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Tree of Light Retreats

Sacred Valley
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Tree of Light is exceptional medicine!

Pedro and Carolina are skilled and caring healers, but also, the plants they are working with, and their way of doing things are different than what you will find at most places. I have visited a few centers in the Amazon, so I would like to share some perspective as to how this compares to other places you might consider. I have been to two retreats with Tree of Light, and have been involved in shamanism for five years prior to that. It has been a long journey for me until finding something that I'm happy to refer people to. I can enthusiastically recommend this place both for first-timers, and experienced "dieteros". Even having attended many retreats with many different shamans, there is a level of "shadow work" that was necessary for me to heal, which had evaded me until working with Noyarao. Specifically, there were problems with my breathing that were linked to old traumas, which only began to resolve after my retreat with Tree of Light. It is a special way of doing things that goes deeper than other kinds of medicine. Moreover, although there are many so-called "powerful" shamans in the jungle, I have seen that westerners might glamorize the idea of going far out into the jungle to work with shamans who are as geographically/culturally/ethnically remote as possible. Yes it is quite an experience. I am grateful that there are people who have gone into the jungle to build centers and make that medicine available to us. It is where I started, and they helped me a lot in the beginning. However, it is also a mixed bag out there - the jungle can be a little crazy. I am grateful for the lessons, but it is time for me to graduate from that world. Let's say that in the jungle, it is not easy to find people who are working with both competence and integrity. On the other hand, Pedro and Carolina are well trained in the Shipibo tradition, but are also working with a strong understanding of western culture, and even western medicine. This lends a greater level of a precision to the work, to be able to see better what is going on with a guest, and understand specifically what the person needs to heal. While it is important to be able to see and work on the energetic/spiritual plane, the power of these tools is amplified when the healers are able to relate to the guest's life experience. They are able to explain how the healing process works, and guide people through their specific journey. As of this writing, the team is in the process of relocating from Peru to Costa Rica. I attended their final retreat in Peru, and will also be on their first retreat in Costa Rica. While Peru is a beautiful country and I have enjoyed many visits there, I can tell you that on the last retreat up in the Andes, it was the winter time and we were all pretty chilly up there. We were all bundled up in our coats and blankets, hearing Pedro and Carolina talk about Costa Rica, we were all thinking that this move sounds like a pretty amazing plan. I am looking forward to seeing them again in Costa Rica. Maybe I will see you there too!

Life-altering Experience

I have partaken in two retreats with Tree of Lights within one year’s time. From the first experience, to the next, I have incurred deep and profound healing in my life, inside and outside of ceremony, in so many ways. Carolina and Pedro are a gift to humanity, who work on themselves deeply, while holding the medicine of ayahuasca in the highest integrity. For my first retreat, while excited to experience my true calling to this work, I was naturally nervous and apprehensive. When observing how Carolina and Pedro conduct their retreat: the thorough information they provide, insights into expectations, support whenever you need them, and enlightenment towards trusting the process, I immediately became at ease and knew I was in the right hands. After becoming familiar with the process of the plant medicine work , participating in two retreats now, I can affirm that the gentle and cohesive balance of both their natures delivers just the right recipe for what I needed for ultimate healing, inside and outside of the retreat center. Both of them are beautiful people who were supportive in my process and tended to give me exactly what I needed, even when I wasn’t aware of it myself. Their ability to have an innate knowing and sense shows how much of their own inner work they do. Carolina and Pedro have supported my own work in illuminating my shadows and bringing in the light, but teaching me in a way that has helped me find my power within to help heal and love myself. A beautiful gift it has been indeed! I am grateful to have found Tree of Light and am thrilled as they embark on their new journey in moving their retreat to Costa Rica. I can only see myself drinking medicine with them, as I trust in and honor them completely. They are family (which is how they make you feel) and I can’t wait to sit with them again in the future.

I’ll Never Be The Same!

