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Juanita is such a wonderful person to deal with! She is organised and very punctual, along with being an incredibly kind and genuine person. Juanita is a wealth of information, and I would VERY highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a reliable, great value service. Thank you for everything Juanita!


Juanita was such a fantastic tour guide. I cannot recommend her more highly if you want a compelling and invigorating tour. Every moment of our 5 hour trip was filled with interesting facts and stories about Bermuda and it's history, Juanita provided insight that it would be difficult to match. I loved every moment of it.

I was collected from my home address in a tour bus for my private tour and was soon whisked off through Hamilton, then along the North Shore where i learnt some of the history of how Hamilton became the new capital, then on to St Georges where we stopped to walk around St Peters Church. The rest of our time was spent travelling along to Dockyard through some of the most beautiful areas of real estate with ample stops throughout for pictures, when ever i wished. There is so much to write about that it would actually take me some hours!

I felt completely at ease throughout my trip and Juanita and i didn't stop talking for the entire time. I am truly thankful to Juanita for making my day an experience that i will not forget.


I was only in port for a very short time and wanted to see and learn as much as I could about Bermuda. Juanita to the rescue! Juanita was waiting on the dock with a clearly visible sign and a huge smile. She was punctual, however, our group was not. This did not deter Juanita from making sure all her "chicks" were gathered and no one missed out on their tour. She even arranged to have the stragglers (an hour late) driven to a tour stop in order to not leave anyone behind and to not hold up the rest of the group. Juanita is a great conversationalist with an outgoing personality and was able to make our group of strangers fast friends where we were comfortable to add comments and ask questions. Juanita was able to feed off our energy and adjust the tour accordingly so it was enjoyable for everyone. I was particularly appreciative that Juanita is a Bermudian exhibiting her true passion for the fish hook island taking our tour from typical to outstanding. Thanks for sharing your love!

Island Wrap Around Tour Great!

Just returned from our cruise to Bermuda. Had a great tour with Vernal Cann. The Island Wrap Around Tour was a great overview of the island. Vernal was knowledgeable and friendly and a really fun guide. We took the 2:30 pm tour that included half hour shopping time in Hamilton. He was nice enough to take us to the restroom after dropping off the others, however, there was no time left for us to look around. We also had an hour St. George for shopping, but it was 5 pm or after and most shops were closed. It might be better on the afternoon tour to have an hour in Hamilton and either skip the shopping time in St George or have a shorter time. Overall this is a great tour and Vernal was a great guide.

Absolutely Great Tour

Just got back from our cruise to Bermuda, and we had a wonderful time on our 5 hour island bus tour with Miss Juanita. She was so much fun and had a wealth of knowledge about the island. We highly recommend her tour. Thanks to her our experience was exceptional.

Simply Exceptional!

I toured with Juanita. The booking process was easy and I had no problem finding her at the pier. She is the most exciting tour guide and I have been on multiple tours all over the world! She is very knowledgable, accommodating, and she makes the tour fun and hilarious at the same time. This tour was a once in a lifetime memory, especially with her famous phrase "OH FOR CRYING IN A BUCKET" LOL! I highly recommend touring the island with Juanita, she will not disappoint!

Testimonial #36

A group of friends and I had cruised to Bermuda, on the Norwegian Dawn. We had decided to do a Wrap around the Island tour, and decided to book it ourselves instead of booking thru the ship this time. Juanita was highly recommended. She was waiting for us on the dock and proceeded to show us her beautiful island. She was informative, and we enjoyed a wonderful day. I would recommend her and her tour to anyone visiting her island.    

Testimonial #35

We arrived in Bermuda on the Norwegian Dawn. My husband is in a wheelchair and Norwegian cancelled their handicap tour leaving us without another option. We walked to the Taxi section and there was Juanita with a smile and 2 empty seats on her tour that was about to depart!! She, along with the others going on the Island Tour, went out of their way to welcome us and helped get my husband on the van and took his wheelchair on and off for us.

