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New Life Ayahuasca

Life Changing!

The retreat at New Life changed my life in ways that I thought nothing could. Before the retreat, I was a miserable, depressed, and anxious person who wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of my life hiding away in a dark room. The experience I had during ceremonies turned the lights back on. For the first time in years I wanted to be awake and active in my life. I am happier and more engaged person than I have been in at least a decade. The folks at New Life showed me the path to a new life and for that I will always be grateful.


I can't say just how amazing New Life was. Jeanae and Matt are so wonderful and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to come to this retreat. They have the most beautiful property and so many trails to walk and I loved getting to do that each day. The food every meal was so delicious and I'm not vegetarian at all! I really hope Jeanae puts out a recipe book so I can make these things at home for my family! I loved getting to do yoga on ceremony days, it really helped to put me in a good headspace. Matt led each ceremony beautifully and the music he played was exactly what I needed during that time. I left the retreat with so many things learned. I am truly grateful to have had the experience that I did so I can implement those things into my life. I can honestly say for me, my experience was life changing. So much so, that my husband wants to come here for a retreat himself. I highly recommend coming here if you are interested in trying Ayahuasca at all. You will not regret it.

With Gratitude to Mother Aya and the New Life Team

I want to voice my sincere gratitude to the team at New Life Ayahuasca (as well as the group who shared this experience with me) for providing such a loving and supportive space for meeting Mother Aya and receiving her medicine. I cannot imagine a better situation for such an important personal journey. Thank you.

The Team

Matt: Although he does not call himself a Shaman, it is clear that he is the real thing. As a person, Matt is a master of process with genuine curiosity and is courageous with honesty and vulnerability. As a Shaman, he is a master of bridging the ordinary and non ordinary worlds while offering modest but wise counsel in how to relate to your journey across that bridge into the spiritual dimensions of the psyche. I am impressed by Matt and I like him but more than that I am grateful for his sacrifice and his mastery.

Jeanae: While Matt creates an amazing bridge between the ordinary and non ordinary realms, Jeanae is the loving keeper of the ordinary. She is practical and level headed but open and kind and quietly nurturing. She prepares delicious and healthy meals, takes your plates, listens to your stories, makes sure your basic needs are met, and does not draw any attention to the fact that she is looking after us all like a dutiful and caring mother.

Jason: During my retreat Jason assisted Matt and Jeanae so I wanted to express my appreciation for him as well. Jason is gentle and easy going and funny but also courageous and a fellow traveler. Jason helps to model what it means to be on your own inner journey and how to share that with other people on their journey. He will look after you during the ceremonies and tends to things while you are not watching and overall is an essential part of the experience of New Life. Thank you for cleaning those purging buckets, Jason!

The Group

Although the retreat team is obviously essential for a healthy experience, so too is the group of participants. As the ego dissolves into the background of a broader, richer psyche, one becomes aware of the collective nature of the group. This experience is an important tension between a highly personal, individual journey as well as a collectivity that requires thoughtfulness and intentionality to be a good group member. For this reason I believe it is valuable that New Life limits its group size and I think you will come to that conclusion as well.

The Setting

The retreat center is actually a great design for this retreat. You get your own room (unless you want to share it with your partner) and your own bath. There is a nice open common space with books for reading and beautiful esthetic elements thoughtfully placed around the flow of rooms. There is a stellar view of the jungle and ocean from the common porch where everyone likes to hang out and debrief. The late night bonfires under the starry Costa Rican sky, the monkeys passing along the fence line after lunch, the cats and the massage therapist and the open-airness of the building design: it is a very good balance of intimacy and personal space so that you are fully supported by the environment for whatever aspect of your process is unfolding next. I was also pleased with the ritual space. It is essentially the yoga studio but adorned with ritual elements for the ceremonies. It is a good space for the purpose of the Ayahuasca journey.

The Experience

One thing that’s clear: each person has their own experience and that same person’s experience can differ dramatically from one ceremony to the next. It can also happen that a person has three very similar ceremonies on the same retreat. Going into the Ayahuasca encounter does not seem to be well suited for expectations. What seems to be more productive is focusing on surrender and acceptance during the ceremony. It does appear to be helpful to go into a ceremony with an intention but to hold that intention loosely and not allow it to become an expectation. Really it is the same set of principles one finds in meditation. What you seek becomes separated from you by the attachment you have to the idea of what you are seeking. Best to let the ideas go and focus on receiving the medicine through willingness and surrender.

I found that the team at New Life modeled these principles during the whole course of the retreat and this clearly helped us find our way through the experiences.

Finally, it has been about a month since my retreat and I see with each day how important it is to stay attentive to the slow, gradual integration process. What I am doing after the ceremonies is certainly as important as what I experienced during. This experience truly has marked the beginning of a New Life.

Life Changing

When I got called to Ayahuasca and began researching retreats, I instantly knew this was the place I wanted to go. I can't say enough good things about how beautiful the property is, how delicious the meals were, how enjoyable the waterfall day was and how welcoming and helpful Matt, Jeanae and Jason were the entire time.
The ceremonies exceeded my expectations and were beautiful from start to finish. Matt's singing and leadership were mesmerizing and made me feel very safe even though I was completely out of my comfort zone. Jeanae's presence was helpful, peaceful and her flute playing is so beautiful it brought me to tears. Jason's presence and comradery was appreciated and you can tell all three of them share a special bond in the work they do together. This is not easy work to do but I look forward to getting to know Mother Aya much better and am continuing to process and integrate my experience. I'm beyond grateful to have had this adventure and cannot wait to go back! Thank you NLA for feeding my soul in such a sacred way.

Forever Grateful

This was my second retreat with New Life and I am beyond happy that I was able to go back! My first ever Ayahuasca experience was with Jeanae and Matt in 2019 and it was truly life changing.

I spent the last two years enjoying better overall health having more clarity and continuing to grow. It has been a journey where each step is intentional and necessary.

Life continues to happen so unfortunately this time I arrived with so much pain, regret, confusion and grief. I was really struggling the recent loss of two close family members and with many other major life changes as well. Things I had never had to deal with before. From the moment I arrived though, I felt at peace, supported and safe. Jeanae and Matt are so entuned with the group and are so authentic.

I could not imagine a better environment where you can be vulnerable while also being understood. Each day I feel stronger and more at peace. There is a definite shift in me and I have a sense of direction/focus that I really needed right now.

I love the beauty of the property, the view, and the animals. One morning there was a white faced monkey in a tree outside my bedroom window. It was amazing, he was looking right at me! I am also very fortunate to have had such amazingly kind and generous people in my group. They helped me so much!.

If you are feeling called to Ayahuasca, do not hesitate. Know that many of us travel alone to New Life in Costa Rica. Jeanae and Matt have everything organized and are incredibly thorough. From their driver that picks you up at the airport to helping organize the return to the airport as a group with all the information necessary about re-entry requirements.


Very refreshing

I've had an amazing time and gained valuable insights.
Sitting by the fire after the ceremony and having heartfelt discussions was my favorite part.
Having yummy vegetarian meals all week really set me up to being more disciplined with my diet.
I committed myself to doing yoga every morning and I have not missed a day.
Running through the jungle was fun and the pool was a welcome surprise.
Overall, I feel very refreshed and energized.
Looking forward to going back.

We loved it

We are so grateful that we experienced the healing power of Ayahuasca with Matt & Jeanae at New Life. We're also blessed that we went through this life changing experience with the most wonderful group of people. We each had our private rooms and bathrooms which was perfect for when we needed time to process and recoup. Matt is an amazing shaman and sings the icaros so beautifully, and Jeanae and Jason's presence during the ceremonies is very comforting. Thank you for everything, you guys are the best!

Best Healing Community

Matt & Jeanae have created one of the warmest environments I can think of. From the moment you talk to them on the phone, you know youre in the right hands. They provide a nurturing environ ment, with the right balance of giving space and helping. I am forever grateful for their part in healing my soul. I can't recommend them & New Life Ayahuasca enough. I will be back.

Eye opening!

I just finished my first retreat at New Life Ayahuasca with Matt & Jeanne here in beautiful Costa Rica. What a wonderful experience! Such a great group to experience this with. I feel as though I have a whole new family. I have a lot more work to do to clear the pain in my life, but lady Ayahuasca made it quite clear to me that I need to release that pain before it causes illness in my body.
I came away knowing without a doubt that my pent up depressed emotions are what’s causing my health issues!
I couldn’t have had a more wonderful environment. Matt & Jeanne are wonderful hosts. The food was amazingly healthy, the waterfall trip was so much fun, Yoga was great & the massage was probably the best I’ve ever had! If you’re contemplating an Ayahuasca experience, I would highly recommend New Life. It was so comfortable from the moment I got there and was an experience I will forever remember. Thank you!!

Best Ayahuasca Retreat

Matt and Jeanae are amazing people and really cares for every guest. I am so happy that I chose this retreat and I highly recommend anyone that’s interested in drinking ayahuasca to whose this place. The waterfall trip was amazing, the massage was great, and the ayahuasca journey was unforgettable. One of the things that separates this retreat from the others is that you get your own room. Experience of a lifetime.

2nd Retreat and it keeps getting better

I have attended two retreats with Matt & Jeanae and am now planning my third. The first retreat opened my eyes to the transformative healing power of Ayahuasca, now I understand that my journey is just beginning. The second retreat offered deeper levels of understanding and a relationship with the medicine that I never expected. Matt and Jeanae have created a loving space free of judgement, where guests are given the privacy and freedom to explore what called them to this home in the Costa Rican hills. The ceremonies themselves take the guests on a journey starting deep within the Amazon, through laughter and pain, and ultimately into your heart. Jeanae cooks, Matt sings Icaros, Chopper roams, people leave happy.

Just Do It

New Life Ayahuasca is my happy place! Matt & Jeanae are wonderful hosts, the property is beautiful and relaxing and the medicine has the power to change your life in ways that nothing else can. I've been to 2 retreats at New Life in the past 3 years and I'm still constantly discovering new things about myself from my time there. In my experience, ayahuasca is not a cure-all but instead it's like a wise grandmother teaching you things about yourself that will help you to be incrementally happier and healthier.

Greatest thing I've ever done.

Greatest thing I've ever done. I'm 36 years old, working from home in big tech, living a stable but monotonous life, wrought with depression and self-doubt, and recently out of a divorce and a cross country move. I was confused about a lot of things and was having hard times with allowing my PTSD to control me. The ayahuasca ceremony led by Matt was beautiful, heartfelt and inspirational. I traveled 9000 years passed in a few hours on earth to understand how much of my life I was wasting worrying about things I had no control over. I was able to let my past go. I now feel emotionally centered and more in-control of my path.

Matt and Jeanae are the most gracious of hosts. Very down to earth, not some spaced-out hippies. The property was gorgeous, the rooms comfortable, clean, and bright. Jeanae's cooking was wonderful. Mostly all vegan of which I had little to no experience. I lost 3 pounds and felt more energetic in the mornings than I had in ages.

A note about ayahuasca. Everyone will react differently. You will do well to really take some time before the trip and understand what you want to accomplish. Ayahuasca can reveal your true self to you which was frightening for me because I was always in denial about my emotions. My trip had a very clear mission but I knew exactly what I wanted to get from it. After the purification part of my trip, I was rewarded with visions of the purest beauty imaginable. But all my visions had very personal links. I felt reborn in some ways which I will never forget.

If you did research on ayahuasca or DMT and ended up here, look no further. New Life Ayahuasca was the answer for me.

A New Life

Matt and Jeanae are excellent and caring hosts. The entire retreat feels comfortable and you are made to feel at home at the retreat home, which is large enough to provide individual space while still feeling intimate and cozy. Matt is an incredible guide during the ayahuasca ceremonies, and both he and Jeanae make every effort to make the participants feel safe and comfortable. Every individuals experience will be different, yet it feels like one must be open to the medicine to reach something truly transformative; which was my experience. Matt and Jeanae are great, the food is amazing, the location is private, all the elements are in place for ayahuasca to work her magic. I will be back. Thank you!

Joy and Gratitude

I was called to Mother Aya, after my husband went to New Life. At first I was not called. I though not for me. Then, my husband went 6 months prior and returned home a different man, I was so grateful for his peace and reclamation of his true self. My kids immediately noticed a difference. They positively exclaimed, "what happened to Dad?"

6 months later, I was called to learn from Mother Aya. My experience at New Life was deeply profound and bliss filled. The grounds are private and safe. The experience was perfect for me. The simple, natural culturally abundant environment and quality care was restorative and perfect. I met wonderful people and felt privileged to witness their journey. I had a wonderful experience and powerful insight to blind spots I needed to explore. Matt and Janea are generous with their love and desire to help people without being over bearing. They are kind, wise and perfect space holders for Mother Aya to speak perfectly to each participant. Matt and Janea, your love and work is so appreciated. Thank you for taking such good care of us. Doing what you do and providing life healing medicine to so many. My family would not be the same without your work. Thank you, I am forever grateful. See you soon. Much love, Alexis

Transformative Jungle Adventure

My husband and I have been back to "reality" for a little over two weeks now and every day we seem to be further from the retreat, the ayahuasca, the experiences, the more grateful we are for what we endured. Matt, Janae, and Drew create such a beautiful, calm, and safe environment so you can really experience the medicine and let it fully reach you. Janae is very patient and you can talk to her about anything. She also cooks the most delicious meals! We were so grateful for her hospitality and always being there. Matt is one of a kind. He genuinely cares about your journey with the medicine and makes certain you have the best setting to do so. His music was incredible! If you are ready to embark on this incredible but difficult journey of self, look no further. I can't say enough great things about New Life! Thanks again to Matt, Janae, and Drew.

Experience of a Lifetime!

A life changing and once in a lifetime experience. I was completely blown away by the authenticity, the surroundings and the accommodations. Matt and Jeanea were wonderful hosts and I highly recommend this retreat to all.

Trip of a Lifetime!

From arrival to departure, Matt and Jeanae went above and beyond to make our group's entire experience extraordinary. The food, staff, waterfall excision, amenities, accommodations, wildlife... simply first class! And the ceremonies themselves - literally out of this world. Can’t imagine a more quintessential Costa Rican adventure and looking forward to returning as soon as possible. Thanks again guys - you two are true beauties.

A Life-Altering Experience

If you are reading these reviews because you can't decide on which retreat to go on...Let this be your sign to choose New Life Ayahuasca! From the moment I stepped on the resort property and met Matt & Jeanae I felt safe & secure. The grounds are absolutely stunning and rooms are incredibly comfortable. I was so grateful to have my own room to go after the ceremonies. This was vital to my growth experience. I am vegan and gluten free and Jeanae provided complete and nourishing meals for me all week. The ceremonies were intimate and powerful. Matt created a ceremony space where life-altering healing took place for me. Matt's ongoing training & experience as an Ayahuascaquiro is very obvious during ceremony. He allows the spirits to move through him & it was really influential to be present for this. In addition to Matt being a humble vessel for healing, having Jeanae and Drew as sitters made my transformative experience possible. Having them there created immense safety which allowed me to go deeper into my experience. The waterfall trip was so much fun! I got 2 incredible massages. Jeanae did a great job at leading the yoga classes. Doing Kambo for the first time was a very healing experience as well. My life is on a new trajectory now. I have complete trust in the universe. My anxiety and restlessness have been significantly reduced. I feel at peace. I found my courage. I found radical self-love. I met God, because I realized I am divine energy. I learned so many lessons. These lessons and transformation just wouldn't have been possible without the exact setup of how this retreat was created & run by two amazing human beings, Matt & Jeanae ♥️

Something for me!

I had no idea what I was preparing to do, but I strongly felt the urge to do it and I am ever so grateful I did. The reviews are accurate and yet no matter how many you read, it’s the experience itself that is so profound it’s indescribable. I would highly recommend Matt and Jeanae to guide you through an ayahuasca experience.

