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Axcess Mortgage and Loans Financing Co. Ltd.

67 Caroline St. S.
Hamilton ON , L8P 3K6


My partner and I stumbled across Marie on a random Google search for a broker in a desperate time, and wow did she ever exceed our expectations! We had a lot of trouble with getting a mortgage with a traditional bank, and after a lot of back and forth and 2 extensions on our financing condition, it was starting to look like we were not going to get our house. In less than a week's time, Marie was not only able to find us a mortgage and an insurer for our mortgage, but she was so professional and kind and was happy to take our many many phone calls. She really walked us through the process, she helped us understand what the issues were with our application the first time and what we could do to be approved. And we were!! We found our dream home and it's all thanks to Marie 😀


I had the pleasure of working with Marie Copeland throughout my mortgage process. Buying a home is a stressful and hectic process, specially when purchasing in a different province across the country. Marie was extremely professional, efficient and helpful in all aspects.

My spouse and I had applied for a mortgage through CIBC (they said we were 'pre-approved' for 100k higher than what our offer was) for which they had initially taken 3 to 4 weeks and asked us for the same documents over and over and over again. We had a condition of financing on the property for which they had asked us to get 2 separate extensions and then told us the day before finance condition date that we were not actually approved.

This sent us into a panic and frenzy after well over a month of having to stress over it already. This is when I came across Marie. I had called her office and she answered immediately, I was able to go over my concern and she was very helpful right from the start. She told me exactly what I needed to get the mortgage and asked if it was possible for me to ask for a week from the seller so she could get everything done. Within the next week I had signed my approval papers and Marie was able to get me an interest rate which was half of what the bank was offering.

She even went above and beyond and kept checking in with us after we had travelled across the country to make sure we were holding out ok and reassured us regarding the house when we had closing delays. For as long as she is in practise, I will go to her for all my mortgage needs and will also recommend her to all of my family and friends who ask. I would like to thank Marie for all that she has done for us and we will be eternally grateful.


Dealing with Marie was hassle free. Marie provided great advice and suggested the best mortgage product for my needs. I valued her quick response time to all my questions. She made a complex process very simple and provided continuous guidance for each step of the process.

Thank you Marie for everything you did for me. I appreciate your outstanding service and I will be sending any of my friends in need of mortgage products your way.


Marie Copeland is the best Mortgage Broker you can use !!!

I use her for all my own, my family's and clients' mortgage needs.

I am a self-employed family lawyer and my family members are also self-employed and as such, we have our unique financing road blocks that the banks just don't understand.

Marie is a professional who understands the urgency in matters, she is very helpful and always delivers great service and results.

She knows our circumstances and helps us with on-going credit maintenance for long after the mortgage closes. She wants to make sure that when renewal time comes, we are in good shape to get the best mortgage available.

She is able to maneuver through the financial maze to ensure that we are placed into the right mortgage.


Marie was extraordinarily helpful in dealing with my situation. She kept me informed on all matters relating to the mortgage and worked under a tight deadline to resolve the situation. I would have no hesitation to highly recommend her, regardless of your particular situation.


I used Axcess for my new home mortgage.

Marie Copeland worked extra hard to get me the right mortgage for my particular situation.

I am very pleased with the attention I received. Everything was explained in detail and much time and care was taken to make me feel comfortable about my mortgage.

I would recommend Axcess to everyone.


As two self-employed consultants, with most of the assets in the business, getting a bank to look at you for a mortgage is next to impossible. Marie not only took on our case, but got us a great rate. She knew who to go to and how to get the most out of the lenders. And all with a professional flair.

Thanks for being on our side Marie.


I was a 1st time home buyer and nervous about such a huge real estate investment. I called around to get some first time home buyer information. First couple of brokers I talk to either did not take me seriously or seem like did not have much information to offer. Then I found Axcess Mortgage on the internet and I was off to awesome home buying experience. Marie Copeland patiently walked me though my first time home buyer loan options. She help me with household budgeting so I could understand how much I can afford to pay for a home. Marie gave me tones of information about the first time home buyer incentives.

She made everything so easy. She got me a great realtor to go with my mortgage approval and I am moving into my new home in 2 months. I had no idea what I could qualify for when we first started. Marie was great, she walked me through the process step by step. She is knowledgeable and efficient. I recommend her to anyone who needs a first time home buyers mortgage.


I used Marie at Axcess to find a lender for my first home. I'm a new family doctor, with thousands of dollars in student loans. I was in a difficult financial situation and would have been turned down had I gone directly to the bank.

Marie was able to not only find a lender, but get me a great mortgage rate. We would've been lost without her help. Her commitment and work ethic were outstanding. I'm now keeping in touch with Marie for ongoing advice regarding my credit worthiness so that I'll be able to continue getting great mortgage financing in the future.

