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Symton Black Soldier Fly

5552 Raymond Stotzer Pkwy Unit 112
College Station Texas , 77845
United States

Great Service and Leopard Gecko loves it!

The BSFL came 2 days after I ordered them and they were very lively. I was amazed at how well it was packaged. I gave them to my gecko. At first, he didn't know what to do but then ate them. Now he gets excited at feeding time.

Testimonial #68

I ordered the wrong item for my composting and reproduction purposes, but the product that arrived ( reptile feeder grade small) was top notch so I am still happy! I will order again and next time save myself some money. I'm also interested in ordering a gram of eggs to really boost my productivity. Thank you symton 

My dragon loves them

Okay so yeah your product is  technically  gross and dragon can not get enough of them. They arrived much faster than I thought they would and they were alive a well. I am glad that they have no smell. I will  definitely order again.


My 3 month old Beardie has become picky about her BSFL. Every place I order them from, I get large. Even the large, is quite small. The bigger Spike gets, the less she seems to notice the large BSFL. This morning, I put the Jumbo ones in her bowl that I order from here and she never once hesitated! She devoured evey one that was in her bowl!

Awesome service!

Cheap prices, fast shipping, and lively feeders. The best reptile feeder store around!

Great Supplier

I made a small initial purchase of the BSFL to check out the health/size or the order. I've since ordered 10K more. Symton's larvae must be given a fantastic start since receiving them I have dad to go to the local grocers looking for scraps just to keep these guys fed. They're some of the best eaters ever.

Living in the Pacific NW, I have had to start a new colony each year, since I'm using them as reptile and frog feeders also and run out during the cool weather.

Again, my best dealer experience ever!

BSFL are amazing! !

I've been feeding bsfl to my bearded dragons and I couldn't be happier, the price is definitely worth it and the nutritional value has no comparison I definitely recommend them !!

The best larvae in the market!

I have been purchasing Symton BSFL for nearly 1 year and I have been incredibly pleased with their consistent quality. I have even tried a couple other suppliers and they simply could not contend with the quality which comes from Symton. I have no plans on searching elsewhere for my larvae.

Simple and Fast!

Hey y'all, I just want to say how simple the ordering process was, and how quickly my larvae arrived!! Unfortunately, not everyone was happy( That's quite all right though, three out of four Sugar Gliders absolutely loved them!! The calcium is an added plus!

Awesome product and service

My two young beardies absolutely love the larvae and they have been shedding along with healthy stools since I switched from crickets.  No noise, no lost critters, not body parts in the poo, no stink, and I don't have to fridgerate... #Winning1

Affordable, Fast Service

This is my second order of BSF composting larva I have received. The price was half of what I've paid before and they arrived within a few days. This will be my 3rd year partnering with these amazing creatures to consume my food waste, so we send zero food waste to the landfill. They are so hardy.

Farmer troy

Fast service packed well overall great! Thank you

Superb as usual!

Never a disappointment with their product! Our animals and customers love them as do we!! 

Great quality worms and great service and shipping

My Bearded Dragons Love it. I have a couple of dragons and they have ate almost 500 of these worms


Quick shipping all arrived alive. A+


They shipped out the same day and all arrived alive and healthy. Thank you, I will be buying again.


I love this company!!! My dragons love love these flies. I would like a number to call when I have questions and concerns. Thanks, Dragon love.

I like the grubton idea!

I received my package with a free sample of "Grubtons", which I think is a new product under test of this company, and it's dried black soldier fly larvae. My dragons love both their live and dried larvae!

Dragons love them!

All my dragons absolutely love these little larva. The fact that they are so full of natural absorbable calcium is awesome. The only problem I have with them is that they are not very cost effective for larger bearded dragons. Even the large BSFL are very small. They will be perfect for babies and young dragons adn I will be a regular customer when I have babies that's for sure! Right now I have so many larger dragons it just doesn't make sense to do a monthly order

Never disappointed

I order what I would say is a "normal" amount for someone that needs to order food for their bearded dragon. Usually about 1,000 at a time and I have never had a bad batch and have always been happy with what I have received, both in quantity and quality. My bearded dragon goes crazy over them and even knows the boxes they come on now. I haven't shopped anywhere since finding them and I don't plan on going anywhere else. Keep up the good work and thank you!


I have never had a problem ordering my feeder BSFL from this website and my two bearded dragons LOVE the BSFL and I love the very reasonable price and timely manner that the order arrives. I will definitely be a life time customer! 

Always happy

I hae always been happy with the products and services. Stand up company.... thanks.

Six month customer report!