It was totally worth it

After feeling a "calling" to take plant medicine, I researched various facilities and was guided to New Life Ayahausca. I needed some guidance and clarity in my life and was hoping to receive a 'vision.' My first experience in ceremony was far from what I expected; no bright colors, no messages...even after taking a second dose. My encounter during the second ceremony was the most intense, uncomfortable experience of my life. The physical sensations were unbearable, causing me to surrender and purge several times. Because of this, I opted out of the third ceremony.
But here's the deal...Matt and Jenae do it right. The facility with the private rooms, the view, the meals, the grounds, the price...If I were to ever do it again, ( I would return to New Life. Matt's musical ability and the icaros make the experience authentic and deeply moving. I felt safe and supported by Jenae and Drew the whole time.
After being home now for a couple of weeks, I have noticed (and so have others) that I am not the same person I was before...I am calmer, grounded and finally having a sense of direction. It was totally worth it.

Thank you

I may have laughed more than my fair share.... but honestly thank you for everything!! And thank you to my fellow travelers my bucket was filled.


Thank you Matt, Jeanae and Drew! Four weeks ago today, I arrived in Costa Rica to participate in a five day ayahuasca retreat with a bundle of nerves and a ton of anxiety but with an optimism about finally getting to experience this plant medicine I had been contemplating for years. I will leave out my personal experience as personal is exactly what it is. The experiences of the five people in our group were as broad as each of our personalities and what had called us to this experience. Rather, I will focus on the great care and beautiful setting you will get should you be called to New Life. The property is absolutely stunning situated in the mountains with a gorgeous view of the Nicoya Peninsula in the distance. It has communal spaces and a dining room where you’ll spend a lot of time getting to know the others in your group, a pool and hot tub and winding hiking trails where we saw white face monkeys and toucans almost daily. Each guest has their own comfortable bedroom with private bathroom which was important to me. In between Jeanae’s delicious meals, ceremony day yoga sessions, massages, a kambo ceremony, a waterfall hike, evening bonfires and getting to know the others in your group, there is a decent amount of down time to reflect, relax and set your intention and having a private space can be important to that.

Matt, Jeanae and Drew are wonderful at what they do. They are compassionate and patient and humble about the work that they do and the care that they provide. Matt participates in each ceremony alongside the guests and guides the experience with traditional and beautiful icaros. The music he and Jeanae make with gong, guitar, drums, flute and voice adds to the absolute intensity of the journey guiding you through the experience and creating personal transitions. Jeanae and Drew sit in patiently and quietly to tend to any needs you might have. I initially thought I would feel vulnerable having them sit in with eyes on the group but it is likely you will need their assistance at times and without them, the experience would be very different. Having them there was comforting and necessary.

Thanks again Matt, Jeanae and Drew! I’ll never forget this experience and am so glad mine was with you!


Thank you Matt, Jeanae and Drew! Four weeks ago today, I arrived in Costa Rica to participate in a five day ayahuasca retreat with a bundle of nerves and a ton of anxiety but with an optimism about finally getting to experience this plant medicine I had been contemplating for years. I will leave out my personal experience as personal is exactly what it is. The experiences of the five people in our group were as broad as each of our personalities and what had called us to this experience. Rather, I will focus on the great care and beautiful setting you will get should you be called to New Life. The property is absolutely stunning situated in the mountains with a gorgeous view of the Nicoya Peninsula in the distance. It has communal spaces and a dining room where you’ll spend a lot of time getting to know the others in your group, a pool and hot tub and winding hiking trails where we saw white face monkeys and toucans almost daily. Each guest has their own comfortable bedroom with private bathroom which was important to me. In between Jeanae’s delicious meals, ceremony day yoga sessions, massages, a kambo ceremony, a waterfall hike, evening bonfires and getting to know the others in your group, there is a decent amount of down time to reflect, relax and set your intention and having a private space can be important to that.

Matt, Jeanae and Drew are wonderful at what they do. They are compassionate and patient and humble about the work that they do and the care that they provide. Matt participates in each ceremony alongside the guests and guides the experience with traditional and beautiful icaros. The music he and Jeanae make with gong, guitar, drums, flute and voice adds to the absolute intensity of the journey guiding you through the experience and creating personal transitions. Jeanae and Drew sit in patiently and quietly to tend to any needs you might have. I initially thought I would feel vulnerable having them sit in with eyes on the group but it is likely you will need their assistance at times and without them, the experience would be very different. Having them there was comforting and necessary.

Thanks again Matt, Jeanae and Drew! I’ll never forget this experience and am so glad mine was with you!

Our second ceremony in a little over a month

This was our (my wife and I) second visit to NLA in a little over a month. Our first was in July 2019. Seems a bit unorthodox to repeat an experience in a short period of time given the amount of information one gathers from a retreat such as this. Anyone who has ever gone through something like this knows exactly what I’m referring to.

Needless to say, it’s a testament to two points:

Our experience with plant medicine was so exceptionally profound we felt compelled to come back in search of answers to more questions we had about ourselves.
The care and support offered at NLA is nothing short of excellent. Without Matt, Jeanae and Drew to help facilitate our experience, there’s no way we would have had as profound an experience as we did (in our previous and most current experiences at NLA).

We signed up for the 7 day retreat (3 plant medicine ceremonies, 1 kambo, 1 rape, and 1 San Pedro experience). There were a total of 8 participants, which we felt was ideal. I know there are other centers that cater to larger groups and while I can’t comment on what that experience is like given that I’ve never engaged in plant medicine ceremonies of that caliber, I can say that with 8 people, it allowed for a more intimate experience with the other participants. Not only did we use the retreat as an opportunity to connect with ourselves, but we were able to connect with the other members from the group in a deep and meaningful manner, of which we were grateful. It’s not every day you to meet random strangers, open up about each other’s vulnerabilities, and go on several intense journeys of self discovery.

Matt’s presence as the ayahuascero is commanding and awe inspiring. How he is able to conjure up the strength to channel the medicine’s powers and convey them in such a manner that leaves a powerfully indelible impression is beyond comprehension. His live performance is one that will leave you feeling inspired.

If Matt is the engine of NLA, Jeanae is the soul. She keeps the place running by organizing the daily activities, leads the yoga classes, prepares the meals (which are delicious and nourishing for the soul), and provides emotional support during the ceremony. She has a wonderful caring disposition about her.

Drew is a jack of all trades. He does a little bit of everything to keep the facility running smoothly. There’s a magnetism about him that draws you to him. He has a remarkably positive way of viewing life (after going through some dark periods himself) that’s infectious and uplifting. There were several times during my experience where his presence positively impacted me (and my wife).

If safety is a concern, I can assure you that the only concern you’ll have is the one in your subconscious. Then again, that’s why people are signing up for this, aren’t they? To understand themselves in a deeper way but from a completely different and novel perspective. Other than that, NLA engages all of the plant ceremonies in a safe manner. They don’t coerce anyone to do anything that they’re not comfortable with. They’re available to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have about your experience. As previously mentioned, they purposefully keep the group sizes to 6-8 people at each retreat in order to be able to provide a more personalized experience.

We could not be more grateful for both of our experiences at NLA and we absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is interested in plant medicine ceremonies.

P.S. Chopper is one hell of a cat.

2nd ceremony

This was our (my wife and I) second visit to NLA in a little over a month. Our first was in July 2019. Seems a bit unorthodox to repeat an experience in a short period of time given the amount of information one gathers from a retreat such as this. Anyone who has ever gone through something like this knows exactly what I’m referring to.

Needless to say, it’s a testament to two points:

Our experience with plant medicine was so exceptionally profound we felt compelled to come back in search of answers to more questions we had about ourselves.
The care and support offered at NLA is nothing short of excellent. Without Matt, Jeanae and Drew to help facilitate our experience, there’s no way we would have had as profound an experience as we did (in our previous and most current experiences at NLA).

We signed up for the 7 day retreat (3 plant medicine ceremonies, 1 kambo, 1 rape, and 1 San Pedro experience). There were a total of 8 participants, which we felt was ideal. I know there are other centers that cater to larger groups and while I can’t comment on what that experience is like given that I’ve never engaged in plant medicine ceremonies of that caliber, I can say that with 8 people, it allowed for a more intimate experience with the other participants. Not only did we use the retreat as an opportunity to connect with ourselves, but we were able to connect with the other members from the group in a deep and meaningful manner, of which we were grateful. It’s not every day you to meet random strangers, open up about each other’s vulnerabilities, and go on several intense journeys of self discovery.

Matt’s presence as the ayahuascero is commanding and awe inspiring. How he is able to conjure up the strength to channel the medicine’s powers and convey them in such a manner that leaves a powerfully indelible impression is beyond comprehension. His live performance is one that will leave you feeling inspired.

If Matt is the engine of NLA, Jeanae is the soul. She keeps the place running by organizing the daily activities, leads the yoga classes, prepares the meals (which are delicious and nourishing for the soul), and provides emotional support during the ceremony. She has a wonderful caring disposition about her.

Drew is a jack of all trades. He does a little bit of everything to keep the facility running smoothly. There’s a magnetism about him that draws you to him. He has a remarkably positive way of viewing life (after going through some dark periods himself) that’s infectious and uplifting. There were several times during my experience where his presence positively impacted me (and my wife).

If safety is a concern, I can assure you that the only concern you’ll have is the one in your subconscious. Then again, that’s why people are signing up for this, aren’t they? To understand themselves in a deeper way but from a completely different and novel perspective. Other than that, NLA engages all of the plant ceremonies in a safe manner. They don’t coerce anyone to do anything that they’re not comfortable with. They’re available to answer whatever questions or concerns you may have about your experience. As previously mentioned, they purposefully keep the group sizes to 6-8 people at each retreat in order to be able to provide a more personalized experience.

We could not be more grateful for both of our experiences at NLA and we absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is interested in plant medicine ceremonies.

Forever grateful

I'm not one to write reviews or really anything to be honest so I'm sorry if I leave a lot out but here goes. I booked my trip on a wed for the retreat starting Friday. My life was falling apart and I was drowning, I couldn't see a future and felt no hope. I arrived on friday and I was nervous and scared, I had never been one to be overly spiritual and was unsure what to expect but I just knew I was somehow in the right place. Matt and Jenea are incredible people, their story is so inspiring and you feel truly cared for and safe. You check in and shown to your own room which is a wonderful thing, the beds are very comfortable and its comforting to have a space to reflect and be alone with your thoughts and intentions. Next is a tour of the grounds which are incredible, the space they have there is absolutely perfect for the journey your on. There are trails to walk and reflect, a pool house and hot tub to relax in and the views from the patio are so beautiful. All your meals are provided for and are incredibly delicious and healthy. The next night was the 1st of the 2 ceremonies and I won't go into detail about my experience on the medicine because I believe everyone's is different but I will say this, that I believe it saved my life. The analogy that keeps popping up in my head now a couple days later with time to reflect on it is I was in a boat being thrashed by a storm and I was sinking, I was drowning. I was sure there was no way out. But finding new life ayahuasca and Matt and Jenea and the other guests was like finding the eye of the storm and mother ayahuasca didn't fix the storm but she helped me fix the boat and realize I'm not alone. The storm still rages but my boat is so much stronger, strong enough to make it through. I feel such hope now, I feel such gratitude for life again. Words can't describe the thanks I have for these people and that place but I'll try.
Thank you Matt, thank you Jenea, thank you Drew. This experience meant more to me then I can express into words and I hope to share the messages and lessons I learned from you all and from Mother ayahuasca there through my actions going forward.
One last thank you has to be said to the people that shared in this journey with me. Katie, Whitney, Ros, and Cooper, thank you for being so open and accepting and I wish nothing but the best for you all going forward. I hope we keep in contact but until then I hope the experiences you had stay with you like they are with me and you feel Mother ayahuascas light inside you and it guides you on your journey forward.


This was my first ayahuasca trip, and I am eternally grateful I chose New Life. I was interested in going somewhere that offered a space to feel relaxed and comforted because I had read that the ceremonies can be quite difficult, physically and mentally. I also enjoyed that I would not have to worry about transportation from the airport. I liked that the website offered a lot of information on Matt, Jeanae, and Drew, as they were present throughout the retreat. I felt safe that there were such great people to help me before, during, and after the ceremonies. Each person was so knowledgeable, personable, and open. It felt like we were all going through the experience together, despite this being their job. The ceremonies were exquisite, the massages and yoga sessions were calming, and the waterfall was beautiful. I highly recommend New Life and wish that everyone could experience such a profound and personal and deep spiritual event.

Spiritually transcendent and profound

For all of you wayfaring itinerants who are looking for an adventure, but more importantly, are interested in doing some heavy introspection, I can’t imagine a better site for your first time than with Jeanae and Matt at New Life Ayahuasca.

About an hour west of San Jose, NLA is located in the mountains of San Ramon. J&M do an excellent job of handling the logistics of getting you from the international airport to their site, so if you have any questions about how you’ll arrive to San Ramon, don’t even worry. Just follow the detailed email instructions Jeanae sends you prior to your trip.

My wife and I opted for the 5-day retreat (our first time with this excursion), but in retrospect, we wish we had signed up for the 7-day retreat (to take advantage of the third ceremony) because we were blown away by our experiences with the two that were offered with the 5-day. While you’re going to have an experience irrespective of where you pursue your journey, my wife and I attribute our life-altering experiences to Matt, Jeanae, and Drew.

Matt participates and leads the ceremony and possesses commanding presence to the extent that you cannot help but admire the strength it takes for him to be able to lead such an intense journey all these years. I just don’t understand how someone can simultaneously go deep within himself while also performing the icaros. And no doubt Jeanae and Drew also play an equally important role in ensuring that everyone is safe and supported during this process.

Meals were prepared by Jeanae, all of which were delicious. The location is private and allows for hiking (there’s 20 acres of land for you to wander around) and swimming (there’s an Olympic sized pool and spa steps away from the retreat center). I can certainly vouch for all of the reviews on this site sharing the details of how the retreat is run (yoga, massages, waterfall, etc). The four other guests who arrived at the retreat were all wonderful people. We’re glad that everyone was able to develop a rapport and trust each other especially given how vulnerable you expose yourself to the experience and the days after going deep with introspection.

What I really appreciate about NLA is their laid-back approach to the experience. J&M are two of the most unassuming, down to earth people you will meet and I could not have imagined a better couple (along with Drew) to have been our guides. They don’t force you to participate in the activities offered at the retreat nor do they expect you to share your thoughts and feelings about your experience, but they are certainly open and receptive should you need someone to talk to.

I remember after the first ceremony, my wife and I spent some time outside by the firepit with Drew. Let me just say that I was happy and relieved that an individual like Drew was at NLA. Gregarious, knowledgeable, and a willingness to be vulnerable around complete strangers, I could not have imagined a better individual to decompress to. His presence put me at ease and gave me the space to be able to synthesize what could only be described as ineffable. It meant a lot.

I’m digressing. I’ll just conclude with if you’re looking for a safe, clean, relaxing atmosphere, look no further than NLA. The retreat center is beautiful, private, and spacious. Jeanae, Matt, and Drew are absolutely wonderful hosts.

No Words can Truly Express...

5 Stars is not enough! Words cannot adequately express what Matt and Jeanae and their support staff do for their retreat guests! The days spent at their mountainside retreat will transform you forever! The person you are on arrival and the person you will be, days later when you leave, are definitely never the same again! The experiences and transformations you will experience are definitely NOT for the faint-of-heart, or those who are 'weak-minded'. This is a definite calling you have to follow when you (should you ever) receive it. Small, intimate groups of 6-8 participants, and daily living together 24/7 for the duration of your week, will transform strangers into friends into family! it's impossible to recommend this retreat strongly enough. I will be back.

A Place to Learn and Grow

I could not imagine having done Ayahuasca at any other facility. At New Life the environment is one of beauty, peace, healing and constant support. It is truly a place were you can unplug and focus on self growth and regeneration. There is no judgement, no pressure, everybody is accepted and respected exactly how they are and where they are in their journey. Matt and Jeanae were gentle, supportive and informative. Also, they are prepared and organized. Everything you need to be comfortable as well as healthy meals, yoga classes, quiet places to sit and read or journal and evenings talking around a bonfire. The groups are small and each person has their own room and bathroom. I felt this was super important because I needed a private place to process and to quiet my mind at times. Although, the the six others that attended the retreat with me were some of the nicest people I have ever met. My seven day retreat was everything and more than I had hoped for. I felt very relaxed during the Ayahuasca and the Kambo ceremonies even though this was my first experience with both medicines. It has been a week since my retreat and I feel continued improvements everyday. I sleep better, have more energy, feel stronger and am definitely more focused. My path continues to open up for me, this is an awesome journey! I am forever grateful to Matt, Jeanae and New Life Ayahuascsa. I would go back in a heartbeat.

