another brand - I love all of these and Joy is my favourite.
(Only area for improvement: In the Tassie climate, the pastes can be a little tough, but they warm up enough with your fingers to spread it)


I love the Fresh pit paste, i no longer have to worry about excessive night time sweats and have a better nights sleep!


I brought myself some products and then sent a gift to my bestie, who will love her Sleep Balm and Calm and Clear as much as I do. But the lovely gesture of being able to add a small message and amazingly quick delivery for my friend was fantastic. Thank you so much, from both of us xx

I highly recommend Aunty Amy's fab products

i highly recommend Aunty Amy's fab products. i am very picky with my natural deodorant and i love Fresh and Joy, let's face it, not much point having a deodorant that doesn't work.
These do! And the baby balm has been lovely on my hands after a day of constantly washing and sanitising at work. Customer service is brilliant as well. Come on people, get on board and support a wonderful Australian business with awesum products. Please, please bring on a lip balm.

I Love These Products!!

I have trouble with back pain so my daughter told me about Aunty Amy's wonderful products. I purchased the balm for pain and it gives so much relief that I make sure I will never run short! I buy in bulk sometimes and give them to friends asking them to support Amy by purchasing their products from Aunty Amy. Thank you Aunty Amy for your wonderful products which give me so much peace in my life!


I brought the monthly sooth balm for my daughter and she loves it.
It's helped her so much

Has been a lifesaver!

Calm & Clear has been a lifesaver for my myself and my daughter during this uneasy time. We both have been having increased anxiety so we have been using calm & clear together to help us maintain some balance.

A cure for kids whinging about itches!!!!!!

This stuff is awesome, thank you for summer serenity Aunty Amys.

Menopause Survival Kit

Three Aunty Amy's balms have made the transition through menopause so much more comfortable and easier to negotiate. I use Monthly Soothe Balm every night and morning on my feet (just add a comfy pair of socks for 10 mins to help it soak well in),. Sleep Tight balm has helped me deal with the insomnia associated with changing hormones, and the Calm and Clear has helped with the anxious moments and occasional panic attack (something I hadn't really experienced much before menopause). I'm into toxic free, natural, handmade products that I can use with confidence, and these products REALLY WORK! I always try to reorder before I run out, because when I have run out, I really notice the difference, and I have found the symptoms harder to manage. Thank you Aunty Amy's, I highly recommend your products.

Kids love it!

So nice to have my kids asking me to put on the "sleepy balm" as they call it each night!

Love the Sleep Tight Balm

Often I don't sleep well as I have a million things going through my mind. I have used the sleep balm on pulse points on my face and neck and have been able to fall to sleep faster, thankyou … love it !

Sleep Tight Balm

I recently bought the sleep tight balm for
myself and have found it really helpful in giving me a better nights sleep! I
love that everything is natural and i'm not putting any nasties on my body.
Thanks Aunty Amy's!


I love these products! The ‘Calm and Clear Balm’ is my fave. Such a great scent, and not at all overbearing. Would recommend.


loved my trial balm:
definitely recommend!!


I LOVE their products. Particularly the Sleep Tight Balm, my littlies are bad sleepers and this balm has helped us create a soothing bedtime routine. It’s become so part of our routine my 17month old likes to put it on herself every night ????


I’m a Remedial Massage Therapist so thought I’d give the aches and pains balm a go. The other day I had an excruciating headache all day so thought I’d rub a bit of the balm into my shoulders and neck- after about 15 min the pain was gone. I also used it on an aching hip with the same result. As a result I will definitely be using on clients and stocking.


I recently hurt my back quite badly and my hubby got the Aunty Amy's Aches & Pains Balm and gently massaged it into my poor painful back. Within a couple of hours the pain had subsided to a much more manageable level and I did not need to take pain meds. I saw my GP the next day on another matter and told him what had happened and he was amazed at the movement I had after the injury I'd had and basically no pain. I will make sure that I always have some of this wonderful Balm on hand from now on!


These balms are awesome! I have been using Calm and Clear for around a month, and have found it really helps to calm my nerves and reduce anxiety.

After recently winning a competition on your page, I have been lucky enough to try the Itch and Ouch, Baby Balm and Aches and Pains Balm.

I have 2 toddlers, and they both have eczema and sensitive skin. After using the Itch and Ouch after bathing for just 2 days, they are no longer rashy and they both now have clear skin! Amazing!!!

The same can be said about the Baby Balm! We are using it for nappy rash and it leaves the skin clear and moisturised! It also reduces redness in the nappy area as soon as the next nappy change!

Today, my Husband hurt a muscle in his shoulder. Used with massage, the Aches and Pains Balm warmed up slightly and worked well to relieve the discomfort!

My Mum has struggled with sleep issues for some time and has tried many different things to help her with sleep! She much prefers natural remedies and says the Sleep Tight Balm really works for her!

It is so important for us to use natural and safe products within our family! These balms really work and will be a staple in our household from now on! Thankyou!!