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AvoidProbate, P.C.

Spring Road,1550
Oak Brook Illinois , 60523
United States

Marc is my go-to real estate attorney!

Marc has been my "go-to" real estate attorney for 10 years. He has helped me and my family with our real estate purchases and also goes above and beyond for my real estate clients (buyer/seller). I always get amazing feedback from my clients regarding his knowledge, professionalism and work ethic.

Marc is a critical part of my real estate team.

I also love that he works on estates/trusts/wills and offers this service to my clients as well.

My real estate sales career would not be what it is today with Marc's help.


Excellent Attorney!

Marc handled our real estate transaction after our original attorney dropped the ball. He took the time to address all of our concerns and promptly returned phone calls and responded to written inquiries. We will not hesitate to use him again for other legal needs.


Marc was very helpful in explaining everything involved in my real estate transaction. He even went over everything line by line and answered any questions that I had.

The attorney you've been looking for!

Marc was a pleasure to work with. He is very straightforward, approachable, communicative, and efficient. He did our closings for the house we sold and for the one we bought. When we were nervous or had questions, Marc was there through the entire process. We highly recommend him!

Best Lawyer!

wsome lawyer, explained all paperwork in detail before signing any paperwork for my new home. Very helpful and full of knowledge, never will leave you with a question in mind, always an answer. Would highly rccomend him and use him if the occasion occurs.

Wonderful experience!

Marc went above and beyond in every aspect of our closing from avoiding probate to dealing with out-of-town clients. Marc is a true professional and I absolutely would recommend his services.

Reliable Lawyer

Worked hard to find the solution to our real estate problem. Just when there was a solution we change our minds and decided to make an offer on a different property he was able to switch gears and execute the closing with all the craziness that came with the contract I would hire Mark again in a heartbeat.

Great job!

Marc made it easy. Explained all the jargon in our contract. He answered all of our questions to satisfaction and displayed a good real estate knowledge. He even saved us money by having some extra fees knocked off our loan..... highly recommended

Incredibly knowledgeable, smart, and honest

I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs the type of service he provides. He was clear in his explanations, providing multiple examples to use real speak instead of law speak. I will continue to use his services.

Will/Trust- Quick, Easy, Convenient, Quality!!

Marc was professional yet relatable. He explained everything in easy to understand terminology, he was efficient in processing the paperwork, requiring only two meeting to get everything drafted and executed. He is of high character and came highly recommended to us. We would recommend Marc to anyone who is looking for an Attorney!

Residential real estate and rentals

Marc is professional and knowledgeable. He has represented us in 2 residential real estate closings and 2 rental contracts. I highly recommend him, he is thorough and a pleasure to work with.

Estate Planning and Residential Real Estate

Mr. Gugliuzza represented me in a residential real estate transaction in 2014 and I was impressed with his work ethic and attention to detail. Subsequently my wife and I hired him to prepare our estate plans and found his services there to be exceptional in terms of ease of preparation, value, and also in answering our many questions.


Marc handled everything superbly. From patiently dealing with our nearly deaf elderly father, to advising the family after his passing, we knew we could count on him. He even came to the house for our elderly father.