Set, Setting, and Sincerity

What a profound experience! This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and plant medicines in general. I was in a difficult transition phase in my life where my career, relationships, and mindset all felt like they were flying off the rails. I needed a catalyst to break out of this negative feedback loop and to start enjoying life again. I had done enough research on Ayahuasca to know that it was worth a try, but I did much more research on finding a practitioner that I could trust, and an environment where I would feel safe. I came across New Life by doing a google search and read all of their reviews, and was immediately convinced that this was the place.

SET - Jeanae and Matt have designed a program around having the most meaningful experience with the medicine. While this experience may not always be comfortable, they ensure that whatever experience you have, you will be safe and will be adequately assisted by experienced staff if needed. Their program also helps you develop an optimal mindset going into each ceremony. This is achieved by the healthy and delicious daily meals prepared by Jeanae. The meals were Aya-friendly, Tico-oriented, veggie friendly, and absolutely delicious! Their program also prepares you by offering a comprehensive yoga session each ceremony day, which consists of light flow, some balancing, some ab-work for the puke muscles, followed by savasana and a light shoulder massage. Finally, they provide you ample downtime each day, for meditation, intention setting, and reflection, which is very important ahead of ceremony.

SETTING - The property is absolutely astounding! It is several acres and includes hiking trails, quiet lookouts with amazing views, a lap pool, a hot-tub, and plenty of nature to explore. On my hike I saw some white face monkeys, toucans, and what I am still convinced are flying turkeys (no one believed me). There were also several common areas for guests to congregate, sip tea, and have post-ceremony crazy-talk. The most important factor with this property is the fact that each guest had their own private room and private bathroom. Each room was surprisingly large and the bed was very comfortable. I found that private rooms are not always offered with other retreats, which is unbelievable to me. While puking together in ceremony is quite the bonding experience, it is very important to have your own space to relax in peace and quiet, and to celebrate your own private toilet-time. I cannot stress this enough.

SINCERITY - Matt, Jeanae, and Drew are extremely experienced with the medicine and have the upmost respect and integrity when working with it. Matt does not call himself a shaman, which is a loosely used term these days. I will say that I was blown away by his knowledge, authenticity, sincerity, and respect for the medicine. Matt has an unbelievable gift with music and conducting the ceremony. I have watched several ceremonies on YouTube after this retreat, and nothing comes close. It is hard to describe, but to use a gringo word, it is LEGIT. Jeanae is also extremely talented and plays the flute towards the end of the ceremony. This is a very peaceful transition in the ceremony, and I am grateful for that peace (you will be too!). Drew was also very experienced and helpful in ceremony. I cannot thank you both enough for caring for us in ceremony!

Overall, I can't say enough positive things about this experience and the amazing people behind it. I hope to make this trip again sometime. It was truly an unforgettable experience.
Gracias para todo! Pura Vida!

Far Exceeded my Expectations

A New Me

Where do I begin? New Life Ayahuasca was an experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. It was my first time out of the country and I couldn’t have been in a more safe and positive environment. Matt and Jeane was the best host. Every day was filled with the relaxation and yoga, massages and some of the best food, clean food I have ever eaten. I really want the recipes from Jeane that’s how great the food was. My Aya experience was intense to say the least, but it was the best therapy and clarity I’ve ever had all my years on this earth. I’ve been back in the states almost two weeks now so I am still trying to integrate everything that I have learned into my life. However I feel so much better. I decided to try planet medicine for my issues with generational curses and depression (I said I wasn’t ever saying that word again, but typing it is fine). The Shaman Ron was amazing. He was so genuine and easy to talk to. All I felt was great energy from him. I would like to say that he saved me from a lifetime of pain. He removed the negative spirit from around me and my bloodline and I am forever grateful. I feel like I can actually start enjoying my life and live, really live. Everyone who was attending the retreat was some of the coolest people I have ever met. I am really looking forward to growing closer with those people and I’m even thinking that maybe I should attend a retreat every couple of years just to keep myself sane in this world we live in. New Life Ayahuasca is the place to go if you need healing. I am forever grateful. Peace and Love

Beyond Grateful For The Experience At New Life Aya

I can’t say enough good things about New Life & Matt and Jeanae. All of the logistics were covered no problem. It was a breeze to get from the airport to their spot and back again after the 7 days my partner and I spent there. I would quite literally go back just to have Jeanae’s cooking and yoga for a week.

They’re honestly some of the most easy going humans in existence and it’s very clear that they pour themselves into their work.

Their place is AMAZING. The views. The pool. The space. The rooms. So many good books! Most nights after ceremony were spent by the fire, chatting or not, in awe of the stars and looking out over the towns way down below.

If you get “the call” and you’re willing to be open, don’t overthink it...I can’t think of a more comfortable environment to have this experience in. This doesn’t even scratch the surface for how highly I would recommend them. I’ll be back to visit them as often as I’m called.

A truly healing experience!

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at New Life Ayahuasca. Actually, words are hard to come by to really describe it, so I’ll focus on the basics for this review.

My reasons for choosing New Life Ayahusca:
Like many, I was drawn to ayahuasca for personal, psychological, and spiritual reasons, and I knew that I would likely be diving pretty deep into my conscious in a way that I’d never experienced. Given these facts, I wanted to have this experience in a safe and nurturing environment, so I set out to research via the Google. I came up with lots of “hits” that upon further reading, turned out to be “misses”, until I came across a positive reference to New Life in the comments section about another Ayahuasca retreat in Costa Rica. I ventured over to the New Life site, and was impressed and reassured by the extensive honest information about ayahuasca, including guidance and advice for selecting a retreat. I also was impressed that ceremony size was limited to fewer than 10 people, which I did not see in any of the retreats I researched (some were as large as 90+ people!!). This was important to me, because I viewed this experience as potentially life-changing, and wanted to be around people who viewed the experience as something far more meaningful than checking off a bucket list item. After speaking with Matt and Jeanae on the phone, where they answered my list of questions, and also asked me questions, in particular, why I wanted to experience ayahuasca, I knew I had found the right place.

The Property/Facilities
Located in a remote, mountainous area, where on a clear day you can see the ocean beyond the rolling mountains and valleys, the retreat center is laid out in a way, where, if you want privacy you can easily get it (private rooms and bath, lots of walking paths, and areas to sit outside to reflect), and if you want community and companionship, you can get that as well (the fire pit at night, the back patio overlooking the mountains, and the dining room). This was perfect for me, because I do like my alone time, and was able to get than when I needed it, but I also was so blessed to be part of a wonderful group of soul searchers, and spending time with these individuals in the communal settings was an integral part of my experience.

Care and Nourishment
The food was great - all fresh and clean, prepared with love by Jeanae. When meal times were called, we all ran to the dining table! The massage therapist was amazing - he did not speak English (and my Spanish is beyond rusty), but he was incredibly intuitive. He knew exactly where my problem areas were, where I had a chronic tendon inflammation in my ankle, and his touch was perfect for these areas. The kambo was a pleasant surprise. I was undecided about trying it until the morning of, and then opted to do so in order to help me with the next Ayahuasca ceremony. I felt really energized and “light” afterward, and into the next day, leading up tot he second ceremony. Yoga sessions led by Jeanae were grounding and relaxing, and were an ideal prelude to the Ceremony, where going in grounded, relaxed and with intention helps to make the most of the experience.

The Ceremony
I won’t go into details here, because I believe the Ceremony is meant to be experienced by the individual, and that’s part of what makes it, in my mind, a sacred event. Having said that, I will say that Matt conducts the ceremony with his whole being, with the utmost heartfelt sincerity. I felt safe to let go and travel where I needed to go, whether that be within or outward. Had I not felt that, I could not have had the transformative experience that I did. I also would not want to go back. Jeannae and Drew provided support (for walking, bathroom, any other worries) for our group as Matt guided us in the Ceremony, which was comforting.

The Final Word
Matt and Jeannae are healers in every sense of the word. Western society needs leaders like them now more than ever. The experience I had at New Life Ayahuasca was indeed in the top five for my life (I’m at the midway point now), and I believe that this experience (the healers, the plant medicine, the ceremony, my fellow soul searchers, the place) will continue to teach me about love, compassion, forgiveness, and openness, and remind me of the work that must continue to keep the fire burning bright.

My experience with this plant medicine

Drinking the plant medicine Ayahuasca is a very personal journey. It can lead to profound insight and perspective shifts. I was very much fearful going into this. I no longer fear the experience but want more. I felt very safe with Matt the Shaman and his wife Jeanae. With New Life you get a trip to a beautiful water fall, a massage, yoga sessions and healthy delicious food. Needless to say I will be returning.

Amazing experience

I had a really amazing experience at NLA. Matt and Jeanae are very caring, friendly people and they run their retreat in a very professional manner. I was always well taken care of with great food and really comfortable rooms with a private bathroom. The house where the retreat is held is a really beautiful space to spend a week relaxing and taking part in the ceremonies. The ceremonies themselves usually have no more than 8 people and are really well guided by Matt with an additional 2 other people acting as ‘carers’ to assist people if they need anything. It’s always best to do your own research when deciding on which retreat to go to because drinking plant medicines isn’t always an easy journey. But I can honestly say that NLA is a great place to start if you’re looking for a safe, comfortable place to partake where you’re guided in caring, professional hands at all times.

Out of this world experience

Beautiful property set on top of the mountain, offering spectacular views of the ocean and Costa Rica landscape. Small group size to share a week of interpersonal transformation. Private rooms with comfortable beds, home cooked meals, clean environment, and bonding time helped add trust, safety, and relaxation to the experience. If you are considering taking the ayahuasca journey, Matt and Janae offer the perfect environment for you!


After spending a week here at the retreat all I can say is that I had an amazing time. The food was very high quality, fresh and interesting and following the correct diet needed. The property is stunning with large clean areas inside and out to mingle with other guests or the private rooms with private bathrooms and large and airy and very comfortable. There is hiking trails, a large swimming pool and hot ub which were very nice. The ceremony’s were very good, strong medicine and done in an authentic way as is done in Peru. My first time drinking Ayahuascha and I definitely picked the right place, only 8 people per ceremony which is perfect for what I wanted. The owners Matt and Jeanae were very friendly and helpful with everything and a big shout out to Drew who helps out, had some great chats with him and he’s very funny.

Great for first timers

My wife and I recently had the pleasure of spending five days with Matt and Jeanae at New Life Ayahuasca. This was our first experience with ayahuasca. In my opinion, I couldn't have found a better place to experience our first set of ayahuasca journeys. Matt is a great shaman that guided me through one of the most meaningful introspective journeys of my life. This is a memory that I will always cherish and I owe him and his wife my thanks. Additionally, I was fortunate to go through this journey with a small group of other people also attending. My wife and I formed strong bonds with these people as we went through our own personal journeys as a group. It was great to be able to reflect on what we each learned through the rituals and to support each other. I look forward to returning to NLA when the time is right.

Best Healing Experience Ever

I hardly know where to start … Everything about my trip to New Life Iboga / Ayahuasca in Costa Rica was wonderful from the medicines, the location/property, the hosts, the food, the cats, it was all amazing! Jeanae and Matt are phenomenal hosts and wonderful cooks. The house was large, clean, and had great views. The room they provided to me was perfect for my two weeks stay. The food was great - I’m a foodie – and I loved all the fresh, healthy home cooked meals they made! The trails around the property had beautiful views and I was able to see beautiful wildlife like the Blue Morpho Cota Rican butterfly and monkeys! For several years I had contemplated participating in taking iboga for spiritual healing reasons. This past year my life brought some major life challenges that propelled me forward in taking the leap to try both iboga and ayahuasca – and I also had Kamboo to make it a trifecta of healing medicines! And Oh Boy - I am so glad that I did! It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! The journey changed my life and continues to positively change my life. I had researched several centers to visit, but I am so glad I decided to go down this journey at New Life Iboga /Ayahuasca. I hope to one day return and participate in more Ayahuasca ceremonies! I know one day I will re-enter the Ayahuasca world again! Going through the Ayahuasca in the first week really helped strip away my ego and open me up to heal on a deeper level. Some of my questions were answered through Ayahuasca, but Iboga showed me some deep-rooted parts of myself that needed to be addressed. Jeanae and Matt helped facilitate the interpretation of my visions and experiences by having me work with therapist Brian Murphy. Brian was great and very insightful. I am very grateful for this to be part of the experience. The ceremonies that Jeanae and Matt conducted were great. They both played instruments and put their heart and soul into the experience. For the Iboga ceremony they had a small community of friends that participated which enrichened the experience. After going through this journey, and returning to the states, I had the most amazing sense and feeling of peace that I have never had before. It has taken work to continue this sense of peace, but now I know it - so it is easier to return to this peace. A million Thank Yous to Jeanae and Matt for all that you did for me and continue to do for others! You are truly a blessing to this earth! One of the visions I had during iboga was seeing Jeanae and Matt being given to the earth as gifts from the gods! Thank you again for everything! I pray that all the good you are doing comes back to you a million fold. And I pray all your wishes and dreams will come true – I know they will:) Much love and blessings to you:)”


First of all, I am grateful that Jeanae and Matt made New Life Ayahuasca available for us! The property is absolutely beautiful. The layout and design are perfect for the purpose in my point of view. I was brought there by intuition and curiosity in September. I felt “home” the moment I arrived. Jeanae is not only a good cook but also an excellent yoga teacher. Both of Jeanae and Matt are very caring and supportive. Secondly, the ceremony was conducted in a very safe and comfortable room. Shaman Ron conducted the ceremony that week and he seemed to be doing what he was born to do. It was very powerful. But I have no doubt that Matt will do an excellent job as well. My experiences during the ceremonies were fun and very interesting. Last but not the least, I met a group of beautiful souls during the retreat. I appreciated and enjoyed sharing time with them. Everyone is fantastic and unique. It’s truly a blessing that they co-created that memory with me. I’ll forever thank you - my aya brothers - for the amazing experience. All in all, yes, new life Ayahuasca is definitely a place that I’d highly recommend if you are called by mother ayahuasca.

From a first-timer

I went to New Life Ayahuasca having never traveled internationally by myself, didn’t know a single person and had never done any type of plant medicines. The entire experience was life changing! From the second I arrived, I felt my fears melt away. Matt and Jeanae welcomed all of us when we arrived and made us feel right at home. The house was amazing! It’s in a beautiful location, surrounded by nature. I saw monkeys, parrots and some other animals I didn’t even know existed. You get your own room and your own bathroom. This is perfect if you need a little alone time. Most of the other places don’t offer that and the ones that do, are expensive. The food was nutritious and really good. The ceremonies were beautiful, and they are held in a safe environment. Matt helped me prepare for the ceremonies and I felt like he really cared about helping and listening to me. That’s a big deal when you’re doing something that you’ve never done before. We got to do yoga with Jeanae, who is a wonderful teacher. I met some amazing people at New Life and I felt like we all connected. Everyone was so friendly and they were easy to talk to. The groups are a little smaller which in my opinion, is the way to go. Having experienced all that I did, I would have felt very overwhelmed if I was at a retreat with 10 +. I won’t speak much about the medicine because each experience is different for each person. My experience is hard to put into words. It’s been about a month and I’m discovering new things about life and myself every day. That may sound cliche, but it’s so true. I’m not the same person I was when I arrived, and I mean that in a good way. Going to New Life Ayahuasca was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. My intuition guided me here and now I understand why. I highly recommend this place! I’ll be back for sure. Thank you Matt & Jeanae!

Feel the love

One of the most deep and profound experiences of my life. Matt is the real deal and an amazing healer. Jeanne is his perfect counterpart. From their delicious, farm to table, nutritious meals to their multiple plant medicine healing modalities, and amazing icaros, they work to massage away any emotional or physical difficulties that might be ailing you. They do so in such a grounded and wholesome way. The love and warmth is palpable. I left brighter, happier and more connected to nature and the cosmos.

