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United Kingdom

Mercedes Key Replacement

called on Friday after I lost my key to my Mercedes made a replacement within 2 hours thanks

Qashqai ignition key problem

Key very awkward to remove, Andy arrived on time repaired the lgnition
barrel all done very efficiently very happy with the result would highly recommend

Call out

I just rang them with query about replacing lost car key very friendly service!

Snapped car key

Son snapped his corsa car key this firm sorted us right out 2 new keys

Range Rover Evoque Keys

Spare key for my Wifes Range Rover Evoque main dealers wanted silly money. Called Luke who was so polite on the phone, took the time to explain the procedure on having a replacement key coded with a reassuring price.

Vauxhall Astra key

Excellent service Luke arrived on time and made a replacement key to my sons astra.

Highly recommended will be passing your number to friends and family hopefully I won't see you again (in a nice way)

If we lose any car keys anytime soon we know who to call!

New key (Audi A3) produced quickly and for a reasonable price

Friendly and quick mobile service. Leon arrived on time and produced a new Audi A3 2006 remote key fob as the old one was barely working. New key works like a charm, took 20 minutes to produce and all for a very reasonable price. Highly reccomended.

Replacement Nissan Juke Key

Much more cheaper than Nissan Bournemouth, called this company who was able to make a spare car key to my Nissan Juke on the same day. Very friendly turned up on-time will be recommending to my friends family and work colleagues.

Excellent Service

Called, Leon arrived, new key in 10 mins. excellent

Renault megane key card

Excellent service, my key card broke whilst I shopping at the Oracle. My recovery company was unable to start the car or toe my car out of the car park, as they needed specialist towing equipment. Which would cost me £875 the patrol driver passed over to this firm, Lockserv who came out to me same day, but in the evening when it was less busy which worked to be much cheaper. Thank you for saving the day!

Lost van key replacement Southampton

Leon provided us with a new replacement Volkswagen transporter key life safer and very competitive on prices.

Fantastic Service

Firstly I wanted to put this on back in March, but damaged phone.... Anyway, lost keys on 19th March, called number found on net, spoke to Andy Hardie on 20th Wednesday about 10.00ish, he came to my house about two and a half hours later, changed the lock and handed me a key plus a spare. Couldn't believe what a fantastic, prompt, efficient service he provided for me.
Also, I couldn't believe the price..... Ford were talking in 3 figures, worth more than the car!! And I had to get the car to them!!!
So so grateful Andy thank you so much. Have given all my friends and work colleagues your cards. Number now in my new phone just in case.

Spare key

Good price, hassle free having another key cut as a spare would recommend

Replacement remote key fob

Excellent service today! Prompt reply to my query and came out the same day to my work address, which was so convenient. Great price, Very quick. Lovely, friendly guy. Cannot recommend highly enough!

Fiat Punto

My son managed to lock his only key in the boot of his car he had just bought. With no access to the boot as the car was locked. Andy managed to open the door within minutes and also cut us a spare key. Great service

Replacement Ford Fiesta Key

Andy did a brilliant job to cut a new key for my 2010 Ford Fiesta. Following accident damage, I had a new driver's side door fitted but didn't realise that the workshop had not transferred my old lock, so Andy managed to cut a new key for me using his high-tech equipment.

Highly recommended

Andy got us out of trouble with a superbly responsive, top quality and great value for money service. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Renault key card Farnborough

Supplied 2 new key cards for my Renault booked with sane day service, others was to busy to even call me back or give any prices over the phone. Highly recommend calling very professional with a good sense of humour.

Broken Key!

Peugeot 207 key was broken - and had to be taped to use. Lock Serv came to my work, provided a brand new key within 20 mins. Super convenient, helpful and great value. Highly recommend.

New Renault Megane Key Card Supplied And Programmed In Reading

Thank you so much I now have 2 new key cards for my car! Called around for best prices and this company fitted me same day was little more expensive than others but could offer same day service which i needed!

Nissan Ignition Repair

Developed a problem with my Nissan Qashqai key keep getting stuck in the ignition even the spare key was getting stuck. This company was able to repair the broken part inside the ignition.