Juanita took off and started passing on her knowledge of’s history, customs, and life of a native Bermudian. She made it such a fun day for all of us!! Thank you for making the day a memorable one

Testimonial #35

Juanita I speak for our entire Square Dance group that we had a wonderful time visiting the Island and having you and your drivers take us on a great tour of Bermuda.  Your tour took us to places we would not have seen in the two short days we spent at Bermuda.  We look forward to coming back in the future and seeing you again.  We are referring you to our son & daughter-in-law as they are coming to Bermuda soon.  Thank you again for accommodating us and square dancing with us at the Royal Navy Dockyard.  I will send pictures soonMarilyn Scott and Jacksonville Square Dancers

Testimonial #35

My husband and I signed up for two tours where we got to travel with Juanita. Juanita was our lead guide for the Island Wrap Around Tour of Bermuda and helped organize the start of our Crystal Caves/Aquarium/City of Hamilton Tour. She was incredibly accommodating to our needs and quick to respond via her direct email line whenever we had logistic questions. She also provided us specific instructions on how best to meet her given our unique needs as we were stationed at a hotel rather than a cruise ship, from which most other participants disembarked. Juanita made coming to a new destination feel like home! She provided a historical overview of Bermuda with cultural and personal highlights as well as lots of laughs. We would gladly book future tours with Juanita and happily refer others her way!

So much fun!!

Juanita,Our group had so much fun on our Bermuda Island Tour! Jimmy was so knowledgeable and friendly. We had an absolute blast! He was accommodating to everyone and very flexible to our groups requests. We absolutely loved the tour and spending the day with Jimmy, and your company! I would definitely recommend to a friend and would gladly do a tour again.

Thank you for making our tour the best!

Juanita - thank you for making our tour the best!  Your knowledge, information and sense of humor was a pleasure spending our day with you!!  Thank you for such a great tour; truly learned a lot about the island of Bermuda!  

Dear Juanita

Dear Juanita,It was a pleasure to see you again during our recent stay. I have uploaded the following review to Trip Advisor,During
our recent stay on Bermuda we used the services of Bermuda Island Tours
and More. There are some things that are reasonable to expect from any
tour or transport company, Cleanliness of the vehicles, punctuality and
reliability. All of these were exemplary. Over and above this, however,
Juanita made us feel like personal friends rather than customers.
Nothing was too much trouble and Juanita was always ready with a great
recommendation of places to eat or visit. I would,unhesitatingly
recommend Juanita’s company to anyone visiting Bermuda, and we look
forward to renewing our acquaintance when return.

Part of the family!

Juanita and her team were a delight! My wife and I attended the 2017 Bermuda International Town Criers Competition and Juanita drove us to each leg of the competition. She and her team were friendly, professional and courteous throughout, and Juanita herself is a joy. I was last in Bermuda in 2015 and I was amazed that Juanita remembered me!  She truly embodies the Bermudan saying that the first time you visit you are a guest; the second time you visit, you are family.

Oyez… Oyez… Oyez…

Attention: Juanita Jones, CTA Owner/Operator - Bermuda Island ToursBe it known, that I have an announcement of great importance!  My
escort Lynn and I have attended the Bermuda International Town Crier
Competition with cries given at various venues and activities that took
place throughout Bermuda.As
a Past-President of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers, Canada, and the
official Town Crier of Bracebridge, I am pleased… nay… I am absolutely
thrilled to have had the pleasure of meeting Juanita, the most gracious
host one could ask for as our Tour Guide!This
lady could not do enough for our group, was extremely timely and most
of all… a lot of fun!  We wish Juanita the very best and extend our
sincerest thanks!May God bless Juanita and this great isle of Bermuda!God Save the Queen!Official Town Crier of Bracebridge, Ontario & Historic Santa’s Village.

Testimonial #26

Our tour with Juanita was fantastic!  She was very knowledgeable about the island and could readily answer any question asked of her.  My group thoroughly enjoyed the tour and we will use her services again and recommend her to others.


