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Calm Canines

61 Wood Drive
Northam Western Australia , 6401

Slept in his own bed!

Thank you so much for coming this afternoon and giving us the understanding and skills we need to make Clive a happier and more content doggo!! We have already seen a change in him and are excited to see his improvements. All makes perfect senses. You deliver it really well!!. Thank you! First night and Clive slept in his own bed!!

George the Cavocker

Our 15 month old Cavocker - George, would not come when called, and had “white line” fever if he saw a sheep, bird or cat. Tania spent time with the whole family giving us straight forward guidance and a tried and tested set of rules to follow. George responded straight away and we now feel we are in control rather than our dog.

Zac's transformation

Zac has made amazing progress with us following The 5 Golden Rules in just a few weeks. Zac has recall!!

No more stress

We have always had at least one dog and they have all been an important part of our family. Bella is a rescue dog who was very anxious and had been with several owners when she came to us. Bellas' behavior was causing us a lot of stress and anxiety and we didn't know how to deal with it. We realised that we had changed our lives and behaviors to fit in with her. After meeting Tanya and witnessing her calm, authoritative manner with many different dogs, including Bella, we were thrilled to be able to learn the secrets to her success. The methods for training are the best I have witnessed in 30 years of dog ownership, they are calm and gentle and the atmosphere in our home has become calmer as well. We now know what to do to have our dog behaving in a way that is safe and relaxed for everyone. We have the knowledge, skill set and a clear set of guidelines to follow. Within one week we are already seeing positive changes in Bella's behavior. The benefits of having Tanya come into our home to do the training session included seeing how, using a calm and consistent approach to Bella's inappropriate behavior, resulted in a calmer dog.