Wow! I just returned home from my retreat and I’ll forever be grateful for Tree of Light! My life will never be same. Thank you for making my light shine and thank you for all the amazing work y’all do! Sending y’all love from Texas! xo

Beautiful Facilitator, Beautiful Soul

Words cannot express how wonderful it was having Carolina as my facilitator, friend, and sister during one of the most intense and deeply healing journeys I have been through in my life. I first met Carolina randomly in Pisac and it became very clear that she was someone I could trust when working with this medicine. She invited me to the women's retreat that she facilitated in October 2015 and also suggested that I stay for a plant diet she and her husband, Pedro, had organized. Initially, I only planned to stay for the 10-day retreat and 5 additional ceremonies of the plant dieta, but I ended up staying for the entire duration (over 1 month) of the dieta because of the overwhelming love and support Carolina provided and the amazing healing I was receiving from the maestra and the medicine. I went through several incredibly difficult ceremonies and each time I was struggling, Carolina was by my side coaching me through it, telling me it was all going to be ok, encouraging me to stand up to whatever it was inside of me that was pushing me down, and really let go of the pain I was holding on to. She empowered me by encouraging me to help myself heal through singing and connecting to the medicine, as she had done. Anyone who knows Carolina knows that she has a special relationship to the medicine and an overwhelming need inside of herself to share this incredible healing power with others, and of specific importance - fellow women. Her women's retreats open a beautiful space for female energy to flow powerfully and women to heal together, free from fear of judgement. I highly recommend jumping at any opportunity to attend one of her retreats to anyone who is considering working (or continuing to work) with ayahuasca. All of my love and light to you sister!

Such A Blessing

I was blessed to diet NoyaRao with the Tree of Light Retreats family last year in Peru. I have been working with Ayahuasca and dieting regularly for the last 8 years, and this was by far the most transformative, loving, profound space that I have experienced. Some people say that the NoyaRao plant brings pure light into our Being, and this is true. But as it does so, that pure light can illuminate the shadows in very intense ways, and I definitely had some moments where I really needed help and energetic support to move through the places that I felt stuck in seemingly bottomless pits of my own darkness. Because of this, I was indescribably grateful to feel so deeply held and supported by Carolina and Pedro. Both Carolina and Pedro came and sang to me multiple times throughout the dieta, and every time I could feel not only their loving hearts, but also the depth of their ability as healers. They helped me in so many ways, and treated me as family. Juanita, the Shipibo curandera who led the dieta, is one of the most incredibly loving and powerful healers I have ever met. I had dieted with 4 different shamans over the years before meeting her, but none of them felt completely legitimate or in integrity to me. Juanita carries a power and a spiritual connection that is like nothing I have ever witnessed before, and I will most likely only diet with her in the future. I ended up going to the jungle to continue my dieta with Juanita for an additional 4 weeks, and I will never stop being grateful for the incredible healing that I received. Because I have spent so much time immersed in the world of Ayahuasca, I have people constantly ask me for retreat referrals in Peru. The truth is, because of the rampant lack of integrity I am very apprehensive about where I send people. But over and over again I send people to Carolina & Pedro and the Tree of Light Retreats, because I know that they create a container that is deeply in alignment, highly supportive, and full of love.

Beautiful space held for challenging dieta

Carolina, Pedro and Juana hold a beautiful, loving and honest space for their retreats, working with a very powerful tree that illuminates the darkest of our shadows. Together, the sounds of their icaros have supported me in addressing and starting the healing of some of the deepest wounds in my body, and their continual follow-up support is like no other center where I've dieted. Working with Noya Rao (or any tree) is much deeper and stronger than working with Ayahuasca alone, and the combination of indigenous tradition coupled with powerful Western integration provides a tightly held container for deep work. I recommend them to everyone I know, and trust them with my heart.

One of the most trustworthy, safe and effective ayahuasca experiences of my life.

