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Symton Black Soldier Fly

5552 Raymond Stotzer Pkwy Unit 112
College Station Texas , 77845
United States

Great Service and Leopard Gecko loves it!

The BSFL came 2 days after I ordered them and they were very lively. I was amazed at how well it was packaged. I gave them to my gecko. At first, he didn't know what to do but then ate them. Now he gets excited at feeding time.

Testimonial #68

I ordered the wrong item for my composting and reproduction purposes, but the product that arrived ( reptile feeder grade small) was top notch so I am still happy! I will order again and next time save myself some money. I'm also interested in ordering a gram of eggs to really boost my productivity. Thank you symton 

My dragon loves them

Okay so yeah your product is  technically  gross and dragon can not get enough of them. They arrived much faster than I thought they would and they were alive a well. I am glad that they have no smell. I will  definitely order again.


My 3 month old Beardie has become picky about her BSFL. Every place I order them from, I get large. Even the large, is quite small. The bigger Spike gets, the less she seems to notice the large BSFL. This morning, I put the Jumbo ones in her bowl that I order from here and she never once hesitated! She devoured evey one that was in her bowl!

Awesome service!

Cheap prices, fast shipping, and lively feeders. The best reptile feeder store around!

Great Supplier

I made a small initial purchase of the BSFL to check out the health/size or the order. I've since ordered 10K more. Symton's larvae must be given a fantastic start since receiving them I have dad to go to the local grocers looking for scraps just to keep these guys fed. They're some of the best eaters ever.

Living in the Pacific NW, I have had to start a new colony each year, since I'm using them as reptile and frog feeders also and run out during the cool weather.

Again, my best dealer experience ever!

BSFL are amazing! !

I've been feeding bsfl to my bearded dragons and I couldn't be happier, the price is definitely worth it and the nutritional value has no comparison I definitely recommend them !!

The best larvae in the market!

I have been purchasing Symton BSFL for nearly 1 year and I have been incredibly pleased with their consistent quality. I have even tried a couple other suppliers and they simply could not contend with the quality which comes from Symton. I have no plans on searching elsewhere for my larvae.

Simple and Fast!

Hey y'all, I just want to say how simple the ordering process was, and how quickly my larvae arrived!! Unfortunately, not everyone was happy( That's quite all right though, three out of four Sugar Gliders absolutely loved them!! The calcium is an added plus!

Awesome product and service

My two young beardies absolutely love the larvae and they have been shedding along with healthy stools since I switched from crickets.  No noise, no lost critters, not body parts in the poo, no stink, and I don't have to fridgerate... #Winning1

Affordable, Fast Service

This is my second order of BSF composting larva I have received. The price was half of what I've paid before and they arrived within a few days. This will be my 3rd year partnering with these amazing creatures to consume my food waste, so we send zero food waste to the landfill. They are so hardy.

Farmer troy

Fast service packed well overall great! Thank you

Superb as usual!

Never a disappointment with their product! Our animals and customers love them as do we!! 

Great quality worms and great service and shipping

My Bearded Dragons Love it. I have a couple of dragons and they have ate almost 500 of these worms


Quick shipping all arrived alive. A+


They shipped out the same day and all arrived alive and healthy. Thank you, I will be buying again.


I love this company!!! My dragons love love these flies. I would like a number to call when I have questions and concerns. Thanks, Dragon love.

I like the grubton idea!

I received my package with a free sample of "Grubtons", which I think is a new product under test of this company, and it's dried black soldier fly larvae. My dragons love both their live and dried larvae!