Juanita Jones conducted the best island tour !! It was above my expectations. I hope to return to Bermuda one day with family members and definitely would book a tour with Juanita. She was very engaging, knowledgeable and sensitive to the needs of the group. This was just a wonderful experience!!

Great Tour

Juanita could answer any question about Bermuda, She went
out of her way to make sure everyone was happy and comfortable. I was born in
Bermuda and had not been back , She made a special side trip to show me the
hospital I was born in. I would recommend this tour.  

Testimonial #23

10/25/2016My friend and I took a cruise to Bermuda on the Carnival Sunshine. We were looking for a tour of the Island, but felt the excursion through Carnival was way to expensive. We found the website Viator where we found the Island tour we wanted to take for 1/2 the price. Juanita did a fantastic tour. She is very friendly and knowledgeable of Bermuda. The tour was suppose to be 5 hours, but a few of the people on the bus had lived on the base @ 50 yrs ago. She took some extra time to show them where they lived and where one guy was born and one lady went to school. It was the best tour of any I have taken.Thank you Juanita for such a great tour of Bermuda. I highly recommend your tours to anyone visiting.

Testimonial #22

Thoroughly enjoyed our island tour! Juanita met us at the dock and provided us with a great history lesson on Bermuda.  She answered all our questions and we learned so much about Bermuda and its history.  The van used was clean and most importantly, cool. We booked directly with Juanita and not through the cruise line....much more affordable.  We look forward to visiting Bermuda again and having our favorite guide, Juanita, show us more of her beautiful island.

Testimonial #21

We have wanted to take a tour of the Island for many years, but the excursions from the ship are very costly and they were vague as to where they would take us.We saw Juanita standing with a sign when we disembarked. We took a 5 hour tour with her for a reasonable price and so glad we did. She was so friendly, funny, knowledgeable. Standing at the Gibbs Lighthouse I commented that the houses look like they had chimneys. She answered they do, we put fire in the fireplace when it gets cold. How cold? 50 degrees.!!! I told her for us in PA. 50 degrees is flip flop weather, our group laughed about that the whole trip back. She was fantastic!! Juanita better be there when we go back in 2018!!THANKS Juanita!!


Juanita was amazing to deal with.... I contacted her about a week before our cruise and she immediately replied. Correspondence was quick and she was VERY ACCOMODATING !!  We used her for the two days while we were in port and I cannot wait to utilize her services again..... Juanita is simply one of the BEST tour guides I have ever encountered !!! 

Bermuda Island Tour

Fantastic! This was a very last minute decision as we were walking down the dock and it started to rain! Juanita waiting while I ran back on the ship to change out of my wet clothes.Juanita was outstanding. She customized our tour due to the rain and it was great.Clean, cool van. Comfortable seating.Juanita answered all our questions along the way. Not scripted like many other tours. Book with Bermuda Island Tours. It's much more cost effective than booking with the cruise line! Thanks Juanita. See you next year.


My sister-in-law and I took the Bermuda Crystal Caves, Zoo and Aquarium tour with Juanita Jones last week.  Our ship was docked at Front Street in Hamilton; when we realized the tour was leaving from Dockyards, I got in touch with Juanita to see if she could pick us up in Hamilton.  She accommodated our request and this saved us a lot of time that we would have spent getting to the other part of the island only to have to come back to Hamilton anyway.She was delightful:  warm, friendly and willing to answer all of our questions about the history and culture of the island.  She shared some of her personal history and was just so easy going and approachable.We loved the tour and the stops along the way.  Juanita is an amazing driver on those very windy Bermuda roads.  She pointed out all sorts of landmarks, mansions and the Governor's House along the way.We saw her back in Hamilton a couple of days later; she recognized us - even remembered our names!  This tour was going to St. George's - if we had known, we probably would have booked that tour too.She's a wonderfully professional guide and added so much to our trip.