Product is great, I started out buying medium, as my bearded dragon "Yoda" has grown I moved to large, most recent orders have been jumbo grubs.  Yoda loves them, I really like the fast reliable shipping.  I have had a couple questions and the customer service group responded quickly. I store mine in a small igloo cooler with an ice pack that I change out each day, they live in the shipping containers for at least a month without issues. 

Better than i expected!!!!

Healthy Black Soldier flies. Very clean packaging. This will be my only supplier of these superior worms. The price is even better!! Cheapest on the internet!! Will let the world know!!

Amazing product!

the larvae are so plump and lively! My dragons' favorite food!

Always perfect

my bearded dragon could not love any food more. And im just happy it is so affordable! Especially with the free super fast shipping. Literally nobody does that any more. It's the best deal I have ever seen and when it comes to something like food for an animal that you don't want to wait weeks for, it really is a lifesaver. Also I messed up my adress once and emailed them in a panic to please fix it and they were on it right away and it came just as planned. Thank you!!!

Best quality ever!!!

I ordered 8k small grubs. They came individually packed by 1k and 20% more than ordered. They were so clean and active!!! The substrate is nice and fluffy. I regretted not finding out about you earlier and ordered grubs from other site! 

Amazing products and service!

You guys have an amazing service and your product is the best out there. 


The biggest fattest grubs I've ever seen. I'll be buying from here from now on


Great product and service, fair price,  timely delivery.  Happy Sage (bearded dragon), happy owner.

Great service!

Answered my email literally within 2 minutes. Great service! Will continue to buy my bsf from here for my beardie!

Best bugs for the best price

Amazing service and quality bugs. Very happy reptiles here! Would recommend to anyone!

Amazing Service and Products!!!

You guys have the best products out there to keep my beardies happy and healthy. On top of that your customer service is bar none some of the best I have ever dealt with. Keep up the great work and thank you for such a great promo gift to end the year!!! 

Great grubs! Amazing customer service!

My dragon, Figment, loves the jumbo grubs and I love the price and customer service! Thank you symtonbsf for taking care of Figgy and I!!

Beardie Loves These

Our beardie loves these in every stage.  It's more economical for us to buy them in greater numbers, but sometimes my son neglects changing the ice pack in the cooler where we keep the containers, and they mature.  So, we feed him the dark ones and he likes those as well as the more wiggly pale ones.  We've had some hatch in the container and so we opened it inside another larger container and put it in the cold to stun the flyers.  We removed the container with the larva and fed the stunned flyers to our beardie.  Once or twice we've had a mature fly get into the house, but they are far less an issue than even a housefly.  We've been feeding Symton for most of our beardies life.  So much easier than crickets, and healthier for him, too!  No stink, No crawling away as long as the dish is dry.  No ick factor.  Win, win, win.The shipping is always quick and we've not had any problems.  


I used to buy phoenix worms and I was satisfied except for the price. Then I found Symton and there's no turning back. I found the larve to be larger in size, not morphing into black when they arrive, as the beardies like them better when they're still white, and the savings can't be beat. I'm also feeding them less bugs because the bugs are plumper.

I find the people at Symton very communicative. I'm all around impressed with this product in quality and price. I recommend Symton to my FaceBook reptiles groups often. Thank you for your time.

Amazing Product

Have been feeding my bearded dragon Symtons bsfl as a staple ever since she was a baby. She loves them. Dont have to feed, clean, and they dont smell. Just keep them in a shelf and you will be fine. By far the best feeders for reptiles. And you cant beat free shipping. 

Great size and health!

First time ordering from this site after recommendations seen on a reptile forum and I have to say this is by far the best deal on calcium worms I've seen. I used to order about 200 large and pay way too much, and they were not large and would be eaten by my dragon in 2 days. Now I have way more for about the same price, great size, and both my dragons love them!

Best feed and service you will find!!

My bearded dragon loves these! These guys are great, they give you more than you order and shipping is always super fast. I will not order any where else!

Great product

Quick delivery and larvae came in good condition


I'm brand new to the Bearded world and just bought my first baby. Directly before I bought the animal I ordered the Black Soldier Fly Larva to make sure we had healthy food for the new baby. 

These little 'worms' came quickly and packaged perfectly. I had no issues and this new bearded is loving his new food (since he was being raised on crickets before I got him). 

I will absolutely be ordering again from this company, any time I need something for this baby :D

Awesome price for high quality grubs

Always love buying from these guys. Always so many grubs for cheap! Love it 

Best Place For Worms!

Switching to worms from crickets was the best thing I ever did. No more dusting, noise, smell or trying to catch the damn things! This company has the cheapest prices, fastest shipping and best customer service! 

HIGH quality Bugs

AMAZING quality and service!! Ive ordered from this great company many times in the past and am glad to have found them!  Super great food for my reptiles and I am highly confident your reptiles would enjoy them as well.


