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Medium Kelley Eckhardt

8524 Hamilton Ave
Huntington Beach CA , 92646

Awesome Reading

Kelley was able to connect me to my mom after her very recent passing. She provided names, a very accurate description of my mom, messages that came from my mom without a doubt, and reassurance that my mom is happy with her loved ones on the other side. I wasn't sure what to expect from the reading but it exceeded my hopes beyond words. Thank you Kelley!

Connection to my Daughter

This was an amazing experience. Kelley described my daughter and her personality to a tee. My heart is so much lighter after her reading. Thank you, Kelley.

Complete Validation

I found Kelley on an off chance on IG, then followed on Facebook. She was doing one question readings and I asked about my business venture, which she knew everything about. It was like I had known her my whole life and the information I got was incredibly validating. I'm so excited to continue on my journey!


Kelley provides excellent detail in her messages. She is precise and delivers with love and confidence. Kelley clearly validates your loved ones with evidence and its just a beautiful way she connects to Spirit. Its an absolute healing.

Beautiful Reading

I scheduled a reading with Kelley just shy of 2 weeks after losing my beloved Nana. I was a strong believer in mediumship as I know others who have connected with loved ones in the spirit world, however, I myself, had never had a reading. I tried not to set too many expectations but the hope of who I connected with and messages from the other side were just what I needed to find some peace in such a sad time. Kelley was absolutely amazing, she made me feel comfortable and at ease from the start of the reading until the very end. For anyone questioning the legitimacy and contemplating a reading, please do not, Kelley does not ask you to feed her information, she in fact makes it clear she only wants "yes" "no" or "I don't know" answers, There were very few "no's" that I had and after the reading I was able to connect those "no's" after speaking to my family. I can now smile more than cry knowing my Nana is happy, pain free, reunited with our other loved ones, and is constantly with us in spirit, loving us the same way she did when she was physically here on earth with us Kelley, thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your beautiful gift with all of us that seek it.


I scheduled a reading with Kelley just shy of 2 weeks after losing my beloved Nana. I was a strong believer in mediumship as I know others who have...

Thank you

I want to thank Kelly for the messages delivered to me, it brought me peace to know my loved ones are ok and watching over my family and cleared up questions I had about there passing.


ive been read by her 2x and she was very insightful and helpful. definitely knew somethings that only wouldve come from spirit. i recommend her.


she's very well-rounded and very knowledgeable. Not to mention she's a sweet wonderful lady. I trust her

Great reading!

Kelley is the real deal. She came up with fact after fact. Spot on!


We have received very specific information through our reading with Kelley, and it has given us such peace to know our loved ones are ok. May the blessings of your gift continue on and on, Kelley, as you are helping us cope with the loss of our departed family members.


kelley is wonderful and so real and blessed with her gift. My sister Nd I went to a small group session and we were in Awww the whole time by the stuff she knew that she could only have known by the spirit telling her. i highly recommend her

Kelley has helped our family heal

Kelley has helped our family heal with her ability to connect us to our loved ones who have passed over to our eternal home in heaven.  My very young Son-In-Law left us in a traumatic exit, and she was able to help us hear from him to receive comfort that he is in a good place now and how sorry he was for the hurt he created. These moments are as precious if not even more than any life itself!

Thank you Kelley-for this gateway to heaven and for reading my Soul - I am now taking the leap of faith to seek a new job where I can be happy!

Amazing and Extraordinary Gift

Kelley is an amazing woman with an extraordinary gift. I am so blessed to have found her. I lost my husband 18 months ago and i have had 3 sessions with Kelley. Every single time she connected with my husband as well as other family members, even some messagrs sent for friends! There is no way she could have known the things she said had she not been communicating with them. Thank you Kelley for sharing your gift with me, i now have proof that my loved ones are okay and that brings me comfort. Sandie Hansen


My session was perfect. The experience was everything I wanted. My husband passed 3 months ago..He is in a good place.


Kelley is absolutely AMAZING!!! I had my first session with her today. Kelley is so personable and genuine. She was able to connect with my loved ones who...


my brother came through 100% thank you for sharing your gift ms kelley i highly reccomend you to anyone


It was a very interesting experience. She was absolutely right about 85-90% of what she told me. Very nice lady too!