Nissan Micra Replacement Car Key Wokingham

Helped me just when i needed help! left my car keys and house keys on the flipping train. Called and booked in this company to meet me at my vehicle which was stuck at Wokingham train station car park. They gave me some real good advice which helped on the price, If you ever lose your car key you can obtain the key code from Nissan. I called Nissan who supplied me with the key code and the locksmith who came out cut the key to the number and then programmed the new key impressed and relieved at the same time. All round good service will be calling again to arrange on getting a spare made. Thank you for your speedy service.

Nissan Note Key Replacement Andover

New nissan key made faster than what Nissan could do the job in.

Replacement BMW 3 Series Key Camberley

Called upon this company to make me a replacement BMW 3 series key after my handbag was stolen. Unlocked my car and programmed a new remote control and blocked the stolen car key. Thanks!

Snapped Car Key Replacement Reading

Fantastic service, snapped my car key inside the ignition. Andy managed to hook it out and re cut me a new key there and then. Even the AA could not remove the broken key ???? Hopefully I wont need to call you again, but if i do i will certainly be calling you very good service.

Key Replacement

Thanks for making a replacement key to my Volkswagen polo much faster than Volkswagen will book in for a spare soon.

New Ford Mondeo Car Key

Went to the usual key cutters who could not copy my car key as it was to new. I was passed onto this company who came out to my vehicle at my home. Turned up on time with a workshop on wheels. I must say very impressive took less than 20 minutes went for the aftermarket key which was cheaper as its only going to be used a spare. If anyone needs a car key cut I can happily recommend!

Replacement key card

Thanks for coming out on such short notice I can lock and unlock my Renault megane

Spare Ford Transit Key

Really good service after calling 2 other well know firms in the area this one was the most helpful. Also made me a spare at the same time for a little extra next time my Ford key gets worn i will be calling this firm.

Lost Peugeot 106 Key

Fantastic service at very reasonable price lost my sons Peugeot 106 car key whilst walking the dog. I had the car recovered back home and passed onto calling the Peugeot garage thinking it would be a easy job on getting a replacement car key well put it this way not very helpful wanted obscene amount of money told me the car ecu and immobiliser + lock set would need all need to be replaced. So I done some searching around and this company was the only one who took the time. They came out and made a key and some how managed to program it to the original cars immobiliser.

Volkswagen Polo Key

Had 2 new keys made for my sons Volkswagen polo as a new driver and a son who loses everything it was a good idea to have 2 keys made. Good job!

Audi TT Lock Out

keys locked in boot called Hampshire auto locksmiths done a tidy job on getting key out without a scratch.

Fiat Punto Key Replacement

New fiat key made much cheaper than going to the Fiat highly recommend!

Nissan Key

Spare nissan qashqai remote key came out same day good price and very helpful.

Renault Megane Key Card

Called the break down company first when my Renault Megane key card stopped working with my car stuck on my drive blocking my wifes car in stuck both unable to get to work. We was passed onto this company who came out within the hour and programmed a new key card highly recommend did not realise there are company's out there who could do such a thing.

Snapped Car Key

Snapped my vauxhall insginia car key away from the remote stuck at Asda in Andover after finishing a long shift I was in a bad place. Andy came out to me within 1 hour made me 2 new keys really good service just wished I called this company first, wasted few hours on the ring around. Thanks for helping me when i needed it - Maxine Davis

Auto Locksmith Southampton

Find this Auto locksmith online after locking my keys inside my Volkswagen Transporter van. The locksmith managed to pick the lock open saved any damage and got me on my way highly recommend.

Lost van key

replacement ford transit connect key lost mine at work after spending half the day searching for a locksmith that makes van keys. fitted me in same day i tell you what its a total nightmare losing your keys hope it never happens again but if it does i will call you back nice work job well done.

Stolen handbag

Had my handbag stolen on a night out in Basingstoke with it my car keys and my car being stuck in Festival place. Was I glad when this company said they can do it. Spoke to a chap called Andy who was the one who came out to me at 12.40am on a Saturday night price was expensive but worth it!

Lost Citroen Key

New key made after losing the only key i had for my citroen c3 I was let down by another locksmith but worked out well calling this company out who was helpful fitted me in on short notice.

Locked Out

Locked my keys inside my new bmw 3 series only had it 2 days had another firm out who failed to open it as the car was in deadlock. Found this chap who reasured me he could get it open without any fuss. What can I say he sure knows his stuff! Thanks again i will be getting a spare key made on pay day look forward to having you back out.