Follow up Review

This is my second review of New Life Ayahuasca. NLA is a wonderful and at times a magical place. Those of you who have never taken the medicine might roll your eyes at my use of the term ‘magical’. That’s OK, just try it and see. Matt and Jeanae have created a safe and caring environment in which one can grow. For those who hear the call of Ayahuasca, the medicine can bring about amazing personal transformations. I am not the same man who first went to New Life a year and a half ago. Then, I was a damaged man who was haunted by a a rough childhood. I was prone to depression and quick to take offense. While I was good at my job, I wasn’t well liked because of my quick temper. Now, after three retreats, I am a changed man. My baseline is ‘happy’ and I nearly always feel content, which is not something most people can say these days. I am much less into myself and I care more about others, especially my family. I am less combative, more creative, and have an easier time seeing other people’s points of view. I feel lucky to be me and I feel gratitude every day. As a result, people like me much more which, of course makes me happier. It is a virtuous cycle. On an objective level, my EQ score has improved dramatically. Of course, this is just my experience. I cannot know what Ayahuasca will do for you. For me, though, it has changed my life – dramatically – and for the better.

Down to earth while out of this world

Matt and Janae were amazing hosts. Very warm and genuine without being over the top. Matt is an awesome guide who continues to master his craft. Setting and scenery were amazing. And I couldn't forget to mention Jake and Andy who were icing on the cake. I'm sure we'll be seeing each other again

Thanks you for this experience

The most beautiful and useful experience I’ve done for myself. I will definitely return for all the beautiful things: the space, the hosts and the outcome. Janae & Matt are amazing persons and always there for you when you need them. See you soon new life!

Life Changing

I decided to wait a while after returning from the retreat before writing the review so as to give a more balanced perspective. I would highly recommend this retreat. From initial booking until we left, the team at New Life have been like family. No pretense, no inauthentic vibes, just plain love and realness. My stay was great, I was in room #3 I think... with a great view. I had my own bathroom and privacy to soak in everything after the ceremony. My group was like family. From the time we met at the airport (thanks for arranging the taxi) until the time we came back, we became like a family. The ceremonies were intimate but not overwhelmingly so. Matt really puts his all into it. The food was delicious, I keep telling Jeanae to come up with a cookbook and Wes was great with the fruit platter display. The entire team is very knowledgeable , open, understanding and I felt no weird vibes at all from them. The massage and yoga were great as well. I stayed for 5 days but I will be back, hopefully once a year. I enjoyed my time. Matt and Jeanae thank you so much for a life changing experience. I'm still feeling the effects and I hope it remains..

Phenomenal Experience

I strongly suggest this to be the only option for participating in ceremonies. Set and setting are extremely important. The facilities and staff are extremely professional with the best personalities. They are some of my favorite people after visiting. The best place for a positive and safe time to enhance all areas of your life. I've never been able to fully relax and overcome anxiety until my visit there. Thank you

Memorable Experience

Matt and Jeanae are great their warmth really made me feel at home.. They have big hearts and are really caring I was glad to be in their hands during this life transforming experience:D

Wish I was still there!

I read many NLA reviews before attending a retreat, and I noticed the word "magical" being used a lot. Well, by the end of the retreat, "magical" was indeed the most fitting description! This was my first experience with ayahuasca, and I can't say enough about the high degree of comfort, well being, and safety I felt. That is all because of Matt and Jeanae, and the safe space they have created for everyone to enjoy. Everything flowed so nicely. The property is absolutely gorgeous with cool mountain breezes and spectacular views. The ceremonies were better than I had imagined - full of wonderful music that could be felt reverberating through my body. The food was amazing, and I came to love and honor all the other guests. We had great conversations, but also I had plenty of alone time, and the most comfortable, private room to enjoy. I could go on and on, but will sum up by stating you won’t go wrong with NLA! Thanks Matt and Jeanae! I hope to visit again soon

My new life

I have so much love and gratitude for this amazing couple, Matt and Jeanae. They have not only opened their home, they have opened their hearts to everyone looking to heal or make positive changes in their lives. After doing a lot of research of ayahuasca centres in Costa Rica, I kept coming back to this website and I'm so glad I booked with them. If you're looking to do ayahuasca in a very safe environment, then look no further. Thank you so very much Matt and Jeanae. I have my life back.

Amazing place Amazing people

I would choose this place over and over again.. Matt and jeanae are the most amazing people and the story of how they got to where they are is absolutely inspiring. Sorry for the late review but my life has changed and opened up so much since visiting you! xxx cannot Thankyou enough for the experience I had with you guys! will definitely be back for round 2 soon! Sending so much love xxx

Spring cleaning for your mind

It's been roughly a year since I visited new life. The experience is as the name implies. Cannot speak highly enough about the facilities, staff and dedication of Jeanae and Matt. Genuine and extremely accommodating people who actually care and want to help. Would recommend 100% and have plans to return in the future. Life changing experience. Thank you guys!!!

Filled with gratitude

I don't hesitate in recommending New Life, and Matt and Jeanae. I couldn't have asked for a better (first) experience. The views are incredible, house and rooms really comfortable, food fantastic and I always felt welcome and safe. Matt and Jeanae are impressive, friendly, kind and dedicated people. I can't comment on the experience you'll have with the medicine itself, as it is always different, but you will be safe, secure, and in expert, caring hands at all times. Plus Jeanae's yoga classes are excellent, and exactly what I needed! My journey is just beginning - and I hope to be back. A big thank you to Matt and Jeanae.

Amazing Retreat

The retreat was an amazing experience. Well organized, welcoming and friendly. Matt and Jeanae's love and dedication to their practice shows in every aspect of the retreat. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone considering an Ayahuasca retreat

Wish I did it Sooner

This was an amazing experience and I wished I did it 10 years ago. I was super hesitant and didn't believe a place and experience could have so many 5 stars reviews. So if your reading this just dive it and sign up your already wasting time. To help you out heres my detailed review: Site - This is a fastastic location only 90 minutes from the airport. It has beautiful views of the the surrounding mountains and ocean. It is very spacious and everyone has a private room with bathroom. Everything was very clean and welcoming. Hosts - Both Matt and Jeanae are down to earth wholesome people. From the moment you arrive they are there to make you feel comfortable, safe, and at home. They are super easy to talk to and take away the hype surrounding the experience and help you understand exactly what you are hoping into and what to expect. For me, they made it the perfect setting for a new experience. Experience - There is already a lot on the site about the experiences and definitely more on youtube. Being a cynic I assumed that all of these mind blowing reviews were from people who never did psychedelics before. I was wrong. While I am very experienced this was a completely new experience for me. Despite being a psychedelic veteran I was extremely anxious as I took the first sip of medicine. The only similarity to other trips was the build, peak, and trailing off. My experience was one of love, healing, and cleaning and I felt like I was in a massive embrace ridding me of all of the toxic frustration and anger that has built up over the last 20 years. I feel light as a feather and I took it over 2 weeks ago now. Keep in mind that everyone's experience is very different and that you might trip hard the first time, take 2x the second time and feel nothing. Aya is a very peculiar medicine. I think I can best sum it up as it may not give you what you want but it will give you what you need. So follow the diet, clear your mind, head on down and open your eyes. Matt exceeded all of my expectations as a shaman and Jeanae was a perfect sitter and I felt totally safe the whole time. Next Steps - Aya will open your eyes but it is only the first step. You will have to take the rest to get to be where you want to be. It is a very powerful first step and I have seen the results first hand with my partner and my friends. I believe it should be a right of passage as you get older and stuck in your ways and routine. I'll be back and look forward to my next journey. If you read this far just book it. Good luck!

Shamanic Value

Just before I traveled to New Life, I was given a book. It was a coincidence that the book was Stone Age Wisdom and that it was about shamanism. More important, it was something that I needed to read at just that moment – such are the synchronicities that pop up in your life if you’re ready to notice them. I knew a lot about Ayahuasca from reading and listening to Terrence McKenna. But I had given almost no thought to the other important factor in Ayahuasca ceremonies – the shaman. Author Tom Crockett wrote his book to demystify the function played by those who facilitate, host and present the ceremonies. His central premise is that shamanic work is about helping people to learn about and to heal themselves. You don’t have to be from a traditional culture and you don’t need a PhD in Shamanistic Studies. You just need to understand – intellectually and viscerally – the value of the rituals and pre-modern practices that can be so effective with or without the plant medicines. I feel very lucky that I ended up at a retreat with Matthew Mormello. The whole experience certainly engaged me in profound ways. Matt has obviously been trained well by traditional mentors but his background as an American helped make him and the ceremonies that much more amenable. He never refers to himself as a shaman but Matt’s efforts impressed me for their balance of wild energy and ceremonial dignity. I haven’t experienced so-called real shaman so I don’t know what I missed. But from what I know from reading is that Matt set the perfect tone and ambiance in which Mother Ayahuasca could do her magic. The experience can be a little intimidating so the other value provided by Matt and his partner Janae is safety. They really care about taking care of people. The feeling you get is love. They love what they’re doing. They love to help and serve. And they love enough to be really professional about the whole operation. The food is great. The rooms are great. The amenities are great. All in all: this is real value. The Ayahuasca experience is much more than merely drinking a plant medicine. It starts from the moment you are welcomed to the beautiful house high in the hills of San Ramon. This is something important to any shamanistic experience: the location. With a forever view of the surrounding hills, ocean and skies, this location is indeed liminal. The house is one with the sky and abounds with character and warmth. And all of that is buttressed by the warmth and care of Matt and Janae themselves. I’m still glowing and reverberating with little lessons from Aya weeks after the experience. If I didn’t get the genuine performance from a card-carrying native shaman in Peru, then I don’t care. I got what I needed. Thanks Matt and Janae, it was perfect.

Serene setting, beautiful experience

This was my first aya experience and I went into it with great expectations. Matt and Jeanae, who are both wonderful people, have created the perfect environment and did not disappoint. All attendees felt safe and comfortable which allows for a more profound experience with the medicine. The food, property, guests, and Shaman (and Jeanae!!!) were all A+. I couldn't recommend this place more and I will most certainly be going back.

Profound Experience

It's very difficult to describe what an amazing experience this was. Matt and Jeanae make you feel right at home upon arrival to their beautiful property. The rooms are amazing and very comfortable, and the view from the back porch every morning is breathtaking. Overall just a very positive energy surrounds this place and I instantly fell in love with it.. The ceremonies are unbelievably astonishing. Matt guides you through this intense experience with absolutely amazing Icaros, Gong, Drum, and Guitar. He becomes one with this medicine during ceremony, and it left me speechless. You can tell he puts 100% of his energy and passion into this, and I hold the upmost respect for him. Jeanae also plays the most beautiful sounding flute I've ever heard, and her presence during the ceremony is very soothing. Matt and Jeanae are very genuine and sincere people and I'm very grateful for what they have done for me. I cannot wait to go back!...Oh and Chopper is the coolest cat you will ever meet!

5 day retreat December 2017

I'm struggling to find appropriate words to describe the experience and the respect I have for Matt and Jeanae. I really want to go back and work with the medicine again. If you decide to go there make sure you pet chopper for me I'm still giggling when thinking about this cat, he stopped by at the end of each ceremony and welcomed me back to reality.

Perfect first retreat

After nearly a year of research, I chose New Life Ayahuasca for my first retreat. After looking at the website and photos for so long, it was amazing to finally arrive. The location was beautiful, with clean and comfortable accomodations and Jeanae prepared tasty meals. She and Matt were very open and informative. My boyfriend and I went together and we were able to be alone or interact without feeling pressured. The ceremonies were safe and intense. Matt and Jeanae are incredibly genuine individuals doing amazing things at New Life! Thanks for everything, we will be back! -Casey (& Sean)


Great experience. Very professional Beautiful Property formerly a coffee plantation. I received a property tour : totally manicured Amazing Team I plan to return. Matt is amazing I don' t care where he is from, The shaman becomes the spirit of the plant.

It just gets better

After a two-year absence I went back to New Life in December of 2017. What struck me this time around as worthy of emphasis is that part of the genius, beauty, and attraction of the experience NLA provides is the people you will meet, including and especially Matt and Jeanae. People who are looking for enlightenment, large or small. People seeking respite from the crass materialism of their daily lives. Really cool, open, honest, and interesting people. People who have travelled different paths to the same place you find yourself. People who share your values, open-mindedness, and curiosity. People you will enjoy talking with, or sitting with in silence while watching the sun and the stars. People who will help you learn from what they experience during and through ceremonies. Great people. What else can you expect? Well, you may find that the things you’ve struggled so hard to understand aren’t really supposed to be understood. That things that have caused you anxiety and unrest can just be accepted. You may find that maybe you don’t know nearly as much as you thought you did, but that it is wonderful to be awestruck by all the things that don’t really make much sense after all. You may find that you have much more to be thankful for than you ever imagined. If you’ve done your research and due diligence regarding ayahuasca and you’re serious about what this sacrament has to offer, but you’re still a little afraid- that’s okay. Be humble. Be reverent. Be grateful in advance for the hospitality, companionship, guidance, visions, feelings, opportunities, and lessons that will be offered to you. “Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.” Go see Jeanae and Matt at New Life. You’ll never regret it. I know I’ll be back.

Great experience

So the location is great with beautiful views of the sunset over the coast from the top of a small mountain. Private room, bathroom, and meals are great. A great place to relax for a week and forget about the world. The ceremonies are well done and you're always well taken care of. My experience wasn't life changing, there were no epiphanies, but I do feel like I have a clearer direction in life. It's something I've been working on and can't say if this experience helped, but it certainly didn't hurt. I would come back in a heartbeat, everything was awesome!

5 million stars

I'm super grateful that I had an oppurtunity to go to Costa Rica to New Life Retreat. I was very nervous, but Matt and Jeanae made me feel safe and comfortable. My personal experience was challenging, but Matt and Jeanae were very supportive and comforting throughout my whole stay. The experience taught me a lot about myself, and I made some new friends. I would highly recommend New Life. If you are looking for a safe welcoming environment, this is definitely the place for you! Peace & Love!

Best place in the world!

After drinking ayahuasca five times in two different places and not feeling much , I finally had my very powerful and profund experience during this wonderful retreat...the quality of the brew is very good and the way Matt leads the ceremony is way you will leave this place without having an ayahuasca experience... When I booked this retreat I thought it was a little bit expensive compared to some you can find in the Amazon rainforest but when I left I felt like I should have paid more....the location is astonishing , the house is amazing and you will have your huge single room...the food Jeanae cooks is fantastic (and I am italian) and you will have yoga class and one good massage... I am going back 100%

Best decision I ever made

If you are nervous about doing Ayahuasca for the first time - New Life is the place to do it! Matt and Jeanae are so comforting and will put your mind at ease. Jeanae is so warm and will help you with whatever you need during the ceremony while Matt provides the most transforming experience. They are a great team!

A life changing experience

New Life Ayahuasca provides a thorough, inclusive, and safe environment for those seeking to meet Mother Ayahuasca for the purposes of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. I had participated in ceremonies before coming to New Life, but nothing prepared me for the warmth, love, and overall improvements I saw almost immediately upon participation with Matt and Jeanae. Matt's conduction of ceremony and singing of the Icaros in conjunction with Jeanae's constant and consistent care taking abilities induced an experience that I shall never forget. Despite the difficulty that comes with the undertaking of the medicine, I look forward to coming back to New Life Ayahuasca for further assistance in helping me to manage what ails me. Matt and Jeanae are, above and beyond, the best I have been privy to work with, and I am glad to call them my brother and sister. Bassé! Sending love!

Talent and dedication

Matt and Jeanae are very dedicated to their work with this sacred medicine and tend to every detail throughout your stay so that you can focus solely on your own personal work. I'm basically speechless as to the talent and dedication with which Matt conducts the ceremony and I felt safe the entire time. The food is incredible and just what you need, when you need it and the retreat centre is privately located on the top of a mountain overlooking the ocean. The house is perfect for accommodating the group size and is conducive to both alone time or interaction with the other members of the retreat. I felt I could be completely honest about my personal reasons for being there and found everyone to be incredibly accepting and of course non-judgemental. They also have safe high quality medicine that can be trusted. Deciding to work with Ayahuasca in your life can be a tough decision but I can assure you that Matt and Jeanae will take care of you and guide you through the experience. The yoga classes lead by Jeanae were also an important part of the week and much appreciated! With so much going on I was glad I chose New Life Ayahuasca for my first encounter with this sacred plant medicine. May I wish you all the best on your journey! -Tim, 33, British Columbia, Canada

First class facility

New Life Ayahuasca offers traditional ceremonies paired with top shelf lodging and cuisine. Matt and Jeanae provide a safe, warm, and comforting environment for what will undoubtedly be a life changing event. Much love and respect..

