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I joined those guys multiple times for a torso run! Besides it's quick, most of the look like they have fun! :) had some Nice chats in the downtime.

Lighting Fast Speed, Great Service

Until yesterday, I didn't even know this service existed. Was able to get Torso and All Level 5 Roles for my IM over the course of a couple of days. Someone was always on to answer questions or give an update on my cooldown timer. And as the title says, very, very fast clears and killer service. Can't recommend enough!

Thanks for the help guys!


really efficient guys got me a torso in no time with ZERO effort from my side. They were really patient with me aswell, and I'm a drunk retard. Would recommend!

Accurate descriptions and friendly teams

I paid 40m upfront for a torso, might be a bit naive, and i was not dissapointed. When the first queen kill took us 15 minutes i was amazed at these guys talent.

Afterwards i was refunded 5 out of the 40 mil because i already had a few points. Standout performance, honest and hard working pros.

Amazing quick and cheap!

It was so quick, unbelievable, 1 hour for torso

Quickest and easiest t5s ever!

Was dreading the t5 grind for Kandarin elite diary and luckily met one of the guys from ba boosts at the wave 1 room!
Decided to give it a shot as the queue was empty and these madmen just bashed out all roles in one go! INSANE!
Huge thanks to the team and for being extra patient and friendly. Had an unexpectedly great time at BA lol.

Much love, Greed


everyone was really nice and made the entire process very easy. would highly recommend to anyone


Used to boost on both my main and iron, just afk'd as the nice people got me my torso :)


BA Boosts is the G O A T. Super talented, trustworthy, and quick!


QUene was a tad long but once they get you in BA its a breeze. AFK and they finished me just a little bit over an hour. Cheers to the teams. Will be back!!

No More CTRL

Very fast service, took less than hour.

Iron w/ 34 HP

Easy, fast, efficient and trustworthy. What more can u ask for?


highly recommend, insanely fast & no issues.

Unbelievable AFK Torso

Got my torso with Eli and co taking no time at all (less than an hour) and a total of 40 clicks. Couldn't recommend it more!

Saint Bushaw

Awesome service! I queued up and was finished within the hour! very much recommend

Easy Torso!

Excellent runners, AFK'd the entire time, could not have gotten it without their help!

Fast AF

I recommend using this cc, so fast and with nice guys! gg keep up

A+++ RSN stackables

Amazing. Quick and easy boost, very polite and professional, definitely worth it!


No wait, fast, super nice and cool group of guys. What more could you want? And good prices, better prices than other ba services.

Great service -JiNick

These awsome guys made getting a torso fun. And thats all i can ask for :)


Fantastic group of people. Very professional, polite, and respectful. Knew everything I needed ahead of time and getting the level 5 roles went smoother than I could have imagined. Thanks for an awesome experience and boost.


Fast run

Thanks for the fast run, easy to chat with and nice guys.

Incredibly Fast and AFK Torso!

Just got my torso with Eli and friends. Took less than an hour and they're really nice people!


got me my torso in under an hour, with almost no wait time to start. even let me drop payment from my iron! will use again

Quick and easy

little over an hour run for torso, awesome service, will be back for more service, thanks again guys

Fuse ran with us!

Check out his YouTube video at 5:55

Linksocarina got his granite body with us!

Ez torso

Very professinal and quick only took 45 mins for torso

Vibes Approved

After not being able to find a group who could complete to wave 10 these guys made getting all roles above 275 pts a good time. They were also pretty funny to boot. 10/10 recommend to anyone needing fast reliable service!

VERY fast torso

Torso in under an hour, awesome team!


Formed a team immediately for me and delivered well within time frame suggested for queen kill. Absolutely recommend!


Had an awesome team to do grind my torso out for me. Less than an hour!


team got me a queen kill under 15min. extremely friendly and an amazingly skilled team


Great guys quick and speedy awesome service

Torso Leech

Took 50 minutes, done professionally. Very well organised :) Will be coming again, thanks guys!

~ Sponsy D

EZ Diary and Torso

Bought a queen kill for Kandarin hard before going back for a torso. Easy, quick, got it while cooking dinner!


Quickly got to me and supplied my lv 5 roles for my diary cape. I tried using cheaper boosters before and they were significantly subpar. Would not recommend anywhere else. Your time is your money and you get what you paid for! A1 service.


Quick, Reliable & Friendly! A+ Service

Risky Farts

1hr torso, nice cc, very fast queue, recommend.

Moist Slab

Shocked at how unbelievably efficient and easy this was for a torso. I'll be back again no doubt! Unreal work lads, much appreciated!


Amazing group, loved it. Chilled with pizza and b0aty for about 50-60 minutes (torso)


Really really quick these guys are pros, really good communication whilst waiting aswell, definitely recommend


Pretty cool dudes, 100% legit. They know what they're doing


Absolute beasts. Got it done while I was watching a video and I didn't have to do anything.

DragonDabber & IM Scylla

Great crew, thanks heaps to emilia, vial, samoa, luma, gangland and jdfghkojjmhi for both torso's!


Awesome and very kind people doing fast torsos! Will 100% come back for elite diary!

Awesome Service!

They quickly helped me get my torso on my ironman, would gladly recommend them to anyone!

DQ Skittles

These guys were great and fast I still can’t believe it was so cheap


Very fast and efficient group of players. Torso was done in less than an hour and they are cheaper than any other BA services that I know of. Great group of people - iSykotik


big thanks! smooth and easy runs!

Purpp streamed us doing his torso boost!

Check out this twitch clip from Purpp

Quick and efficient

Managed to get the torso on my account in less than an hour with ease, much appreciated. will defo come back when going for lv 5 roles - SaintDrogo


nice people, super fast server would recommend 10/10

Youtuber Vouch!

We did a torsos for EVScape, Purpp, Skiddler and RonPlaysGames on their group ironmen! Check us out on EVScapes video at 20:12.

EVScape recommending BA Boosts on stream.


Thanks for Visiting our brand new site! If you have run with us then please leave us a vouch and help us grow.
- General of BA Boosts

Quick Penance Queen Run

Paid 6m for a Penance Queen run for hard diaries. Didn't have to do anything but stand there while we ran through all 10 waves within 15 minutes! Great service