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Always thorough and professional!

Jim and Jaime are thorough and professional. I respect and trust their work. They are a pleasure to work with and they are always on the short list of inspectors! Thank you Team Nolan!

Extremely detailed and diligent!

Great company and individuals to work with. Extremely detailed and diligent with their inspection from top to bottom. If your looking at buying a home this is one area you don't want to take a chance on. Get the best. The report basically provided me a road map of items to discuss with seller and items for me to fix. Highly recommended

Great Service!

Our realtor recommended Inspections by Nolan to perform our home inspection and we used him twice, on 2 different homes.  The first inspection pointed out many, many things that we didn't see and helped us to decide to not purchase the home saving ourselves a ton of headaches. We were so thankful to have had such a thorough inspection!  We used Jim for another home that we ended up purchasing, and again, using his thorough inspection, we knew what we were walking into and were able to get the items fixed quickly after we moved in.  I even called Jim while an electrical contractor was on site working on an issue and he called me back within 5 minutes and recalled where he found bad wiring.  Great team of inspectors who do a thorough job and are willing to talk to a client 2 months after the inspection was done.  Would highly recommend Jim to anyone.  Thanks Jim and team!

Broker-Associate Ameriteam realty

As a realtor in the Orlando area for almost 15 years, I can personally give a big thumbs up to the Nolan team for their in depth inspections and quality of their work. They have performed many home inspections for me over the years both on my personal home purchases and those of my clients, and do an outstanding job. I would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a home inspector in Florida.

Valuable Service!

Jim has conducted 3 home inspections for us, and we have been very pleased with his results on each one. The reports are very detailed and thorough, and Jim does a good job explaining any areas of concern.  With his reports, you know exactly what type of maintenance is going to be required, both immediately and in the future.  The service has been a valuable tool for us to use when investing in real estate.

Great Work!

Thorough and professional! Arrived early to provide ample time for a detailed inspection. Great work!

Can't say enough!

Jim and Jaime Nolan were great to work with.  Their inspection report was very thorough, precise and detailed all while being easy to read and understand.  They took time to answer any questions we had.  You can't say too many nice things about this pair.  I would highly recommend them to any one asking about inspections.  

Positive Experience!

Quite possibly the best, most thorough, and positive experience I've ever had regarding a home inspection. I highly recommend their services!

More then Home Inspectors!

As a new Real Estate Agent, I called Jim and Jaime to assist with the 1st home I was able to sell and 2 years later, I still call them to help me out! Jim & Jaime are more then Home Inspectors as they have provided valuable information to both myself and my buyers on many facets of home ownership. They are dependable, insightful, thorough, knowledgable and all around great people and I would recommend them for any Inspection needs you may have...

Amazing Service!

Amazing service, his inspection and report are both very thorough. It feels like you have a family member working for you that you know and trust will take care of you. I can tell you for a fact Jim is not out to just take your money. I recently just bought my first home, and he did the inspection. My insurance company recently turned around and said they need a wind mitigation report. So I replied okay no problem called up Jim and requested the report (now mind you I only ordered the "home inspection" he also during the home inspection took the time to do a wind mitigation report also just in case this situation). So I called Jim and told him my situation and he replied ask the insurance if they really need it for the discounts they were looking at, so I asked the insurance company and they still wanted the report even though Jim said I wouldn't get the discounts based on the wording of my roof Gable vs some other roof. 

Low and behold insurance didn't give the discount that Jim already told me about. He said "I really don't want to charge you for something you possibly won't get in discounts." The man is honest and will have my business as long as he is around. He tried to save my hard earned money, and did an amazing inspection. Having a rare blood cancer and going through my treatments you get tired of the scams and just want honesty from people, which in today's world is difficult.

I just wanted to say thank you again Jim and Jaime Nolan.

Highly Recommended!

There is no bigger purchase than a new home and our minds are at peace because of Home Inspections by Nolan.  Jim and Jamie (father and son) were so thorough and detailed in their inspection.  They answered questions with patience both the day of and after we reviewed the report.   I highly recommend them if you are purchasing a new home!!!

Very Helpful!

Thanks Jim & Jaime.  I really appreciate all your help and the very thorough report!