Amazing amazing amazing!

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!! The place is incredibly beautiful and the ceremonies are very powerful. For me, it was a life-changing experience. If you feel the calling... this is definitely a great place for you to experience Ayahuasca. The owners Matt and Jeanae are amazing loving people and absolutely a blessing. YES!!!! I'm coming back soon 

Much appreciated!

I couldn't thank Jeanae and Matt enough for such an incredible experience. Keep up the great work. Peace, love and happiness!!!

New life, new view!

My time at NLA has forever changed me. I gained insights and emotional healing that I never knew where possible. I cannot thank Jeanae and Matt enough for the relaxed, loving, safe and supportive atmosphere. I am extremely happy to have had my first Ayahuasca and Kambo experience at NLA with two truly honest and caring people. My experience at NLA will forever live in my heart and mind and I will see you both again soon! Forever grateful, Theresa Jimenez

Thank you!!

I had a great experience here, and can't think Jeanae & Matt enough for putting together such a special retreat. I can't imagine having a better introduction to ayahuasca. My last night was a difficult one, but that was just what I needed. As for the small things, the transportation from SJO was easy, their food was amazing (very fresh/healthy) and the property is beautiful.

Above and Beyond

What an amazing place and an even more amazing experience. Matt and Jeanae are truly amazing hosts and spiritual guides. I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking such powerful medicine with anyone but them. And I never will. I plan to return many times. They do very powerful work. I can’t even begin to put into words what Matt does during ceremony. But I can tell you that he will take you deep within yourself and you will come out a much better person in the end. Thank you guys for all you do. I am truly thankful for our time we spent together.

Amazing retreat

Incredible experience!! Matt and Jeanae provided such great hospitality. The house is a perfect set up for a retreat like this. Matt and Jeanae were very comforting in what could be a scary dive into the unknown. I would highly recommend this place for everyone that is interested in seeking out the ayahuasca experience. And my hope is that everyone in the world eventually will.

Mother nature

Words will never do justice to what I experienced here. Our group, Matt and Jeanae, other people around the house who swinged by, the cats and the whole land there was soul awakening. Mother nature is beyond powerful. She's eternal and beautiful and if you allow yourself to truly let go, you will meet our Great Mother Spirit. Thankful.

so amazing!!

I had such an amazing week at NLA. Matt and Jeanea are beyond cool. I was deeply moved by the Ayahuasca and meeting such great people. Huge respect for NLA!

Exceeded all of my expectations!

I had been looking into ayahuasca retreats for quite some time prior to booking this trip. When i found new life i was intrigued by the small group size as well as the private room and large property. I was very happy to discover the rooms were spread out, very clean, had new mattresses and private bathrooms. The layout of the facility, as well as the way the week is planned allows for a lot of privacy and personal time, if you desire it. The food is delicious! Jeanae makes everything fresh and is very accommodating to specific diet restrictions. For me, they were the perfect hosts. Approachable, but not intrusive. Matt is very gifted in his craft. I came to deal with issues I had been carrying for decades and feel as though i received everything i asked for and more. The easiest way to explain it is i feel as though someone hit the reset button on my life. New life is such a fitting name for this beautiful place, because for me that is exactly what it gave me. Thank you, to both of you for doing what you do for others. I will never forget this experience and am forever grateful.



An incredible experience

I run my own startup in Japan and decided to make a trip out to Costa Rica to try ayahuasca. Mainly out of curiosity, and some personal-development issues I wanted to work on. This was my first ayahuasca experience. Everything I read beforehand pointed to he importance of putting yourself in a great environment (especially the first time) and with a shaman or guide that you can trust. I was super happy with the experience at New Life. I can personally vouch for both Matt and Jeanea who run it — they are wonderful people and have a beautiful, secluded retreat. You're surrounded with a small group of like-minded people so it's intimate, but you don't have to socialize the whole time and can enjoy a lot of quiet/personal space. Also, there is a badass swimming pool and some of the best cooking I have ever had. Honestly, I would pay to stay at their place even if they didn’t have ayahuasca — it’s that good. A little bit more about the actual trip: Taking ayahuasca isn’t some tourist attraction like seeing the Eiffel Tower or visiting the petting zoo— this is the real deal. It isn’t even like a fun mushroom trip. It’s a lot more difficult than that, but it can be very eye-opening. I definitely recommend having an "intention" or point of focus for each ceremony is highly recommended so you can have maintain a sense of purpose. Ayahuasca will transport your mind to a whole different dimension, make you think you’re a tree frog, and kill your ego 1000 times over. It will crush you and bring you back to life. Really, it will put you through the gauntlet, but it's well worth it. Can't wait to make another trip out in a year from now.

Incredible experience thanks to NLA

Jeanae and Matt were fantastic hosts, the food was excellent, preparations were very thorough, the facility was beautiful and relaxing & Matt was fantastic at leading the ceremony. (I was blown away by his shamanic ability) "Trying to explain Ayahuasca to someone is like: a cat momentarily entering a human's body, then attempting to explain that experience to another cat via meows and paw gestures." (Something a friend at NLA said to me) If you've never done Ayahuasca, you really have no idea what to expect. If you have done Ayahuasca, you still don't fully know what to expect. You might have some control of the trip, you might have no control whatsoever. What you can control is the setting, and (at least for me,) the setting will greatly influence how meaningful, worthwhile and comfortable the trip will be. I can't think of a better setting than NLA. During the beautiful yet terrifying and incredibly trying experience of a full-on Ayahuasca trip, it was very helpful to remember where I was and who was looking out for me in those moments when I was able to come up for a brief breath of reality.

Amazing and relaxing time!

I was very comfortable in all ways, I was able to relax and focus on myself. Jeanae and Matt were very caring, welcoming and friendly. The place, people and environment was beautiful. I wouldn't change anything about my experience. I am overjoyed that I got to spend my first experience with Jeanae and Matt. They answered any questions I had and made the entire experience enjoyable and fulfilling.

You can't imagine

Matt and Jeanae are amazing people who will guide you through one of the most important experiences of your life. Come with an open mind and heart, and be ready for everything your soul has to show you. Healing and transformative, you can't imagine what's in store. I can't thank them enough.

A humble experience

When seeking for an Ayahuasca Retreat Center, there will be a small faint voice navigating your decision. I believe that voice is leading you here. This is Costa Rica, a serene environment which provides surplus of lotus-dreaming. The forest is nearby which is vital for meditative walks prior to a ceremony. Food is very complimentary to the Ayahuasca requirements. Both Matt and Jeanae harnessed their life experiences to unleash their potential to create a place of restoring souls deprived of happiness, bringing vitality and music to the hearts of voyagers. Matt does a phenomenal job of facilitating each ceremony. Jeanae will aid those in need which provides a haven during those intense moments of the experience. This was my second venture to meet the Vine Spirit which does have synchronicity properties: you will meet incredible new friends and receive exactly what you need from the Ayahuasca spirit. "NATURE NEEDS PIONEERS

Worth it!

Had an amazing week with Matt & Jennae! Jeannie made us amazing meals... Fresh and nutritious.. And Matt really went all into his role as a shaman, leading us through our experiences... I was fortunate to be there with a great group of people which made it an extremely pleasant and eye-opening week... So worth it!!!

Exactly what I needed

I was very impressed with what Matt and Jeanae have put together at New Life. Bring your camera! The property is incredible with hiking trails and lots to explore, the food is superb and left my belly happy the entire trip, and the ceremonies were very well organized and intimate. Matt's icaros are out of this world, and some of the songs from ceremony are still ringing in my head a week later The small group sizes were one of the things that drew me into New Life, and I wasn't disappointed. I had a great time getting to know the other people in my group and sharing our experiences. Everyone helped me interpret and understand my visions, including Matt, Jeanae, Andy (our amazing chef), and the wonderful souls I drank with in ceremony. The medicine is very potent, and being my first experience with Ayahuasca I'm glad I chose a place that was able to provide this with a feeling of safety and comfortability. The massage was wonderful and the day-trip to the waterfall was a perfect way to spend our day off between ceremonies. Matt and Jeanae are very genuine individuals that do their best to provide a safe and transformative journey for each of their guests. The retreat left me with a greater love and appreciation for myself. Now at home, I have a newfound motivation/inspiration to live a more productive life. If you feel a calling from the medicine, the 5-day retreat is a great affordable option for your first journey!

An amazing place

New Life Ayahausca is located a comfortable drive from San Jose Airport in a secluded farming area. The vistas and the property is absolutely stunning. I appreciated the comfortable surroundings of the facility, it exceeded any expectation I had. It was more like a 5 star resort. The facilitators, Matt and Jeanae, are wonderful souls;they exude a delightful kindness and compassion to all their guests. There is no doubt that they've been called by the spirit to provide healing to those that seek out Mother Aya. Matt sings icaros throughout ceremony and they are very powerful and healing. The food is incredibly good, freshly prepared with finest ingredients and always plentiful. I'll be back again when Madre calls and it would never cross my mind to go elsewhere. I highly recommend New Life Ayahuasca.

Eternally Grateful

I write this review with the utmost amazement, gratitude, and love in my heart for Jennae, Matt, and their two helpers Jake and Andy. What you do for others, and for yourselves, has moved me to tears many times since meeting you at New Life Ayahuasca. I am eternally grateful to each of you for making my experience unforgettable. Like most first-timers, I was nervous yet excited to drink Ayahuasca. I had been battling severe anxiety and hypochondria for months, and I was no longer OK with having my day run by such viruses of the mind. I had done enough psychedelics in the past, as well as research, and felt as though I experienced a gravitational pull to Ayahuasca during the several months leading up to my arrival at New Life. By my side for this adventure, like many other adventures, was my (now fiance who I proposed to at the retreat) Kat. I felt ready. We all later joked about how fairly easy it was to spot the others in the group at the airport based on clothing, mannerisms, and reading material. Once we met, the conversation flowed. I think we were all surprised with how open and transparent everyone was about why they had chosen to travel to Costa Rica to drink the mother’s milk. I couldn’t have been happier with the character, humor, sincerity, intelligence, and introspectiveness that prevailed throughout the group. When we all arrived at the actual property, we were all completely awestruck. Jennae and Matt gave us a tour around the house that sits atop a hill overlooking the mountains and ocean. It was absolutely stunning. Everything about the house was comfortable. The actual ceremony was beautiful, and the amount of care, attention to detail, passion, and love that went into it was incredible. We couldn’t say enough about Matt, the leader (or chaman) of the ceremony. He puts his heart and soul into each session, and how exhausted and spent he appeared each night was a testament to that effort. His singing was other-worldly, his guitar-playing inspirational, and his presence was very comforting. Throughout the week, we ate like royalty. The food, compliments of Andy, was gangbusters! Absolutely top-notch! Kat and I stuck strictly to the diet (la dieta) for 10 days prior to our trip, and didn’t cook nearly as well as Andy did for us. It made the experience even more enjoyable. We had access to the humungous pool, a yoga gym, a wealth of reading material, the most entertaining cats, WIFI, and plenty of land to traverse and explore. They even took us to a gorgeous beach the day after our first ceremony. Kambo (the poison from a tree frog) was another experience that was offered to us. It is a very intense yet rewarding ceremony during which Jennae administers a small amount of the neurotoxin to your left arm. A few seconds later and the effects begin. It is a challenging experience but highly worth it, as it is common to feel a higher level of mental clarity, less inflammation, and happier overall. During the kambo ceremony, Jennae is very informative, caring, and as calming as she is during the Ayahuasca ceremony. Overall, my experience was 10 / 10. Jennae and Matt run a very professional and comfortable retreat that I would recommend to anyone. Drinking Ayahuasca can be hard work, and for me, having Jennae, Jake, and Andy as caretakers (for when you can’t find your bucket in the dark haha), and Matt, who was like a real-life Gandalf guiding us through the spirit world, made this experience unforgettable. This life we live is an adventure, and drinking Ayahuasca at New Life just amplified it for me. If I was to drink Ayahuasca again, I wouldn’t think twice about returning to New Life.

Absolutely perfect!

The absolutely perfect Ayahausca retreat, whether you are a first timer or have solid prior experience with the medicine/ceremonies. Matt & Jeanae are two beautiful souls who truly create a safe heaven for anyone looking for spiritual healing, they are there to help and guide guests in the warmest way possible. The facilities are gorgeous with privacy when you need it and the ability to totally wind down and focus on yourself. we are definitely coming back! Thank you to everyone during our stay we met who made our journey very special.

Incredible Experience

Where do I start, I had such a wonderful time at New Life Ayahuasca.. Matt, Jeanae, Andy & Jake are such wonderful people. Each are so unique but yet they all compliment each other and create this beautiful calming environment. THE FOOD was out of this world...the fact they don't use salt yet it was so! I love salt so I was so impressed. The ceremonies were so amazing too.. Matt is like part human part super human ha! Thank you so much guys ..I will never forget this time in my life.

5 stars!!

New Life Ayahuasca is so amazing, I went there twice. I went alone 9 months ago and about 6 months ago I returned with three friends. Even to this very moment all I can say is WOW! Ayahuasca has stayed with me and has continued to teach me every day. To me, Ayahuasca ceremonies are a celebration of the union of humans and mother earth. One who's strength is determined only by your ability to submit to the universe and accept the guidance of this spirit. With practice you will find that you can also guide the spirit. It is this symbiotic relationship that makes Ayahuasca so special and effective at teaching us how to become better humans and how to take better care of each-other. Obviously, everyone's experience is unique, once you participate you will find out what Ayahuasca means to you. As you've probably discovered while researching the medicine, it is recommend that your first encounter with this nurturing and powerful creature needs to be done in a special place, with the right guidance. New Life Ayahuasca has both. The energy at the center is incredible. Ayahuasca was meant to be experienced here with these people. Matt and Jeanae are incredible people, their service is heartfelt and true. Witnessing their compassion and dedication to guiding others as you begin your relationship with Ayahuasca is truly inspiring. On top of that, the food and amenities are spot on. You stay in a private room with your own bathroom. Being in a safe and comfortable space was what allowed me to have such a deep experience. Since I am used to an urban environment, I don't think being immersed in the Peruvian jungle to drink Ayahuasca for the first time would have lead to such a strong experience. 5 Stars!!


Upon arriving, I was struck by the natural beauty of the grounds, the cleanliness of the facilities, and the wonderful way everything was organized, all of which goes to creating a safe and loving environment. Small groups and an unhurried pace led to a very rewarding experience where there is plenty of time to relate to the other guests (half the fun!) and to have 'alone time' so you can contemplate and integrate new discoveries. Jeanae, Matt, and the rest of the staff do everything in their power to ensure a deeply positive and moving experience. The rest is up to you!

Amazing and grateful

Where do I start ? What an amazing experience, would have never thought I could find such peace in my heart as I did at New Life. Matt and Jeanae are the best of host and combined with the perfect location make for an amazing visit. My visions of peace and happiness will live in my heart and soul for the rest of my life. I urge you find yourself by finding New Life Ayauasca

Simply amazing

After spending a week with Matt and Jeanae at new life ayahuasca, I can not imagine a better or more comfortable place to partake in a ceremony. Everything was perfect from the house and grounds itself to the food and ceremonies. One could not be in better hands, then at new life ayahuasca.


Hello!! I had the most amazing week with Matt and Jeanae and our group in early March 2017! I'm still buzzing from the incredible healing my body, mind, and soul experienced at New Life. First off, the facilities are 5 star... beautiful, huge resort with private rooms + bathrooms, many lounging areas all surrounded by the beauty of Costa Rica's mountains and wild life! All is included in this magical week. The comfort of their space really supports the healing and transformation Spirit Ayahuasca moves you through. You also will experience the sacred ceremonies that are so important to the Ayahuasca journey. I am so glad I gifted myself this week, and experienced the healing powers of this sacred medicine. Every single night was a different trip, and every person's experience was uniquely their own...Ayahuasca will show you what needs purging in your life and the beauty of our incarnation and creation!! If you are called to this website, and called to the medicine, you will be supported and safe with Matt and Jeanae's healing energies! They are very experienced and fun, grounded people! I'm excited for you to be here one day!!!!! Infinite gratitude to Matt, Jeanae, Randy! And Fernando (amazing massage!!) Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I really hope Spirit brings me back here one day. I will suggest this retreat to all that are open to Ayahuasca!!! xxxoo

Fun and Transformitive

I am so glad that I went to New Life Ayahuasca. I enjoyed the intimacy of a small group. My room was beautiful, comfortable and had amazing views of the mountains and bay, as well as stars at night! The food was wonderful. The best was the healing that has transpired from the plant medicine and Matt's shamanic abilities. I am grateful.

