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Bitcoin Trend & Forecast

Brisbane Queensland , 4007

I can now make informed decisions

Hey Marius and Team, I found your last 7 videos very interesting and it was great to have a little insight into what goes on with your algorithms and data analysis. I just wanted to say that there is to need to justify what you and your team do. I can imagine there are so many people who must appreciate what you do as much as I do. If anybody thinks you have a crystal ball then they should invest their money elsewhere. Essentially what people need to understand is that you are providing us with the tools to make an informed decision but it is still our money/crypto and therefore our decision, and because of that the responsibility of where our money/crypto goes lies solely with us. Eg: I enjoyed reading about your portfolio make up but I will not be following it 100% although I have been doing something similar for a while now based on your information and it is working great for me. Sorry for such a long note. Feel free to share. Kind Regards, S.

Best crypto subscription

Been a member for 6 months now and lived through this downtrend. Without Your reports I would’ve not been able to make it this far I appreciate the work you do and hope to be a member for life thank you for the latest report and video it is much appreciated by the entire crypto community

I love your no nonsense approach

Hi Marius, Firstly I want to thank you for all the great work. I have been a subscriber for 2 months and I am really impressed. I have subscribed to soo many newsletters over the years with little confidence and my scepticism was high when I joined but I love your no nonsense genuine approach. Appreciate it and keep up the awesome work. Thank you.

Member since June 2017

Marius, I have been a members since June 2017 and your calls have made me a lot of money. The first major call was the one you did early December 2017 and in that report you sated to get out of Bitcoin and cryptos. I did just that and ride the wave downwards till end of December 2018 - saving me thousands while almost everybody who were not subscribers lost big amount money. I cannot thank you enough as I am now up only this year more than 300% in my total portfolio value. I am more than happy to do this testimony and cannot urge crypto investors enough to get a membership. I am just amazed that you still only ask $25 per month where it should actually be over $500 a month value. I am a member for life and look forward to the next 6 months making huge gains. Thanks you Marius and Team all the way from Taiwan. Shawn

Subscriber for life

I have been a subscriber for 2 years to the date and cannot thank Marius and his team enough for all the great work you are doing for the crypto community. I have made some good gains and my Litecoin portfolio is up with almost 300% in terms of extra Litecoin due to farming (taught by Marius). I will be a subscriber for life and love your work.

LIKE Your Amazing predictions

Hi Marius! I really LIKE Your Amazing predictions with BitCoin and other Cryptocurrencies. I'm currently utilizing Your 3-week Trial offer, but for a while now, I have wanted to become a Paid Member. What keeps me from doing so? I'm located in the USA, INC. Our corrupt, "For PROFIT" CEOs of the business: USA, INC. is making it more and more difficult for United States "citizens" (their TAX Slaves) to invest in Cryptocurrencies. I realize You must have many other US members and I wanted to ask, what exchanges do they tend to favor? I am NOT crazy about CoinBase, nor their HIGH fees, and Binance will NOT allow US citizens to trade any longer. I'm using Gemini now, but they are limited with their eCoin Pairs. I'm just looking for a better option for trading and applying All of Your AMAZING knowledge for making 2020 our BEST year yet! I am HAPPY to be a small part of getting rid of the International Banking Fraudsters and their Loan-sharking Banking practices of ongoing FRAUD! They've been stealing from us long enough, and it is time that WE did Something to end their games, once and for all. Cryptos are the best way to ensure that WE are OUR OWN Banks. THANKS in advance! Looking forward to knowing what the best platform is for the US.

3 years of success

I have been trading with Marius and his team for over 3 years and I have way more than doubled my entire portfolio. Learning how to FARM for coins and knowing the HIGHS and LOWS in the TREND of the top cryptocurrency coins is the best way to profit in down trends. I no longer am concerned in DOWN trends as I am already in a STABLE coIn with my PROFITS waiting for the next LOW. Happy Trader now. Thank you Marius!

1 Year of success

I've followed Marius for over a year now. In my opinion he is the best trend forecaster out there.

Thank you

Dankie vir al jou raad. Ek is n beginnertjie met "farming crypto." So ver 3.939. Ltc. En ek dink die geleentheid wat ons gebied word is baie opwindend.

two years of success

I’ve been with you for a couple years and you and your team has given solid information! Thanks for taking care of my account issue.

superb and detailed technical (trading)data

Hello Marius, and your team, Thank you for your superb and detailed technical (trading)data. I'm using your updates and webinar for quite some time now and its working great for me. Thank you.

Great calls

We finally getting there ; catapult #1 what shock, catapult #2 even more shocking, especially when ppl were calling for further downtrend. How you Forecasted this is beyond me. We believe in your algorithms!

You guys are freaken awesome.

Hi Marius, Wendy and team Happy Friday to you all. I trust you have had a good say trading. I wanted to really thank you for this mornings webinar. I really appreciate and enjoy your energy that you share with us all. I especially took note of what you said last night regarding trading in a single coin. I have too many coins and realise that I am losing money. I have decided to consolidate into a single coin to farm, LTC. I will continue to scalp trade and use what Wendy has taught us. My intention is to be able live off cryptos and build generational wealth to live the life I know I deserve. You guys are freaken awesome. Thank you! Stay happy, Ian

Keep up the good work Marius

Firstly, just after reading and examining your latest report. Was extremely informative and detailed exactly your thinking and rationale. Well done. Keep up the good work David

Timely Reports

139...another timely report, thank you!

Amazing analysis

You and your team are amazing. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. See you on the webinar on Thursday/Friday. Jason

You are a God send

Your'e a Godsend and we all appreciate what you've done for the crypto community lately. We look forward to your analysis during 2020. Member for life! Peter Brand

With your vision I am optimistic

Dear Marius & Team, Just a short note To wish you all a happy Christmas and New Year And to thank you all for your support and regular up dates and webinars As a hodler it is so reassuring to have the market explained and forecasted in real time Looking forward to being part of the group for 2020 With your vision I am optimistic Regards and best wishes