I was so blessed to be able to take part in Tree of Light's March 2018 retreat. I'd been working with plant medicine for around three years, exclusively in the Sacred Valley area and at one point got the opportunity to sit in on a single ceremony with Carolina and Peter. After working with many different healers, I was extremely impressed by the tight container that they both held for the participants that night. Full of integrity and tangible experience. The retreat I subsequently attended was just as impressively held. The depth of combined experience Juanita (the ayahuascera), Carolina and Pedro held made for an incredibly deep, intense experience. They guided each and every one of us through our journeys to the best of their abilities and always were there for every single person. Pedro and Carolina are committed to this path, it is literally their lives. Everything they do is aligned and pointed in the direction of guiding others through their own healing. It wasn't an easy retreat for one single person during those 10 days. Carolina, Pedro and Juanita were definitely faced with many challenges that called them to step up into their full potential as guides, healers, facilitators, managers and friends. I believe they rose to this challenge every time. This is a truly SUPPORTIVE retreat, one of the few in Sacred Valley from my experience. Ayahuasca isn't for the faint-hearted and I will always send anyone who wishes to drink Tree of Light's way. Thank you Carolina and Pedro for your wonderful role in my journey. It was vital and perfect. See you both again soon xoxooxo

Life changing healers

Tree of Light retreats have changed my life. I went to a Tree of Light mixed retreat with Carolina and Pedro shortly after a total work life burn out. Here the medicine showed me many of my emotional blockages, disconnections with my body and suppressed childhood traumas. With Pedro and Carolina’s guidance I was able to truly experience and learn what it means to begin to integrate our shadows, accept and thank them instead of the old pattern of pushing them away (which of course only makes them stronger). In time I have been able to embody the gifts that these shadows brought into my light. Since then I have also participated in a women’s retreat facilitated by Carolina and Gigi. This was an amazingly beautiful and powerful retreat to connect with the sacred feminine; bringing my self love in to alignment. This experience also opened up my voice to articulate, share, sing, take up space – to be seen and heard by others, and most importantly myself. I learned so much from all the women as we shared in each other's journeys – everyone was there for a reason – to trigger and support each other's healing, in addition, to our own. I have continued on my medicine path with the Tree of Light family as they have the purest intentions in complete service to healing. I trust them, and their pure pure hearts. They genuinely sincerely care for each person who comes to journey with them and offer their ongoing support to everyone. Recently I came to the end of a 2 month dieta with Noya Rao and Bobinsana with the Tree of Light crew. My gratitude for the plants, Tree of Light Retreats and Maestra Juana is immense and grows each day. I’m forever grateful for Juana, her teachings, and sharing of this ancient Shipibo wisdom that she holds. To feel full, whole, connection and love, and to be able to give and receive from this beautiful pure place within - has changed my life. With my hand on my heart, I give thanks to Tree of Light Retreats !!!

I just want to say thank you a million times :)

I spent a month with Caroline & Pedro, Juanita & Manuela, Ayahuasca, Bobinsana & Noya Rao at Tree of Light Retreat and after almost a year from that time in Peru, I can honestly to myself admit that it was absolutely „the changing point” of my life. It was very difficult and heavy experience, but this make us grow. There are no such words, and certainly not in my English dictionary;) to express the gratitude I feel for each person, thanks to whom I could have this hard but sooo valuable journey. Thanks to the extraordinary devotion and support of wonderful Shamans, and Carolina and Pedro, this difficult experience was the most beautiful in my life. I am very grateful to them that I can be at the point of life in which I am, and I did not suppose I could be in. During the retreat I fell to the very bottom of myself, but their hand was always nearby to help me find a good path. If not their extraordinary knowledge, experience, patience (!!!), always support and willingness to help, listen and care, I would probably get lost in my shadows and i would not find myself, that I was looking for. Everyone of them and they all together, built such a beautiful, safe space that I knew that I could be carried away to the darkest sides of myself and im still safe. Caroline and Pedro are beautiful people who will stay in my heart forever. They have enabled me to change my life. They were a wonderful support in this difficult but valuable journey. I can not express the gratitude I have for them. And I know they are always close to me. Always, despite the fact that they are thousands of miles away, they provide advice and support, which gives an extraordinary sense of security in my further journey. And the journey is infinite, but I know that they are close to me and it makes it easier, happier and safer. And this is beautiful! Thank you for where I am now and for always being close! Love !!! If you are wondering where to go to Peru to begin or continue your jurney with Ayahuasca - You're in the right place. In Tree of Light Retreats. LOVE FOREVER!