A "People's History" of Bermuda!

My friend and I took the African Diaspora Heritage Tour and had a lovely and fascinating day with our guide who went above and beyond to show us the island and its history.  We visited sites of both monumental and more subtle significance in the history of enslaved Bermudians, and along the way we discussed the legacies of slavery in Bermuda and world.  It is very important that this tour exists (thanks to the Ministry of Tourism and UNESCO and others I’m sure); many of the sites would probably be unmarked and therefore even more easily forgotten.  In between Heritage Tour stops we enjoyed a general history and overview of Bermuda from the van, and our guide was more than willing to help us plan out our remaining days in port.  I would strongly recommend this tour to anyone interested in a “people’s history” of Bermuda.  

Great 5 hr. Tour

On May 19th, 2016 we had the best Island Tour ever of Bermuda with Juanita. She was so informative with Bermuda's history and culture and with so much passion for her country, it made the tour so exciting and having you wanting to know more and more.  Bermuda is awesome and the water is an amazing turquoise blue color and so clear all the way around.  I will be going back to Bermuda and will definitely hang out with Juanita again.  Had such a great time.

Testimonial #15

I took a tour with Juanita and it was one of the best tours I have ever been on. She was so friendly and very informative. She took us around the entire Island of Bermuda and it so neat and clean. The price of the tour was very affordable. I would love to go back and stay in one of her cottages. 

Testimonial #14

We had never been to Bermuda before and only had a few hours so we were looking for a comprehensive overview of the island.  Juanita did an excellent job of providing the history, culture and lifestyles for the people who live there.  She was personable, extremely knowledgeable and professional in conducting the tour.  She personalized the tour to meet our interests and was quick and thorough in answering our questions. 

Testimonial #13

We had the pleasure of having Juanita show us Bermuda, the entire Island. Great tour, excellent price and Juanita is the best. Very pleasant and knowledgeable. I definitely recommend Juanita. Minibus is very comfortable.

Treated like Family

Bermuda Island Tour owned and operated by Juanita Jones was the best tour we could have hoped for....we were greeted by Darren holding a personal welcome sign...then joined Juanita's group in a very clean and air conditioned mini van.

We experienced a bit of rain at the beginning of the tour so Juanita tailored the tour so that we would not be outside during the rain! Juanita was very informative, answered all our questions, gave suggestions for best picture taking locations and time to stop to take pictures and made sure we saw the best of the best of Bermuda.....a beautiful island that Juanita is very proud to call home.

We highly recommend Juanita as an excellent tour guide and a very warm ambassador for the island of Bermuda. By the way, Juanita honks her horn a lot but it is because she is greeting so many friends along her tour route - everyone in Bermuda knows Juanita!

Excellent Customer Service

My first trip to Bermuda can only be termed as excellent!!! Juanita provided the most exemplary service that I have personally ever received.  She far exceeded ever expectation, her service to our group was above and beyond in every regard. The service and treatment that we received was complete, informative, entertaining, educational, accommodating, and just down right fun!  Juanita is a true Ambassador for Bermuda and I will certainly be utilizing her business on my next visit. I think that I speak for everyone in my group when I say that we were extremely happy with Juanita's service and would encourage everyone to book her company when they visit Bermuda.

Love Love Love Bermuda Island Tours

We used Bermuda Island Tours this summer and we loved every minute of our experience.  Juanita was great!  We highly recommend them for anyone traveling to Bermuda!

Great Service !!!

Hello Juanita, Well on behalf of the Ontario Guild of Town Criers, I would like to thank you greatly for the amazing, caring, and wonderful service you gave all of the Town Criers who came to your beautiful island to compete in the contest. You got us to every venue on time, safely, and cared for us all so very well. Thank you for being a great representative of your community. I will recommend your company to anyone who is planning to come over to Bermuda. most kind regards Steve Travers { Official Town Crier for the City of Barrie Ontario Canada}
  Thank you!