Thanks for everything Marie.


My husband and I wanted to buy our first home. We had started the process about six months prior, and needless to say we were completely overwhelmed with the task at hand. We met with Marie and she patiently and clearly explained what our options were and what we could expect in the months to come. I cannot say enough about her level of knowledge and professionalism. She made the process so much more bearable and we are both so grateful that we found her. I would highly recommend that she be the first number you call when buying a home or renewing your mortgage.

Thank you for everything Marie. We love our new house and we could not have done this without you !


Marie was supportive and informative throughout my first mortgage application. She was always available through phone or email to answer questions, and even helped me during the last hours of closing to help me secure a very competitive interest rate. If you're looking for someone kind, reliable and knowledgeable to help you with your mortgage, contact Marie! I'm so glad I did! Thanks so much Marie!!!


The journey of buying a home has been one of the most stressful experiences so far. The amount of detail and work that goes into it is exhausting and frustrating. I had no knowledge of how and where to begin with getting qualified for a mortgage. I tried to learn it on my own, however it is really confusing and stressful. You really need an expert mortgage broker to help you with this process. I decided to look for someone who was knowledgeable and professional and cared about the person they were working with as another fellow human being. And then I stumbled upon Marie Copeland. I found her through google and saw the great reviews she had so I decided to give her a call to see what she could do for me. She was so quick to respond and come up with a plan for how we were gonna get qualified. She did all the work over the phone, and explained the process all the way through, making sure that we were as informed as possible. We finally got the approval we needed and got the key for out new home. I have Marie to thank for all for all of this. If you want a kind, knowledgeable, and professional mortgage broker, then look no further than Marie Copeland. You won't regret it.


Good day to All . many years have gone by . little do i know but my Neighbour is Marie Copeland , So Monday i found this out. She is working on my Mortgage as i write this info .If you are looking for mortgage i would start here first. Thank You Marie.


In dealing with Marie, we have been beyond impressed-her expertise in the industry, is Unparalleled!!! Her kindness is so appreciated, and helping you understand the whole mortgage process, from the initial conversation, through-out the closing of the deal, she walks you through every step of the way!!!
We have dealt with Marie, for a couple of transactions, and would highly recommend her /Axcess Mortgage to our family and friends!!
Thanks so much!!!!
The Nucc's ..........


We went to our bank to get a home purchase mortgage and got turned down by the bank because we did not meet the banks self employed mortgage program. We had an offer to purchase with a finance condition. Like many small business owners we have deductible operating expenses which left our taxable income low and we had no idea how to qualify for a mortgage. We were lucky to be referred to Axcess owner Marie Copeland by one of her past clients. Wow, what a difference! First of all, this lady is very approachable and understanding. She did everything over the phone. This woman really knows her mortgage business and can quickly zero into your problem. Marie explain the no income verification mortgages. She gave us a list of documents to email to her and boom, couple of days later we had a mortgage! Don't waste your time on banks in Canada, they don't care about you. Marie is an experienced mortgage broker who knows what she's doing and you will get good mortgage advice and help. I recommend this Hamilton mortgage broker to everyone.


As a single person, buying a house can be an intimidating experience. However, after one phone call with Marie the stress was immediately lifted. She was quick to produce results and kept my best interest in mind offering her honest opinion on what mortgage would be best suited for me.

She was available for every phone call and text, walking me through any questions I had making this an amazing experience.

I received the keys to my new house a few weeks ago and I am extremely grateful to Marie for her excellent customer service with a personal touch.


Very disappointed with my experience at Axcess. We initially approached a broker from this agency almost two years ago when we first decided we wanted to buy a home. Because my partner is self-employed, we knew things could be more challenging and thus sought out someone who had experience with this. This broker stated he understood self-employment and assured us we were in good hands. At the time he advised us to wait until we were financially stronger and my partner's business was more established. Over the course of the last year and a half, we did everything possible to save more money. I even got a higher paying job. Fast forward to this month, when we finally found a house we wanted to buy. We approach this broker again who stated it would take at least 5 business days to get things into place. This struck us as a odd, as we had heard from others that turn around could be as quick as 48 hours. Regardless we trusted that this person knew our financial position well enough. After submitting multiple documents and increasing our down payment to 15%, we noticed that things kept dragging on despite having been told that a credit union was on board. I connected with this broker practically every day to check in, and he assured me time and time again that things were moving along well and that we should not be concerned. He stated that our credit was strong and that we had more than what we needed in the bank. Ultimately we were denied financing with little time to spare and we had to withdraw our offer.