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Berenice's Hair

130 Parkway Forest Drive
Toronto Ontario , M2J 0B8


Veronika is an excellent extension technician! I highly recommend her services to all the girls. Veronika approaches each client individually, selecting the method that’s right specifically for them. She discussed every hair extension type with me, and recommended the kind that suited me best. Everything was done quickly and efficiently. We managed to match the color perfectly even with my complex coloring.

I am writing this review a week after the application, when I can comment with confidence on the quality of the work done. The donor strands are keeping well, they are of good quality, and the volume of the hair extensions is ideal. Everyone who finds out that I am wearing extensions is very surprised by this, as everything looks very natural.

Veronika explains everything in great detail. She quickly and professionally answers all of the client's questions. She is a very kind and pleasant professional. I can certainly attest that this is exactly the sort of extension technician to whom all clients wish to return after getting this procedure done once!


After getting my hair extensions done for years, I felt very discouraged to continue this practice, because I did not want to damage my hair. But then I came across Veronika, and was able to book an appointment on a day most convenient for me.

She works efficiently, and the care she took in applying extensions, the gentle removal process and the quality of the hair was incredible.

She answered all of my questions, and gave me a detailed description of how to correctly care for my new luscious hair.

Veronika is extremely gifted, talented and friendly. I keep getting compliments, and no one believes that it isn't my real hair. I could even wear my hair up all the time, and you wouldn’t even notice the bonds!


I first got my extension in my home country. I loved them and was hooked since I have very fine hair. I then went to a salon where they put the most low quality hair on me. I called Veronika at Beauti-fy for help. She literally saved my hair. She explained everything from A-Z. Her knowledge in the industry is something you don't come across easily. She definitely worked hard to learn extensions inside and out. Veronika has the best quality hair and work in the city. She takes pride in her work and goes above and beyond for her clients.

I'll be back Veronika - keep up the good work in making us woman feel extra special!


I was very nervous about doing the hair extensions. I have never had long hair in my life because my hair is very thin, and when it grows long, it looks very weak and sad. So, before I decided to do such a radical change in my appearance, I have asked Veronika tons of questions. And her answers unwinded my doubts. I felt I can really trust her with my hair!
The result was amazing!!! Honestly, it exceeded my expectations! I liked my new hair more than ever before!
Yes, there was a bit of discomfort first couple weeks. But hey, I had no previous experience how to live with the long hair!!! How to move it away from my shoulders, how to drive, how to sleep, how to dress up and... how to wash (AND DRY) long hair. But all that was worth how I feel now. How my sweetheart looks at me. How the sales associates rushed to help me in the stores. Hey, baby-boys, have you seen my wrinkles and that I could be your mother? Or my long blond hair just blinds you? I found that it is very pleasant when strange men offer their help to take care of my shopping cart after I unloaded groceries into my car. Hm... Where were all those men when I was with my short hair? Well, I am on in a positive mood now, do not want to think where they were that time.
Thank you, Veronika, for my younger look and for my beautiful hair! Now we are going to meet every 3-4 months to keep the magic work ;)


I am very satisfied with my hair extensions from Veronika. She was very gentle when applying them and did them very neatly. They are perfectly invisible. I had no discomfort after, and she explained how to care for them thoroughly, so I was sure of exactly what to do and what products were best to use. Wonderful service :)


I want to thank you, Veronika, for my hair! That was my first  experience with hair extensions, and I absolutely loved it! You did a great job with colour matching - the extensions look like my natural hair. The hair looks so great that I was catching the looks on my way home!

Also, I want to thank you for your support after the appointment. You answered all my questions, and I had a lot of them😅. I will definitely recommend you to my friends ❤