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Sexual Assault

I was returning from dropping off my oldest son for his junior year in college when I got a call from him.  He told me that a detective wanted to talk to him about a girl, whom he knew, was claiming they had a sexual relationship.  This girl happened to be underage at the time.  I did not know what to do...A friend of mine told me about Susan Schoon so I decided to call her.  Susan and her team got on the ball right away.  The detectives were convinced that my son was guilty, going so far as to calling the college my son was attending and having him removed from campus.  The DA's office made several plea offers that would have kept my son out of jail but ruined his life forever.  Susan was confident that my son was not guilty and kept the pressure on the prosecution.  After months of Susan's aggressive defense and preparation we were ready to go to trial to prove these charges were bogus.  We showed up for court ready for a fight only to find that the DA would dismiss the charges.  I honestly have to say that Susan and her team really impressed me especially with their aggressiveness in the defense of my son.  They were also always there for me.  Every time I made a call they would be there to spea with me, and comfort me.  This was the toughest thing I ever dealt with in my life, and having Susan on my side was worth every penny.  She saved my son's life, especially being that the false accusations were handled like you were automatically guilty until proven innocent.  Thant you SO MUCH Susan Schoon, you saved me and my family's life.  I feel honored to write this review and will gladly be a reference for anyone reading this, as I hope this never happens to anyone, but if it does this is a law firm that will fight for your rights.

Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity

I would like to take this time to thank you for your services. You are a great lawyer.  You are a blessing. I had 2 major cases with very high bonds and you were able to reduce them to where my family was able to post bond for me. Exactly a year later, you were able to dismiss both of my felonies.  When I heard the good news, I fell to my knees and thanked God for his blessings and for finding the "BEST" lawyer ever. I recommend you to anyone fighting any charges that they are facing. Thank you again Susan Schoon for being the best lawyer.

Indecency with a Child

Susan Schoon and her staff went above and beyond with her services to clear my name.of false charges that the state was accusing me of.  With Susan's professional ability, she knew how to talk to the court and what knowledge to use at the right time. In cases of this type, the defendant is guilty until proven innocent.  Susan got me off with charges dismissed and happy!