Most powerful, healing Ayahuasca retreat center

I cannot rave enough about my powerful experiences with the Tree of Light Retreats. I have completed two life-changing retreats with them to date and was happy to travel all the way to Peru from my home in the U.S. Carolina and Pedro, who are the retreat facilitators, are the most loving, compassionate, effective healers I have ever come across -- and I have done a ton of this work. The space they create in the ceremonies through their experience with the medicine and facilitating ceremonies creates a super safe, protected environment where you feel comfortable delving deeply within yourself to do the transformative work that Ayahuasca allows for. The maestra/shaman I have worked with both retreats is Juana. Her intuition and understanding of what requires healing within participants was absolutely mind-blowing. I had some very intense traumas come up in a ceremony and went to her for a "massage" the next day. In the massages, she basically moves energy around in our bodies -- and she literally had me bawling my eyes out by moving the energy where I told her I felt the trauma during ceremony. More than just how effective Carolina and Pedro are, I have to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the sincere love and care that they exude in how they show up in the world and how kindly they treat every person on retreat. I'm not kidding when I say that my whole conception of what it means to be "loving" transformed from the example they set. They address all participants and everyone around them as "brother" and "sister" and show such patience and compassion in the way that they support you as deep issues inevitably arise during the retreat. They even have made themselves available multiple times for Skype conversations to provide guidance and support after retreats. I simply cannot speak highly enough about this center. If you find yourself ready for transformation and are willing to be courageous in truly looking deeply at yourself to heal and transform your life, I strongly encourage you to attend!

Seriously the best retreats

I've done 4 retreats with Tree of Light over the years, including the month long, and keep coming back because Carolina, Pedro, and Juana hold the safest most powerful, and supportive spaces and retreats I have ever been to. Yes, Noya Rao is an extremely powerful tree and if you choose to diet it, instead of Bobinsana or not dieting at all, it Will pull up your biggest traumas and pain, and it is never pleasant or fun to feel pain. But Noya Rao pulls up your pain for healing so it can be seen, understood, made peace with and released. Our pain from whatever unpleasant experiences we have lived, is already inside us, and already affecting us negatively, even if it's shoved deep into our subconscious. And it needs to come to the surface to heal, and Tree of Light Retreats is the most amazing place to be held and supported and Helped as this healing happens. It doesn't matter how hard life has been or what you have been through, Noya Rao, Pedro, Carolina, Juana, and your own hard work and willingness to face your life, Will be powerful enough to heal you and bring more love and light and happiness into your life. Truly facing what we've been through in life isn't always fun, but I know Tree of Light Retreats is one of the best places on the planet to do so, and I have received extremely life changing healing and overcome some really severe pain to regain my happiness and Joy by working with them. Seriously the best medicine retreats ever. In truth and Love. -Soren P.s. Pedro and Carolina's icaros are ridiculously healing and beautiful songs from the spirit of Noya Rao sung with such pure and good intentions for our healing. I love them and find myself humming them to myself all the time :)

More than I could have imagined or asked for!