Life Changing!

This is definitely the retreat you want to go if ayahuasca is an experience you want to have. Matt and Jeanae are two wonderful souls and are very knowledgeable on the medicine. They look after you during the retreat and make sure your experience is as smooth as possibly. They are very trustworthy and know how to guide you through the experience. Matt and Jeanae have a very calm yet strong presence about themselves. They made me feel safe during both ceremonies I participated in. Ayahuasca is something you have to be prepared for, it is a profound experience deep into your soul. You have to welcome any realizations that come your way. Both my experiences were very enlightening and have opened my mind and eyes. The foundation of my second book came through my first experience, the second experience helped me quit the problem I had. I will definitely be going back. There is no other retreat I would rather go to. I have instilled my trust in Matt and Jeanae, and I will always be thankful for having them help me change my life in the most profound way I could ever have imagined. Thank you Matt and Jeanae


I would like to thank Janae and Matt for the delightful stay the accommodations meals and overall experience was way above and beyond what I expected I also thoroughly enjoyed the yoga classes the day trip to Monkey Beach and the wonderful people I met there

Such a Healing Experience

I can't say enough great things about my time at New Life! The house, food, views, and staff were all amazing. I did a lot of research before choosing the right place for me. I picked New Life because it seemed very relaxing, professional, and safe. And it was! The ayahuasca itself was definitely an eye-opening and healing experience. I believe you have to be ready for it and open to what may come from it. My first ceremony was incredible! I felt comforted, safe, relaxed and had the most amazing peaceful feeling following it. My second ceremony was not as great. I'm not sure why it was so different, but if I could go back I would've only done it once! In my opinion and experience only! Trust your gut. I also tried Kambo, because why not?! I was already pushing my mind and body and felt I should take advantage of every experience. Overall, it was a great experience. I healed so much, I learned so much. I would most definitely go back (maybe in a year!) and would recommend to anyone who has gone through something and needs to heal and let go!

Truly fantastic experience

If your thinking of doing ayahuasca then finding a safe and psychologically containing environment to take it in is essential. You also need to do it with someone who respects and understands the medicine. Matt and Jeanae provide exactly this. 100%. They couldn't have done more and the food,location and the house are all truly fantastic. Ayahuasca is certainly no pony ride but if you're diving in then I doubt you'll find a better place then here to do it.

Simply life changing

Ayahuasca is an amazing but intense process. If you are going to have a positive experience you need to enter ceremony comfortable and well prepared I can't imagine any place better for that. The retreat is divine, the food excellent, and having a private room with your own bathroom is essential. They have clearly nailed every detail. Everyone who attended with me agreed, we can't imagine doing it elsewhere. And most of us plan on repeat visits. I can't thank Matt and Jaene enough. They are great people, and great healers.

Matt and Jeanae are 100% there for you

10 Stars alla way! I moved to Costa Rica for the year of 2015 to basically get closer to myself thru Iboga. I ended up doing volunteer Reiki at a different center in CR, doing Iboga and thoroughly accoplishing what I had set out to do. As I had never taken Ayahuasca I was determined to try it before leaving CR for Thailand. So, Ok, I guess I hadn't "fully" accomplished what I thought I had. I learned that during my experience at New Life. I chose New Life based on the fact that it was Matthews Vice program that introduced me to Iboga. Enough about me. These guys , Matt and Jeanae, are 100% there for you, the traveler , and truly tirelessly provide the total experience in the mellow, glowing, easy going, friendly environment they create at their beautiful facility. Oh, pardon me.... Am I gushing? They deserve it. The whole experience....the medicine, Icaros, the .food on and on. I will be doing more Ayahuasca and it will be at New Life. Thanks you guys, if you're reading this.... Don't change a thing. Craig Karle

This is the place to go

There’s not much I can add to the positive reviews that hasn’t already been written so I’ll keep this very simple: If you’re thinking of doing this kind of medicine/retreat, this is a great place to do it. You won’t be disappointed on any level, everything is wonderful: The ceremonies, the staff, the location, the food, the facilities, the relaxed energy in the house. Some periods with the medicine might be a bit challenging but I can promise you you’ll leave this haven in a better place than when you came, with enlightening experiences and having met the most wonderful people. If you get a chance to swim in the waterfall, I highly recommend it!


Matt and Jaenae have created a beautiful place to do challenging work. They hold the ceremonial space responsibly and with respect. Matt is a powerful Shaman, guiding the experience with Icaros, drums, and a profound and grounding energy. Jaenae is a quiet and solid presence during the ceremony, helping me personally when I was struggling a bit. She provided a sweet and friendly arm when I needed it. Randy works as the chef in the heart of the home, creating delicious fresh meals to support our work. He's also fun to chat with. The grounds are verdant and alive with butterflies and birds. My experience at NLA was truly transformative and I am so grateful to have communed with the medicine here, where I felt well taken care of. Thank you.

Profound Love and Respect

I'm so grateful for the week I spent at NewLife Ayahuasca. Matt and Jeanae have a beautiful, peaceful presence about them, and Randy is absolutely '' They've provided a sanctuary for peace, healing, and time for introspection. The experience with Ayahuasca was nothing short of transformational. I felt such a deep healing....profound love and respect to the Matt, Jeanae, and their dedication to provide this amazing experience with those who receive the calling. Gratitude.

Healing, Life-changing, Indescribable

I am extremely grateful for the experience that I had during my 7 day retreat at New Life. This was my first experience with ayahuasca. After spending 3 years exposed to combat in the Middle East I had been struggling with depression and PTSD for years afterwards, seeking counseling and really trying to pull myself back on my feet. I was desperate and stumbled upon New Life and something about it just felt right. Within 24 hours of having the idea to even try ayahuasca I made the reservations with New Life, and now believe it was the best decision I ever made. I received healing here like I could never have dreamed of, and feel like a huge burden has been lifted off of my chest. I will absolutely return once I put into daily practice the personal lessons that I received while I was there. What an experience for the soul! Jeanae and Matt are truly doing something special here. And Randy the cook is doing special things everyday too. The environment is so peaceful, and allows you to truly relax. They are really great hosts, and Matt is legendary during the ceremonies. The view is wonderful, and looking at the stars after ceremony was certainly one of my personal highlights of the week. These guys really built a paradise and are the kind of people that just make you feel at home when you're there. I can't brag about it enough, if you're thinking of going I really recommend this place and didn't hear a single complaint from anyone the entire time I was there so it's not just my opinion.

A Truly healing experience

I got very lucky finding this place for my first ayahuasca experience. Matt, Jeanae, as well as the cook Randy, are fantastic hosts with nothing but the best intentions for you and your experience. From the breathtaking view to the relaxing amenities, I immediately felt comfortable upon arrival. I truly feel like I got so much out of my time with the medicine as well as from the people around me, something I'll remember for the rest of my life. I would recommend the experience to anyone.

I felt really safe

I just got back from a 1 week retreat and I really recommend it. Jeanae and Matt are great hosts, everything was made to make our stay enjoyable : the food was delicious, facilities are top notch (especially the hot tub and the pool), the property is very well maintained (the view from the garden is breathtaking), and the tour to the waterfall was super fun. Matt was really pro and artful when leading the ceremony and I felt really safe thanks to Jeanae checking on us. Bonus points for the 3 friendly cats Thanks for everything!

A great experience!

What am amazing retreat! When we were trying to decide where to book our Ayahuasca retreat we were a little overwhelmed by the options and warnings out there. Since we were also going to be on our honeymoon we though some basic amenities like private flush toilets would also be nice. We were blown away by New Life Ayahuasca. Communications with Matt & Jeanae (the owners) were prompt and thorough - we felt like we were well taken care of from the first contact. They had drivers waiting for us at the airport and the retreat center itself was fantastic! Jeanae cooks wonderful meals that are "on the dieta" and there are opportunities for yoga and mediation daily and well as massage. The trip to the waterfalls was a great break from the work of the retreat! Their home is beautiful and you will have plenty of spaces to socialize and get away from it all. Take a hike, go for a swim, enjoy the hot tub - Matt & Jeanae really make you feel welcome t use the space. The ayahuasca product quality was great - the ceremony was beautiful and intense and there are opportunities to talk about your journey throughout your stay. I can't recommend this place highly enough! We will be back!

Deeper Understanding

What a phenomenal experience! The facility and setting are perfect. The food is delicious. Poco will make anyone want a cat. Jeannie and Matt are exceptional hosts, who take great care to make the experience one of beauty, introspection, connection, and peace. A respect to the medicine and tradition are obvious. If deeper understanding is something you seek, I strongly recommend New Life Ayahuasca. I would do it all again.

Great Experience

I did two ceremonies in July of 2016. I had done ayahuasca before but was excited to try it again. I was not at all disappointed! This was a great venue, everything was managed professionally and Jeanae and Matt were great. I'd definitely recommend and may be back next year.

Great Experience

I had been researching ayahuasca retreats for over a year and finally pulled the trigger and chose New Life. I was not disappointed at all. The property itself was bountiful. It gave me the chance to escape the everyday grind that is society, and truly relax and reconnect with nature. Matt and Jeanae are excellent hosts. They truly believe in what they do and put their hearts into it which shows. One of the reasons I chose New Life was because they limit the ceremonies to just six people. I believe for my first time this was the best. It allowed the group to connect more and allowed Matt and Jeanae more personized attention if needed. The ceremonies themselves I can’t put into words. Nothing I had read really prepared me for my own experiences. Matt led each one with music and icaros and Jeanie was in a support role throughout going around making sure everyone was ok. I left each ceremony gaining new insight into my life, and maybe not exact answers I was looking for, but the ayahuasca I feel has given me a different perception on life that I can see helping me even a week after I left. I look forward to going back to New Life next year and being able to learn even more.

Awesome experience at NLA

New Life Ayahuasca offers the complete package. Matt and Jeanae are really great at what they do and they do it with love. The house is spacious and clean with private rooms and bathrooms. The grounds offer stunning views and nature trails a huge pool and hot tub. The food is fresh, delicious, and always filling. The ceremonies are professional and complete. If you are looking to try ayahuasca this is the place to be!

Love and wisdom

Wow, what can I say about my week long experience with Matt and Jeanae at New Life Ayahuasca? There aren’t words to do it justice but I feel compelled to show my appreciation for them and their plant healing capabilities. The environment was everything and more than I expected. The views alone will change you and the facilities are warm, loving and conducive to truth and healing. Their personal stories inspired me and their wisdom guided me to a place of peace that I’ve never known. I know that our paths are destined to cross many more times as I feel drawn to help others as I grow and improve myself. Thank you guys so much.

Life changing experience

It is hard to imagine what the first ceremony will be like, but I can tell you that I could not have made a better choice than to go to Costa Rica and share it with Matt and Jeanae. Their attention to our journey and hospitality will be something I'll never forget. The house, the food and the beautiful surroundings only added to an experience I will always cherish. I am a stronger and more insightful person internally and externally after this adventure. I will always be grateful for Matt and Jeanae's talents and deep caring. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Its all good

This was my first experience with Ayahuasca and since returning from New Life I have no doubt in my mind I chose the right place to visit. Jeanae and Matt provide the perfect space in which to journey and learn from this extraordinary plant medicine. Ayahuasca is not an easy feat so it is important to find a place you can trust and feel safe. Jeanae and Matt provide just that, they are kind, most genuine, non judgmental and professional contributing greatly to this beautiful retreat. The property itself is completely private and steeped in nature. There is a lovely energy in the house and a nice flow to the design that is easy to navigate at all times, while the bedrooms are very comfortable and homely. The food during the week was so delicious and nutritious, complementing the whole experience along with the yoga classes provided by Jeanae. Each ceremony was different providing me with vastly different lessons each time but I found it easy in New Life to relax and trust each time that the medicine was providing me exactly what was needed, even through the darker times. The care and attention given to each ceremony was evident. Matt is a truly gifted musician, his music enhancing the medicine and guiding our small group through each journey while Jeanae was a beautiful presence, that could be felt, silently floating through each ceremony caring and watchful but non intrusive to each space. I have no hesitation to recommend this retreat to anyone for immense personal growth or for anyone seeking a better understanding of the universe which we live in. I am still surprised daily by the powerful benefits of my experience in New Life since returning home. It's all good. Liz - Ireland

A life changing experience

I spent a week at New Life Ayahuasca at the beginning of August 2016 and I could not have asked for a better experience. This was my first time with ayahuasca and it was not easy or comfortable. This was a difficult journey and the answers I received were not always what I wanted to hear. But they were always, always what I truly needed to know. I have come away from this experience with a new perspective on my life and I feel clear-headed and connected. The truly lovely thing about NLA is that Matt and Jeanae give their guests the space to process through this intense experience – the private rooms for rest and reflection, the amazing view to the Pacific, the pool and Jacuzzi, and the stunningly beautiful gardens and grounds for reconnecting to nature - all serve to help both the mind and body decompress and renew. The casa is cozy and expansive at the same time and I felt immediately at home there. I also felt safe - so important in order to truly let go and surrender to the experience. I highly recommend NLA and will definitely be a repeat visitor. Many thanks to Matt and Jeanae for such a rewarding and life changing experience.

You need to experience this!

My experience at New Life Ayahuasca was life changing, to say the least. I came to NLA seeking clarity and purpose. Through my week long retreat I received what I was looking for and so much more. Matt and Jeanae obviously have a deep understanding of the medicine. The ceremonies they perform are beautiful, powerful, and nurturing. I could not have asked for more. Matt and Jeanae are truly gifted people. They live with purpose and are great examples of what human beings should be like. I learned so much from living with them for the week. They are some of the most humble, nonjudgmental, and caring people that I have ever met. To top it off, the house and grounds are stunning. It doesn't take long for you to realize that it is a sacred place. The house has a quiet and comforting feel that forces you to relax and open up. The meals are delicious and the amenities are amazing. If you are seeking Ayahuasca, NLA is the place to experience it and the time to do it is now. The combination of Matt, Jeanae, Ayahuasca, and the property are beyond perfection. I feel truly blessed that I was able to have this experience. I would recommend this to anyone and will be back there soon.

Cleansing of the mind, body and soul

If you are someone who finds themselves in a need of change with the help of Ibogaine or Ayahuasca, this is the place to go, I highly recommend New Life Ayahuasca. Matt and Jeanae make the whole experience very comfortable. The grounds and accommodation's are beautiful, the food is delicious and you will also experience beautiful sunsets and the hot springs which is very therapeutic. So do yourself a favor and book your trip now it's an experience that will last a lifetime.

This is the place to go

Just wanted to let everyone to know who is thinking about coming, this is the place to go. I could not imagine my introduction to Ayahuasca anywhere else, I was so glad i didnt spend extra money and time, and being out with the bugs and elements in amazon. One day i will try, but this place was perfect for me. It was everything it was in pictures and more. Matt and Jenae were wonderful and made all my journey possible. It was one of the most beautiful experiences and places i ever been, says allot since i travelled to every continent. Figuring out when i can get back down and staying longer than a week next time. Food , amenities, activities, everything was perfect. Keep up the great work my friends! Peace and Love!! Sean

Total support, love & authenticity

I cannot begin to express the gratitude I feel for Matt & Jeanae. My hubby and I have been wanting to experience Ayahuasca for quite some time and we are so glad that we decided to entrust the crew at New Life Ayahuasca for this life-changing and trans-formative experience. From the moment Matt picked us up at the airport in San Jose, we felt right at home. The retreat center is located about 20 minutes outside of a small mountain town called San Ramon. The grounds could not have been more lush or beautiful. When you arrive at the main gate, you are greeted with a long curving drive that leads to the main house and while winding through the lushly landscaped grounds, one feels that they are entering the garden of Eden. Upon arrival, Matt gave us a tour around the property and checked us into our rooms. Even though we are a married couple, Matt and Jeanae were generous enough to give us separate rooms in case we needed private time to meditate and process our experiences. As a same-sex couple, we were hoping to find a non-judgmental atmosphere with the staff and the other guests and that is exactly what we found. Matt, Jeanae, and the other staff members and guests could not have been more loving, non-judgmental, or supportive during our entire stay. We also made some friendships with the other guests that I hope will last a lifetime. In terms of the ceremonies, they were life-changing, authentic, and well-executed. One of the lessons I got from this experience was that I can oftentimes be very judgmental. Before arriving at NLA, I questioned whether or not the experience would feel authentic since we weren't going to Peru to stay in the jungle. I could not have been more wrong. Matt led the ceremonies and Jeanae provided constant loving support. Matt truly has a gift from the gods. The voice that comes through him when he is performing Icaros is truly healing, loving, and authentic to the core. We could not have asked for better guides and a more supportive, safe, and nurturing environment. We were there for 3 ceremonies and they were all a bit different for everyone. As I've learned, everyone reacts to the medicine in different ways. There were some difficult moments, but I truly feel that I got what I needed, plus so much more. If you are called to Ayahuasca, we cannot recommend New LIfe Ayahuasca enough.

