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Hod HaSharon

Very nice! Good quality !

Very well made. Love it!

fantastic buy, many thanks! :)

Completely smell proof

I bought these three jars - 2x 1/2 oz and 1x 1/8 oz capacity. Not only are these jars gorgeous, but they’re durable, completely smell proof (you can’t smell a thing), and relatively discreet (dark glass and design obscures what you keep inside it). 

I love these jars. I want one for everything. Herbs, jams, jewellery, my ashes. Sign me up.

Also! Thanks for the little freebie!

Excellent product, excellent service -- the best!

Definitely will buy more in the future.

beautiful colours available to choose from and amazing delivery time.

Nice one! I will order two more. Thanks!

Great product. Can't wait until they come out with a bigger one.

Dab silicone jar

I just received my order and your product is outstanding !!! This is one of the few products on the market that lives up to its claim. Diffidently will order again.

Cool jar, nice design, thanks!

Awesome stash tins

Awesome stash tins , just as described, old school vintage feel and super tight seal and better than glass or plastic , don’t have to worry about UV light . The large one hold buds nicely and my grind in the smaller . Like them so much I think I will buy another set .

Best container for concentrates

This is the best container I have bought and the only one I will use now love the thing and I’ve had it for three months. Stays closed in your pocket which I have found very difficult with other ones I’ve lost a lot of oil having it fall out of containers and then in to my pocket I’ve never had it happen yet with this one.


Keeps my concentrate nice and protected. A little larger than some, but uses nice materials.

Sleek design

Beautiful, unique artwork. sleek design of the highest quality, it is very durable. Arrived on time and packaged well. Also a very kind and helpful store owner.
Thank you BLADES


Nice cans - one for herbs, one for roaches. And they didn't cost me $80.

Very nice item! I would purchase again. 

Lovely jar design and colors are beautiful.