The Real Deal

I met with Kelly and felt she is definitely the real deal.  My dad came through loud and clear along with my step brother.  She picked up their personality traits spot on and it was very worthwhile.


I just wanted to say thank you, Kelly is amazing


Just Amazing! We were speechless when we left. Such a great experience. Also, Kelly is so personable. I would love to hang with her all day and just have fun. Great experience.


I can’t tell you enough on how much my reading has done for me. I lost my Father in July and did a soul reading instead of a spiritual reading and my Father made his way threw my Soul reading. I know he knew how much I needed it but felt I wouldn’t know how to feel if he didn’t come threw since I had to make the awful decision to stop treatment. But he came threw and everything she said was on point. After the reading I felt like so much was lifted off me and I’m no longer holding back. Thank you so much for sharing your gift. You have no idea how much healing it brings.


Kelley was absolutely amazing and gave me so much information with clarity about my difficult childhood that she had no way of possibly knowing! She is wonderful and I feel blessed to have gotten to sit with her in person and hear from my loved ones! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget!

Shes The Real Deal!

Awesome lady! She is so friendly and professional. Don't be a skeptic! Shes the real deal! Thanks Kelley!


I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you Kelly for sharing your gift with me tonight.

Thank you so much Kelly

Kelley, where do I begin? Thank you SO much. If anyone is questioning the real-ness, please stop. Things were brought up that there is no way of knowing.  My motorcycle crash that took my life or a split second? She didn't even know I was involved with motorcycles.  My grandparents, my friend, everyone I wanted to speak to, they let me know they are with me. My only issue, I didn't want it to end.  Thank you so much Kelly.  I had to gather some thoughts afterwards int he parking lot, I am very thankful for this today.  I would like to do another.



Kelley knew details about my loved one. l felt at peace knowing she was still with me spiritually. I look forward to another session with Kelley.


I recently attended one of Kelley's small group readings.  She was amazing, bringing in a validating everyone's loved ones.  She was able to bring in and validate all of my people.  It is so comforting to know that they're still with me, sending me little hellos.  I'm grateful to have met Kelley and to have her share her gift.  Thanks, Kelley.

Try Her! She's Amazing!

Try her! She's amazing. She knew things about mine and my husbands family that there was no way she could find out. She really helped us get some closure. and we will be returning to her.

I Believe!

I believe! I am anxious for the future and everything she said about the past was right on


Wow! Kelley is the real deal. Very gifted! I highly recommend her!


Kelly is beyond amazing!! She provided some wonderful insight on my spirit family's support of future new adventure. So thrilled knowing they are as excited for me to take the leap as I am!! Hearing from my spirit family is always wonderful and Kelly's connection with them was beyond wonderful!!

Thank You!

Kelly, I want to thank you for helping me have closure of my brother's passing. Having my dad come through as well was an extra bonus. I can finally have peace with my brother's passing and remember the fun times we all had and letting go of his last few minutes in the physical world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kathy vant Groenewout


Kelley is an amazing medium. I've had several readings with her and she was able to give accurate names and details of my departed loved ones. She reads with kindness and compassion.

Gifted Medium

Kelley is such a gifted medium. She gives clear messages and guidance in her readings. She also makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She has a natural gift and also has done numerous trainings. She also loves what she does and I so appreciate that. If you want to connect with your loved ones, find comfort, and also have a beautiful experience, book a session with a Kelley ! So grateful for her.


My reading with Kelley was amazing. Not only did she connect very well to my dead loved one, but she was able to connect me to a healing feeling of his presence and I was so comforted by this experience! She even gave me helpful advice and comments on things that were deeply troubling me, and I didn't even tell her of these things!


Kelly was really spot on and we found the reading insightful and helpful. I highly recommend her!


Kelley is an amazing person with amazing gifts. She has helped me so much through patience and understanding. She has given me a priceless gift that will be forever in my heart.

Absolutely Amazed!