This March (2018) I attended my first 10-day retreat with Tree of Light Retreats, and my experience was beyond anything I could have imagined or expected! This was my first experience in working with the Medicine and I walked into the experience with expectations of challenge, growth, and doing a lot of internal work. What I did not expect was the degree to which being supported through this work would affect my process and ability to integrate. My experience at our retreat was one of breaking me open be authentic with myself in my own healing process. This has involved learning to allow and accept emotions which I have previously lacked the awareness that I have even suppressed. Throughout the first few days of my time with TOLR I kept the self-doubt and emotions that were bubbling up mostly to myself, though it was only after communicating my process with both Carolina and Pedro that I had truly opened the floodgates to my progress. Midway through our retreat I began to fully open up regarding my experience and about my insecurities around my own process, and it was through this unfolding that I first glimpsed the depth of knowledge, experience, and understanding that this two blessed beings possess. In meeting me with a gentleness and compassion that I could not have fathomed, I was assisted in moving through my doubts, worries, shame, and fears. Their method and facilitation, both in and out of Ceremony, not only assisted me in my process but as well empowered me to continue in this path as the retreat progressed. I stand in my power in taking responsibility for my personal journey whilst walking my path in absolute gratitude for the support in which I was held in my process. Mama Aya is a powerful teacher, and working with this group openly and in trust gifted me with the opportunity to fully utilize this opportunity for growth. The best single statement that I could make to describe and summarize my experience with Juana, Carolina, Pedro is: "To be held in a container of compassion". The love expressed by this beautiful Maesta (Juana) and the facilitators (Carolina & Pedro) is so evident in through their support of the group that it is almost tangible in the air that fills my lungs, even three months later back in California. Beyond the container that was both effectively created and held by Carolina and Pedro, every other aspect of this retreat supported me in ways that I could not have even realized until receiving the gifts of the environment they have fostered as a part of their offering. The lodging accomodations were beautiful and comfortable (the bed was comfier than mine at home!) and the shower was one the highlights of my mornings following Ceremony. And the food was INCREDIBLE! Nancy and her kitchen crew were fantastic, encouraging, and their creations were nourishing and delicious! Las Chullpas was as well absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to returning for my next retreat as soon as I am able! I would HIGHLY recommend (and already have numerous times) this retreat center to anyone interested in an authentic and fully supported experience working with this Medicine; regardless of previous experience (or lack thereof). Sending my love to Any and All who may be reading this and blessing YOU in your work, regardless of where your path takes you

Immense gratitude

I was guided by my intuition and dreams to participate a women's retreat in Tree of Light retreats and work with Noya Rao. I was afraid because some parts of me knew there would be dark places I would be visiting and that it was time to face some deeper and darked layers. But because I trust my guidance I knew I would have to go through the fear. As that is the way to freedom. Noya Rao is full on shadow work as his light is so bright nothing can hide from it and in Tree of Light retreats this is also their focus to dive to the darkest depths so that light can enter there and replace the darkness. I went deep, I don't even have words for most of it. The suffering and struggle that I went through.. but trusting the medicine and the process that it would pass and the light would find it's way in. And it did. And I found love in me and I fell love with myself first time in my life. This is a priceless gift. This dieta gave me a new direction on my journey and courage and confidence to start taking action in sharing my work and stepping up. I hold so much gratitude for Carolina, Pedro and Gigi for holding space for this strong and challenging work and for being in service creating a safe and supported container. From the bottom of my heart I recommend working with them when you want to go deep and heal painful wounds and find your light.

Sarita Sahni MA, LMT

I am so blessed to have found Tree of Light. I felt so supported,nurtured and amongst beautiful and powerful shaman women. The healing I did was immense thanks to this beautiful place and the sacredness of these traditions.

Powerful, incredibly contained Ayahusaca + Noya Rao Dieta

Carolina + Pedro, and maestra Juana, are providing incredibly powerful and impeccably contained diets with Ayahuasca and Noya Rao-- I am grateful every day that passes that I found them, their lineage and the Tree of Light. Words can't possibly explain the level of healing that is available inside their family of healing. I can't recommend them highly enough. If this work calls you, you are safe with them.

Transformation, connection and inner power

Tree of Light Retreats create an environment where you are able to dig deep into the inner realm of who you are in safety. There is a bond that you forge with the other women that helps you all grow as well as effect the change we need for women around the world. I could not be be happier or more humbled that my spirit was guided to Carolina and Gigi. They do everything with care love and integrity. I was only interested in working with Aya in the most scared and respectful way. That is what they provide. They not only support your growth, they also allow you to feel the power and tradition of the beautiful Shipibo healers they work with. I was able to access deep parts of myself that needed healing. I am forever changed and can feel my continued process here at home. I felt brave and strong standing in my power as I unlocked hidden pain and trauma that needed resolving. I look forward to working with these wonderful women again in the future. My experience was deeply moving, hard and real. With Carolina and Gigi you feel the support to step into your greatest fear knowing you are safe and held in divine light.

