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Betsey Grady

alabama , 36576

First Session

I was raised Southern Baptist and felt a little apprehensive before my first session with Betsey. I knew Betsey from meditation and was so inspired by her bubbly outlook - it felt right to schedule a session for some insight to changes going on in my life. Betsey shared what she saw was being changed in my life. I felt God’s love for me stronger than ever. It was like a hug, letting me know He was taking care of me and to keep moving forward. The funniest thing was a spirit came through - she kept referring to herself as the Queen of England and was holding something out before her. I was really confused, I ain’t royalty. When I got home, a picture of my grandmother caught my eye. In it, she was holding out a pan of her prized biscuits. I knew who the Queen was then, she always was always a jokester and apparently still is. ❤️


"Go see Betsey!" was recommended by a friend with whom I shared a concern. "She's good!"
And away I went - for several sessions, seeking guidance on various issues. It was comforting to hear from those who have passed, mentioning a hilarious shared incident, or sorrow about passed behavior, or advice about health, interaction with others, or the future. At each session Betsey used loving, thoughtful words to convey messages, at times with a great sense of humor! It's all good!

The Best Among Many

A dear friend, a mentor, a life guidance counselor—Betsey has fulfilled all those roles and more by reading for me and using her varied skills and tools. I’ve known Betsey for over 5 years (or maybe longer), and she has provided me with incredible insights regarding my own unconscious motives and desires as well as guiding me gently down the path that could be better for me. She has given me insights on relatives who have mysteriously passed on while bringing their thoughts from the other side of the veil to the foreground for my personal research. She is always right on the mark for that period of time when I am seeking. I have been to many mediums, psychics, and channeler, and she is only one of a very few that I consistently go back to for help. You can’t go wrong with a consult with a Betsey Grady. Take my word for it.


Betsey has a wonderful warm energy that radiated throughout my readings (I've had two). Her compassion in relating what my guides wanted to share from the akashic records created such a supportive environment exploring my questions on my soul purpose, my family and romantic relationships the hour flew by. Her ability to read the personalities of my sons and their lives was spot on. She gave me great insights about my own issues. I very much look forward to seeing her again. MP


I have had many Akashic readings with Betsey.  Every one offers something new, clarity, and/or helps me delve deeper into questions I have.  Betsey brings such a calm, positive energy.  I was looking for some short meditations and she suggested her Liquid State of Mind series.  They have really changed my mindset and offered me a place to clear my head on a daily basis.  It has taught me to meditate and has taught me many skills that I have incorporated into my daily life.  I use these skills during a stressful day/stressful situations or when I need to calm down or center myself.  I love that they are not time consuming and offer me a time I can refocus my energy on myself.  

Meditation Program At-Home

I have known for a long time that i needed and "should" meditate. "They"
said it would be good for me. Over the years I would try and try again
but never succeeded. Then I met Betsey! She said she was going to have a
4 day in class education with access to an on-line program called A
Liquid State of Mind. So I signed up. Oh my, it has been one of the most glorious experiences on my journey.Now meditation is not something I 'need" or "should" do. It is something I WANT to do!!!Since December, I have rarely gone a day without practicing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!