My fiance passed away December 27, 2017 and I have been having trouble cooing with the sudden loss. I knew he was with us several different times but was still skeptical thinking I was making it up because I needed it to be true. So i decided to contact a medium and right away Kelley caught my attention. I chose a phone session so she wouldn't be able to read my expressions or anything else at all. That way i would know for sure if she told me anything it was because she was connecting with my loved ones in spirit. I WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZED! Not only did my husband come through immediately, but my father and both grandmothers! She told me things about each and every one of them and there was absolutely no way she could have known. Of course I couldn't acknowledge everything she said but 95% of what she said could not have come to her unless she was actually communicating with them. And just because I couldn't acknowledge the other 5% doesn't mean it wasn't true, just that i couldn't connect it myself. Kelley put me at ease from the moment i answered the phone and it was just the most enjoyable, enlightening experience I have ever had. I have suggested several of my friends make an appointment with her immediately. I can not express my gratitude enough to Kelley for sharing her precious gift with me. I will be going back for more! Thank you Kelley, you helped me understand that what I thought was lost forever will never be truly gone, and that I will never be alone.

Nailed It!

My reading with Kelly was so heartwarming and spot on. This was my first reading do I really didn't know what to expect. She'd kind and listens to spirit that wants to come through. My dad was number one and stepped in immediately. My dad was my hero. My son came through. She just nailed it who how she described them. I'm blessed to have been given peace and comfort that they are with me and having a ton of fun on the other side. If your thinking about a warm and comforting reading please connect with Kelly.

enlightening! Wow!

My readings with Kelley are very positive and enlightening. I've also had a number of "wow" moments too. I would highly recommend Kelley's services.


Amazing! Kelley really was amazing She brought my 2 nephews threw and I couldn’t of felt more at peace knowing they are ok and happy..

The Real Deal!

I am very shocked. I really did not expect to receive the information Kelley provided to me. She is the real deal. I schedule 30 minutes for a reason, and she broke the 30 minute deal. So now i am going back. Kelley is a wonderful person, who I am glad i met. See you soon Kelley, and have a blessed Holiday.


I met with Kelley this week and she gave me afffimation after affirmation that our loved ones are around us and watching over us. I feel so humbled and privileged to have found her and to have this insight. And to you Kelly I send you my prayers and love to help heal your loss. Thank you so much Betty ..

Amazing Gifted Medium

I just wanted to thank you again. I was helping Rachel pack her car and neglected to tell you how amazing I think you are ---You're a natural teacher and so so so gifted as a medium, and you do everything you do with LOVE!


Kelly I can't believe my reading with you today.  I had dismissed the name Ruth to you .When I got into the parking lot my husband was waiting to pick me up And I can't believe I didn't remember Ruth .I have always referred to a lady I used to work with years ago as my spirit guide.  She had passed away a few years after I had left .She was my boss and so angelic .So when my husband heard the name Ruth; he reminded me She comes to me in my dreams. so you were spot on.I can't thank you enough. The only person I don't know who came through is this tall gentleman. Everything else was amazing so I will still try to figure it out. I can't thank you enough you gave me affirmation of loved ones still with us.


Had a wonderful experience with Kelley. We were able to connect with a few loved ones and it was an amazing experience.

Accurate and Kind

I have had two readings with Kelley now and each time she has been so accurate and kind. She was able to connect with many of my family members and friends who have passed. She is also very easy to talk to and really puts your needs first. I highly recommend her! She has helped me in so many ways! I will forever be grateful! Thank you Kelley !!!!


Kelley is gifted with her meduimship!! She has given me many readings from my family who have passed.. she did this out of the kindness of her heart. She came to me with a very powerful message that i was told to keep healthy, and strong.. Less than 2 months went by and i was in a near fatal car accident.. the surgeon who fixed my broken neck said " devine intervention " i was half a inch from being a quadriplegic! ! Everyone at physical therapy said i must have had Angels because i broke my C1/2 .. I have no doubt Kelleys reading was a warning!! And, that i was saved by my Angels! Also my 8 month old baby was in my car at time of accident. . We rolled 3 to 5 times.. she did not even have a piece of glass on her carseat. . Angels, Angels, Angels!!! I recommend Kelley to everyone! She is so sweet, and funny, and just a very loving person!! She is helping others feel peace, and connected to our loved ones again!!! Go see Kelley and i know you will go again and again!! Shes just one of those people you want to get to know!! Chantal G.


Kelley has a wonderful gift of mediumship I am from England and my niece had been waiting to hear from her partners father and quite unexpectedly Kelley brought him though one very overwhelmed niece whom lives in the United Kingdom thank you again Kelley


one of the best mediums ive met, kelley gave me a great reading and i loved the energy she gave me and i love the information she gave me as well, 10/10 would recommend!