Open the door...Walk through :)

I think we all found that Ayawaska is The Great Teacher of Humility! Mind blowing and opening experience with a crazy cool group of teachers and students from a variety of backgrounds and walks of life..a bond that can never be broken! Special thanks to Shaman Matt and 'nurse' Jeanae for incredible ceremonies in 'The Dojo', and for incorporating yoga, massage, and even an incredible local hotspring into the experience!

I couldnt have asked for anything more

I don't know that I can properly word my thanks and appreciation for all of you at New Life Ayahuasca, but I'll try. I tried not to come to the retreat with too many expectations, just an open mind and willingness to learn whatever was shown to me. Immediately on arriving I was made to feel at home and found it very easy to settle in and get comfortable. The atmosphere and facility made it very easy to be social or get some time to myself when needed. The meals all week were fantastic and really added to the enjoyment of the experience. The cleanliness of the facility and constant attention to anything we needed was above and beyond. The added trip to the beach was a really nice extra as well as having the pool, hot tub and lots of nature to enjoy on a daily basis. As far as the ceremonies went, I personally couldn't have asked for anything more. I appreciated the sincerity of the ceremonies, the setting, the attention and care given to those of us going through the ceremonies. All three of the ceremonies that I experienced were great learning experiences and Matt and Jeanae played a huge part in that overall outcome. I made some connections on the trip that also made the trip more special and I'm sure I'll keep those relationships for the rest of my life. Thanks again New Life, my world is a better place after the gift of spending the week with all of you!

A connectedness that will last a lifetime

I can’t express enough gratitude to New Life Ayahuasca and the founders, Matt and Jeanae. Let me start with the facility which is ideally located for a retreat in a peaceful setting with unparalleled views of the San Ramon valley and stretching to the Pacific Ocean. There is a perfect mix of large, comfortable indoor space as well as outdoor enjoyment and spa-like amenities. Everyone has their own unique bedroom with a private bathroom, and the common areas are clean, spacious and inviting. Having access to the gym/yoga studio and the separate hot tub/pool area allowed for continued physical activities, healing, and calm. The meals were thoughtfully prepared and plentiful, and special dietary needs were respected and incorporated. The massages were grounding and well timed and honestly, Fernando is one of the best masseuses I’ve ever had! (I have experienced many in my day!). The ceremonies only reinforced the safe, non-judgmental and caring environment which we were all in. Matt guided us through the ceremony with Icaros, gong, Tibetian singing bowl as well as meditative music toward the end of the ceremony. Jeanae supported each ceremony and is a natural care-giver. The collective strength and knowledge only reiterated the higher calling which have brought Matt and Jeanae where they are today. The ceremonies were an individual experience in itself; no two experiences were the same. And the bonfire following the ceremony allowed interested participants to further connect and share insights while gazing at the stars. The week long retreat welcomed people from very different geographies and backgrounds and within a very short time, I developed a connectedness and a shared experience with a few others that will last a lifetime! This was a transformational experience and I highly recommend New Life Ayahuasca! A huge thank you Matt and Jeanae for making the retreat happen and facilitating this experience – I do hope our paths will cross again in the physical world!

Learning Experience

I did a lot of research going into this experience, and initially I was impressed with the website and the level of honesty from both Matt and Jeanae. They were always available to answer my questions whenever I called. The retreat center was beautiful, the room was comfortable and the views are great. You can feel the Matt and Jeanae really care and were concerned with our (mine and my sister’s) comfort and safety for both the ibogaine and ayahuasca ceremonies. By the end of my retreat I am happy to call them both friends. We took a few trips to the beach and the waterfall over my 2 weeks stay and the food was very good and accommodating to the diet. I had drank ayahuasca a few times before coming to New Life and the fact that they keeps the groups small made a huge difference. The ceremonies felt more personal, the medicine was good and the fire at the end of the night felt like the perfect closing for the ceremony. I felt like I found a home here. I would highly recommend this center to anyone who is looking for a high quality, safe, comfortable and professional retreat. I will definitely be coming back myself!

Spiritual Retreat

I stayed here for 6 days for treatment of PTSD. This was a very professional, competent and relaxing retreat for the mind and the body. I highly recommend it !

So grateful

Thank you, New Life Ayahuasca for the most life-expansive, mentally-therapeutic, heart-opening, bravery-inducing, forgiveness-cultivating, humbling-to-my-knees experience of my almost-48-years on this planet. Grateful to you, Matt & Jeanae for being my most-trusted, professional guides that made me feel safe, nurtured and truly cared for. As I travel back to my island home of Bocas Del Toro today, you are with me in my heart. heart emoticon The food was great too! Very accommodating to my vegan diet, and I never felt hungry. Felt pampered and comfortable in my private room, with private bathroom and free wi-fi. The massages were amazing as well! So GRATEFUL.

Third eye opened, amazing

A genuinely incredible and rewarding experience. The location up in the mountains is truly peaceful, and there was something about it and accomodation that instantly made me feel more relaxed and at home, plus the large indoor pool and workout area were fantastic. Jeanae and Matt were very welcoming and a pleasure to be around, additionally I had the fortune of meeting a wonderful group of people there which amplified the positive experience to even higher levels. I was a first timer so my initial ceremony wasn’t as profound as some, but my second and final ceremony was an utterly amazing experience, and I felt like Matt and Jeanae provided the ideal environment and guided me/us well. It is the kind of experience that words and art can’t truly describe, so I highly recommend experiencing it yourself, and it’s a pleasure doing it in such a beautiful, comfortable and safe environment.

New Beginings

This review is long overdue but wanted to share my experience. I went out there in November 2015 for my 39th birthday. At that point I was at a low. I had just ended a long term relationship, started a new company, moved across the country, yadda, yadda, life stuff. So I was looking for something to snap me out of my funk. I went out there for 2 weeks to do the 3 ayahuasca ceremonies and and 1 iboga treatment. When I got there I didn't know what to expect but was greeted by Matt at the airport who took me to their retreat. The place is great, bedrooms have private bathrooms and are super clean and comfy, pool and hiking trails. Matt and Jeanae are great hosts, very laid back, easy to talk to and accommodating. You can tell that they care in helping people and it shows through with their actions. We went on a few beach excursions, farmers market and a couple trips into town that were both fun and a nice break in between ceremonies. As with the ceremonies themselves, I did 3 ayahuasca ceremonies, which were really mild for myself. If one is worried, do not. It is a very pleasurable experience but the one thing that changed everything for me was my iboga treatment. I did it at the very end and truthfully I can't even recall much of it. Though when I got back everything had changed in my head, a sort of reset button had been pushed. I could feel it and others could see it in me, a glow that wasn't there when I left. Since then, I changed everything up. I moved places, started running daily and working out. I changed the way I eat, my sleep habits, quit drinking alcohol (which was one of the reasons I choose to do the iboga, as I was turning to it more than I should when I was becoming depressed about things), just a complete 360. So now 6 months later, I literally am a completely different person, not 100%, but headed into the right direction in getting there, whereas before I was falling down a slippery slope of despair. So needless to say, this was a life changer. It is not a cure all, but it will point you in the right direction. What you do afterwards is up to you.


This was my first experience with Ayahuasca. Matt and Jeanae were wonderful, compassionate hosts. I highly recommend New Life Ayahuasca to anyone considering this life changing experience. Each ceremony was a different experience. It was deeply personal and helped me explore issues that I have struggled with all my life. It was a profound experience to say the least, just beautiful and intense. Some of it was challenging to be sure but I would do it again in a heartbeat. The peace of mind and stronger sense of Self is a priceless gift. I felt welcomed and at home immediately at New Life. It was fun meeting the other guests and I really felt a strong bond with the group as we took this journey together. I am very grateful to Matt and Jeanae for all the work they do and their support along the way. They are very sweet, genuine, and authentic. They want the best experience for all their guests and do their best to make that happen. I encourage anyone seeking that "something more" to check out New Life and take a personal retreat here. I will be back! Thank you Matt and Jeanae! You are awesome!

Many many thanks

I am in my early fifties and maybe a bit older than many people who are interested in ayahuasca. That said, I can’t think of any very good reason to trudge through a muddy jungle, get bitten by unidentifiable insects (or worse), or live in some primitive dirty camp in order to partake in a spiritual ceremony. So I feel very fortunate to have found Matt and Jeanae, and to have had my first ayahuasca experiences under their guidance. They are kind, caring, friendly, helpful and, (perhaps most importantly) trustworthy people. Jeanae and Matt fulfilled every promise they made on their webpage, from preparing and providing excellent meals to transporting me to and from the airport. Their facility is beautiful and everything they represent it to be. It was great to be able to sleep in a clean, comfortable bed after long nights of ceremonies, and to shower, swim, hike, and just relax in such a gorgeous setting. My week in their company was the most enjoyable and enlightening I have had in many years- probably ever. The ceremonies they guide are beautiful and profound. I think they have a genius for this business. It is obvious that they take very seriously the sacred nature of their responsibility in providing ayahuasca ceremonies. I hope to return soon, and wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone interested in partaking in a life-changing spiritual experience.

Best thing I ever did in my life

I spent a week with Matt and Jeanae from New Life Ayahuasca. This was my first time doing ayahuasca. I researched it for many years but i could never find the time to try it. By luck and fortune I got the oppurtunity to go to New Life in Costa Rica and it was the best thing i ever did in my life. Jeanae and Matt are the nicest people and their care and love is amazing. They guided me through the process and i will always grateful to them for the experience I had. The medecine is so powerful and showed me stuff i never knew excisted. I have a new found appreciation for life and i have changed so much since. The facilities are great. The have clean spacious rooms. A beautiful garden with a big pool and the view is amazing. I felt really safe and secure and it was a great introduction to this powerful medicine. I made great friends with the other participants and they set me on a new direction of my life. Hopefully someday i can return to New Life Ayahuasca for another step to fullfill my potential. For now i am on the right path and will always be in dept to this great people. Namaste! Lots of love and light. Your friend Stefan

Amazing experience

An all around amazing experience. Couldn't thank Matt and Jeanae enough for what they did. It has taken me a bit of time to digest the vast experience, but every day that proceeds I can still feel the medicine working within. The whole set up was great, and perfect for a personal or group spiritual retreat. It is paramount to feel safe and secure when practising, and this exactly what I felt with NLA. The ceremonies were powerful and the group always had great follow up discussions. The accommodations and meals were great and the rest of the facility beautiful. I highly recommend NLA, it was a rich experience I will soon not forget. Thank you for what you do.

Wonderful Experience

I was going through a rough time in my life when I unintentionally learned about ayahuasca. Having never heard of it up until a month before booking my retreat, I was surprisingly comfortable with my decision to travel alone to another country in hopes of getting better. It just felt right. I had never before experienced with any sort of psychedelic, so in the days leading up to my trip, the nerves started kicking in. Still though, I knew I had to do it. Costa Rica is beautiful and the retreat center is perfectly located. You're able to appreciate unparalleled aerial views of central Costa Rica, and simultaneously enjoy luxuries like hot water and wifi. It truly is the best of both worlds. The amenities make it easier to relax prior to and after ayahuasca ceremonies, and the natural environment allows you to truly be with your thoughts so that you can begin to understand its teachings. The ceremonies were incredible- I can't put into words how profound they were. Ayahuasca is powerful yet gentle at the same time. I would do it again in a heartbeat. If you're considering ayahuasca as a means to better yourself, I absolutely recommend New Life. Matt and Jeanae are sincere people with the purest intentions and they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and safe. I brought back home with me a new appreciation for life and my loved ones, and I have let go of years' worth of built up fear and anxiety. I truly feel healed. I have opened up and will live each day as a vessel of love.

Surpassed my wildest of dreams

Dear Jeanae and Matt, Gratitude from the depths of my being for all your love, support and service over these last two weeks. I had high hopes for my time at New Life Iboga / Ayahuasca and these have all been surpassed beyond wildest of dreams. I have received clear answers to the life questions I came with and found my allies and support. I have connected to the deepest Mystery and learned more about this spirit magic, where I am a novice but open to learning. I have had the most profound healings and blessings and shed so many skins. I leave with strength, love in my heart and a renewed passion to work for a more beautiful world. Thank you so much for all you are doing here. Your service is a sight to behold. That's a lot of work you guys are carrying. I felt very held and cared for, with space to be. I also felt very safe- you've figured a good balance between the sacred ceremonies and some medical attention. May you always know how important your work is. May you receive all you need to support your work. So many blessings and prayers for you both to move forwards on your own paths of understanding and peace. And thanks Matt for your honesty and reaching out- much appreciated. I'm also deeply grateful to Derek for his beautiful, delicious food. The food on retreats I feel is very significant and I have felt fed and deeply nourished which is an important part of the journey. Derek's kindness and attention have been a real gift. It's also been an added bonus to have Vanessa around with the additional medicines of Kambo, reiki and guided meditation- my cup overflows! I hope you continue to attract in support and help that assists the work you are doing here. The masseur is also amazing. (Why are all the best masseurs on holiday / in different countries?!). So much love and gratitude to you both, wishing you all the sweetness for your life together, Love Gail xxx

Lifting Experience

New Life Ayahuasca was a perfect set up for my experience. I felt safe and pampered. Jeanae and Matt were the best hosts ever - lovely souls and understanding of everyones needs. They looked after us throughout the retreat and guided us through our experiences with lifting icaros. The location is amazing. Breathtaking sunsets, spacious rooms with individual bathrooms, swimming pool and hot tab, yoga classes, massages, midnight bonfires and beautiful surroundings for morning walks. See you next year guys and thanks so much for doing what you do!

More than I ever expected

Being a first time participant in doing any kind of psychedelic, I did a ton of research on where I could safely do Ayahausca. When I found New Life Ayahuasca’s website, I was ecstatic. Their website presence was great. The information was very comprehensive, clear, and extremely helpful. I emailed Matt and Jeanae who promptly emailed back answering any and all questions with great patience, knowledge and understanding. They also took the time to call me (yes, they have a US phone number so it’s free) to ask questions about any prior experience I had with psychedelics, and what supplements and/or medications I was taking to make sure this is a good fit. Health and safety are their first priorities, which made me feel comfortable in choosing to do this. From the moment Matt and Jeanae picked me up at the airport I felt at ease. They were kind, authentic and welcoming. They treated me like family. The facility was beautiful and I loved the fact that I had my own bedroom and bathroom. The food they provided was very plentiful, delicious and nutritious. The property and its views are to die for. Not only did I get to partake in one of the most amazing spiritual journeys thus far in my life, but I also felt like I was on a total vacation. I swam, (they have a huge indoor pool), sat in the hot tub, watched movies they rented for us, read books, did yoga with Jeanae, hiked on the property, and went on an excursion with Matt and Jeanae to some waterfalls and out for a fabulous meal afterward. Due to the beautiful location, the fabulous facility, the great hospitality, the nutritious food and extremely knowledgeable guides-Matt and Jeanae I was able to fully let go and drop into the Ayahausca experience without trepidation and more curiosity. That said, the Ayahausca ceremonies were some of the most positive life changing experiences I have ever had. Although I had set intentions for each ceremony, I was not attached to the outcome, which was good. Mother Ayahausca showed me exactly what she needed me to see and told me what she wanted me to hear, all of which have benefited me beyond measure. If you are planning on drinking Ayahuasca, I highly recommend New Life Ayahausca as the number one destination to do so. I am forever grateful to Matt and Jeanae for this life-changing experience. Thank you!”