A wonderful Christmas Stay

This was our 1st time spending Christmas away from home for my family and I. Also our first time using Homeaway. We had such a good time and couldn't ask for a better rental. Especially, the rental owner Juanita was gracious, fabulous and hospitalable. The place was described accurately. The property was well kept and clean. We couldn't ask for better customer service. Our stay did not feel like a transaction, it felt like we were visiting family. With Juanita being a tour guide on the island, we were also able to experience her vast knowledge of her beautiful island. She also engaged our preteen girls while on the tour? On our final evening on the island we enjoyed a nice evening of dancing and dinner at St. Catherine's, along with Juanita. Thank you again Juanita for making our 1st Christmas away from home a memorable one. I strongly recommend Juanita's property you will definitely enjoy your stay as we did.

A wonderful Christmas Stay Dec. 2014

This was our 1st time spending Christmas away from home for my family and I. Also our first time using Homeaway. We had such a good time and couldn't ask for a better rental. Especially, the rental owner Juanita was gracious, fabulous and hospitalable. The place was described accurately. The property was well kept and clean. We couldn't ask for better customer service. Our stay did not feel like a transaction, it felt like we were visiting family. With Juanita being a tour guide on the island, we were also able to experience her vast knowledge of her beautiful island. She also engaged our preteen girls while on the tour? On our final evening on the island we enjoyed a nice evening of dancing and dinner at St. Catherine's, along with Juanita. Thank you again Juanita for making our 1st Christmas away from home a memorable one. I strongly recommend Juanita's property you will definitely enjoy your stay as we did.

She was most accommodating to our every need 

We were a multigenerational family group visiting Bermuda in late May 2014. We arranged a customized tour with Juanita and engaged her to also attend to our other transportation needs. The tour was incredible. 

Juanita is so knowledgable about the history and culture of the island making the tour a great experience for all. Her bus always pulled into our driveway at precisely the appointed time and we were all in awe of her driving skills! She is warm and friendly as well as a great resource with suggestions of things to do and see. She was most accommodating to our every need especially the older members of the group. We were so impressed with her and would highly recommend her services. We hope to return to the island and will definitely seek her out again.

I will definitely suggest to my friends

June 26, 2014

Five hour tour
The tour guide was very knowledgeable.
I will definitely suggest to my friends if they ever come to Bermuda. Please take this tour. 
They would not regret it! 

Professional, friendly and every request met

May 17, 2014

Party pick up and drop off
Professional, friendly and every request met

So glad that I chose Juanita. She took the stress off of me transporting my guests around. She came to meet me in person to make sure she understood all of my needs weeks ahead of the event so I knew that I could rely on her and the guests said that she was great. On time, professional and accommadatiing. Thanks so much Juanita!

Made my wedding day a whole lot easier

June 2014

Transportation Service
The people

I used Full Armour Xpress for my June wedding in Bermuda. We were very satisfied with the service. They are very organized and Juanita was always very fast with her email responds. Juanita was very friendly and a joy to work with. She made my wedding day a whole lot easier by reinsuring me that the transportation was all set up and it was. 

Juanita was very knowledgeable

June 4, 2014

5 hr island tour
Our tour guide Juanita was very knowledgeable and extremely friendly and courtious.

It was very nice learning so much history about Bermuda, and visiting many of it's attractions. The reenactment of the nagging women in St George was very funny and the Horseshoe Beach was awesome. Our tour guide Juanita was excellent. I would definitely recommend her tours. 

We cruised to Bermuda and toured with Juanita June 4 2014.

Island Wrap Around Tour Was Great

My daughter Tammy and I thoroughly enjoyed our tour with you and the other 3 ladies last Monday. We were sorry that it was such a small group for you but worked out very well for us. Thanks to Kathy from Beverly, MA for suggesting we look you up. We have friends coming down in a couple of weeks and will pass on a copy of your information to them in case they are interested in touring the island as well.

Thanks again, Pam     Massachusetts

We did your Island Tour on 5/21/14