I strongly recommend Tree of Light Retreats

I was fortunate enough to attend the 11 day women’s retreat in August 2017. The medicine had been calling to me a few years beforehand. I spent a lot of time researching the medicine experience and all of the retreats there is to offer in Peru and ultimately, I chose Tree of Light Retreats. What lead me to make such a challenging life changing decision was that I have lived with chronic pain my entire life. I experienced muscle spasms, temporary paralysis, migraines and nerve and muscle pain in my neck since I was about 9 years old. I’ve taken narcotics to treat my condition for as long as I can remember. I’ve spent thousands on chiropractors, massages, naturopathic and general practitioner and have had 2 major surgeries without any long lasting relief. Not only was I searching for physical healing but I had experienced some major traumas as a child emotionally. I witnessed my alcoholic father violently attack my mother on a daily basis starting when I was 5 years old. I was the oldest of 3 siblings so I felt I had to grow up very fast in order to protect my younger sister and brother from witnessing the violence. As a teenager I was very promiscuous and rebellious. I had major problems with authority since in my mind I as an adult already and was being treated as such at home. This emotional pain would surface a lot in my adult life which hindered me from having healthy relationships with men.


With that said, my time spent at the Tree of Light Retreat was the most rewarding gift I could give myself. As much as it was a gift it was the most challenging work I’ll ever do on a soul level. I was shown that Mother Auyuascha is the reason anyone is called to it. It’s not really your choice, it’s hers. She knows what you need, what you can endure and when you need it. My experience was purely physical as after each drink she coursed through my being removing my traumas, shadows and blockages. I actually felt them being ripped out of my body and could cognitively recognize what was being removed that took my breath away at times. However, the facilitators, Carolina and Gigi, were always there to guide and nurture me. I will hold these women in my heart for the rest of my life.


Out of the 5 ceremonies the first two were the hardest on that physical level but I also received the strongest epiphanies as well. The medicine immersed my soul with the feeling of love I can only describe as what people report feeling when they have a near death experience and meet God. The feeling of love in the depth of your soul is indescribable. She allowed me to experience that depth of love I have for each of my family members. She also showed me that I would feel that love for a man in my future. After the 3rd ceremony, I felt no pain in my neck and as I write this testimonial one month later, 80% of my pain has left my body. It’s truly been a miracle to me.


I strongly recommend Tree of Light Retreats and also I almost forgot to mention the massages from Maestra Juana! Her massages are more than physical healing, she sees the root of your ailments on a spiritual level. I always felt very light in my body after she was finished. In addition, the bonds I formed there with the other women will stay with me forever even if I don’t ever see them again. I will connected to them in spirit. Carolina, Gigi, Pedro and Maestra Juana are the most genuinely caring souls. I am sincerely grateful to having met them and have them be a part of my healing journey with Ayahuasca.

Truly in Service to the Light

I first met Carolina when I attended a month-long ayahuasca retreat in August 2013 and I will be forever grateful for our having crossed paths because 2.5 years later she still lights up my life! Although I was confident in my decision to begin my work with ayahuasca, I was filled with insecurities and doubts about my own strength and abilities to face what was coming up, which Carolina quickly eased with her genuine, caring, and nurturing nature. I ended up staying at the retreat center where she worked for 6 months, and her presence during that time was key to me receiving the deep levels of healing that I did. Her ability to see deep beyond people's stories and egos along with her knowledge of how plant medicines work plus her endless compassion creates a safe space for us to explore ourselves with this sacred plant medicine in a way that is desperately needed by many of us coming from the western world. In October 2015 I visited Carolina again at her new center, Tree of Light Retreats, and was delighted to find that her stepping out on her own has allowed her gifts to flourish in a beautiful, heart opening way. When I come across people who are looking for a skilled guide to help them navigate their way through the sometimes confusing waters of medicine work, I always recommend them to the lovely Carolina. Thank you, sister, for all you do and for all you have given me. Thank you for seeing the best in all of us and helping us learn to do the same. I love you!