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The Christmas cooking course with Faith was a fun class
full of useful information. Faith explains Ayurvedic principles very clearly.
As someone who is very interested in healthy cooking, it was great to find out
that they way I cook mainly agrees with Ayurvedic principles, as well as to get
a lot of new information too.


I highly recommend this course or Faith as an Ayurvedic

Michaela Greatorex

Fantastic Intro to Ayurveda

The course was a fantastic intro to Ayurveda - pitched just right, with clear explanations from a teacher who clearly knows her stuff. Faith is funny, caring and judgement-free and I recommend it to anyone looking for ways to feel better inside and out. 

Thank you Faith!

I found Faith very knowledgable and informative, meeting her and going through her coaching was very eye opening for me and I have only had a positive outcome since. I have learned so much from the ancient practice of Ayurveda and how to apply it to modern living and I am forever grateful for what it has taught me. Thank you Faith!

Great massage, very skilled and supportive.

I have quite often used Faith's massage service as I do a very physical job with long hours and international travel so I build up a lot of tension in my body which affects my quality of life and sleep. After many years of study and experience Faith knows exactly where I get this and how much strength to use to relieve this for me (I need a lot of pressure as im quite a solid guy).

I always feel so much better after one of Faith's massages, my sleep improves remarkably and the effects last me quite a long time. I always feel so much more energetic and ready to take on the challenges I have in my day-to-day life.

She is highly skilled, kind and supportive. I cant recommend her highly enough.

Kind, supportive, great results. Thank you!

Faith is an absolute fountain of knowledge, amazing at what she does, highly professional and sympathetic towards health issues, and just an all round lovely person.
I tried her Kitchari fasting, Faith reassured me as I was nervous to try it and gave me all the information I needed, asked about my medical issues in depth and advised me when and how to do it and what ingredients to use so I could decide.
The results were amazing, in one day my IBS symptoms practically disappeared and I also lost 3lbs!
Having quite a few health issues, Faith listened to me and even checked for interactions between my current medications to see if they could be causing my problems, in a nutshell - goes above and beyond and actually cares, you can't put a price on that! Thank you Faith ???? ????

6 our of 5 stars - such quick results!

amazing service - very thorough and friendly..

the problem of which I I approached Ayurlife with was pretty much resolved withing a few days amazingly simply with stuff we had in the cupboard at home (this may not be the same for everyone with different problems obviously) but for me it worked and I now have a nice tasty breakfast which doesn't affect my blood sugar levels (something I haven't had for about 10 years...

cannot credit and thankyou enough for your time and vast wealth of knowledge

6 out of 5 stars from me

Ayurvedic Wisdom

Faith has a lot of Ayurvedic Wisdom to share!
Can’t wait to learn more from AyurLife UK!

Kind, supportive and excellent experience with herbs

I have had a few health scares lately and AyurLife UK has been supportive and helped me overcome them with her kind nature, support and excellent experience with herbs.

Faith is a superstar!

Faith helped me no end when I damaged my knees a few years back. She was very patient with me and ensured she fully understood what I had done before making suggestions of supplements I could take to help with the chronic inflamation and joint damage.

Faith a superstar!