I have had NOTHING but GREAT experiences with them! My bearded dragons attack every worm like it's the last one they'll ever see! BSFL can actually replace calcium powder if fed routinely. I LOVE IT! At least try this won't be disappointed!
-Bullyz And Dragonz

Wonderful wigglers!

I got my Beardie from a workmate last year. After doing some research I quit messing feeder crickets and switched to soldier fly larvae. Boy, am I glad I did!  My lizard is growing, healthy and vibrant!  I've tried other suppliers but kept coming back to Symton. They are fast, reliable and affordable. I recommend them to everyone who asks about our beautiful Bearded Dragon.  

Great product, great service

Symton has been very helpful to us. We set up a standard weekly order and they consistenly ship quality larvae that our animals love. They are always willing to help and they respond to inquiries quickly and effectively.


Highly recommended!

Best BSF Product!

These are the best BSF products I have used.  My beardie loves them, the price is fair, and the service is excellent.  Please continue to provide this business.... 

Best reptile food EVER!!!

My full grown bearded dragon, Zeus has ALWAYS been a picky eater! He detests crickets, and would only eat meal worms. Due to a recommendation by a friend, I decided to try out this product. And let me tell you... Zeus LOVES these! Ever since, my picky eater hasn't stopped eating and has gained a lot of healthy weight! The customer service from this company is amazing, also. They are very friendly and always ship promptly. I couldn't recommend them more. Thank you for all that you guys do!

Great Product, Fast Shipping

These are great BSFL! My bearded dragon loves them and has been growing like a weed. The worms are the best price I can find, shipping is fast, and they have always arrived alive. I couldn't be happier!

Thank you!

The Breeder recommended BSF as the staple diet. The Larvae have enough calcium to keep their levels high. I've had a Great Relationship with Symton!!! As far as I've been told by others, they are great quality. My dragon Loves them♥️ I truly RECOMMEND them for your needs

Love these guys!!

love these guys !! From the service and pricing. Awesome!! All of the dragons here at Dungeon of dragons approve 5 star!!!

extremly happy

So extremely happy with these BSF larvae. Been getting the "premium" expensive brand for a while until Symton was recommended to me. Great company, great product quality, great prices, and one happy fat little bearded dragon!

Only place I get my worms

Only place I will get my worms at! Every time Ive gotten then they've been what I've expecting and the support is great! Really don't need to look for anywhere else between quality and price can't beat it! Thank you guys

Best Staple Food

I have been feeding BSF larvae as a staple to my dragon and he loves them. No smell, easy to feed, and no noise! Never had an issue with dead worms on arrival, and customer service here is the best! Shoot a quick email and immideatly get a reaponse with an answer for help

Best Price Around!

These guys have the best price for BSF around! They always arrive alive and on time! Great customer service also! I would recommend these guys to everyone that needs a staple feed for their beardies!

Can't say enough good things about them

My bearded dragons adore these and they have helped a struggling rescue double in size! They are so easy to deal with.. I can't say enough good things about them! Much love from Alexstraza, Spaz, and River!

Love the product!

Mushu (bearded dragon) and I love their product! Very fast delivery and always alive. I have purchased BSFL from other places and have never had them hatch into the actual BSF but I went on vacation and had some left in the cup and came home to a nice surprise for Mushu. She LOVED the fly as much as the larvae! Thanks for providing an excellent product.

Excellent service

A recent purchase of eggs and feeding and reproduction larvae had to be repeated due to USPS failure to deliver within two days as guaranteed for both shipments. Symton's as the supplier, Spring in particular, service was excellent.

Best Provider!

Best provider! The soil and coconut hairs are much easier to deal with than the other guys. I can use a strainer that I purchased here and it's super fast and easy.


They have been very awesome for our bearded dragon and the service from Symton has been extremely professional. I would recommend them to everyone! Thanks for providing quality product and service!

Best source of food I could ever find for my bearded!

These have been the best source of food I could ever find for my beardies! Eliminates the need for messing with powders. The service given by Symton is beyond first class and the quality of the product is better than I could have asked for. I will be a repeat buyer always!

The Best Product!

These little things are actually the best! I do not need to dust any of the food I give my dragon because I supplement him with BSFL. Every time he sees them he goes absolutely nuts, I am pretty sure they are candy in his mind. Getting them were easy, they shipped very promptly and arrived within 2 days. These are the best BSFL that you are going to find. I will be a customer for life.

Great Product!

Great product! Active, healthy, plump and juicy nutrition our dragons adore. Symton's are far superior to any other seller's bsfl I have purchased, and their service is equally excellent. Couldn't be happier!

As described

As advertised, plump and good sized large grubs that my Beardie loves! Quick shipping, they showed up two days after I placed the order. Will order again.

Great Place to buy BSFL