Everything you could ask for

If you are planning on drinking Ayahuasca, I would recommend New Life as a great destination to do so. My wife and I were researching for quite a while before deciding on New Life. Drinking Aya for the first time is an overwhelming experience which is why New Life's atmosphere was by far the best option for us. Of course, you can go to Iquitos and live in the jungle for a week but the added stress of that seemed a bit daunting. New Life offers a nice peaceful setting in what felt like a giant home. Matt and Jeanae make you feel like part of their family right away. As did Jeanae's mother and Nigel, their assistant who all did their best to make us feel comfortable. The food they provided was delicious and nutritious, something I worried about with other retreats in the jungle. The actual ceremonies were some of the life changing experiences we have ever have. One note I would make right away is that Ayahuasca is not to be taken lightly. It is a powerful substance and you never quite know what will be shown to you. You have to be open to it but know now that it is not for recreational use. I went in with the intention of getting over my fear of the unknown. My 2nd ceremony, I explored everything I might be afraid of. I was shown the way I would die and had to come to grips with my own mortality. I saw my fear of having kids and in facing it, was able to not only get over it but envision my future children. I witness the death of my parents and growing old with my sister and nephews. After seeing all that lies ahead, it was hard to ever experience that fear again. But it was work. It was hard work, that one night felt like I had gone through 10 years of psycho therapy. Mentally, I have never been pushed like that night. I begged for the visions to stop but they told my I was strong enough to face them. I am glad I did as the next day, I felt clarity like never before. I was apprehensive to go back after getting so much the night before. As I said before, it was intense and I was not ready to face that experience so soon after. I went back and forth on drinking it before ultimately deciding to do so. I told myself this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I should take full advantage. I am glad I did. Once I purged (get ready purging is a huge part of this) I entered a dream like state once again. But this time was different, I begged to not have to face what I had before. I said to the medicine, "I did that hard work, can't I just play" and it responded with "Sure, go ahead". From there on, I had the most profound experience of my life. I flew through the stars ultimately coming upon a planet with eyes. I immediately recognized that I was standing in front of "God". He said because I did the hard work the night before and showed bravery to come back, I would be treated to spend the night in "his" presence and ask whatever questions I may have. I use quotation for him as he explained to me that god, the universe, they were all one. We were all connected to him and everything else. He showed me that finding joy and happiness, helping others, and becoming our best selves was the whole point of life and that this would continue when we entered the after life. There were so many life lessons and understandings that took place that night as I was able to sit with god/universe in any form I chose to make him (for a while, I chose Morgan Freeman). I am not a person who you would ever consider a believer in any form. I am not religious and remain so but I do believe in the visions I saw. Since that night, my wife and I have never felt better. I feel as if the blockages in my mind that stopped me from living the life I want and making the habits that will get me there, are gone. I sleep better, I think better, I am nicer and more considerate. I got a nasty virus when I got home, one that would normally have me in bed for days. Instead, I went to the gym 6 times this week. It's incredible the feeling it gave me . I want to thank Matt and Jeanae for giving this great gift to us. We are forever grateful!

Better than anything I expected

Where to begin? New Life is a fantastic experience. From the moment you meet them at the airport until the moment they drop you off, Matt and Jeanae will do everything they can to make you feel safe, comfortable, and supported during what can be a very emotional experience. The property itself is sprawling and comfortable, and affords beautiful views of the surrounding countryside and of the Pacific Ocean. If you're lucky you'll experience some epic thunderstorms and from the hilltop perch of the property, you will be able to watch lightning strike over the ocean. Alternatively, you can chill out and watch a movie, read books, do some yoga, go for a swim, or really anything else that makes you comfortable. You'll find that for most things you'll want to do, New Life has the facilities While at New Life, you'll find that time slows down and with the help of Matt and Jeanae, you'll be able to really relax and be mindful in order to hopefully take some big lessons away with you. Moreover, they are always open to answer questions about your treatments, to share stories of their own lives such that when it comes time for the treatments you'll know that you are in good hands. I cannot recommend New Life and its hosts more highly, I am incredibly grateful to have spent time in such a lovely place and with such lovely people, and I cannot wait to go back.

An experience in healing

I would first like to say thanks to Jeanae, Matt and Nigel for making this a wonderful retreat. I have never done ayahuasca before and had no idea what to expect. Matt as a shaman performed a very good ceremony and the ayahuasca did the rest. I got the clarity I came for and then some. New Life Ayahuasca has helped me uncover what 28 years has buried deep within my subconscious. I loved the retreat center in San Ramon and the beauty of the surrounding areas. It was peaceful..

Gracious hosts and a spectacular location

I was determined. I had been thinking about Ayahuasca for about two years before I arrived at New Life Ayahuasca for a week of ceremonies. I came seeking emotional healing and to deepen my spiritual nature and commitment to the path on which I have been for most of my life. The medicine of Ayahuasca has provided both of these for me. The people at New Life Ayahuasca provided a safe, supportive and relaxed environment for this to transpire. The combination of these factors, including Matt’s facilitation skills, in particular his heartfelt singing of icaros, created a vehicle of transformation for me. I chose New Life Ayahuasca for a number of reasons including convenience, the relative ease of travel to Costa Rica from the United States as compared to a South American destination and the lower cost of travel to Costa Rica, although the factor that finalized my decision was that I sensed the authenticity of the people behind this place. This became particularly evident to me when I first spoke with Matt at length on the phone about my expectations and concerns. He was welcoming and receptive and shared insight about the Ayahuasca experience with me that helped me to proceed without confusion or irrational fear. I left that conversation sensing that he was an experienced guide and feeling confident about attending a retreat with him. Several weeks later I found myself in the peaceful rural setting of the New Life Ayahuasca center on 20 acres of land overlooking the green mountainsides of San Ramon, the Gulf of Nicoya and the Pacific Ocean. The location alone is magnificent and restful. By the time the initial ceremony began and the moment to drink Ayahuasca for the first time became a reality for me, I felt completely at ease with Jeanae and Matt and their support staff. I feel fortunate that my first experience was with a small group of just six people and that I felt close and trusting of the people around me. I felt completely safe and supported, and the natural sense of trepidation that virtually everyone feels upon first drinking Ayahuasca had greatly diminished by that time. As the medicine took effect, the experience was magical beyond my ability to describe in words here without resorting to poetry or some other metaphorical mode of expression. When Matt began to sing the icaros, my experience deepened significantly, transporting me into the most deeply felt healing space I have ever experienced. His talent for holding a sacred space through the singing of icaros and his use of various simple musical instruments is remarkable and felt deeply and directly within the heart. As he continued to sing, I felt the most overwhelming sense of gratitude I have ever felt in my life. I felt gratitude for the moment, gratitude for the people I was with, gratitude for the medicine, gratitude for the path that had ultimately led me to that moment, gratitude for the healing I sensed was beginning to transpire for me and gratitude for many other things that escape me as I write this now. The remainder of that first ceremony and the two subsequent ceremonies later in the week were, simply put, the most profound experiences of my entire life. In particular, during the second ceremony, I directly experienced Mother Ayahuasca, or what I have come to call the Cosmic Mother, reveal herself to me in one of her forms and communicate with me nonverbally. A full description of that experience is too involved to include here, but briefly put, it transformed my perception of life and my perception of death into parts of a greater integrated process that exists beyond time as we experience it in conventional terms and that is multidimensional in nature. In the weeks that followed my Ayahuasca experience, I was left with an enhanced sense of belonging in the world and a renewed sense of purpose. Since returning home my perception of death has been transformed. I have a new appreciation of it because I now know beyond any doubt that we are all eternal beings, that death is not an end of life but an integral part of it. I know that life as we experience it in conventional terms is a single limited dimension of a vast multidimensional reality. In other words, through my experience with Ayahuasca, I have realized that we are multidimensional beings because during ceremony I experienced dimensions of my own being I had never experienced previously. While there is still work for me to do and insight to gain, I know that the process to attain these has been accelerated for me in a way that cannot be undone. I will be returning to New Life Ayahuasca in just a few weeks for another week of ceremonies with the intention of deepening and refining the process I started. Thank you Jeanae, Matt and the staff at New Life Ayahuasca for helping to facilitate this for me. I will always be grateful. You are creating a unique sacred space there, both physically and energetically, on your 20 acres in the mountains of San Ramon, something that I wish for others who to experience as well. I have already recommended your center to others and will continue to do so. In fact, a close friend of mine will be arriving there in a matter of weeks, and I am confident that he will be in good hands for his first experience with this amazing medicine.

Gorgeous Gem of an Oasis

Great food, check. Beautiful ceremony, check. Wonderful people taking care of you, double check! Beautiful building, rooms, property with a mind blowing view, gonna need some bigger checks!!! Jeanae and Matt are really building something beautiful here. A gorgeous gem of an oasis. Perfect for going to take your troubles head on and remembering how wonderful life truly is. Book today! You wont regret it.

All Fluff Aside

When you have faced what holds you back mentally and want to clear away the triggers from your energy body; Ayahuasca is the key. The villa is well maintained as is the property it sits on. You are out in the hills, so relaxing is as easy as it is going to get (bring a book or two) The food is tasty, clean and in abundance. Matt and Jeanae believe in what they do and it shows. The environment for me was perfect. When you do your homework before the trip, the rewards multiply. Acknowledge what you are struggling with and deal with it the best you can; forgiveness to all involved is crucial. Know what you want to release and also manifest in your life. That way when you get to NLA, you will be much more prepared for the ceremonies. The first two ceremonies for me were all about release and the third was an amazing ride I will always remember; it was all rainbows and unicorns, with extra purging lol! As I recall, everyone got rocked by the Earth Mother that evening, it was amazing! I work in the service industry in Las Vegas and work is hectic during convention season. My attitude and outlook are light years ahead of where I was before coming to New Life Ayahuasca. I envision a return to journey again in the future. Much love to you Matt and Jeanae! ~Chad Kaley

Highly Recommend!

Would highly recommend!!! Am looking forward to another week in the near future.... Great people, location and food....the ceremonies were indescribable..... Thanks again Matt and Jeanae....

How I resolved my C-PTSD

Matt, Jeanae and the supporting crew gave me and my healing journey their undivided attention for an entire week as a privileged guest at their center—a sprawling 20-acre estate reminiscent of a roman villa complete with detached indoor pool and hot tub—located comfortably in the idyllic, mountainous Costa Rican countryside. The modern facilities even come replete with Wi-Fi. Because of the difficult nature of the personal inner work that ayahuasca sets you out on, I believe that the comfortable amenities and beautiful facilities helped me focus on the what I came there to do, feeling secure enough to devote my entire attention to the examination, healing, and integration process. The meals they prepared and shared with me were delicious and the week included outings to some local restaurants too. Their villa-esque center has eight (count ‘em) bedrooms, often with private bathrooms. But for the extraverted that crave social interaction with the inevitably awesome people that come here there are ridiculously well-decorated sitting areas in shared spaces literally almost every ten feet. On my 7th day at New Life Ayahuasca I was still discovering Secret Garden-type pockets perfect for private conversations or quiet reflection. I am a writer, and the full-on beauty and sense of freedom of the property inspired me to write almost four times as much material as I would have normally in the same amount of time, and this was all before my life-changing experience with ayahuasca on the third ceremony night. The first two ceremonies didn’t seem like they did much for me at the time, since I didn’t feel the effects I was expecting. But by the time I was peaking during my incredibly successful third session I realized the frustration I felt during these two failed attempts was actually a part of the process and did serve a purpose; it was exactly what I needed to feel at the time. I’ve struggled with Complex-PTSD since childhood, and spent the last decade being pinballed around in the American health care system in a mistaken attempt to commit to the effort of recovery, only to fail to experience symptom relief from over 20 different types of medication, ranging from uppers, downers and serotonin-reuptake whatever-ers. I took those pills everyday religiously, on blind faith that if I didn’t I was just giving up on getting healthy, some of these meds even made me more unhealthy – I gained 80 lbs. and caught an endocrine disorder on the wrongly-prescribed powerful tranquilizer Seroquel. It was the realization that what I was doing wasn’t working and that I need to switch my strategy if I was ever going to triumph over the treatment-resistant and pervasive daily struggle of PTSD. It was this reasoning that brought me to New Life Ayahuasca. Now, I’m so grateful that I listened to that meek little inner-voice that knew what was best for me. Even though I only had an experience that third and final ceremony, my anxiety is down and self-esteem is up. I feel inspired, empowered and incredibly grateful to Matt, Jeanae, Brandy and Nigel: the Human Being Dream Team. Thank you New Life Ayahuasca, and may many more people pass through your doors and find effective healing.

A week of Ayahuasca

To put this review in context, it is written from the perspective of a psychotherapist of more than 40 years of clinical experience Who has a specialty in psychological trauma, PTSD, and has worked in various settings in the United States, in army behavior health clinics in Germany, and a three-year deployment to Afghanistan. I spent one week with Matt and Jeanae both of whom have had significant important experiences in their own lives which they have taken an integrated in such a way that they are able to be of tremendous benefit to so many people. I was impressed with their attentiveness, their kindness and knowledge during these experiences and always being right there with you to assist in anyway that would be helpful, and they knew exactly what was needed at different times. They are focused on you and your experience and making this experience as rich as possible for you and always have your safety uppermost in their minds. The setting at which this takes place outside of San Ramon is absolutely beautiful, in the mountains, and quiet. They have my best recommendation. Thank you matt and Jeanae. Together you are making a wonderful contribution and making this world a better place

New Life Ayahuasca is

Thank you for being such wonderful hosts!

A trip of Healing

Excellent experience to know myself. the ayahuasca remember me the purpose of life, it has teaching me the power of love, to be grateful, with everything that we have.. being alive and have a different view of the world we live. my life is changing and never could change my ayahuasca experience. if you would like to try someday go and have a good trip, go to new life ayahuasca. excellent place to go and be connected with everything. i recommend this excellent place full with great people.

Wonderful people and a wonderful vision

New Life is located outside Sam Ramon, Costa Rica. The property and facility is absolutely gorgeous and and view of the Gulf of Nicoya from their location on top of the mountain make this a beautiful and perfect place for the work they are doing.  I was passing through the area coming from San Jose to Playa Samara and just had to stop in and meet the people there and find out what they were doing. San Ramon is only a couple of hours from San Jose, less if you have a car and a little more if using the bus system.  My background is not only corporate I.T. (stressful) but also I am a RYT Yoga Teacher and I've been interested for a number of years in how things such as yoga, meditation, diet, mentors, and support systems help with our first world high stress jobs.  Jeanae and Matt are wonderful people. They have such a strong sense of purpose, a mission, and empathy. Where they come from and where they are going is wonderful and they are making the world better in a very great way. They only want to share and help other people. They know the value of moments that can turn a life around and understand sometimes it takes a great deal of work to help a person get just one step further to being better, happier, or perhaps even just alive.  The facility is as clean and full of creature comforts anyone might want or need. No matter where you come from rich or poor, first world or jungle, this place is comfortable. The region is mountainous with dirt roads leading to it as it should be for the region. The house, the pool area (yes, indoor lap pool in Costa Rica) and the location are really just perfect for a retreat location.  I can only imagine all the clients coming from a wide range of cultures and countries, with needs stemming from depression and stress to drug or substance abuse that may find this place and the people there to be a very important part of their journey to wellness.

New Life Ayahuasca is a Wonderful place!

“I will like to express my gratitude to all the people of New Life Ayahusca. I when to a ceremony with Matt and Jeanae last Saturday and I am very impress with their heart and everything they did in the ceremony. Not only they were checking on me all the time but also they are people with a genuine purpose of helping others to get heal. The ceremony had everything; the setting was perfectly care for. I want to congratulate them for running such of wonderful place. I would recommend it to anyone. I also like to send a special thanks to Sergio and Emanuel for always checking on me and for helping me throughout the ceremony. I will be coming back for more ceremonies with the confidence that I am on a safe environment. I wish you many blessings, success and prosperity in the years to come. Thank you so much for everything!”